M-Net, M-Net Binge, M-Net City March 2018 Schedule

Schedule Update: M-Net, M-Net Binge and M-Net City line-up for March 2018 –  26 February 2018

M-Net Schedule Updates

  • The 90th Annual Academy Awards 2018 will air on M-Net 101 on Monday 5 March at 21:00. Note that this means that Here and Now, Vikings and American Horror Story will be on a broadcast break to accommodate the Oscars ceremony. The live broadcast of the Academy Awards is on M-Net Movies Premiere on the morning of Monday 5 March at 03:30, with the Red Carpet special starting at 00:00.
    Read the full list of nominees for the 90th Annual Academy Awards

Saturday Movies

Saturday 03 March

21:00 A Kind Of Murder 16VL Crime

A dark noir murder-mystery unfolds in this thriller. Set in 1960s New York, the seemingly perfect life of a married man is shattered when his wife turns up dead.

Saturday 10 March

21:00 Keeping Up With The Kandasamys PG13L Comedy

Laugh-a-minute South African comedy about love and rivalry. A young couple fall for each other – despite their families’ best efforts to keep them apart.

Saturday 17 March

21:00 The Girl With All The Gifts 16VL Horror

BAFTA-nominated horror based on the bestselling novel. In a dystopian future ravaged by disease, a scientist and a special young girl embark on a perilous journey of survival.

Saturday 24 March

21:00 Live By Night 16VSNL Crime

Ben Affleck writes, directs and stars in this noir crime drama. A group of Boston gangsters set up in Florida during the Prohibition, and face off against violent competition.

Sunday Night Blockbusters

(Note: From Sunday 18 February our Sunday Night Movies will start at 20:30)

Sunday 04 March

20:30 Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales   13V    Adventure

Javier Bardem joins this instalment of the high sea adventure, where Jack Sparrow must search for the mythical trident of Poseidon.

Sunday 11 March

20:30 Spider-Man: Homecoming PG13VL Action

Marvel reboots the epic Spider-Man saga with a fresh-faced Tom Holland as Peter Parker, who struggles to juggle life as a teenager and a superhero while a new villain prowls the skies.

Read the SAMDB review of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Sunday 18 March

20:30 Alien: Covenant 16VSNL  Horror

In this second instalment of the ‘Alien’ sci-fi prequels, the crew of a colony ship discover an uncharted paradise – with a terrifying threat beyond their imagination.

Read the SAMDB review of Alien: Covenant.

Sunday 25 March

20:30 John Wick: Chapter 2 16VL Action

Keanu Reeves returns as the lethal assassin in this non-stop action thriller. John Wick comes out of retirement to help an old associate, pitting him against deadly killers.

Read the SAMDB review of John Wick: Chapter 2.

World Cinema Movies

(Note: Additional repeat has been added. See it again on Tuesdays at 01:00)

Sunday 04 March

23:20 A United Kingdom  PG13VL Drama

Golden Globe-nominee David Oyelowo stars in this heartfelt biopic following a king of Botswana, whose marriage to a white woman in the late 1940s caused international controversy.

Sunday 11 March

23:25 Staying Alive

Smart Norwegian dramedy. After uncovering her boyfriend’s affair, a young woman finds that a little fun and a lot of revenge could help her recover from the setback.

Sunday 18 March

23:15 Rosita

Beautiful and scenic, this Danish drama centres on a father and son whose relationship is complicated by the arrival of a young Filipino woman.

Sunday 25 March

23:15 Los Globos 16SN Drama

This tense Spanish language drama examines the gritty story of a man, newly out of rehab, who is forced to take care of his young estranged son.

New, Returning & Series Finales

Friday 02 March

22:00 Divorce 02 0001 “Night Moves” *Season 2 Starts*

After signing divorce papers Robert and Frances start their new single lives, in the season premiere of this acclaimed dramedy. Golden Globe-winner Sarah Jessica Parker stars.

22:30 Loudermilk 01 0001 “A Girl In Trouble Is A Temporary Thing” *Season 1 Starts*

Golden Globe-nominee Ron Livingston stars as recovering alcoholic Dave Loudermilk, who, in the series premiere of this dark comedy, agrees to help a wayward young girl get into rehab.

Saturday 03 March

17:30 American Housewife 02 0001 “Back To School” *Season 2 Starts*

In the season premiere of this unapologetic comedy, Katie’s efforts to get more time for herself backfire when she is forced to volunteer for the school’s spring gala. Katy Mixon (Mike & Molly) stars.

