M-Net, M-Net Binge, M-Net City Line-up For November 2017

-Net (channel 101), M-Net Binge (channel 900) and M-Net City (channel 115) highlights for November 2017 (Issue Date: November 06 2017)

M-Net Schedule Updates:

New Information:

  • The dark dramedy Get Shorty season 1 has been added to the schedule and will start Monday 13 November at 21:00. The series has replaced Ten Days in The Valley season 1, which is currently on a production break in the U.S. A return date for Ten Days in The Valley will be communicated at a later stage.
  • Close Up With the Hollywood Reporter will air tonight, Monday 06 November at 21:00 due to Ten Days in the Valley’s production break.


  • The Late Late Show with James Corden returns from its production break on Monday 06 November at 17:00.
  • The Sinner season 1 ends on Tuesday 7 November at 21:00.
  • Great News season 2 moved to start on Saturday October 21 at 17:30.  This means that the family comedy 9JKL season 1 will start Sunday 12 November at 16:00.
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season 4 ends on Sunday 19 November at 22:25.
  • The military drama Valor season 1 has been added to the November schedule and starts Saturday 25 November at 20:00.

M-Net City Schedule Updates:

New Information:

  • The DC fantasy drama Gotham season 3 has been added to the November schedule and will start on Saturday 18 November at 21:00. This is means that Ray Donovan season 5 will be moved to start at a later date.


  • People’s Icons season 1 will now start on Wednesday 22 November at 18:00.
  • The acclaimed crime drama Major Crimes season 6 will premiere on M-Net City and start on Monday 27 November at 20:00.

Saturday Movies

Saturday 11 November

21:00 TJ Miller: Meticulously Ridiculous 16L Comedy

Comedian and actor T.J. Miller takes to the stage to showcase his irreverent humour and voice his offbeat take on such topics as marijuana, nightmares and mortality.

Saturday 18 November

21:00 The Autopsy Of Jane Doe 18VNL Horror

Terrifying secrets emerge in this unsettling horror film. A father and son, both medical examiners, are pulled into a mystery while trying to identify the body of a young woman.

Saturday 25 November

21:00 Desierto 16VL Drama

Tense thriller from Alfonso Cuarón. A fight for survival ensues when a group of people cross over the US-Mexican border, where a lone gunman hunts them down.

Sunday Night Blockbusters

Sunday 12 November

20:30 Hacksaw Ridge 18VN Drama

Directed by Mel Gibson and based on an extraordinary true story, this historical drama follows a WWII Army Medic who courageously went into the frontlines without a weapon.

Read the SAMDB review of Hacksaw Ridge.

Sunday 19 November

20:30 Why Him? 16SL Comedy

Bryan Cranston and James Franco go head-to-head in this raucous comedy. An overprotective father meets his daughter’s wildly inappropriate boyfriend- who’s about to pop the question.

Sunday 26 November

20:05 The Accountant 16VL Action

Ben Affleck stars in this intricate action thriller. A math savant and accountant uncooks the books for a new client and, with the body count rising, the Feds start closing in on his game.

Read the SAMDB review of The Accountant.

World Cinema Movies

(Note: Additional repeat has been added. See it again on Thursdays just after 03:00)

Sunday 12 November

23:30 3 Hearts

A tense love triangle unfolds in this mesmerising French drama. A man and a woman with a deep connection lose contact, but destiny brings them together again unexpectedly.

Sunday 19 November

23:05 Monica Z 16SNL Biography

Fuelled by the spirit of the Sixties, this foreign biographical drama explores the intense and phenomenal life of Swedish jazz icon Monica Zetterlund.

Sunday 26 November

22:55 Things To Come

A poignant French drama about a fifty-something woman who must reinvent her life and rediscover her freedom after her husband leaves her for another woman.

New, Returning & Series Finales

Monday 06 November

17:00 The Late Late Show with James Corden 04 0025 *Season 4 returns from production break*

James Corden throws the ultimate late night after party in this Emmy winning talk show that features celebrity guests, games and the popular Carpool Karaoke.

21:00 Close Up With The Hollywood Reporter 02 0006 “Drama Showrunners” *Ten Days in The Valley is on a production break*

Hollywood’s top directors, producers, writers and performers open up about the challenges and triumphs of their acclaimed work.

Tuesday 07 November

21:00 The Sinner 01 0008 “Part VIII” *Season 1 Ends*

Jessica Biel stars in this compelling crime thriller about a troubled young mother who commits a terrible act of violence after being overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage.

Thursday 09 November

23:00 Wentworth 05 0001 “Scars” *Season 5 Starts*

In the season premiere Vera and Ferguson must deal with the fallout of their assault. This acclaimed Australian drama unfolds in a women’s prison.

