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Need For Speed: Review

It began in 1994 with a game from Electronic Arts (EA), The Need For Speed was first released on the 3DO, and then ported to DOS on the PC, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The game included racing exotic cars, impressive audio and video for the day, and introduced us to police pursuits, where players would race head-to-head while the police force chased them.

A slew of games followed, across many gaming platforms, with a new incarnation released every year since that initial release.

And now, to the joy of gamers around the world, we are finally presented with Need For Speed, the movie.

Tobey Marshell (Aaron Paul) works at the family garage he inherited from the family. On his off time he partakes in the illegal street racing in the area, in a bid to gather enough winnings to save the shop from financial ruin, with the bank after him, and staff to pay.

Racing against a long time rival, things go wrong, and Marshell ends up in prison for a 2 year stint. He thinks of nothing but vengeance, and so begins the story. Cue racing, action and some awesome cars.

Need For Speed is not just about driving fast with loud music and special effects. All the car stunts were performed for the camera, with no CG. There is a plot to the film as well, and one that is engrossing, and full of drama. It’s not overly complex, but streets ahead of other such movies in this genre.

The cars are amazing, listing many of the game favourites, and those who have driven the Need For Speed worlds will recognise many little snippets of scenery, not to mention a few of the car stunts performed by Marshell on his adventure.

Good story, fun stunts, great exotic cars, and an engrossing story.

An adrenaline filled ride of drama and exotic cars at full speed. Need For Speed opens 20 March 2014 in South African cinemas.

Those looking to get a feel for driving exotic cars, at high speed, while evading police, might want to try their hand at the free online Need For Speed: World game for PC.

By Andrew Germishuys

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