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Tanit Phoenix


Background, Extreme Sports and Studies

A South African Super model and International actress by trade, and a thrill-seeker off-set, Tanit Phoenix has the looks to melt you in half and the enlightened, free-spirited mind to put you back together with a very big smile on your face.

Tanit Phoenix grew up in South Africa and inherited her father's craving for adventure while developing a strong bond with the natural world around her, her family farm organic medicinal plants. Being the daughter of a skydiver, she shared her dad's interest in free-falling and grew to love extreme sports of all kinds, including bungi jumping, free diving and extreme scuba diving. An enlightened beauty if there ever was one, Phoenix also immersed herself in activities like playing guitar, and fire spinning. Tanit's name means 'Goddess of Love,' and she's trained in the explosive art of Muay Thai boxing.

Tanit studies Anthropology, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Quatum Mechanics and the Quantum mind, The science of Imagery, World Religion, has a passion for Natural Herbal medicines and Self sustainability, she has coined her Hypnotherapy/Guided meditation degree and is a qualified Reiki practitioner, giving her an intellectual depth that adds to her striking looks.

Recent discovery on Tanit's family history: her family (Phoenix) dates back to the early 1800's, where they originated from Ireland, Tullylish. Her Great Grandfather was also indoctrinated into the School of Masonry In Northern Ireland. The Phoenix family tree indicates a great number of natural healers and teachers. She is also descendant from a Mediterranean and dutch blood line.

Modelling Achievements

Tanit Phoenix naturally caught the eye of the modeling agents, and at 15, she signed with ICE Model Management. From there, she sought out the necessary combination of print and commercial acting gigs to keep her work lively and suitably challenge her young mind. Her modeling career has taken her abroad where she resided in Paris, London, Germany, Amsterdam, Thailand, New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

The South African edition of FHM gave her further beauty dues by featuring her numerous times on its 100 Sexiest Women list. As a South African supermodel Tanit has been frequently shot for Sports Illustrated and has graced the covers of FHM, Cosmopolitan, Shape, GQ, Marie Claire and Maxim magazines worldwide. More than 20 of the commercials she has appeared in are international, and she has become an alluring presence in the process.

A Tanit Phoenix commercial career retrospective would likely include her Volvic commercial, in which she pole danced for a group of prehistoric men, her Aqua mineral Commercial playing a bad ass Nordic warrior, as well as a visually-stunning Transitions eyeglasses commercial that showed off the flora and fauna of her native South Africa. She recently booked the world wide Veet Campaign where she stunned the world baring her legs. She is also the face of the new tv commercial for the multi-billion dollar casino 'Aria' in Las Vegas.

Spotlight and Awards

Tanit Phoenix's most memorable commercial for the Fa line of shower gels, where the ad featured her skydiving down from the heavens and taking off her clothing in mid-flight. Eyes glued, tongues wagged and European commercials became sexy all over again A German Maxim cover with Phoenix in a barely there swimsuit soon followed. As a result, she was named 'Who's That Girl?' as part of the Woman of the Year Awards, courtesy of Maxim Europe. It was an awards ceremony that included other names like Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz.

Inheriting her mother's talents in drama, Tanit Phoenix added to her repertoire in 2004 by joining the acting ranks. Her first role came in an episode of the TV series Charlie Jade , she was named Malachi's associate. Tanit Phoenix is close to international stardom, and has been duly rewarded with an award of the same name the 'Dangerously Close to International Stardom' Award, at the K Oscars, held in South Africa. Set out to achieve a name for herself, she has shot into fame and stardom and now has her eyes set on Hollywood.


On the movie front, Phoenix steamed up the screen in 2005, for 'Maya', a Bollywood/Hollywood-produced film that featured her as a supporting lead, Alexandria, in an interwoven drama about spiritual possession.

Tanit Was featured in Crazy monkey's 'Straight Outta Benoni', playing Megan Alba. 2007 she was Jared Leto's girlfriend, Candy, in the Nicolas Cage-led 'Lord of War'.

2008 Tanit Phoenix stepped into an even bigger role , as the leading actress, playing a saloon girl in the zombie-western, 'Gallowwalker', top-lined by Wesley Snipes.

Now in 2009, she has just completed multiple scenes opposite James Purefoy in the new NBC series, 'The Philanthropist', as a lap Dancer.

Due for release in 2010, Tanit stars in the new Cult comedy film 'Oh Shucks... 2010' as a Russian actress, Ettie Sletvana, opposite cult comedian Leon Schuster.

Tanit has just completed filming a Hollywood production with Warner Bros. In the new Vampire movie, 'The Lost Boys: The Thirst', Tanit stars as lead opposite Corey Feldman, as the infamous English author of romance vampire novels, Gwen Lieber, to be released 2010.

She has been filming a new Hollywood production with Universal studios, 'Death Race: Frankenstein Begins', Tanit is cast as lead actress in this action packed film opposite Sean Bean, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames and Luke Goss. She plays an ex military sniper sent to prison for killing a superior officer, film is due for release in 2011.

She has landed a role opposite John Cleese in the South African sensation 'Spud', a story about a young boy and his experiences growing up at boarding school. In this comedy drama Tanit plays Eve, the free spirited drama teacher, who has an affair with a 16 year old boy.

Tanit Phoenix is preparing for a leading role in a British spy film which is in preproduction. There is no stopping this beautiful tenacious young actress, and the roles keep coming opposite Hollywoods greatest leading men. Keep your eyes open she has an amazingly bright career ahead her.