My Kitchen Rules SA | It’s Crunch Time For Tarryn And Diego

Tarryn and Diego, the last pair of home cooks who will set up an Instant Restaurant in the first round of M-Net’s hot local cooking competition, My Kitchen Rules SA, have a simple mission: to beat the 52 points achieved by Minnie and Tee’s African-themed “Feel at Home” efforts last week.

That will be enough for the Johannesburg-based team to enter the second round. If they fail, they can pack up their dicers and graters and pairing knives and kiss the chance of entering the hallowed MKR Kitchen HQ, goodbye.

There are advantages and disadvantages to being the last pair to show off one’s expertise to the celebrity judges, J’Something and David Higgs, and one’s fellow competitors.

Minnie and Tee’s venture was a new low, which means three pairs are assured of a place in the next round. Soon-to-be-engaged couple Kim and Pashi remain firmly at the top of the leader board, Rox and Spoen are out of the danger zone and Jalal and Adrie are safe in second place. This might just make them a teeny bit more generous in their appraisal of Tarryn and Diego’s cooking. On the other hand, the benchmark for excellence was set earlier in the series. If Tarryn and Diego don’t match it, it will be abundantly clear for all to see – and taste.

Last Sunday (24 June) saw bubbly millennials Minnie and Tee crash spectacularly. Their decision to prepare traditional fare sounded promising, but looked rather amateurish on the night, and unsuited to the high stakes.

Minnie and Tee prepared Amadumbe Gnocchi with white sauce and a hint of chilli for their starter, which lacked visual appeal and fell short on flavour. The consensus around the table was that although it was a bland dish, the attempt was daring and laudable.

For their main course, the pair served Inyama Yezimbambo nePapa Elinongwe – old-style “pap-en-vleis” – with an urban chakalaka salsa, which was well received by all but certainly not the kind of dish one expects to see in a cooking competition. Said judge J’Something: “For me, what you’ve done tonight is something I would perceive as a little daunting – to put pap-en-vleis on a plate of food for a competition with R1-million rand in prize money. The basting was lovely, taste was good. We ended up with a plate of food that was well balanced from a food point of view, so I enjoyed it – thank you.”

Dessert was Isijingi with berry sauce and, unfortunately for them, the modern twist on the traditional dessert didn’t work and the guests around the table didn’t appreciate the flavours or textures. Hardly the happy ending Minnie and Tee had hoped for.

Tune in this Sunday, 1 July, to see if Tarryn and Diego’s spicy feast will be enough to keep them in the My Kitchen Rules SA competition.

My Kitchen Rules SA is broadcast on M-Net channel 101 every Sunday night at 18:00. Viewers can also visit to watch exclusive interviews with the judges and contestants and follow all the breaking news and conversations around the show on Twitter @MNet / #MKRSA on the official M-Net Facebook page.


The Debut We’ve All Been Waiting For: Project Runway SA Is Here

The search for South Africa’s next big fashion designer has arrived…Gear up for the first episode of Project Runway SA airing on Tuesday, 10 July 2018 at 21:30 on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161.

Mzansi Magic, Ndalo Pictures in association with Headline Sponsor 4th STREET Wines and production partners Rapid Blue are thrilled to bring you Project Runway South Africa, Season 1.

What to expect?

Creativity, tension and drama as aspiring fashion designers compete against each other to create runway-perfect garments restricted by time, materials, and theme.

Designs are judged by Noni Gasa and Rahim Rawjee in the company of a guest judges. Designers are eliminated until one gifted star walks away with the ultimate prize: An opportunity to showcase as a pop up with ELLE African collections where the winner will WIN a trip to Paris Fashion week (flights and accommodation included) for its legendary spring/ summer event in February 2019, brought to you by ELLE SA, ELLE Paris and 4th Street Wines.

The winner will also receive additional prizes to the value of R1, 000,000

5 reasons to tune in:

  1. Watch television history be made as the hypnotic Lerato Kganyago steps into the role of Project Runway SA’s host.
  2. See fashion designer to the stars Gert-Johan Coetzee shine in his role as mentor (Urging Lerato and resident judges Noni Gasa and Rahim Rawjee to ‘be nice to his children’).
  3. By the end of the show we will have groomed a stellar young designer who is ready to take on Paris fashion Week!
  4. Get to see your favourite fashion icons join Noni & Rahim as guest judges on the show. HINT: Our first guest judge is an effortlessly charming and witty Editor-In-Chief.
  5. See contestants racing against time to present fashion forward garments to keep them in the competition.

