History Africa Highlights – June 2020

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Eating History

17th June – 15th July, Wednesdays @ 20:15 CAT

Eating History, follows “vintage food expert” Old Smokey and collector, Josh Macuga as they embark on a quest to eat the oldest, most nostalgic and shocking foods to have survived the test of time. The hosts will find foods believed to have been “lost to the past” — buried in bunkers, rotting in root cellars, forgotten in fridges or collecting dust on shelves — in order to explore history through food. In each episode, Macuga and Old Smokey hit the road to visit collections of vintage food and to learn the stories behind collectors.

Uncharted Mysteries

4th June – 9th July, Thursdays at 20:15 CAT

Uncharted Mysteries follows adventurer and survivalist Cliff Simon as he explores paranormal mysteries in some of the world’s most extreme and challenging environments. From the terrifying bat-winged “Jersey Devil” to the deadly “Night Marchers” of Hawaii, Cliff is determined to uncover the truth behind these nightmarish myths and legends. That means using all his skills to hike, swim, and even crawl his way into places most people wouldn’t dare to go. Along the way, scientists, shamans, historians, and witnesses all provide clues that shed light on dark secrets that often defy explanation. He consults with local guides to help plan his route, but after that, Cliff is on his own, venturing solo, deep into one extreme landscape after the other, to haunting places where the wilderness and the paranormal intersect.


Icons Of Music

Elton John: Becoming Rocketman

27th June, Saturday @ 21:00 CAT

2019 was the year of Elton John, with the release of the box office hit ‘Rocketman’, his autobiography and his final farewell tour, all eyes are on the musical genius. We take a glimpse into his incredible journey and uncover the truth behind the turbulent and eccentric life of a superstar. Find out what it took for this shy young man to become ‘Rocketman’.

Michael Jackson: Remember The King

4th July, Saturday at 21:00 CAT

There are very few artists who have obsessed the world like Michael Jackson did. His singles topped the charts all over the globe, selling over 350 million records whilst holding the record for the best-selling album of all time. It was clear, although his success is unrivalled, that he was a troubled man whose bizarre life-style eventually eclipsed his musical talent. This documentary will cover all aspects of his life, from the Jackson 5 to This Is It, from his humble beginnings to Neverland, and from his abusive father to his own alleged abuse cases.

Freddy Mercury: Kings Of Queens

11th July, Saturday at 21:00 CAT

Queen’s legendary lead singer Freddie Mercury earned a place in modern rock history as the writer and singer of some of its most legendary songs: “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Killer Queen,” “We Are the Champions,” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Born in Zanzibar to Indian parents and later raised in India, Mercury and his “Queen” bandmates went on to sell albums in unit totals that rivalled the Beatles. His remarkable four octave singing range was a key ingredient in the band’s success. Mercury died of AIDS in late 1991, less than 24 hours after a public admission he had contracted the disease.

Prince: Kiss The Rain

18th July, Saturday at 21:00 CAT

Few artists are as prolific as Prince. The king of self-transformation, Prince made his mark on an entire generation. He redefined popular music and reshaped the music industry. But the enigma of Prince held many untold secrets. Join us on this in-depth look at his incredible career and get closer to the artist with dramatic re-enactments of his life and shocking final moments.

David Bowie: The Man Who Stole The World

25th July, Saturday at 21:00 CAT

Known as a musical chameleon, David Bowie was able to flow and adapt his music and style to current fashion and trends. Prior to his breakthrough in 1972, he recorded a proto-metal record and a pop/ rock album, eventually redefining glam rock with his ambiguously sexy Ziggy Stardust persona. Each one of his phases in the ‘70s sparked a number of subgenres, including punk, new wave, goth rock, the new romantics, and electronica. With his death just two days after his 69th birthday and release of his most poignant album ‘Blackstar’, he left his fans with a parting gift that will solidify his already indelible mark in music history. With exclusive footage and interviews, we look back at his legacy and pay tribute to the life and memories of David Bowie.

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