Nommer 37 Finally Heading To South African Cinemas

The wait is finally over, because the acclaimed ‘Hitchcockian’ South African crime thriller that everyone is talking about, NOMMER 37, is finally heading to local cinemas this Friday (1 June) after sparking massive interest with international audiences.

“My hope is that this film will be seen by all South Africans because the story is so universal and relatable, whilst giving us a peek into a world that’s familiar to some but unknown by most through the lens of a voyeur. By the time the audience walks out of the cinema, they will have been thoroughly entertained, surprised and quite possibly (though questionably) looking to buy a pair of binoculars,” says director and writer Nosipho Dumisa, who is also a producer of the kykNET soap opera, Suidooster, about her directorial debut.

This production, which had its world premiere at the International SXSW Film Festival in Texas, was selected to represent the country at the 18th annual Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) in Switzerland from 6 to 14 July 2018. It was also recently announced that Dark Star Pictures gained exclusive North American distribution rights. The North American screening of the full-length feature will kick off in New York and L.A., followed by an early winter video-on-demand release. Reel Suspects has also managed to clinch distribution deals for the film in China, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

NOMMER 37 is based on the SAFTA-award-winning short film of the same name, which was co-directed by Nosipho Dumisa and Travis Taute. The movie is set in Haven Mansions, a fictional block of apartments in her imagined suburb of the Cape Flats, New Haven. It tells the story of Randal Hendricks (Irshaad Ally), a recent paraplegic, who is given a gift of binoculars by his devoted girlfriend, Pam (Monique Rockman). But he is in financial debt to Emmie (Danny Ross), a sadistic loan shark, and when he witnesses a powerful criminal, named Lawyer (David Manuel), commit murder while observing his neighbours through his binoculars, he initiates a blackmail scheme in an attempt to settle his debt. With deception and greed around every corner, what follows is a thrilling ride that puts both their lives in mortal danger… as the world around Randal deteriorates further and further into chaos.

Randal Hendricks (Irshaad Ally) and Pam (Monique Rockman)

The film also stars Sandi Schultz, Deon Lotz, Elton Landrew, Ephraim Gordon and Luke Jansen. It was produced by Bradley Joshua and Benjamin Overmeyer of South African production outfit Gambit Films with XYZ Films.

Dala Wat Jy Moet, a striking rap song inspired by life on the Cape Flats, was the first single from the soundtrack to be released and was very well received. It was created by Cape Town rapper, Youngsta CPT, and leading man, Irshaad Ally, and boasts a typical rap rhythm and a taunting repetitive chorus, which not only suits the genre of the movie perfectly but also adds to the building tension. An inspiring music video, conveying the message that if you want to succeed in life, you have to make the decision to rise above your circumstances, has also just been released.

NOMMER 37 is a thrilling big-screen cinematic experience that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the credits start rolling and a must-see for everyone.

The film was produced by Gambit Films in association with kykNET Films, M-Net, XYZ Films and the DTI, and will be distributed by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment locally, in cinemas across the country, on 1 June 2018.

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Film Review

Nommer 37 : Review

The Cape Flats, apartment Nommer 37, home to Randel Hendricks (Irshaad Ally), and his girlfriend Pam (Monique Rockman). Randel is paralysed through some tragic crime incident, so to help alleviate the stigma of being wheelchair bound, Pam buys him a set of binoculars.

However, as things go in poor, crime-ridden communities, Randel is in debt to Emmie (Danny Ross), a loan shark, and all round garbage. So, when Randel witnesses a murder by local thug Lawyer (David Manual), he decides to pit bad against bad, criminal against criminal, in a black mail scheme to come by the money to settle his debt. Putting both his life, and Pam’s, on the line, things soon spiral out of control.

Nommer 37 has a simple, contained setting, with a small, yet talented ensemble cast bringing the characters to life. Shot on location in the Cape Flats, this is both an engrossing story, and a small taste of the life itself.

There are genuine tense moments, where one is tempted to stand up and yell at the screen, in a bid to help the protagonist, willing with the mind for the dastardly villains to get their come-comeuppance. And yet, the tension is tempered with moments of humour, some of which may be lost if one is not familiar with the “taal” (slang) spoken on The Flats.

The intricate plot does indeed resolve, with a few twists and turns along the way, making for a fun, dramatic, at times funny, but totally entertaining film. Nommer 37 is a must see film, that is just waiting to share a piece of our culture with the rest of the world.

Nommer 37 opens 1 June 2018 in South African cinemas.

