M-Net, M-Net Binge, M-Net City Line-up For April 2018 – Updated 18 April

M-Net Schedule Updates:

  • The annual live musical extravaganza Starlight Classics has been added to the schedule, and will air on Sunday 29 April at 16:30. This means that Harry Potter: A History Of Magic will be removed off the April schedule.
  • Man with a Plan season 2 will go on a broadcast break Sunday 29 April at 16:30. The sitcom will return in May.


  • Due to the 2 back-to-back episodes of American Idols season 16 on Fridays and Saturdays for the rest of this month; Friday’s line-up from 13 April-27 April will start an hour later. The Saturday movies from 14 April-21 April will now start at 22:00.
  • The Saturday 21 April movie Fixed has been replaced with the comedy Fist Fight at 22:00.
  • Lucifer season 3 will go on a one week break on Wednesday 18 April at 23:05. The series returns with episode 20 on Wednesday 25 April at 23:05.
  • In order to accommodate crossover episodes of the Chicago series franchise in May: Chicago PD season 5 will air as two back-to-back episodes from Tuesday 24 April at 20:00 and 21:00. This means that Chicago Med season 3 will be on a broadcast break from Tuesday 24 April.
  • Suits season 7 ends with two back-to-back episodes on Thursday 26 April at 21:00-22:00.
  • Riverdale season 2 returns from a broadcast break on Saturday 28 April at 20:00.

M-Net City Schedule Updates:

  • Instinct season 1 is on a break in the US, the series will be replaced with For My Man season 1 from Wednesday 18 April at 19:00, and return with new episodes on Wednesday 09 May at 19:00.
  • Sleepy Hollow season 4 will now premiere on Saturday 21 April at 20:00, and not 21:00 as previously communicated.
  • The Originals season 5 will now premiere on Saturday 21 April at 21:00, and not 20:00 as previously communicated.
  • The Five season 1 has been added to the schedule and will start on Saturday 21 April at 22:00.
  • Longmire season 6 has been removed off the April schedule and replaced by Outlander season 3, on Wednesday 25 April at 22:05.

Saturday Movies

Saturday 21 April

22:00 Fist Fight 16SNL Comedy *Movie starts an hour later due to American Idols*

Ice Cube steps up for an after-school special like no other in this hilarious comedy. After two teachers have a falling out, one challenges the other to a fight.

Read the SAMDB review of Fist Fight.

Saturday 28 April

21:00 War On Everyone 16VSNL Action

Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña make a fine pair of corrupt cops in this dark crime comedy, when they set out to exact revenge on all who’ve wronged them.

Sunday Night Blockbusters

(Note: The Sunday Night Movies start at 20:30 to accommodate the Dancing With the Stars SA Live Results Show)

Sunday 22 April

20:00 Trevor Noah: There’s A Gupta On My Stoep 13L Stand-up

South Africa’s sweetheart Trevor Noah returns to the country for an iconic live performance, where nobody’s president or politics is off limits.

21:20 Girls Trip 18SNL Comedy

The party heads to New Orleans for an ensemble cast in this acclaimed comedy. On a wild reunion trip, four lifelong friends find romance, sisterhood and absolute chaos.

Sunday 29 April

20:30 American Made 16VSNL Action

Tom Cruise tells an unbelievably true story in a rough-and-tumble biopic of Barry Seal, an American pilot who becomes a drug-runner for the CIA.

Read the SAMDB review of American Made.

World Cinema Movies

(Note: Additional repeat has been added. See it again on Tuesdays at 01:00)

Sunday 22 April

00:10 Strange Birds PG13L Drama

An eccentric French dramedy. A young woman and a cynical old librarian form an intriguing, unconventional friendship that soon grows into something surprisingly heartfelt.

Sunday 29 April

23:05 Key House Mirror 13VS Drama

Poignant Danish drama about second chances. An elderly woman devotedly cares for her catatonic husband in a nursing home, while longing for freedom and excitement.

New, Returning & Series Finales

Wednesday 18 April

23:05 Close Up With The Hollywood Reporter 03 0007 “Actors/Actresses” *Lucifer season 3 on a one week break*

Hollywood’s top directors, producers, writers and performers open up about the challenges and triumphs of their acclaimed work.

Friday 20 April

23:00 Divorce 02 0008 #18 “Alone Again, Naturally” *Starts an hour later due to American Idols*

Robert and Jackie take a step forward in their real-estate business as Frances faces the fallout of a successful opening at her gallery, in the season finale of this acclaimed, Emmy-nominated dramedy.

23:40 Loudermilk 01 0008 “Invitation Only” *Starts an hour later due to American Idols*

While planning to tell Loudermilk that he’s been drinking in secret, Ben loses his nerve and joins him for a meeting instead. A recovering alcoholic agrees to help a wayward young woman in this dramedy.

00:10 Trial And Error 01 0011 “Unusual Suspect” *Starts an hour later due to American Idols*

After the prosecution presents its case for 28 gruelling days, Josh’s defence suffers a major setback. Oscar-nominee John Lithgow stars in this ridiculous comedy about a bizarre murder trial.

