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Jess Yallup


Jess Yallup - 7th in Idols Season VI 2010

Over 7000 hopeful contestants entered Idols nationwide only 14 were chosen to perform for the public vote Jess was one of them & the public showed their love for her voice by voting her to 7th place.

This fiery red-head hails from La Lucia, Durban and is without a doubt one of the most unique contestants this competition has ever seen. Jess brought something fresh and invigorating to a contest that has often been criticized as being ‘boring’ and ‘predictable’. Being one of the first true female 'indie chicks' to have made it this far in the competition she is living proof that breaking away from the stereotypical ‘Idols’ mold is not only acceptable but indeed encouraged as well. Malie Kelly from Idols described Jess as a passionate and emotive vocalist who really 'feels' her music.


Jess is an established vocalist, plays guitar & keys and is a passionate songwriter. Her Alto voice has been described as 'Hauntingly beautiful' , dynamic, husky and unique. She is a strong stage performer with vast experience in Theatre, Musical Theatre and Corporate productions. Jess has performed for The Barnyard Theatre, Playhouse productions, and recently returned from performing for a music contract at The Sheraton Hotel in the Middle East for 6 months before creating a name for herself as a singer songwriter and fronting local band Sea of Stars. Jess Yallup is available as a solo act (guitar/vocals), duo, trio or full band with instrumentation or quality backing tracks. Style of music: Acoustic, Ambient Rock Pop.