Ghost Squad (DVD): Review

The Film Ghost Squad, a feel good story of right triumphing over wrong, and having the underdogs come out on top. A lesson in being one’s true self, wrapped up in a fun story for younger viewers. Three friends accept a challenge by the town bullies to stay an entire night in a creepy house, […]

Pixels: Review

For all those who enjoyed the innocent childhood of video games in the 80’s, Pixels will bring back some fond memories. Aliens on another world misinterpret video footage of kids playing arcade games, and take it as a challenge to war. After a surprise attack, the people of Earth need to rely on the most […]

American Sniper (DVD): Review

The Film The film that was the talk of the town for a moment, now to own, and add to your movie collection. While most people knew the story, and tragic outcome going in to the cinema, and there are virtually no plot spoilers left to guess at, the action sequences still thrill and excite, […]

Into The Woods (BluRay): Review

The Film Into The Woods, a phrase that belongs in a fairytale. Yet, in this case, it’s not one, but several tales, tall taking place in and around the woods. We have Rapunzel (Mackenzie Mauzy), Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), and young Jack (Daniel Huttlestone) (the very one who climbed that beanstalk). […]

McFarland USA (DVD): Review

The Film Presented by Disney Pictures, McFarland USA tells the true story of a cross country coach, Jim White, from a small town in California, that takes a group of school kids and forms a cross country team. As Coach White and the kids learn, and grown, both physically and emotionally, so the team goes […]

Minions: Review

Banana! Yes, those yellow creatures are back, and not to be outdone by all the other fictional characters in movies, they have their very own origin story in The Minions. Join Stuart, Kevin and Bob on their quest to find the worlds most evil boss. The babbling trio set out on their quest and are […]

Manfred Zylla And the Art Of Resistance

Cult Cape Town-based artist Manfred Zylla will be keeping things fierce at this year’s National Arts Festival with the launch of a new book of hard-hitting images that pays homage to Pasolini’s last film Salò, writes ALEXANDRA DODD Lewd, crude and packed with fervid social and political critique, Manfred Zylla’s new art book, 120 Days […]

DJs Get The “Magic Mike XXL” Treatment

It’s ‘Bump and Grind’, ladies! The hot, sexy, steamy boys from Magic Mike are back and ready to show off all their moves on the big screen from today, 3 July 2015. To celebrate the occasion, an XXL-sized treat or two were sent to Johannesburg DJs to hand out MAGIC MIKE XXL goodies and to […]

Contemporary SA Film Wins Coveted Jury Award At Los Angeles Film Festival

Ayanda, the new film by award-winning director Sara Blecher and produced by Terry Pheto, Busi Sizani and Robbie Thorpe was awarded a “special mention” by the prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) Jury when the 2015 festival winners were announced, following its screening in the World Fiction Competition. Ayanda had its world premiere in Los […]

Terminator Genisys: Review

Arnie is back! Terminator Genisys sees the fifth instalment of the much enjoy sci-fi action movie series. These films have broken ground over the past few decades with their innovative effects, and have been loved by audiences around the globe. Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his famous role as The Terminator, along with newcomers to the series […]

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