00:35 High Maintenance 02 0003 #09 “Namaste” *Starts an hour later due to American Idols*

As The Guy rethinks his living situation, couple Candace and John are in for a shock when they move in to their new apartment. Oddball comedy about a marijuana dealer in Brooklyn.

Sunday 22 April

17:00 Dancing With The Stars South Africa 01 0021 *Season 1 Ends*

Twelve untrained local celebs will be putting their best foot forward to compete in this proudly South African version of the glamourous reality series.

Monday 23 April

21:00 Here And Now 01 0010 *Season 1 Ends*

The Oscar and Golden Globe-winning writer of ‘Six Feet Under’ penned this introspective family dramedy about a multi-racial family consisting of a couple, their three adopted children and one biological child.

22:00 Westworld 02 0001 *Season 2 Starts (Express)*

An ensemble cast star in this dark sci-fi thriller about a world of artificial consciousness, from Emmy winner JJ Abrams (Lost).

Tuesday 24 April

20:00 Chicago PD 05 0010 “Rabbit Hole”

Halstead’s partying with Camila unintentionally puts him in the middle of a drug-related homicide. Dick Wolf (Law & Order) created this fast-paced addition to the Chicago series.

21:00 Chicago PD 05 0011 “Confidential”

Burgess’ confidential informant reveals a possible murder which Burgess discounts but Upton pursues, revealing a corpse. An elite group of law enforcers take down crime in this cop drama.

23:00 Transparent 04 0001 “Standing Order” *Season 4 Starts*

This critically acclaimed, Golden Globe-winning dramedy explores the sincere and poignant story of a transgender woman’s journey.

Thursday 26 April

19:00 NCIS Los Angeles 09 0015 “Liabilities” *Season 9 goes on a broadcast break*

Television’s most popular undercover agents of NCIS: LA continue to take down the bad guys- one dangerous case at a time, in this acclaimed, Emmy-nominated cop drama.

21:00 Suits 07 0015 *Season 7 Ends with two back-to-back episodes*

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams return as the dynamic duo in the popular drama, following the exploits of New York’s top dog lawyers in the high-stakes legal scene.

22:00 Suits 07 0016 *Season 7 Ends with two back-to-back episodes*

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams return as the dynamic duo in the popular drama, following the exploits of New York’s top dog lawyers in the high-stakes legal scene.

Friday 27 April

23:00 Barry 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts* *Starts an hour later due to American Idols*

Emmy-winner Bill Hader stars in this dark comedy, about a depressed hitman who decides to pursue an acting career, despite not being able to leave his criminal past behind.

23:40 Loudermilk 01 0009 “Highway 10 Revisited” *Starts an hour later due to American Idols*

Loudermilk, Ben, and Claire hit the road for New Orleans with the intention of crashing a wedding. This acclaimed dramedy follows the travails of a recovering alcoholic.

00:10 Trial And Error 01 0012 “The Defense Rests” *Starts an hour later due to American Idols*

Despite hiring the best witness coach in the South, Larry’s testimony leads to a shocking discovery about his past. A parody of true crime documentaries plays out in this comedy.

00:35 High Maintenance 02 0004 #10 “Derech” *Starts an hour later due to American Idols*

A Hasidic man explores the world outside his sect and a club performer has a wild night out while The Guy bonds with a driver. Eccentric dramedy exploring the colourful life of a New York drug dealer.

Saturday 28 April

20:00 Riverdale 02 0005 “Chapter Eighteen: When A Stranger Calls” *Season 2 returns from broadcast break*

When Alice publishes a fiery piece blasting the Southside, Jughead is forced to take matters into his own hands to keep the peace.  Emmy-nominee Greg Berlanti backs this teen drama.

Sunday 29 April

16:00 Kevin Can Wait 02 0009 “Cooking Up A Storm”

Kevin is adamant about cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home, as Donna used to do, but Kendra wants to eat a restaurant instead. Follows the escapades of a single dad.

16:30 Starlight Classics *Special*

The annual innovative Afro-symphonic music experience featuring South Africa’s most celebrated talent.

18:00 The Wedding Bashers Specials: With Love 01 0001 *Special Starts*

The Wedding Bashers Specials: With Love. South Africa’s favourite Bashers return for a series of special weddings.

Monday 30 April

21:00 Billions 03 0001 *Season 3 Starts*

The stakes are in the billions, in this provocative drama starring Golden Globe-winners Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis as two men caught in a struggle for justice, power and money.

