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Jessabelle (DVD): Review

The Film

Jessabelle is one of those horrors that lulls the viewer in to a false sense of security, letting them believe it’s not a scary movie, and then all of a sudden, one finds one’s self with a tinge of fear, a hint of panic, and then you’re hit with it. Subtle, yet scary.

Following Jessie after a terrible car accident, she finds herself saying with her father whom she hasn’t seen in many years. It’s while staying here that strange, frightening things begin to happen. Not sure if they are real, imagined or just her own nightmares, Jessie finds herself becoming more and more afraid.

Finally she realises that this is a tormented spirit, waiting on her to return, and that has no intent on allowing her to once again escape. Building this revaluation slowly through disturbing messages left to her by her mother before she died, Jessabelle will leave the viewer trying to out-guess the events as they unfold.

Jessabelle is an enjoyable horror, one that provokes some thought, and steers clear of the cheap scares that so many others give in to. A chilling ride as we learn Jessie’s eventual fate, and one to watch on a cold winter’s night.

Disc And Bonus Features

The are no visible artefacts, due to the disc being encoded at a high bitrate. This allows one to scale the image up to a larger or higher resolution screen if desired. Sound is presented in a 5.1 surround track, and makes very good use of the surrounds, placing the viewer in the midst of the on-screen action, expanding the environment, and serving to provide some very chilling moments in the story.

There are unfortunately no bonus features on the disc.

Jessabelle is available now, on disc, to purchase in South Africa.

By Andrew Germishuys

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