Sunday 12 November

16:00 9JKL 01 0001 “Pilot”  *Season 1 Starts*

The series premiere of this family comedy sees a newly divorced Josh Roberts move to New York – into an apartment building where both his intrusive parents and brother live. Mark Feuerstein (Royal Pains) stars.

Monday 13 November

21:00 Get Shorty 01 0001 “The Pitch” *Season 1 Starts*

Based on the Golden Globe winning film the series premiere of this dark dramedy sees Miles Daly, a small-time mobster, travel to LA to collect a debt from an aspiring screenwriter. From the producer of ‘Shameless’.

Tuesday 14 November

19:00 Hawaii Five-0 07 0025 “Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ‘Aina I Ka Pono (The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated In Righteousness)” *Season 7 Ends*

Five-0 attempts their most dangerous mission yet: rescuing young girls trapped in a sex trafficking ring. Golden Globe-nominated drama.

20:00 Chicago Justice 01 0013 “Tycoon” *Season 1 Ends*

After a crane collapses and kills the son-in-law of wealthy real estate developer, Nagel, Antonio and Chief Boden discover that the collapse wasn’t an accident. A legal spin-off of the ‘Chicago’ series.

21:00 Absentia 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*

Stana Katic (Castle) stars in this intriguing thriller. After being presumed dead, an FBI Agent resurfaces six years later and becomes the prime suspect in a string of murders.

22:00 Ray Donovan 05 0012 *Season 5 Ends*

Golden Globe nominee Liev Schreiber reprises his role as L.A.’s preeminent fixer for the rich and famous. In season five family turmoil leaves Ray more vulnerable than ever before.

Wednesday 15 November

19:00 NCIS 14 0024 “Rendezvouz” *Season 14 Ends*

Gibbs, McGee and Torres travel to a remote area of Paraguay in an attempt to locate a missing Navy Seal, in the season finale of this Emmy-nominated crime drama.

Thursday 16 November

20:00 Law & Order: True Crime – The Menendez Murders 01 0008 *Season 1 Ends*

Golden Globe winner Edie Falco stars in this gripping crime anthology, based on the infamous real-life trial of two brothers who brutally murdered their parents.

Saturday 18 November

20:00 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0008 *Season 1 Ends*

An ensemble cast power their way through this epic fantasy drama, following the tale of a Royal family of Inhumans- a race of powerful beings.

Sunday 19 November

22:25 Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 04 0030 *Season 4 Ends*

Late night satirist John Oliver delivers his unique take on the week’s news, politics and current events with characteristic, unwavering humour.

Tuesday 21 November

19:00 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders 02 0001 “Lost Souls” *Season 2 Starts*

In the season premiere of this crime drama, Unit Chief Jack Garrett and his international response team are called to Tanzania when a church group disappears. Oscar-nominee Gary Sinise stars.

20:00 The Brave 01 0001 “Pilot” *Season 1 Starts*

In the action-packed series premiere of this drama, Captain Adam Dalton and his heroic Special Ops squad stop at nothing to save an American doctor after she’s abducted by a terrorist group.

22:00 Shameless 08 0001 “Mercy” *Season 8 Starts*

The Emmy winning and Golden Globe nominated exploits of the Gallagher family return for an eighth season of dysfunction, mayhem and complete chaos.

Wednesday 22 November

19:00 APB 01 001 “Hard Reset (Pilot)” *Season 1 Starts*

The producers of ‘Burn Notice’ back this cutting-edge contemporary cop drama. The series premiere sees wealthy engineer Gideon Reeves (Emmy-nominee Justin Kirk) reboot the Chicago Police Department.

Thursday 23 November

20:00 Jury Speaks 01 0001 “O.J. Simpson” *Season 1 Starts*

The jurors on the O.J. Simpson case recount their experience of America’s most controversial verdict. This insightful true crime series re-examines infamous criminal trials.

Saturday 25 November

20:00 Valor 01 0001 “Pilot”

The boundaries between military discipline and human desire are tested in this fast-paced army drama, following an elite unit of helicopter pilots.

Monday 27 November

19:00 Prison Break 2017 01 0009 “Behind The Eyes” *Season Ends*

In the season finale, Poseidon continues to outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang which leads them to the ultimate showdown. This crime drama revival follows the exploits of two jailbird brothers.

23:00 Eyewitness 01 0010 “Mother’s Day” *Season 1 Ends*

Reeling from her discovery about the killer’s identity, Helen races to find Philip and Lukas when they go missing in the series finale. Crime thriller from the producer of ‘Shades of Blue’.

