Rush (DVD): Review

The Film

Rush, the story of formula one rivals Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth); Lauda the perfectionist and Hunt the charismatic.

Set in the golden age of formula one, this true story shows the two greats from their beginnings through their meteoric rise to each becoming world champion. Rush explores just how far we will go to achieve our goals, and be the best, sometimes at a great cost to ourselves, and others.

The leads totally capture the essence and physicallity of those they are portraying, and are sure to do Formula One fans proud.

Rush is a story of rivals and friendship, and how the one you might most dispose, could be the one that drives you.

The Disc And Bonus Features

The disc is encoded at a high, and can be upscaled in software to HD for those with supported systems and screens. There are no visible artefacts.

Sound is a Dolby Digital mix, and uses the surrounds to place the viewer in the many races depicted in the film. The non-racing scenes use these to expand the auditory field, bringing the scene alive.

There is a good collection of bonus features on the disc, a great collection for a DVD at that.

Deleted Scenes

These deleted scenes, some short, fill in some of the story, but one can see how these would have changed the pacing of the film. A nice addition for when you have see the story as the director intended.

The Making Of Rush

A great collection of the process of bringing the story of the two races to screen, the development of the characters, and their respective nuances, to the various events and supporting characters.

One featurette includes the search for the two leads, and the process behind finding the ideal actors to be those inconic men.

The Real Story Of Rush

Three short featurettes that take us back to how racing used to be, the cars, the rivalry and putting all on the line, risking death, for that win.

Rush is a great story, with a vast collection of bonus features, and is available now in South African stores.

Film Review

American Hustle: Review

American Hustle, the story of a con man, Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and seductive partner, Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), and how they get embroiled in an operation by the FBI, forcing them help trap the corrupt of the Jersey underworld, and mafia.

Bale brings-it with his performance as Rosenfeld, and Amy Adams plays the partner with aplomb. Rosenfeld’s ditsy, needy wife, Rosalyn provides a few of the funnier moments of the film, including a powerful scene of confrontation between the two woman in Rosenfelds life. Rosalyn is played to perfection by the unstoppable Jennifer Lawrence

Set in the 70s, there’s a sense of nostalgia to the story, when times were simpler. Plenty of plot twists, the right mix of drama and humour, American Hustle is a must see, and deserving of it’s many award nominations.

American Hustle opens 28 February 2014 in South Africa.