The designs in episode one are staggering. Some in their sheer magnificence, some in their … well, you’ll just have to see.

“We are excited to be the new home for Project Runway SA. As Mzansi Magic we are always looking for content that is authentic and resonant with our audiences. This show will bring some variety to our slate of content and we hope that the viewers will enjoy our contestants’ local take on what is fashion forward”, says Reneilwe Sema, Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net.

“Our contestants have done us immensely proud,” says Ndalo Pictures Founder and CEO, Khanyi Dhlomo. “Amongst them there are so many varied design styles and aesthetics – and none of them dull. It’s a fabulous display of South African talent, and I’m thrilled to say that even their designs shine beyond my wildest visions.”

But of course, someone gets the cut. Someone has to go home. And by the end of Project Runway SA’s first episode, someone will go home, much to the disbelief of the 11 contestants left standing.

Tune into Mzansi Magic, DStv channel 161 on Tuesday, 10 July at 21:30 to find out who will make the cut.

For more information, visit our website:



TV’s Fabulous Foursome Are Back! All New Will & Grace Starts On M-Net 101 In July

Guess what honey? Television’s wittiest foursome is returning to our screens – a  decade after their unforgettable eight-season run. The much-anticipated Will & Grace revival starts on Wednesday 18 July at 19:30 on M-Net channel 101, along with the original award-winning cast: Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally. Reprising their roles as Will, Grace, Jack and Karen the comedic quadruplets are picking up right where they left off, complete with dirty martinis and razor-sharp jabs.

WILL & GRACE — Season: 1 — Pictured: (l-r) Megan Mullally as Karen Walker, Eric McCormack as Will Truman, Debra Messing as Grace Adler, Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland — (Photo by: Andrew Eccles/NBC)

In the new season premiere, viewers are taken back to the infamous two bedroom apartment in Manhattan where Will and Grace find themselves faltering after their respective divorces – and in the current political climate. When the pair are approached by opportunities that test their political beliefs, Jack and Karen are pretty and present to help them figure things out by typically making things much worse. Like Will and Jack though, the truth eventually comes tumbling out and the foursome are forced to deal with their messy choices.

With a cast of fabulous familiar faces, the 16-time Emmy Award winning sitcom is introduced to a new generation of audiences with: Debra Messing who returns as Grace Adler. Messing won an Emmy in 2003 and was nominated on five other occasions for her work in Will & Grace, while also earning six Golden Globe Award nominations for the series. Messing also starred in the remake of Dirty Dancing and played the lead in the crime drama series The Mysteries of Laura.

Eric McCormack stars as Will Truman. McCormack won an Emmy Award and was nominated three other times for his work on Will & Grace in addition to earning a Screen Actors Guild Award and five Golden Globe Award nominations. He has appeared in the dramas Trust Me and Perception, where he also served as producer and director.

Sean Hayes will continue in his role as Jack McFarland. Hayes is a talented musician and began working in the Chicago stage community, serving as the music director at the Pheasant Run Theatre for a few years where he appeared in several of their productions. In 1998, Hayes received his big break and landed the role of Jack on Will & Grace, for which he won an Emmy Award (and was nominated six times), four Screen Actors Guild Awards, two TV Guide Awards, an American Comedy Award and seven Golden Globe nominations.

Megan Mullally is the Karen Walker, and, for her work in Will & Grace, has won two Emmys, four Screen Actors Guild Awards and received five Golden Globe nominations. Mullally had a recurring role on Parks and Recreation, opposite her real-life husband Nick Offerman. She also has a recurring role as Aunt Gayle on the animated hit Bob’s Burgers. Her past credits include Seinfeld, Frasier and Wings.

The legendary James Burrows, director of every original Will & Grace episode returns to the comedy along with the minds of Max Mutchnick and David Kohan. The sitcom is executive produced by David Kohan, Max Mutchnick, James Burrows, Tim Kaiser, Alex Herschlag, Tracy Proust and Jon Kinnally. In September 2016, Kohan and Mutchnick produced and released a surprise reunion of Will & Grace online, which was helmed by director James Burrows, the success of which was the impetus for bringing the show back to the small screen.

Will & Grace will be available on Catch Up Explora and DStv Now. Additional airings are on Thursdays at 12:00 and Mondays at 07:30. For more information go to follow the conversation on Twitter @MNet (#Mnet101 #Will&Grace) or on the official M-Net Facebook page.