Tuesday 28 November

23:00 Hunters 01 0013 “New Holy Ground” *Season 1 Ends*

In the series finale of this sci-fi thriller, the ETU has no choice but to trust an unlikely informant with The Purge imminent, leading all paths to converge for a climactic showdown.

Wednesday 29 November

23:00 Manhattan 02 “Jupiter” *Season 2 Ends*

In the series finale, a new era is ushered in with the first test of an atomic weapon. Based on the real-life project, this drama follows the mission to build the world’s first atomic bomb.

Saturday 11 November

21:30 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0001 “Where Is Josh’s Friend?” 16SL

22:17 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0002 “When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?” 16SL

23:03 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0003 “All Signs Point To Josh…Or Is It Josh’s Friend?” 16SL

23:47 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0004 “When Will Josh And His Friend Leave Me Alone?” 16SL

00:33 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0005 “Why Is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?” 16VSL

01:19 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0006 “Who Needs Josh When You Have A Girl Group?” 16SL

02:05 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0007 “Who’s The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?” 16SL

Sunday 12 November

21:30 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0008 “Who Is Josh’s Soup Fairy?” 16SL

22:17 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0009 “When Do I Get To Spend Time With Josh?” 16SL

23:01 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0010 “Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim?? 16SL

23:48 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0011 “Josh Is The Man Of My Dreams, Right?” 16SL

00:35 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0012 “Is Josh Free In Two Weeks?” 16L

01:21 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 02 0013 “Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?” 16SL

Saturday 18 November

21:30 Pretty Little Liars 07 0001″Tick-Tock, Bitches” 13VL

22:17 Pretty Little Liars 07 0002 “Bedlam”   13

23:05 Pretty Little Liars 07 0003 “The Talented Mr. Rollins” 13V

23:53 Pretty Little Liars 07 0004 “Hit And Run, Run, Run! 13VS

00:40 Pretty Little Liars 07 0005 “Along Comes Mary” 13L

01:28 Pretty Little Liars 07 0006 “Wanted: Dead Or Alive” 13V

02:15 Pretty Little Liars 07 0007 “Original G’a’ngsters” 13V

03:02 Pretty Little Liars 07 0008 “Exes And Omgs” 13V

03:50 Pretty Little Liars 07 0009 “The Wrath Of Kahn” 13V

04:38 Pretty Little Liars 07 0010 “The Darkest Knight” 13VSL

05:25 Pretty Little Liars 07 0011 “Playtime” 13V

Sunday 19 November

21:30 Pretty Little Liars 07 0012 “These Boots Were Made For Stalking” 13VL

22:18 Pretty Little Liars 07 0013 “Hold Your Piece” 13V

23:06 Pretty Little Liars 07 0014 “Power Play”       13V

23:53 Pretty Little Liars 07 0015 “In The Eyes Abides The Heart” 13VL

00:41 Pretty Little Liars 07 0016 “The Glove That Rocks The Cradle” 13V

01:29 Pretty Little Liars 07 0017 “Driving Miss Crazy” 13VL

02:17 Pretty Little Liars 07 0018 “Choose Or Lose” 13VS

03:04 Pretty Little Liars 07 0019 “Farewell, My Lovely” 13V

03:50 Pretty Little Liars 07 0020 “Till Death Do Us Part – Part 1” 13VSL

04:38 Pretty Little Liars 07 0021 “Till Death Do Us Part – Part 2” 13V

05:26 Pretty Little Liars 07 0022 “A-List Wrap Party (Special)” 13

Saturday 25 November

21:30 Riverdale 01 0001 Chapter One: “The River’s Edge” 16VS

22:20 Riverdale 01 0002 Chapter Two: “A Touch Of Evil”  16VSL

23:07 Riverdale 01 0003 Chapter Three: “Body Double” 16V

23:55 Riverdale 01 0004 Chapter Four: “The Last Picture Show” 16V

00:42 Riverdale 01 0005 Chapter Five: “Heart Of Darkness” 16V

01:29 Riverdale 01 0006 Chapter Six: “Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!” 16V

02:16 Riverdale 01 0007 Chapter Seven: “In A Lonely Place” 16

Sunday 26 November

21:30 Riverdale 01 0008 Chapter Eight: “The Outsiders”  16V

22:17 Riverdale 01 0009 Chapter Nine: “La Grande Ilusion” 16

23:04 Riverdale 01 0010 Chapter Ten: “The Lost Weekend” 16V

23:52 Riverdale 01 0011 Chapter Eleven: “To Riverdale And Back Again” 16

00:39 Riverdale 01 0012 Chapter Twelve: “Anatomy Of A Murder” 16V

01:27 Riverdale 01 0013 Chapter Thirteen: “The Sweet Hereafter” 16V

New, Returning & Series Finales

Monday 06 November

22:00 Stan Lee’s Lucky Man 02 0010 “A Hero Of Our Time” *Season 2 Ends*

Eve convinces Harry of one extreme way to stop the cunning plan against him, culminating in the most titanic of struggles in the season finale of this crime drama, from comic legend Stan Lee.