Sunday 04 March

16:00 Kevin Can Wait 02 0001 “Civil Ceremony” *Season 2 Starts*

The season premiere sees Kevin throwing himself into keeping the Gable household afloat, after an unexpected tragedy. Family comedy starring funnyman Kevin James.

Monday 05 March

21:00 90th Annual Academy Awards (Here And Now, Vikings and American Horror Story on a broadcast break)

Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel returns to host the prestigious awards ceremony, where Hollywood honours the acclaimed slate of films from the past year.

Read the full list of nominees for the 90th Oscars 2018.

Tuesday 06 March

21:00 Chicago Med 03 0001 “Speak Your Truth” *Season 3 Starts*

The doctors of Chicago Med take their opinions to the extreme in the tense season premiere, as they seek justice after Dr Charles is shot. Fast-paced medical instalment of the popular ‘Chicago’ series.

Wednesday 07 March

22:00 Outlander 03 0013 “Eye Of The Storm” *Season 3 Ends*

Claire is forced to play a game of cat and mouse with an old adversary as she searches for Young Ian. Golden Globe-nominee Caitriona Balfe stars in this acclaimed period drama.

Wednesday 14 March

22:00 Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams 01 0001 “The Hood Maker” *Season 1 Starts*

The premiere of this sci-fi anthology opens in a world without advanced technology, where telepaths are the only mechanism for long-distance communication. Based on the acclaimed works of Philip K. Dick.

Tuesday 20 March

22:00 Ten Days In The Valley 01 0010 “Day 10: Fade Out” *Season 1 Ends*

Golden Globe winner Kyra Sedgwick returns to television for this edge-of-your-seat thriller. An overworked TV producer and single mother’s life is thrown into turmoil when her daughter goes missing.

Saturday 24 March

23:10 Modus 02 0008 *Season 2 Ends*

In the season finale of this gripping Swedish thriller, the location of President Helen Tyler is established, but can the Swedish police and the FBI reach her in time?

Monday 26 March

22:00 Vikings 05 0010 “Moments Of Vision” *Season 5 goes on a break*

This Emmy-nominated historical drama explores the saga of the legendary Vikings during an age of conflict and conquerors.

Tuesday 27 March

22:00 Counterpart 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*

Academy Award winner JK Simmons stars in this intriguing sci-fi thriller, about a man who discovers that the mysterious agency he works for is guarding a secret parallel dimension.

Thursday 29 March

22:00 Snatch 01 0010 “A Family Affair” *Season 1 Ends*

In a thrilling season finale, Vic is in the back of Jone’s van with the gold as Albert and Hate’em tail them in desperation. Brit crime dramedy based on the acclaimed film of the same name.

Friday 30 March

23:40 Mike Judge Presents: Tales From The Tour Bus 01 0008 “Blaze Foley” *Season 1 Ends*

A legend in country music circles, Blaze Foley burned bright on the Texas music scene before being silenced well before his time. Animated doccie series.

Saturday 31 March

22:45 Gomorrah 02 0001 “United States Of Secondigliano” *Season 2 Starts*

In the season premiere of this Italian crime drama, Ciro and Conte join forces to establish a new alliance to run the turf together. Critically acclaimed foreign-language thriller.

