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Beauty And The Beast : Review

As the song sing, it’s a tale as old as time. The story of Beauty and the Beast has been told, and retold, time and again. But it is the essence of this story that holds so true, even to this day. A story of overcoming, of love for another and one’s self. A story of change, that says no matter who you are, there is good in you, and that good can come to the fore. And it is a story that look past differences.

An adaptation of they Disney fairy tale, about a monstrous looking prince, cursed because of his cold heart, and selfish ways. Punished because of his arrogance. And a young woman, an outcast in her local village, going against the norm. As we are all too familiar, these to meet, and eventually fall in love. We are witness to the trials they must overcome, on the journey to this much sought love.

Taking up the role of the beauty, Belle, is the talented Emma Watson (Noah), bringing with her an immense amount of talent, not just in the acting arena, where is has gone from strength to strength, but adding singing and dancing to the repertoire for the film.

The unlikable prince, turned to a beast, is played by Dan Stevens (The Guest, The Fifth Estate). The role of the Beast demands a lot more physical, and a greater, more ominous presence on-screen than that of Belle.

A story that appeals to both young and old, with a plot not fraught with twists, but rather humour and delight. The story of old, brought into the modern age.

This live action outing is a delight to watch. From the acting and cinematography, to the sets and costumes, and not forgetting all the enchanted household items, transformed from humans as part of the curse that afflicts the Beast. The sets and designs are amazing. Last, but certainly not least, all the songs we know from before are back.

There has been an amount of talk in social media about some controversial scenes. But even looking for place to object, these are a hint in the mind of the viewer, the the very most. At the very least, there are a few incidents that are more funny than anything else. And so, there should be nothing that should cause anyone to shy away from this film, in any way.

Beauty and the Beast is what we have come to demand of Disney, with very high expectations. It is simply a film to enjoy, and a film that will delight. An entertaining story, and one that will live on in the hearts of audiences long after the end credits have rolled.

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By Andrew Germishuys

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