Tuesday 07 November

22:00 Power 03 0010 “In My Best Interest” *Season 3 Ends*

Ghost races to retrieve evidence, while he throws the party of his career. Tasha forms an unlikely alliance in an attempt to save her family.

Saturday 11 November

23:05 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 11 “The Gang Goes To Hell: Part Two” *Season 11 Ends*

The gang encounter danger and get real with each other, will they manage to come together and overcome this battle.

Monday 13 November

22:00 Full Circle: Miami 01 0001 “Senator Faulkner And Madeline” *Season 1 Starts as a double bill*

Compelling Crime Drama From The Writer Of ‘Homicide: Life On The Street’. In The Series Premiere, A Seemingly Wholesome Senator Is Drawn Into A Conspiracy After A Scandal Erupts.

22:30 Full Circle: Miami 01 0002 “Madeline And Houserman”

An ensemble cast star in this acclaimed drama that follows a political scandal. Faulkner’s trusted campaign manager, Jeff Stark, moves to save the campaign in light of the scandal.

Wednesday 15 November

18:00 DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow 02 0017 “Aruba” *Season 2 Ends*

In the season finale, when a massive timequake rocks the ship the Legends are forced to break the one cardinal rule of time travel. A group of time-travelling superheroes save the day in this fantasy drama.

21:00 Bull 01 0023 “Benevolent Deception”  *Season 1 Ends*

Bull and the team travel to Miami with J.P. Nunnelly to work on a controversial drug trafficking case in the season finale. ‘NCIS’s’ Michael Weatherly stars in this unique crime drama.

Saturday 18 November

21:00 Gotham 03 0001 “Better To Reign In Hell…” *Season 3 Starts as two back-to-back episodes*

The Season 3 premiere finds Gordon working as a bounty hunter while seeking answers about the Indian Hill escapees, including why their powers appear to be killing them.

22:00 Gotham 03 0002 “Burn The Witch”

Gordon teams with reporter Valerie Vale to find Fish Mooney, who’s taken it upon herself to find Hugo Strange; Penguin’s popularity soars due to his criticism of the GCPD.

Monday 20 November

20:00 Chicago Fire 05 0022 “My Miracle” *Season 5 Ends*

In the action-packed season finale, an out of control blaze at a warehouse spells trouble for Firehouse 51. From the Emmy-winning producer of ‘Law & Order’.

Wednesday 22 November

18:00 People’s Icons 01 0001 “Celebrity Love Stories” *Season 1 Starts* (Aired on M-Net)

Exploring the most fascinating and talked about celebrity love stories of our time, this episode of the actuality series looks back at iconic romances.

21:00 American Crime 03 0001 “Episode One” *Season 3 Starts* (Aired on M-Net)

In the season premiere of this critically acclaimed crime anthology series, Luis Salazar, an illegal immigrant, arrives in the United States to find work. From the Oscar-winning writer of ’12 Years A Slave’.

Thursday 23 November

19:00 Stitchers 03 0010 “Maternis” *Season 3 Ends*

With help from Ivy the Stitchers team finally apprehends Daniel Stinger and finds out where Kirsten’s mother, Jaclyn is being held. Season finale of the sci-fi drama.

Monday 27 November

19:00 Chicago Med 02 0023 “Love Hurts” *Season 2 Ends*

When Robin is admitted back into the hospital with more complications Dr Reese takes a different approach to her treatment, in the season finale. Emmy-winner Dick Wolf (Law & Order) created this medical spin-off.

20:00 Major Crimes 06 0001 *Season 6 Starts*Premieres on M-Net City*

Academy Award nominee Mary McDonnell stars as Capt. Raydor, head of the all-important LAPD Major Crimes Unit in this spin-off of The Closer.

21:00 Chicago PD 04 0023 “Fork In The Road” *Season 4 Ends*

Lindsay’s mother becomes a murder suspect after her boyfriend is shot, in the season finale of this critically acclaimed crime drama, from Emmy-winner Dick Wolf.

Thursday 30 November

19:00 Timeless 01 0001 “Pilot” *Season 1 Starts*  (Aired on M-Net)

In the series premiere of this adventurous time-travel drama, history professor Lucy Preston is recruited to help stop a fugitive from changing the present- by using a time machine to catch him.

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