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Extant (Season 1 DVD Boxset): Review

The Series

Extant, a story about family, and what it means. A story about how the human race is developing, and technology improving, and a story about what might happen when we encounter other life as well as approach the singularity (where machines will become sentient).

Halle Berry plays an astronaut returning home after a solo stay on a space station, for an extended period of time. Back on Earth, she has to adjust to life with her family, her husband (played by Goran Visnjic) and their robotic son (the talented Pierce Gagnon). Molly (Berry) works for the ISEA (International Space Exploration Agency), a private space company, with some hidden motives. She has returned from her 13 month solo trip pregnant. And is is from here that all sorts of intrigue and deceit ensue as others attempt to take possession of her unborn child. This all culminates in some deeds of great sacrifice, and risk, as each in turn tries to do what is right and gain all these new discoveries for themselves.

Extant is a show that requires some thinking. It moves along at its own pace, and is not a science fiction story where a view is treated to all sorts of aliens, monsters and action in a never ending flood. These sci-fi treats are dealt out only when deserved, meaning you need to watch and understand each episode, and only then do you gain that little more insight.

The show is not one for every audience member. Some of the philosophical themes it explores are likely not going to appeal to some, yet it delivers a thought provoking message. How far will we go for family, and how far will we go in order to save ourselves?

The effects in Extant are impressive, without being intrusive. The characters are well cast, and for the message it is trying to deliver, the story well told. There are differences apparent with the many different directors, and adding their own subtle visions.

Discs And Bonus Features

Each of the 4 discs is encoded at a high bitrate, meaning you can scale this up via hardware or software to a larger screen, if needed. Sound is in 5.1 surround, expanding the viewers experience, and drawing them further into this future world.

There are a plethora of bonus features includes on these discs, with The Story Of Extant and come promotional clips on disc 1 (without spoilers) and the rest of the bonus features on the final (fourth) disc, which could contain spoilers and are best watched after you have seen the series.

  • The Story Of Extant
    Interviews with cast and crew, talking about what attracted them to the project, and the process involved in coming up with the concept of Extant. This is sure to provide encouragement for budding screenwriters.
  • Extant: Filming Season One
    The viewer is treated to a great deal of information about the filmmaking process, the sets, stunts and computer generated effects.
  • Extant: The Cast
    A collection of interviews with the cast, both on and off the set, their processes used to prepare for their roles, and a look at some of the talent involved.
  • The Mythology Of Extant
    A featurette on the world, and predictions of Extant, adding yet more to the other features when talking about developing the show.
  • The Offspring
    A brief overview of The Offspring, the childlike alien brought to planet Earth. This doesn’t add too much to our understanding of the child, but a little insight into how the creators of the show envisioned him.
  • The Future World Of Extant
    The cast and crew share some of their thoughts on creating the future world, set around 40 years from now, for the show. This is sure to be of interest to filmmakers and actors alike, as it provides some helpful insights.
  • The Visual Effects Of Extant
    Best viewed in conjunction with the previews featurette, this provides further insight into how the effects, and future world of Extant were created. Another clip that is sure to be of interest to budding filmmakers.
  • Deleted Scenes On Selected Episodes
    Some scenes that were cut, for various reasons, from certain episodes. These are presented on each disc with the relevant episode.
  • Gag Reel
    Some of the bloopers from the course of filming the show
  • Promotional Clips


Extant is available to purchase now in South Africa.

By Andrew Germishuys

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Working as an actor and armourer in the film and television industry have given Andrew a great balance of skills across the board when it comes to the entertainment industry.

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