Saturday 03 March

21:30 Ballers 03 0001 #21 “Seeds Of Expansion” 18L

22:04 Ballers 03 0002 #22 “Bull Rush” 18NL

22:38 Ballers 03 0003 #23 “In The Teeth” 18L

23:11 Ballers 03 0004 #24 “Ride And Die” 18L

23:44 Ballers 03 0005 #25 “Make Believe” 18SNL

00:18 Ballers 03 0006 #26 “I Hate New York” 18L

00:51 Ballers 03 0007 #27 “Ricky-Leaks” 18L

01:25 Ballers 03 0008 #28 “Alley-Oops” 18SNL

02:00 Ballers 03 0009 #29 “Crackback” 18L

02:33 Ballers 03 0010 #30 “Yay Area” 18L

Sunday 04 March

21:30 Insecure 02 0001 #09 “Hella Great” 18SNL

22:06 Insecure 02 0002 #10 “Hella Questions” 18VSL

22:40 Insecure 02 0003 #11 “Hella Open” 18SNL

23:14 Insecure 02 0004 #12 “Hella La” 18SNL

23:49 Insecure 02 0005 #13 “Hella Shook” 18SNL

00:21 Insecure 02 0006 #14 “Hella Blows” 18SNL

00:54 Insecure 02 0007 #15 “Hella Disrespectful” 18SL

01:26 Insecure 02 0008 #16 “Hella Perspective” 18SNL

Saturday 10 March

21:30 Queen Sugar 01 0001 “First Things First” 16

22:33 Queen Sugar 01 0002 “Evergreen” 16

23:20 Queen Sugar 01 0003 “Thy Will Be Done” 16

00:07 Queen Sugar 01 0004 “The Darker Sooner” 16

00:54 Queen Sugar 01 0005 “By Any Chance” 16

01:40 Queen Sugar 01 0006 “As Promised” 16VSL

Sunday 11 March

21:30 Queen Sugar 01 0007 “In No Uncertain Terms” 16SL

22:17 Queen Sugar 01 0008 “Where With All” 16L

23:04 Queen Sugar 01 0009 “Next To Nothing” 16V

23:47 Queen Sugar 01 0010 “So Far”  16L

00:35 Queen Sugar 01 0011 “All Good” 16

01:20 Queen Sugar 01 0012 “Far Too Long”  16

02:06 Queen Sugar 01 0013 “Give Us This Day” 16SN

Saturday 17 March

21:30 Queen Sugar 02 0001 “After The Winter” 16

22:17 Queen Sugar 02 0002 “To Usward” 16

23:02 Queen Sugar 02 0003 “What Do I Care For Morning” 16

23:49 Queen Sugar 02 0004 “My Soul’s High Song” 16L

00:36 Queen Sugar 02 0005 “Caroling Dusk” 16

01:23 Queen Sugar 02 0006 “Line Of Our Elders”    16L

02:10 Queen Sugar 02 0007 “I Know My Soul” 16

02:57 Queen Sugar 02 0008 “Freedom ‘S Plow” 16L

Sunday 18 March

21:30 Queen Sugar 02 0009 “Yet Do I Marvel” 16

22:17 Queen Sugar 02 0010 “Drums At Dusk” 16S

23:04 Queen Sugar 02 0011 “Fruit Of The Flower”  16

23:51 Queen Sugar 02 0012 “Live In The All Along”         16

00:38 Queen Sugar 02 0013 “Heritage” 16

01:25 Queen Sugar 02 0014 “On These I Stand”     16

02:12 Queen Sugar 02 0015 “Copper Sun”    16L

02:59 Queen Sugar 02 0016 “Dream Variations”     16

04:08 Queen Sugar 02 0017 “Oprah & The Cast Of Queen Sugar, Season Finale Special”       13

Saturday 24 March

21:30 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0001 “The Night Of The Crash” 18SL

22:07 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0002 “The Ritual” 18L

22:40 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0003 “The Thank You Note” 18L

23:13 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0004 “The Age Of Umbrage” 18L

23:46 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0005 “The Photo Shoot” R18L

00:19 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0006 “No Child Left Behind” 18L

00:51 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0007 “The Guests” R18SL

01:24 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0008 “Mystery Team” R18NL

01:57 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0009 “Second Thoughts” 18SL

02:31 Survivor’s Remorse 03 0010 “Father’s Day”  18L

Sunday 25 March

21:30 White Famous 01 0001 “Pilot” 18SNL

22:05 White Famous 01 0002 “Heat” 18NL

22:38 White Famous 01 0003 “Woo” 18L

23:11 White Famous 01 0004 “Appetites” 18NL

23:44 White Famous 01 0005 “Life On Mars” 18L

00:17 White Famous 01 0006 “Wolves” 18L

00:52 White Famous 01 0007 “Duality” 18L

01:27 White Famous 01 0008 “Make-Believe” 18SNL

02:02 White Famous 01 0009 “Scandal” 18L

02:37 White Famous 01 0010 “Zero Fucks Given”   18L

Saturday 31 March

22:00 Power 03 0001 “Call Me James” R18VSL

23:01 Power 03 0002 “It’s Never Over” 18VSNL

00:00 Power 03 0003 “I Got This On Lock” 18VSNL

01:02 Power 03 0004 “Don’t Worry, Baby” 18VSNL

02:00 Power 03 0005 “Help Me”          18VSNL

M-Net City Movies

Friday 02 March

21:00 Man On A Ledge 13VL  Crime

Sam Worthington stars as a man threatening to jump off a ledge in this suspenseful thriller. While trying to talk him down, a negotiator discovers that things aren’t as they seem.

