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Carol-Ann Pope


After being involved in Education for fourteen years, I finally took the brave step to leave the safety of my chosen profession and to pursue my passion for photography. My preoccupation with capturing human nature through the lens probably began when I taught hearing impaired children and realised how incredibly tuned in they are to the finest details and shifts in the emotional states of others. I have been inspired to look beneath the surface and endeavour to capture moments in time that will be treasured forever. I originally gravitated to photographing children, however in the years since my photography training I now draw inspiration from many diverse elements. I view photography as a form of fine art and specialise in unique, non-traditional and contemporary portraiture, constantly striving to fulfill my hunger for creativity. Fundamental to my photography, is my desire to see pride and delight reflected in my clients eyes when they receive their photographs.

My 12 megapixel Sony digital camera accompanies almost everywhere. Whilst I adore working outdoors, I do offer clients the option of a studio shoot. My home-based studio is 72 square meters and allows for freedom of movement and the use of additional props when necessary. It is fully equipped with Elinchron lighting and backdrops and has ample room for changing. The studio is located at 18 Ruitershoogte Road, Vierlanden, Durbanville.

As a people person, interacting with clients and putting them at ease during shoots is of extreme importance to me. I have an energetic, yet non-invasive manner and strive to make each shoot as fulfilling and memorable as possible. Photography is my creative outlet and I cherish every opportunity to learn and grow in this art form.