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The Wolverine (3D): Review

Hugh Jackman returns in his sixth outing at Logan, The Wolverine. This incarnation is the first in the series not to carry the X-Men moniker, and this is an aspect that tells in the story. Logan is isolated, having distanced himself from society and the disbanded team after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand.

Logan is battling many demons, having to fight both those of the antagonists, and his inner legion. This time Logan is up against Viper, a mutant in the employ of Kenuichio Harada who’s life he saved many years prior.

The Wolverine does not contain the non-stop action the X-Men and previous Origins movies, nor the slew of special effects. There are some stunning fight scenes, and some stunning abilities displayed by Rila Fukushima, as Yukio.

The Wolverine is a darker, more dramatic look at the character of Logan and his alter-ego The Wolverine, his inner battles, and coming to terms with his purpose in this world. Famke Janssen is back as Jean Grey, part of the past with which Logan has not yet come to terms.

In South African cinemas 26 July 2013, this is one for the fans, and for those who want a bit more drama with their action and special effects thrills.

By Andrew Germishuys

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