Friday 09 March

21:00 Point Break  13VL  Action

The action is relentless in this heist movie based on the 90s classic. A young FBI detective infiltrates a well organised team of professional thieves, but the lines get blurred.

Friday 16 March

21:00 The Spy Next Door  PG13V  Action

Jackie Chan stars in this comedic adventure. A former CIA spy offers to look after his girlfriend’s three kids but gets more than he bargained for when an old enemy comes to town.

Friday 23 March

21:00 Skin Trade  16VSNL  Action

Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa star in action filled revenge film. After a detective’s family is killed by the mob, he joins forces with a Thai detective to seek justice.

Friday 30 March

21:00 Escape Plan 16VL

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up for this intense thriller. A man’s wrongly incarcerated and must break out of the inescapable prison he designed.

New, Returning & Series Finales

Thursday 01 March

22:00 Eye Candy 01 0010 “A4U” *Season 1 Ends*

Riveting thriller following the investigation of a cyber-serial killer. Lindy’s search for her sister leads her a showdown with the killer, in the season finale.

Saturday 03 March

19:00 NCIS Los Angeles 08 0024 “Unleashed” *Season 8 Ends*

Sam goes rogue in an attempt to stop his arch nemesis, Tahir Khaled, from targeting his family again in the season finale of the Emmy-nominated crime drama.

20:00 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders 02 0001 “Lost Souls” *Season 2 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the season premiere of this crime drama, Unit Chief Jack Garrett and his international response team are called to Tanzania when a church group disappears. Oscar-nominee Gary Sinise stars.

21:00 Jury Speaks 01 0005 “Robert Blake” *Season 1 Ends*

Four of the jurors who found Hollywood legend Robert Blake not guilty of first-degree murder wrestle with their contentious verdict. This true crime series re-examines controversial cases.

Monday 05 March

19:00 Prison Break 2017 01 0001 “Ogygia” *Season Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the series premiere of this thrilling revival, based on the blockbuster drama, Lincoln Burrows receives a mysterious and unbelievable message: his brother, Michael Scofield may still be alive.

21:00 Time After Time 01 0001 “Pilot” *Season 1 Starts*Premieres on M-Net City*

The writer of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ penned this fantasy drama. In the series premiere, young writer H.G. Wells uses his time machine to pursue an infamous serial killer in modern-day New York.

Tuesday 06 March

20:00 The Night Shift 04 0010 “Resurgence” *Season 4 Ends*

A shooting at a nearby college sends TC, Jordan, Drew and Amira into the field where they assist Rick with a deadly situation, in the season finale of the fast-paced medical drama.

Wednesday 07 March

21:00 Law & Order: True Crime – The Menendez Murders 01 0008 *Season 1 Ends*

After the first trial ends with a hung jury and the District Attorney refuses a deal, a second trial gets underway. Golden Globe winner Edie Falco stars.

Thursday 08 March

21:00 Jury Speaks 01 0005 “Robert Blake” *Season 1 Ends*

Four of the jurors who found Hollywood legend Robert Blake not guilty of first-degree murder wrestle with their contentious verdict. This true crime series re-examines controversial cases.

22:00 Wentworth 05 0001 “Scars” *Season 5 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the season premiere Vera and Ferguson must deal with the fallout of their assault. This acclaimed Australian drama unfolds in a women’s prison.

Friday 09 March

20:00 iZombie 03 0013 ‘Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2″ *Season 3 Ends*

Liv uncovers a shocking truth with far-reaching consequences. A reeling Major looks to the future, and Clive gets closure.

Saturday 10 March

23:00 Ray Donovan 05 0012 “Time Takes A Cigarette” *Season 5 Ends*

In the season finale of the tumultuous crime drama, Ray goes to New York to arrange an illicit surgery for Smitty, and while Winslow agrees to help the conditions are brutal for Ray.

Sunday 11 March

23:00 I’m Dying Up Here 01 0010 “Creative Indifferences” *Season 1 Ends*

In the season finale of this dramedy, Adam has an epic set that shows Ralph up in the process and Ron helps Eddie get revenge on DJ Kenny. Following the hustle of up-and-coming comedians in the 70s.