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Survivor South Africa: Philippines | Visayas Cut Loose “Dead Weigh” Murishca

Trapped between two warring factions in the Visayas tribe – and unable to commit to either – Capetonian Murishca found herself dumped out of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Philippines tonight (31 May). Despite pledging her support to both sides during the course of the week, she saw her position as the all-powerful swing vote evaporate into thin air at Tribal Council when she admitted her head wasn’t entirely in the game – possibly the only thing that could have united the fractured tribe.

Murishca was the only ‘outsider’ in Visayas, having found herself as the sole former Mindanao member alongside four former Luzon members (Tom, Chané, Palesa and Vusi) in the new tribe after last week’s tribe split. Both sides – Tom & Chané and Vusi & Palesa – attempted to woo her over to their respective camps, and she committed to both throughout the week, but Tom’s comments about the fact that she was ‘dead weight’ incensed her and nudged her over to the latter side.

Things still weren’t entirely cut & dried though, as it was common knowledge that Tom was in possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol, which he very publicly asked Chane to scoop up for him at the balance beam challenge two weeks ago. Palesa, who had the clue to the location of that Idol, but failed to capitalise on it, had picked up a second clue to the location of another Hidden Immunity Idol at the tribe split last week, but would have to wait for a visit Tribal Council before she could collect it.

She wouldn’t have to wait long for that visit, after Visayas threw away their chance at Tribal Immunity when they bickered their way through a combined Reward & Immunity Challenge which tested both mental and physical strength, to finish third behind Mindanao and Luzon, respectively. For their efforts, Mindanao picked up a reward of a healthy food stash and Bio-Strath immune-boosting elixir – along with the Tribal Immunity Staff – and Luzon celebrated their come-from-behind success with a watermelon and the second Immunity Staff.

Despite their favourable positions, there was still plenty for the other tribes to think about. At Luzon, Josie was amazed to find that Werner, Jeanne and Toni were still none the wiser about why last week’s eliminee Ace had been digging up their camp, and resolved to find a way to continue the search for the Hidden Immunity Idol, knowing she was still on the outside of the former Mindanao bloc. There were cracks, though, with Jeanne’s continued struggles in physical challenges leading Werner to consider cutting her loose to make the tribe more of a force. When she tried to talk to him about partnering up to work towards making it to the final, he was noncommittal, at best. Meanwhile, Josie’s hopes of kindling a “girls’ alliance” were quickly extinguished when Toni firmly shut down her idea of voting Werner out next.

At Mindanao, Marthunis continued to rub everyone the wrong way – first when he told PK he wanted to vote Tevin out and then when he inferred that his life was more valuable than Katinka’s because he had a family relying on him, back home. PK and Tevin sat him down for a chat to try to bring him back into line – which they codenamed ‘Operation Discipline’ – but his insistence on making his own decisions in the game wasn’t even tempered by their threat of ‘throwing’ another challenge to give them the chance to vote him out.

After an expletive-ridden blow-out at camp between Tom and Palesa over the division of food, Visayas headed to Tribal Council. Palesa shocked everyone – including alliance member Vusi – by stepping up to collect her Hidden Immunity Idol from the plinth in plain sight. That immediately changed the tribal dynamic, and when Nico Panagio gave the castaways the chance to have a mid-Tribal Council strategy session, Murishca immediately turned to Vusi & Palesa, while Tom and Chané made plans to vote her out on the basis of her head not being in the game.

Unsure of the result of the discussion between Murishca, Palesa and Vusi, Tom chose to play his Hidden Immunity Idol, while Palesa gambled and held on to hers. In the end, Murishca failed to convince Palesa of her loyalty and resolve and the latter’s vote – added to those of Tom and Chané – ensure that the Marketing Manager became the fifth Castaway to depart the game this season.

Tune in to Survivor South Africa: Philippines next week (Thursday 7 June, 19:00 on M-Net 101) to see if the Tribal Council turning point is enough to heal the Visayas rift and give them some momentum against steamrollering Mindanao and the delicately-poised Luzon.

Survivor fans can also have great fun online. For the first time ever, M-Net has created a Virtual Reality experience for fans of the show. By simply logging on to viewers can click through to a full 360 degree experience of the Survivor SA islands, living areas as well as each challenge site as the weeks progress. Fans can now see and experience the surroundings of the exotic Philippines exactly as the Survivor contestants did, and stumble upon some clues along the way that could put them in line to win some great prizes while doing so!

Survivor SA is powered by the Huawei P20 Pro and is produced by Afrokaans Film and TV.

The show is also available on DStv Catch-Up and Catch-Up Plus within 24 hours.


