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Die Windpomp: Review

Die Windpomp (The Windmill) tells the story of Hendri (Armand Greyling), a 17 year old who has lost his parents. He arrives in a strangely familiar retirement village where he encounters the odd personalities living there.

Soon, Hendri meets young Margot (Leandie du Randt), and is smitten. So begins the love story as the two grow closer and closer. However, things at the retirement village and its occupants are not all as they seem. There are enough twists to the story, that try as you might, few people will predict the outcome.

Die Windpomp is a sweet story of friendship, love and self. Wonderfully filmed and expertly told, audiences will be captured by the story. The humour is not forced, but there are some hilarious moments. The film is set to be a South African favourite, and is one that should be supported by all.

Die Windpomp opens 25 April 2014 in South Africa.

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iNumber Number: Review

iNumber Number, the story of Chili Ncgobo (S’Dumo Mtshali), a member of the South African police. He is honest and hard working, but falls foul of corrupt superiors at his station. Chili, persuaded by his partner, infiltrates a gang perpetrating cash-in-transit heists, but they decide to keep the money once the heist is complete.

iNumber Number is in isiZulu, with English subtitles, with a well crafted story, characters that are well cast, and great cinematography. Even for those who do not speak isiZulu, it is not hard to follow the on screen conversations, including the smattering of humour.

iNumber Number is another of those ‘must see’ South African films, boosting our local industry on the world stage. There are enough plot twists to keep audiences guessing, enough action to thrill viewers, and some clever characterisation. A stark look into the criminal activities of every day life in South Africa, and the message of hope, that not everyone is so inclined.

iNumber Number opens 25 April 2014 on South African screens, and is sure to attract local and international audiences alike.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Review

In this second instalment, of the Spider-Man reboot, we join Peter Parker (Spider-Man, played by Andrew Garfield) as he encounters Oscorp. His relationship with Gwen (Emma Stone) isn’t going so well, and to top this all off, there is are new villains to worry about, in the form of Electro (Jamie Foxx) and old friend Harry Osborn, who is in-fact Green Goblin (Dan DeHaan)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro jumps right in to the action, not needing to establish the origin of Spidey’s powers. The audience is treated to a fast paced action sequence, full of special effects as the film kicks off, establishing some of the bad guys, and reminding us what Spider-Man is capable of. The humour feels slightly forced here, reminding one of the Power Rangers, but thankfully this tapers off as the story shifts gear to a bit of drama, with an insight to the life of Peter Parker and his various relationships with friends, girlfriend and colleagues.

The villain is soon on the scene, and although covered in an incredible amount of special effects, Jamie Foxx delivers. The cast have a noticeable chemistry on screen, until the next faced paced action scene, as Spider-Man battles to save the city from evil.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a faced paced action, that younger viewers will love, and fans will adore. It moves the Spider-Man story along in leaps and bounds, and is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It’s a super hero adventure, that will sweep you up in the story, action and effects. A must for those who follow the Marvel franchise. The film opens 25 April 2014 in South Africa.

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Konfetti: Review

From South African production company Light And Dark Films, comes Konfetti, a romantic comedy, about Jean (your typical Afrikaans guy, played by Nico Panagio) and Sheryl (a Jewish girl, played by Casey B. Dolan).

Amidst the usual family tensions, Jean’s best friend Lukas is assigned the task of best man (played by Louw Venter). Based on Louw’s one man play Best Man’s Speech, it’s here that comedy, disaster and all things that can go wrong, do go wrong. Throw a spanner in the works with an old love interest, Bianca (played by Kim Engelbrecht), and just for good measure, some old family, and naughty kids.

The characters are perfectly cast, and the local setting of the film will have South African audiences feeling at home.

The film is a light hearted comedy. It doesn’t push the humour, and provides enough of a variety for everyone. Keep watch for venue manager Barry White (played by long time funny man Casper de Vries). The on-screen relationships are believable, no doubt from the professionalism and off-screen camaraderie of the cast.

Konfetti is yet another film that is helping push South African cinema to the world, and presenting a romantic comedy worth watching. Konfetti is a fun, feel good look at what can happen with the heart is in the right place, but everything else conspires against it. Go see it when it opens before the long weekend, on 17 April 2014.


Konfetti Receives Cape Town Premiere

Cast And Crew Glam It Up For One Night In Century City’s Nu Metro Cinema Complex

United International Pictures and Light and Dark Films gave their independent movie KONFETTI a well-deserved première on Wednesday evening, 9 April 2014. The cast, the crew, family and friends of the industry all gathered at Nu Metro Canal Walk for an evening of entertainment, hobnobbing and celebration of a truly South African story.

Director/Producer Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat and actors Louw Venter, Nico Panagio, Casey B. Dolan, Kim Engelbrecht, Casper de Vries, Christel van den Bergh, Terence Bridgett and Jana Strydom all gathered in glee of their finished product. The event was a hive of activity as cameras flashed all night long and the after party was hosted at the Colosseum Luxury Hotel.

Konfetti releases nation-wide on 17 April 2014.

(From left to right) Nico Panagio, Louw Venter, Rayelle Goodman, Keegan Williams, Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat, Casey B Dolan, Leonel Bastos
(From left to right) Nico Panagio, Louw Venter, Rayelle Goodman, Keegan Williams, Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat, Casey B Dolan, Leonel Bastos