Tuesday 13 March

20:00 Trust Me 01 0001 “Episode 1” *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the season premiere of this British thriller, a hardworking nurse (Jodie Whittaker) is forced to take drastic measures, after she’s suspended for whistleblowing.

Wednesday 14 March

19:00 Wisdom Of The Crowd 01 0013 “Tipping Point” *Season 1 Ends*

This fast-paced crime drama follows a visionary tech innovator who creates a cutting-edge crowdsourcing platform that revolutionises crime solving.

21:00 Get Shorty 01 0001 “The Pitch” *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

Based on the Golden Globe winning film the series premiere of this dark dramedy sees Miles Daly, a small-time mobster, travel to LA to collect a debt from an aspiring screenwriter. From the producer of ‘Shameless’.

Thursday 15 March

20:00 Salvation 01 0013 “The Plot Against America” *Season 1 Ends*

In the season finale of this apocalyptic thriller, Harris, Grace and Darius must topple the illegitimate government as Darius makes final plans for the ark.

21:00 Absentia (Sony) 01 0001 “Comeback” *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the series premiere of this intriguing thriller, FBI Agent Emily Byrne is shockingly returned to her family years after being presumed dead at the hands of an alleged serial killer. ‘Castle’s’ Stana Katics stars.

Friday 16 March

20:00 Teen Wolf 06 0001 “Memory Lost” *Season 6 Starts*Aired on VuzuAmp*

A supernatural force crosses paths with Scott and his friends, as Liam discovers a new enemy in the season six premiere of this fantasy horror series.

Saturday 17 March

21:00 12 Monkeys 03 0001 “Mother” *Season 3 Starts as two back-to-back episodes*Aired on M-Net*

The season premiere of this dark fantasy sci-fi opens with the birth of Witness and the beginning of the end of the world. Based on the Oscar nominated film of the same name.

22:00 12 Monkeys 03 0002 “Guardians”

Cole travels to 1922 and faces new enemies, while the origins of the Witness’ plans are revealed. Based on the acclaimed movie about a deadly virus that wipes out the world’s population.

Sunday 18 March

22:00 Blood Drive 01 0001 “The Fucking Cop” *Season 1 Starts as two back-to-back episodes*Premieres on M-Net City*

In the grisly series premiere of this crime drama, a cop is forced to participate in a bloodthirsty road race across America. Set in a near-dystopian future.

23:00 Blood Drive 01 0002 “Welcome To Pixie Swallow”

Grace and Arthur battle to stay off the menu at the first pit stop: Pixie Swallow Motel & Diner. Christina Ochoa (Valor) stars in this dystopian drama about a bloodthirsty road race.

Tuesday 20 March

21:00 Wanted 02 0006 “Hunters” *Season 2 Ends*

In the nail-biting season finale, Lola and Chelsea must make the ultimate decision as the police close in on them and Josh and Dixon join the chase. Tense Australian crime drama.

Wednesday 21 March

19:00 Instinct 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*Premieres on M-Net City*

Golden Globe-nominee Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) stars in this slick crime thriller about a gifted psychology professor who assists the NYPD on the hunt for a serial killer.

Thursday 22 March

19:00 The Disappearance 01 0001 “Birthday Boy” *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the series premiere of this gripping mystery drama, grandfather Henry organises a treasure hunt for his grandson, Anthony’s tenth birthday, but the child never comes home.

20:00 Seven Types Of Ambiguity 01 0001 “Joe” *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the series premiere of this gripping Australian drama, Joe Marin discovers his seven-year-old son Sam has been abducted from school. Hugo Weaving (Lord of The Rings) stars.

Tuesday 27 March

21:00 Better Call Saul 03 0001 “Mabel” *Season 3 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the season premiere of this critically acclaimed drama, Jimmy (golden globe-nominee Bob Odenkirk) looks forward to mending fences with his brother, after admitting that he forged documents.

22:00 The Five 01 0010 *Season 1 Ends*

After figuring out Jesse’s true identity, Pru and Slade make a shocking discovery in the season finale of this gripping crime thriller.

Friday 30 March

18:00 NCIS: New Orleans 03 0024 “Poetic Justice” *Season 3 Ends*

Unable to trust anyone, the NCIS team calls in FBI Assistant Director Isler  to help expose and stop the sinister scheme Mayor Hamilton has planned, in the season finale of this crime drama.

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