Terminatryx 15th Anniversary / New Remix Album / New Guitarist

Cape Town’s female-fronted TERMINATRYX is celebrating its 15th anniversary making Alternative music on their own terms, and is releasing their fourth album in the shape of their second remix album, across a variety media, from all reputed download and steaming locations, to unique limited edition USB drive / pendant and CD.

As with the Terminatryx 2008 self-titled debut album receiving a full remixed version in 2011 via “Remyx v1.0”, calling in a range of varied but amazing remixers from around the world to take on the self-titled album’s tracks, the same has been done with the acclaimed 2014 studio album “Shadow” (co-produced with Theo Crous).

Here “Remyx v2.0” pulled in several exciting artists & producers who also worked on the first remix project, including local legends BATTERY 9, MR. SAKITUMI, Terminatryx drummer iRONic, and internationals INDUSTRIEZONE (Austria) and LLOYD PRICE of The Frixion, Massive Ego and Sigue Sigue Sputnik (UK).

On the local front the kick-ass remixers encapsulate DJ / Producer phenomenon GRIMEHOUSE, newcomers KHEMICAL KRYPT and IN MISERY, and two more direct Terminatryx links in vocalist Sonja’s side project ISOBEL and multi-instrumentalist Paul’s solo project (of 20 years) F8.

Like v1.0, the track listing and -order mirrors its studio album exactly, plus bonus material (v2.0 including a Terminatryx cover version of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”).

More details, info and images of the remixers and the project (of both v1.0 & v2.0)  at

This remix album and all other Terminatryx releases are available at all download and streaming locations, including:
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Musicians are always precious about their work, not wanting anyone to touch or alter it, but Terminatryx trusts the amazing remixers they select to reappraise their songs, alter, rework and reconstruct them to create something new and as exciting as the original material from which it stems, adding a brand new dimension.

A bonus track includes a Terminatryx cover version of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”.

Knowing that not everyone may latch onto the more Industrial-Rock / Alternative-Metal flavour of Terminatryx’ original material, here it opens up to a wider audience with genres from Dubstep, Electronic-Pop and Dance, to Industrial, Acoustic / Folk, Glitch, Breaks and more, to become a part of the band’s music (without alienating their established supporters who have a wide rage in musical tastes).

Another important component is to expose Terminatryx fans to other cool artists via the remixers and urging them to check out their work.

Always trying to do something different to the norm, and the interest in CDs shifting, Terminatryx decided to make the first physical incarnation of “Remyx v2.0” available as a limited edition USB pendant.  The 8gb laser engraved key-shaped metal USB flash drive comes with a 60cm metal ball chain, also making it the first piece of Terminatryx jewelry! It is packaged in a see-through magnetic case (and album cover branded box sleeve).
The songs are included in both .mp3 and higher quality .wav audio formats, album info and details come as a pdf file, and an extra folder holds three Terminatryx mp4 music videos: “Shadow”, “Gone”, “Medusa (iRONic Remix)” and a 12 minute sampler clip alternating extracts from the “Shadow” album and its remixes. (A USB version including both the “Shadow” album and it “Remyx v2.0” reworking is also available)

The album will also be available on limited edition CD.

As with the cover design of “Remyx v1.0” which also received a ‘remix’ of its own integrating with the original, the same was executed for the cover of “Remyx v2.0”, Terminatryx photographic collaborator Dr-Benway retrofitting a wireframe version of the “Shadow” cover (and alternating Paul’s two logo designs).

REMYX v2.0 Track Listing:

  1. METROPOLIS (The Moloch Remix by F8)
  2. HOLY (The Frixion Remix)
  3. SCARS (Grimehouse Remix)
  4. MASJIEN-MACHINE (Sementkop Mix by Battery 9)
  5. SHADOW (Industriezone Remix)
  6. GONE (Khemical Krypt Remix)
  7. PURIFIRE (In Misery Remix)
  8. NOTHING (Isobel Acoustyx Version)
  9. OUTCAST (Mr Sakitumi Remix)
  10. MEDUSA (iRONic Remix)
  11. WHEN DOVES CRY (Terminatryx Cover Version)

The “Remyx v2.0” USB launch was a bitter-sweet occasion, marking the final show with guitarist Patrick Davidson (after 10 years with the band).  No animosity or sensational drama, Patrick has endeavours he wants to fulfill and need to focus on in order to do so.  The band’s new guitarist is the talented Mark Allnutt.  For details on this, check out:

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