Survivor South Africa: Philippines | Welcome To Merge, Araw Tribe

After 22 days of twists and turns, the ten castaways on M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Philippines awoke to ‘Treemail’ announcing that they had made it to Merge in Thursday night’s (28 June) episode – but for Vusi, the game ended at this new dawn after a strong run in recent Immunity and Reward Challenges had put a huge target on his back.

“You’re all ‘bang scared’ of me,” muttered Vusi as he collected his things after picking up 5 votes at the first Individual Tribal Council of the season. “They were scared,” he reiterated as host Nico Panagio snuffed his torch to send him to Ponderosa Island to become the first member of the Jury, who will ultimately award the R1 Million prize and confer the title of ‘Sole Survivor’ on the castaway they deem most worthy.

Vusi had taken a back seat to the other ‘alpha males’ early on in the game, content to let them duke it out for superiority and fly below the radar. It was only after the tribe shuffle which saw him join Visayas with Palesa, Tom and Chane – alongside former Mindanao member Murishca – that he was forced to plant his flag. His role in winning challenges for Visayas in three consecutive challenges across episode 7 and 8 started drawing attention to his skills as he showed himself to be as adept at physical challenges as he was at puzzle games. A refusal to ‘throw’ a challenge in episode 7 to oust Tom ended up costing him dearly, with the Adventure Camp Manager ultimately playing a major role in his demise.

When the three tribes gathered before Nico Panagio, he ordered them to drop their buffs for the second time this season. There was to be no ‘tribe shuffle’ twist this time: the dawn of the new age in the game was celebrated by the new tribe’s name, ‘Araw’ – meaning ‘sun’ in the local Tagalog language – and a fresh set of pink buffs.

Best of all, the castaways were invited to refuel with a Merge feast provided by Steers, featuring a long table stacked with Mighty King Steer Burgers, sauces, hand-cut chips, barbecue ribs, flame-grilled chicken, soft serve and chocolate & strawberry milkshakes. Once they’d finished their feast, they’d return to a new camp, stocked with all manner of provisions – including a surprise gin & tonic welcome drink and a limited supply of coffee. Amidst the celebrations, Vusi prophetically admitted that he couldn’t help glancing around and knowing that 4 or 5 of his new tribemates wanted to vote him out.

The first Individual Immunity challenge of the season tested the castaways’ balance and endurance as they sought to keep their footing on platforms floating in the ocean. After 43 excruciating minutes, Chané lost her balance and dove into the water, leaving Toni to claim the new Individual Immunity Necklace.

Back at camp, everyone was scrambling for position, but one thing was immediately clear – the ‘red’ vs ‘blue’ tribal alliance formed on day 1 was still very much a factor. With PK astride two alliances, things shifted continually, but seemed to focus on voting Tom out. When Chané and Palesa tried to reel Tom back in, he rebuffed their advances to align with Katinka, Annalize, Jeanne, Toni and Werner to run a complicated game: they would intimate to Palesa’s alliance that they were voting for Tom; tell PK that they were voting for Palesa and then all vote for Vusi.

At Tribal Council, the original ‘red vs blue’ division was laid bare, with the way food and coffee was controlled and divided, a major bone of contention. The fact that all the big decisions seemed to be run through one person that nobody was game enough to name, seems set to play a major role in the future of everyone at Araw.

Tune in to Survivor South Africa: Philippines next week (Thursday 5 July, 19:00 on M-Net 101) to see if the identity of the Araw puppetmaster can be unearthed. Also make a note to catch the fun-filled YouTube episode of Survivor South Africa: Philippines #LiveAfter on the DStv Online YouTube page, where the voted-off castaway will be in conversation with host Phil Mphela at 20:05 each week, directly after Survivor SA airs on M-Net 101.

There are also some magnificent prizes up for grabs on the Survivor SA: Philippines website:

•    A Huawei P20 Pro phone valued at R15 499.
•    A Cape Union Mart voucher valued at R10 000.
•    A delicious Steers Wacky Wednesdays voucher for one year, valued at R2 800.

All you have to do is to go to and answer the weekly quiz question. Every entry then also goes into the draw for the grand prize of a tropical island holiday experience for four, brought to you by Cathay Pacific and Club Med. And, if you’d like to earn additional points, explore the island and find the Huawei P20 Pro phone in our 360 VR experience and explore  the Survivor SA islands, living area,s as well as each challenge site, as the weeks progress.

