Die Spook Van Uniondale: Review

Die Spook Van Uniondale tells the story of Stefan (Adam Tas) as his car breaks down in the peaceful town of Uniondale, South Africa, while on his way to Willowmore to visit his family. Here, he encounters the locals, who have a story to tell of a young woman seen along the highway. The story […]

Into The Storm (Review)

Into The Storm tells the story of a single day in Silverton, when the town is ravaged by an unprecedented number of tornados. While most people are fleeing, or seeking shelter, there are those who head towards these vorticies of nature, in a quest to capture their power for science, and of course, money. Told […]

The Purge Anarchy: Review

The annual purge  is back, in The Purge: Anarchy. This time, the world the viewer gets to see is far larger, the action has been stepped up a notch, and we begin to see exactly what the general public thinks of the annual carnage, where law is suspended for 12 hours. The tenion of the […]

Lucy: Review

What would happen if we tapped into the potential of the human brain, its secrets and untold mysteries? Lucy (Scarlett Johanssen get the chance to find out when she ends up as a drug mule in place of a shady friend, and is thrown into the middle of the criminal activities of the triad. Directed […]

Philomena (DVD): Review

The Film Philomena, the film, inspired by actual events, that garnered so much attention during the 2014 awards season, is finally out for viewers to own. Following the story of title character, Philomena, as she attempts to find out what happened to her son who was adopted when at a young age, she meets a […]

Oldboy (DVD): Review

The Film As Oldboy starts, the viewer is left in a state of confusion, much like the main character, played by Josh Brolin. Locked away for 20 years, he finally gets out, and now on a quest for vengence, and answers, can he find those in time and save those in need? Oldboy is a […]

Inside No 9 (DVD): Review

The Series The stories in Inside No 9 are interesting, and begin in the normal, daily world we all know, yet slowly they lift the veil to reveal a darker side, and seedy underbelly, and the hint of evil contained in everyone. Inside No 9 is a look at a few snippets of the world, with […]

The Lego Movie (Blu-Ray): Review

The Film The Lego Movie is one of thsoe films that bombards you with so many popular culture references, and visual gags, that it takes several viewings to catch most of those, so the fun never stops, looking for these, which include aspects of the various Lego sets, the Star Wars universe, Marvel, superheroes. Read […]

Divergent (Blu-Ray): Review

The Film Owning the Divergent Blu-Ray is a great way to start your collection for the series early, and find the time to watch all the bonus features and listen to the several audio commentaries. Second time around, the film holds up to multiple viewings, allowing one to spot some of the foreshadowing, and spend […]

Need For Speed (DVD): Review

The Film On a second viewing, it’s great to spot all the little homages and references to the game that leads the computer game racing industry, spotting the fast-paced, subtleties that reference some of the moves and landscape that anyone playing these games would know. Read the full SAMDB review on Need For Speed. The […]

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