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New Avid NEXIS 2020 Collaborative Storage Unveiled For Today’s Demanding Media Workflows

Avid NEXIS 2020 propels storage reliability, openness and cost-efficiency while better enabling content creators to work from anywhere and keep pace with growing content demands

Media organizations, broadcasters, TV and film post-production facilities and other content creators will achieve unsurpassed reliability, openness and cost-efficiency in their workflows with Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) newest collaborative storage release, Avid NEXIS® 2020, a purpose-built solution for production teams of all sizes that need to keep working from anywhere to stay ahead of surging demand for new content. Workflow gains coming from Avid NEXIS 2020 include up to 40 percent more shared storage in the same footprint; optimized content mirroring to eliminate downtime and data loss; flexible storage tiering that combines on-premises and cloud resources; and broader support for third-party tools.

“Avid NEXIS 2020 introduces deployment flexibility and openness that enables media creators to work from anywhere to produce high-quality content during these uncertain times with total confidence their business is backed by the most reliable, open and cost-effective media storage available today,” said Dana Ruzicka, Chief Product Officer, Avid. “Avid NEXIS 2020 is a leap forward in helping to solve today’s rapidly evolving workflow requirements. With easily scalable resources on-premises, in the cloud or both, businesses can better deal with today’s demanding content creation needs including larger, more sophisticated projects—while always ensuring teams have seamless access to all the storage they need wherever they may need it.”

New Avid NEXIS 2020 features include “All-Mirror” high-availability engines to protect workflows against the widest range of conditions for failure, including network disruptions, disk loss or the loss of an entire engine. For time-sensitive broadcast news, enterprise post-production and live events, All-Mirror engines provide the highest level of redundancy at the lowest price point, ensuring teams will avoid workflow disruption and meet their deadlines.

Avid NEXIS 2020 also debuts with larger capacity drives that enable workflows to scale more substantially and cost-effectively. New 140 TB and 160 TB media packs provide higher density storage at a lower cost, raising the total storage capacity up to 40 percent per engine, while decreasing the dollars per terabyte to store, manage, and edit content. In addition to providing the industry’s first software-defined media storage, Avid NEXIS 2020 now offers even greater flexibility through storage tiering, which can secure media across a single pool of mixed resources, both on-premises and in the cloud, that can include flash, online, nearline and archive.

Since the introduction of Avid NEXIS four years ago, Avid’s focus on innovating purpose-built storage for media has made it the real-time collaborative open solution for thousands of post houses, broadcasters, studios and media creators. Tens of thousands of editors, producers, assistants, journalists and other end users source, build, share and store their stories across countless on-premises, cloud and hybrid workflows incorporating Avid NEXIS with a growing range of third-party creative tools and asset management tools including those from Adobe, Apple, Blackmagic Design and FilmLight, among many others. Within the release of Avid NEXIS 2020, Avid introduces support for Autodesk-certified finishing and visual effects workflows.

“Avid NEXIS is such a huge part of our success because its efficiencies, speed and flexibility—everything that this high-powered shared storage can give me—continue to be a competitive advantage for us,” Mark Satuloff, Founder of Scratch Media, an Emmy® Award-winning full-service video producer.

Avid NEXIS 2020 is available now from Avid and its global reseller community. Visit to learn more.

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Avid Names Diversified as First-Ever Global Systems Integration Partner

New Strategic Purchasing Agreement Makes All Avid Audio and Video Solutions Available to Diversified’s Clients through a Single Source

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) announced, on 5 August 2020, a new strategic purchasing agreement with Diversified, one of the world’s largest media technology providers with offices across the globe whose clients include television broadcasters, post houses and other types of media companies, as well as a majority of Fortune 1000 companies.

As part of the agreement, Diversified has been named an Avid global partner, recognizing the worldwide reach and Avid-certified expertise of its workforce to specify, integrate, deploy and support all Avid products. Now, Diversified’s media, corporate, government, higher education and house of worship clients in all geographies, excluding China, can count on a single source for all Avid tools and solutions to meet their rapidly evolving needs in video and audio content creation.

“For more than 25 years, Diversified has recommended, rolled out and supported Avid tools and solutions for numerous broadcast and post-production users. We’re now building on that success to bring the entire Avid portfolio to clients of all types,” said Kevin Collins, president, Diversified. “We serve the world’s top enterprise, sports, media and OTT organizations, each with a sophisticated vision for their media environments no matter what they’re trying to deliver, from prime-time TV shows, game highlights on a stadium jumbotron, or video training a legion of employees. In all of these cases and more, our new agreement with Avid makes it possible for clients to rely on Diversified for the best of all available tools and solutions.”

