Snoopy And Charlie Brown- The Peanuts Movie: Review

A traditional cartoon takes on the big screen as never seen before. Not only does it display the tales we remember in our childhood memories of Snoopy but it can now be seen in 3D.

Charlie Brown (Noah Schnapp) as always, has his good and bad days. All the children want to play with Charlie Brown but they never believe in him to do anything. He is feeling as though no one really knows him, until a new learner arrives at his school. He instantly believes that this is his one chance to make a friend whom would hopefully not judge him because of his past.

Meanwhile, Snoopy (Bill Melendez) is embarking on a journey of true love, the fights, wins and fails involved regarding love.

The movie was filled with comic scenes for both young and old, it was funny and had an interesting twist to it which taught a wonderful lesson for all children and adults to take and implement in their own lives.