Monsters University: Review

Pixar have done it again, with a fun, enjoyable romp with the monsters, in Monsters University.

As the first Pixar prequel, Monsters University takes us back to a time before the events of Monsters Inc. following Mike and Scully through their efforts to become ‘scarers’. There are traits of typical college movies, with fun for all, both young and old. Kids will love them, and there’s a story buried inside for parents and adults.

Although not a necessity to have watched Monsters Inc. it does help with a few ‘in’ jokes, and plays to some of the foreshadowing. There are a few predictable moments, and others that are far from it, and viewers will be pleased to know that they won’t be guessing twists before they happen.

The voices are cast ‘just right’ with John Goodman and Billy Crystal returning as our star characters, playing alongside supporting voices Helin Mirren and Steve Buscemi.

Monsters University, a fun and enjoyable film for the whole family, and hopefully not the end of the visits to the Monsters world.


Star Trek Into Darkness: Review

Star Trek Into DarknessFollowing on with the second instalment on the new Trek timeline, Star Trek Into Darkness brings us closer to home. A new enemy threatens mankind. From Starfleet itself, a single man threatens total destruction.

In Star Trek Into Darkness, we get to see more of the future planet Earth, and how the ideals of Starfleet have impacted mankind, and how it’s peacekeeping armada has that one small blemish, a small piece of darkness within, that makes for double crossing, and intrigue.

Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) bring humour to the burgeoning relationship we know them for. Simon Pegg (Scotty) brings his flare of humour to the part, and Benedict Cumberbatch (Khan) makes for a menacing, yet well mannered, villain. Peter Weller (Marcus) makes for an interesting character, you’re not too sure whether to hate him, or accept him, just yet.

There are FX filled action sequences abound, and great future-scapes to admire, but Star Trek Into Darkness is missing a ‘little something’. Whether this be a reliance on viewers knowing the Trek Universe, or the fact that some of the grander sequences were green screened and computer generated, lacking the more physical of the previous movie, it’s all subjective, but doesn’t detract from an enjoyable story.

Be on the look out for the strategically placed in-jokes, and homages to the various television series and spin-offs, hinting at Enterprise, and The Next Generation.

Star Trek Into Darkness maybe just have broken the long running Trek Curse. The previous Star Trek edges it out slightly, even if just on pure adrenaline rushes, but this new instalment is well worth a watch.