The Wild Ones : First Episode Of The Rhino Orphanage 3 Part Series

The Wild Ones  – ‘Needy and Greedy’

Remember to catch M-Net’ brand new proudly South African wildlife series entitled The Wild Ones, which covers a variety of ecological topics on Sunday, 13 May at 16:00.

In this Sundays episode, as the poaching crisis escalates in a time of peril for rhinos, a very special place gives orphaned babies a second chance at life. Take a look behind the scenes of Africa’s first dedicated rhino orphanage, where a loving team fights the struggle to secure the future of a species. It’s a long road to recovery for the fragile calves as they overcome the traumas of their early days to become wild rhinos again. For the people who care for them, it’s a world of highs and lows, of high risk and huge reward.

It takes patience and commitment for The Rhino Orphanage, as they nurture young rhinos whose mothers have been lost to poaching. New calf Nandi dishes out bumps and bruises, while Thula needs intensive medical care. Will the team be able to save the rhino’s sight?

The Wild Ones episode roll-out is as follows:

  • Episode 1: The rhino orphanage: ‘Needy and Greedy’ at 16:00
  • Episode 2: The rhino orphanage: ‘Return to the Wild’ at 16:00
  • Episode 3: The rhino orphanage: ‘New Arrivals’ at 16:00
  • Episode 4: Aquarium: An Aquatic Life – ‘Inner workings of the Two Oceans Aquarium’ at 16:00
  • Episode 5: Aquarium: An Aquatic Life – ‘Weird and Wonderful’ at 16:00
  • Episode 6: Aquarium: An Aquatic Life – ‘Penguin Posse’ at 16:00
  • Episode 7: Aquarium: An Aquatic Life – ‘Turtle Tales’ at 16:00
  • Episode 8: Aquarium: An Aquatic Life – ‘Return of the Sharks’ at 16:00
  • Episode 9: Wild and Alive: ‘De Hoop Place of Hope’ at 16:00
  • Episode 10: Wild and Alive: ‘Season’s Feast’ at 16:00
  • Episode 11: Wild and Alive: ‘Giants’ Migration’ at 16:00
  • Episode 12: Wild and Alive: ‘Rhino Rescue Cote d’Ivoire’ at 16:00

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