#AfricaMonth: 11 Classic African Movies Worth Celebrating Year-round

Africa Month may be ending today but Showmax has just released a collection of 11 classic African movies that are worth celebrating year-round, having been praised everywhere from Cannes to Ouagadougou, Sundance to Toronto.

Touki Bouki

Djibril Diop Mambéty’s Touki Bouki is the story of two lovers – a cowherd and a university student – who dream of escaping to Paris from Dakar.

For a film originally released in 1973, Touki Bouki has been in the headlines a lot this year. In March, Beyonce took to Instagram to announce her ‘On The Run II’ stadium tour with Jay-Z with a striking poster image of the couple on a bull-skull-trimmed motorbike, inspired by the classic Senegalese road trip movie. Her Instagram post racked up over 3m views in under 24 hours.

Then in April, Touki Bouki topped the Tarifa-Tangiers African Film Festival’s list of the 10 best African films of all time, as chosen by 10 well-respected critics and authorities on film. Of course, Touki Bouki is no stranger to lists like this, having been included in Sight & Sound’s 100 Greatest Films Of All Time and Empire’s 100 Best Films Of World Cinema.

Beyonce’s not the first celebrity to celebrate it either. Oscar-winning Martin Scorsese (The Departed) hailed Touki Bouki as “a cinematic poem made with a raw, wild energy,” while TV On The Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe similarly praised it as “A favourite. Beautiful. Fully punk.”

Stream Touki Bouki only on Showmax in Africa:

Kati Kati

When Kaleche (Nyokabi Gethaiga), a young amnesiac, wakes up in the middle of the wilderness, she has no idea how she got there. She makes her way to Kati Kati, a nearby lodge, where she meets a motley crew of residents under the leadership of Thoma (Elsaphan Njora).

At Toronto International Film Festival, the Kenyan film won the FIPRESCI Critics Prize, with the FIPRESCI jury hailing director Mbithi Masya as “an exciting and unique new voice in cinema.” Kati Kati was also named Best East African Film at the 2017 Africa Movie Viewers Choice Awards and won the New Voices/New Visions Award Special Mention at the Palm Springs International Festival, among other accolades.

Stream Kati Kati on Showmax in Africa:


When Burkina Faso filmmaker Idrissa Ouedraogo passed away in February, Variety hailed him as “a towering figure of African cinema” and The New York Times described him as “legendary.” Ouedraogo came to international attention in 1989 with Yaaba (Grandmother), the story of two children who make friends with an old woman who has been outcast as a witch by her village. Yaaba won the FIPRESCI Critics’ Prize and a Special Mention from the Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes Film Festival, among other accolades.

Stream Yaaba only on Showmax in Africa:,

Nairobi Half Life

In David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga’s debut feature film, an aspiring actor moves to Nairobi with big dreams of becoming a star, but quickly discovers why the city of opportunity is nicknamed Nairobbery. The Hollywood Reporter called it a “dynamic crime drama… shot through with fresh social and stylistic energy.” Nairobi Half Life won the Breakthrough Audience Award at AFI in 2012 and four Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2014. Lead actor Joseph Wairimu also picked up Best Actor at Durban International Film Festival and Most Promising Actor at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Stream Nairobi Half Life on Showmax in Africa:

Of Good Report

Infamously banned just before it was due to open the Durban International FIlm Festival in 2013, Jahmil XT Qubeka’s Of Good Report is the story of an obsessive affair between an introverted high school teacher (Mothusi Magano) and a 16-year-old pupil (Petronella Tshuma). The Guardian called it an “edge-of-your-seat thriller… a sensational noir thriller in black and white. Watching this brazenly shocking and gripping film, I remembered the feeling I had on seeing Christopher Nolan’s low-budget black-and-white debut, Following. Here is a director who is going places.” Of Good Report won five awards, including Best Film, at both the South African Film and Television Awards and the African Movie Academy Awards in 2014.

Stream Of Good Report only on Showmax in Africa:

God Grew Tired Of Us

Winner of both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at Sundance in 2006, this documentary follows three of the Lost Boys of Sudan after their arrival in America after years of wandering Sub-Saharan African in search of safety. Directed by Americans Christopher Quinn and Tommy Walker, God Grew Tired Of Us has a 91% critics score and a 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stream God Grew Tired Of Us on Showmax in Africa:

Soul Boy

Fourteen-year-old Abila (Samson Odhiambo) awakes to find his father feeling so ill that he’s unable to open their grocery shop. When his father says his soul has been stolen, Abi confronts the Nyawawa (Krysteen Savane), a spirit rumoured to steal men’s souls. Admiring the boy’s bravery, the Nyawawa gives him seven challenges to complete in 24 hours to restore his father’s health. Co-directed by Hawa Essuman and Tom Tyker (Run Lola Run, Perfume), Soul Boy won the Dioraphte Audience Award at Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2010, as well as Best Film at Africa International Film Festival and the Signis Award at Zanzibar International Film Festival, among others.