Survivor South Africa: Philippines is also streamed live on DStv Now and available on DStv Catch Up within 24 hours of the live show. You can also catch the repeat on Sunday afternoons at 17:00 on M-Net Channel 101.

Survivor SA is powered by the Huawei P20 Pro and is produced by Afrokaans Film & Television.


DISCOP Zanzibar: It’s Time For Africa

Organizers of the DISCOP markets have announced some of the highlights of their upcoming Zanzibar event slated to take place from 11 to 13 July, at the brand new and 100% green VERDE HOTEL, champion of sustainable development and located 2 kilometers from Stone Town.

With two weeks left before the opening, 235+ delegates are already pre-rgistered for this new ‘micro-market’ including 75+ acquisition and programming executives representing 63 new and upcoming broadcasters and pay-tv operators servicing Eastern Africa like the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (Rwanda), Zanzibar Broadcaster Corporation (Tanzania), NTA (Nigeria), GBC, NET2 TELEVISION and IFN TV (Ghana), Swazi TV (Swaziland), STV SPECTRUM (Cameroon), MUVI TELEVISION (Zambia), DEEN TV (South Africa), LUNTHA TV (Malawi), DRTV (Congo Brazzaville) as well as more established companies from the region such as AZAM TV, ITV, CITIZEN TV, FAMILY TV, KTN, NBS TV.

Streaming platforms with a strong focus on the African marketplace such as IFLIX, SHOWMAX, IROKO and ARCADIA MOBILE will also be attending the 3-day market.

120+ independent film, television, digital and video gaming content producers and distributors will also be present at DISCOP Zanzibar to run parallel to the well established Zanzibar International Film Market.

These young creators and entrepreneurs will be invited to take part in the ‘Next Gen’ knowledge-transfer, development and pitching program. This sidebar program running alongside the market and open to all participants, will address strategic issues regarding the development of a sustainable audivoisual ecosystem meeting the demands and means of Africa, the world’s fastest growing entertainment and media marketplace.

As part of this program, The Africa Channel (TAC), will present ‘It’s Time For Africa | Creating & Producing for a Global Market’, a discussion to be moderated by Brendan GABRIEL, VP Production & Creative Development (TAC) with a special focus on practical tips tailored for producers who want to sell their content globally.

The ‘Next Gen’ program will feature three distinct program tracks respectively focusing on regional coproduction opportunites, the growing importance of video gaming content and the strategic value of original music to better accompany video entertainment content across the world.

Additionally, DISCOP Zanzibar will put the spotlight on Ethiopia with a special panel on The History and Future of Ethiopian Media; a journey through the last 30 years of broadcast media in Ethiopia. Experts look at state monopoly on broadcasting and the birth of new radio and TV stations, censorship of the media space, how the internet has changed access to information, the rise of new radio and TV stations and the type of content they are focusing on.  The discussion will be moderated by Salim Amin, Chairman of Camerapix with panellists including;

  • Zeresenay Berhane, Producer/Director & Co-founder, Kana TV
  • Begna Simesso, Director of Partnerships, Girl Effect Ethiopia
  • Tamara Dawit, Producer, Girl Effect Ethiopia

DISCOP Zanzibar has put a special focus on programs aimed at independent producers, and as part of this focus, the Africa Channel will present a not-to-be-missed panel; It’s Time for Africa – Creating & Producing for a Global Market. Moderated by Brendan Gabriel, VP Production & Creative Development, The Africa Channel, the discussion will focus on advice for producers who want to sell their content into a global market. Sharing their insihts will be experts including:

  • Narendra Reddy, EVP & GM, The Africa Channel
  • Biola Alaibi, CEO, Biola Alaibi Media
  • Katie Cates, Talent Agent, ICM

Women of Influence will also be in the spotlight at DISCOP Zanzibar with a panel discussion in partnership with the Ladima Foundation. The discussion will be an inspiring session on how to achieve influence and share it with the next generation. Panelists will include Nigeria’s Biola Alaibi and Bikiya Graham Douglas, Theresa Smith from STEPS in South Africa, Zanzibar filmmaker Farida Nyamachumbe, and others.

Other important panel discussions and workshops will feature topics such as *The African eSports and Animation Explosion *The Growing Global Recognition of African Music and its Impact on Film, Television, Gaming and Advertising *How to pitch your content as well as *Scriptwriting and Marketing your Script in East Africa just to name a few.