Pacific Rim (3D): Review

Pacific Rim, a tour-de-force of non-stop action and special effects as the war between mankind and strange invaders intensifies.

Monstrous creatures, dubbed the Kaiju, start rising from the sea, devastating cities, and killing the populations. Mankinds last hope is in the Jaegers, massive robots piloted by teams, sent forth to protect and patrol.

There is not a moment to catch your breath in this action packed sci-fi. From beginning to end there are spectacular sights, and intricate sequances.

One cannot help but think of the much weaker Battleship, mixed in with some Godzilla, and a dash of Alien. That being said, Idris Elba and Ron Perlman are both veterans from the Alien franchise. Idris was also in South African recently shooting the historical drama Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.

Although Pacific Rim won’t stretch your IQ very far, your adrenal gland will get a workout. If it lives up to the huge online hype remains for the viewer to decide, but for a romp with some robots, it will certainly satisfy.

Pacific Rim opens 2 August 2013 on South African screens.

By Andrew Germishuys

Founder of SAMDB, Andrew has worked full time in the film industry since the early 2000's. He has trained as an actor, completing his LAMDA Gold Medal, and attending many courses in Cape Town acting studios, with masterclasses with some of the international industries top directors, producers and filmmakers. Working as an actor and armourer in the film and television industry have given Andrew a great balance of skills across the board when it comes to the entertainment industry. Catch him on Twitter: And IMDb:

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