St. Vincent (DVD): Review

The Film St. Vincent, a story about a grumpy old man, Vincent (Bill Murry), a Vietnam veteran and his new neighbours, Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) and Oliver (Jaden Lieberher). Vincent doesn’t like kids, he doesn’t like people. Most people don’t like him. He spends a lot of his time with “a lady of the night” (Daka, […]

Poltergeist: Review

Poltergeist is back, telling the story with an updated setting, and technology (both in the film, and that used to create it), and from a slightly different perspective. Not to mention, this time, it’s in 3D. Most of us know the story already. A family moves into a new suburban home, the youngest daughter, Madison […]

Jessabelle (DVD): Review

The Film Jessabelle is one of those horrors that lulls the viewer in to a false sense of security, letting them believe it’s not a scary movie, and then all of a sudden, one finds one’s self with a tinge of fear, a hint of panic, and then you’re hit with it. Subtle, yet scary. […]

Pac-Man Turns 35 On Friday 22 May 2015 And Sony Pictures “Pixels” Is There To Celebrate

On Friday May 22, 2015, PAC-MAN™ – one of the most iconic videogame characters in history – will celebrate his 35th birthday.  With the character coming to the big screen this summer in Sony Pictures’ Pixels, the studio is joining in to celebrate with a global birthday party of epic proportions.  In cities around the […]

Market Theatre To Host Magical Night For Talent Showcase

Internationally renowned Market Theatre is set to host the 7th annual ACT | DALRO | Nedbank Performing Arts Scholarships awards for the first time this year. The Newtown-based theatre will play home to the arts tuition competition’s finale for the next three years and promises to deliver a spectacular night when the top six finalists […]

Al Jazeera Pitching Forum Call At The 17th Encounters South African International Documentary Festival

Encounters, in partnership with Al Jazeera, is calling African filmmakers to submit proposals for the Al Jazeera Pitching Forum taking place in Johannesburg during the 17th Encounters South African International Documentary Festival on 10th June 2015. Encounters is pleased to announce that it will host the 4th Al Jazeera Pitching Session and a maximum of […]

Treehouse (DVD): Review

The Film A young girl, Elizabeth (Dana Melanie), vanishes after chasing a shadowy figure into the woods near her house. The towns annual celebrations are put on hold following this event, but teens being what they are, a group arranges to meet out in the woods, and have their own celebration. Heading out to these […]

Exeter (DVD): Review

The Film From director Marcus Nispel, comes the horror, thriller Exeter. A story of typical teens, out for some debauchery and fun. In their drug fuelled state, they find an old vinyl record, decide to play this backwards to hear the subliminal messages, and in so doing manage to release a malevolent spirit. This evil […]

Winter Express Courses & Annual LAMDA International Certificate At ACT Cape Town

1 DAY ACCENT TRAINING – STANDARD AMERICAN Saturday 23 May 10AM – 4PM Entry Requirements: None. Cost: R1050.00 (includes all training material and certificate of completion). Course will cover: § The ear and speech skills required to deliver dialogue in an authentic US accent, applied to the following performance scenarios: – Script Work – Role […]

Left Behind (DVD): Review

The Film Left Behind, a typical story of a the deteriorating relationship between a father and his daughter takes a sudden turn as millions of people around the world vanish in a single moment, plunging the world into chaos, and leaving destruction in its wake. Nicolas Cage delivers his usual flair to his role as […]

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