Stream Soul Boy on Showmax in Africa:

Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema

Rapulana Seiphemo won Best Actor Awards at both Durban and FESPACO for his role as Lucky Kunene, infamous for hijacking buildings in Hillbrow. Ralph Ziman’s crime thriller was South Africa’s official entry for the Oscars and won the Audience Award at Durban, among other accolades.

Stream Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema only on Showmax in Africa:

Sinking Sands

Ghanaian writer/director Leila Djansi won Best Screenplay three years in a row at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) – for I Sing Of A Well in 2010, Sinking Sands in 2011, and Ties That Bind in 2012. At the AMAAs, Sinking Sands also won Best Make-Up and Best Actress, for Ama K Ababrese. She plays Pabi, who is in a seemingly loving marriage until a domestic accident disfigures her husband Jimah (Jimmy Jean-Louis, aka The Haitian in Heroes). CNN included Sinking Sands as one of 10 “Must-See African Movies Of The 21st Century,” with AMAA founder Peace Anyiam-Osigwe writing, “You cannot watch Sinking Sands and not be affected.” Sinking Sands also took home four Ghana Movie Awards, including Best Picture.

Stream Sinking Sands on Showmax in Africa:

Virgin Margarida

1975. As Mozambicans host their flag for the first time, hundreds of ‘prostitutes’ are arrested and sent to reeducation camps in the countryside, where they are to be transformed into ‘new women’ to serve the revolution. But some of those arrested, like the teenage Margarida, are not prostitutes. Directed by Licinio Azevedo, Virgin Margarida won eight international awards, including Best Supporting Actress (Iva Mugalela) at the Carthage Film Festival and the audience award at the Amiens Film Festival in 2012.

Stream Virgin Margarida only on Showmax in Africa:

How To Steal 2 Million

Released from prison, Jack (Menzi Ngubane) can’t find work. His former buddy Twala (Rapulana Seiphemo) offers him a job he can’t refuse, but can he trust his new partners in crime? How To Steal 2 Million won four Africa Movie Academy Awards, including Best Film, Best Director (Charlie Vundla) and Best Supporting Actress (Terry Pheto).

Stream How To Steal 2 Million on Showmax in Africa:

Check out the full collection at


Dinosaurs, Deadpool, And Avengers In 4DX

Nu Metro’s wildly popular 4DX theatres nationwide are offering movie fans one last chance to experience two of this multi-sensory cinema format’s biggest box office hits: DEADPOOL 2 will be joined in 4DX by Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (returning to 4DX by public demand) from this Friday, 1 June 2018, for one week only!

The two record-breaking blockbusters will alternate showtimes daily in 4DX from Friday – only at Nu Metro. 4DX takes moviegoers on a cinematic journey like nothing they’ve seen, felt or heard before, making them a part of the onscreen action like no other cinema can – amplified by high-tech motion seats and environmental effects such as wind, water, fog, lightning, ticklers and scents in-cinema.

Following the double-bill of Marvel superheroes, the ultimate 4DX Experience – JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM – stampedes into select Nu Metro cineplexes from Friday, 8 June 2018.

Moviegoers will be able to feel the tumultuous dinosaurs’ movements first-hand, thanks to 4DX’s patented motion chairs and enriched environmental effects. 4DX maximizes the dinosaurs’ breathing and foot movements through a tailored combination of signature effects such as air shots and vibration – along with wind, water and other in-cinema effects; enhancing the onscreen action to optimum effect, bringing viewers as close to the real thing as possible within a cinema.

DEADPOOL 2 (in 2D) and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (in 2D and 3D) are now showing at Nu Metro cineplexes nationwide – including 4DX, Xtreme and VIP at select cineplexes.

JURASSIC WORD: FALLEN KINGDOM starts showing in 3D at Nu Metro cineplexes nationwide from 8 June 2018 – including multi-sensory 4DX, Xtreme (Premium Large Format screens and powerful 360-degree sound) and VIP (luxurious in-cinema dining) theatres. Bookings are now open.

For more cinema info, showtimes and to book tickets at Nu Metro (including 4DX) – call 0861-CINEMA (246362) or go to

*Premium pricing applies to 4DX; loyalty discounts are not applicable.