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Lone Survivor: Review

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Lone Survivor, the true story of the first American incursion into Afghanistan and the New York Times number one best seller by Marcus Luttrell. The story of four Navy SEALs dropped behind enemy lines to verify the whereabouts of a senior Taliban commander. Once located, they were to communicate this location back to their base, but as war is a complex event, things go wrong and they land in a position where they are vastly outnumbered, and in a fight for their lives.

While Lone Survivor is a story about war, and a fire fight, it is not so much an action movie, as a drama. Telling the story of courage, and camaraderie between a group of specialised warriors, fighting a war in a foreign land.

Casting is spot on in the film, with a tangible connection of brothers in arms evident between the characters on screen, and this is important as they display their courage and sacrifices as the events play out. The action sequences, which are on-going, are devoid of the usual Hollywood flamboyance and depict events in a realistic manner. Those who have served will pleased to know that justice has been done as far as the realities of war go.

Lone Survivor is a film that highlights the struggle of those deployed, and the terrible conditions they endure, and the price the pay, that others may have their freedom. A great story, a true retelling, and entertaining, Lone Survivor is a must see for those who enjoy a war film, and bound to keep everyone else entertained.

Lone Survivor opens 9 May 2014 in South African cinemas.

By Andrew Germishuys

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