Saturday 21 April

21:30 The 100 04 0001 “Echoes”        16V

22:15 The 100 04 0002 “Heavy Lies The Crown”     16V

23:02 The 100 04 0003 “The Four Horsemen”         16V

23:49 The 100 04 0004 “A Lie Guarded”        16V

00:35 The 100 04 0005 “The Tinder Box”      16V

01:20 The 100 04 0006 “We Will Rise” 16V

02:07 The 100 04 0007 “Gimme Shelter” 16V

Sunday 22 April

21:30 The 100 04 0008 “God Complex” 16V

22:17 The 100  04 0009 “DNR”  16V

23:04 The 100   04 0010 “Die All, Die Merrily”         16V

23:50 The 100   04 0011 “The Other Side”    16V

00:37 The 100   04 0012 “The Chosen” 16V

01:24 The 100   04 0013 “Praimfaya” 16V

Saturday 28 April

21:30 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0001 “Behold… The Inhumans”     13VS

22:17 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0002 “Those Who Would Destroy Us” 13V

23:05 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0003 “Divide And Conquer” 13V

23:52 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0004 “Make Way For… Medusa” 13VS

Sunday 29 April

21:30 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0005 “Something Inhuman This Way Comes…”     13VL

22:18 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0006 “The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon” 13V

23:05 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0007 “Havoc In The Hidden Land” 13V

23:53 Marvel’s Inhumans 01 0008 “…And Finally: Black Bolt”    13V


M-Net City Movies

Friday 20 April

21:00 Need For Speed PG13V

Fast and Furious fans will not want to miss Need For Speed. This high octane, street-racing movie starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Read the SAMDB review of Need for Speed.

Friday 27 April

21:00 Stolen 13VL

Hollywood action hero Nicolas Cage stars in this adrenalin-filled crime drama about a former thief who is in a race against time to save his kidnapped daughter.

Read the SAMDB review of Stolen.

New, Returning & Series Finales

Wednesday 18 April
19:00 For My Man 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*Instinct season 1 on a break in the US*

Witness shocking stories of women who have committed crimes in the name of love. From a killing spree across several states to robbing fifteen banks in under a year.

22:10 From Dusk Till Dawn 03 0010 “Dark Side Of The Sun” *Season 3 Ends*

With Kate Fuller near death, our heroes race against an eclipse to defeat Amaru and close the gate before hell consumes the world. Season finale of the horror series.

Saturday 21 April

19:00 iZombie 04 0001 “Are You Ready For Some Zombies?” *Season 4 Starts*Premieres on M-Net City*

The acclaimed creator of ‘Veronica Mars’ backs this cult fantasy crime drama. After a medical resident is transformed into a zombie, she uses her newly-acquired skills to assist the police.

20:00 Sleepy Hollow 04 0001 “Columbia” *Season 4 Starts*Premieres on M-Net City*

This Emmy-nominated supernatural drama explores the resurrection of a 18th Century hero who fights to protect the world from evil.

21:00 The Originals 05 0001 “Where You Left Your Heart” *Season 5 Starts**Premieres on M-Net City*

The creator of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ penned this Emmy-nominated supernatural drama, following the tumultuous lives of the first vampire family.

22:00 The Five 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net City*

In the series premiere of this gripping crime drama, a missing boy’s DNA turns up at a crime scene- twenty years after his mysterious disappearance- throwing the lives of his family and friends into turmoil.

Wednesday 25 April

20:00 The Americans 05 0013 “The Soviet Division” *Season 5 Ends*

The riveting season finale finds Philip and Elizabeth racing against the clock as a life hangs in the balance. Critically acclaimed spy-thriller following two married KGB agents.

22:05 Outlander 03 0001 “The Battle Joined” *Season 3 Starts*

In the season premiere of this Golden Globe nominated drama, Jamie eludes capture after the Battle of Culloden Moor in 1746. Based on the acclaimed novels about a woman who travels through time.

Thursday 26 April

19:00 The Disappearance 01 0006 “Redemption” *Season 1 Ends*

In the season finale of this thrilling drama, the mystery behind the disappearance is nearly unravelled as a race against the clock to find Anthony alive ensues.

20:00 Seven Types Of Ambiguity 01 0006 “Anna” *Season 1 Ends*

Feeling the weight of her testimony during Simon’s trial, Anna wrestles with her conscience over the right course of action. Suspenseful and gripping Australian psychological drama, about the abduction of a child.

Friday 27 April

19:00 Stitchers 03 0010 “Maternis” *Season 3 Ends*

With help from Ivy the Stitchers team finally apprehends Daniel Stinger and finds out where Kirsten’s mother, Jaclyn is being held. Season finale of the sci-fi drama.

Sunday 29 April

22:00 Blood Drive 01 0013 “Finish Line” *Season 1 Ends*

In the season finale, Arthur, Grace and Slink attack Heart Enterprises, but their deepest fears are waiting for them. Set in a dystopian future this grisly drama follows a former cop.

Monday 30 April

19:00 Prison Break 2017 01 0009 Behind The Eyes *Season 1 Ends*

In the season finale, Poseidon continues to outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang which leads them to the ultimate showdown. This crime drama revival follows the exploits of two jailbird brothers.

22:00 The Last Kingdom 02 0010 *Season 2 Ends*

In the season finale, deception and betrayal are rife as Uhtred fights for Wessex and he struggles to secure Aethelflaed’s freedom. This 9th century period drama follows the Viking invasion of England.

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