“High-quality content creation and management is business-critical across media and, increasingly, in many other sectors such as large corporations, ad agencies and government for marketing, advertising, training and other needs. Diversified has proven its deep expertise and we’re excited to expand this partner’s access to Avid’s entire product offering,” said Tom Cordiner, Chief Revenue Officer, Avid. “The consistent growth in our new strategic purchasing agreements demonstrates how Avid offers flexibility to our strongest partners to create much more opportunity for themselves and bring more value and capabilities to their clients.”

About Diversified

Diversified is a leading global technology solutions provider delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions to help a diverse clientele achieve the highest performance levels, enhance their operations, increase productivity and drive ROI. Our mission is to enable a digital future—connecting people, technology and experiences, where and when it matters most. Our solutions are experienced by millions every day. Removing the distance. Delivering a message. Powering business. Celebrating fandom. Even saving lives. Founded in 1993, we’re a global organization serving local needs with 2,500+ employees in 50+ locations worldwide. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Ubisoft Renews Development Fund Membership

August 24th, 2020 Ubisoft announced that they will renew their Blender Foundation Development Fund as a corporate Gold member. During the past year, Ubisoft has displayed a great degree of commitment to the Blender project, from hosting engineering workshops, art jams, and creating open source add-ons.

The journey started with an engineering workshop held by Blender developers Sybren and Jeroen at Ubisoft HQ in Paris. That workshop enabled the teams from Ubisoft Animation Studio and Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab to get more quickly onboarded on the project and to efficiently start developing internal tools.

Sybren and Jeroen at Ubisoft Paris

In October the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab held their first Blender Jam, an outreach event with the goal to highlight the potential of Blender by applying it to Ubisoft universes!

Ubisoft Blender Jam – With Pablo Vazquez among the judges lineup

Recently, another sign of Ubisoft commitment to Blender is the recently open sourced Mixer add-on. Mixer is a Blender add-on developed at Ubisoft Animation Studio for Real Time Collaboration in 3D edition. It allows multiple Blender users to work on the same scene at the same time. Thanks to a broadcasting server that is independent from Blender, it is also possible to implement a connection for other 3D editing softwares.

We look forward to another year of collaboration!

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Unity Joins The Blender Development Fund As A Patron Member

August 21st, 2020, Unity Technologies has joined the Blender Development Fund as a Patron Member. By joining as a top-level contributor – amongst AMD, Nvidia and Epic Games – Unity recognizes and supports Blender as an essential industry tool for creative and technical pipelines.

“Ten years ago Unity already offered support for Blender files to Unity users” said Blender Foundation founder and chairman Ton Roosendaal. “Thanks to the grant we will continue investing in Blender core development, with particular focus on high quality interoperability with free and open formats.”

The latest Development Fund memberships have pushed the monthly donations over 100k euro, which will support 20 people to work on core Blender development full-time.

“At Unity we believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. This has always been at the core of our business. As such, our values align with those of the Blender Foundation and it seems a natural fit to continue our support of an open ecosystem that enables millions of users to create 3D content with a free tool,” said Dave Rhodes, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Unity Create Solutions, Unity Technologies.

About Blender Foundation

The Blender Foundation (2002) is an independent public benefit organization with the purpose to provide a complete, free and open source 3D creation pipeline, managed by public projects on The foundation offers grants to individual contributors to Blender, worldwide.
Its spin-off corporation Blender Institute (2007) has been established in Amsterdam the Netherlands, it hosts the foundation’s offices and currently employs over 20 people who work on the Blender software and creative projects to validate and stress Blender in production environments.

What is the Blender Development Fund?

The Blender Development Fund accepts donations to support activities to provide free and open accessible services for all Blender contributors – including professionals and corporations – on the websites. Support activities include bug fixing, code reviews, technical documentation and onboarding.

The fund will also provide grants and subsidies to developers on generic and widely agreed development projects.

Learn more at


Ladima Announces Winner Of Adiaha Award At Encounters


The Ladima Foundation is proud to have presented the 2020 edition of the Adiaha Award for Best Documentary from an African Woman last night, Sunday August 30th at the Encounters International Documentary Film Festival.

The jury was pleased to select Tamara Mariam’s Dawit personal political story, Finding Sally. The jury, represented by Theresa Hill of STEPS, had this to say of the selection of the film:

“The jurors and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the films selected in this category and were unanimous in our selection of the top 3 films. In 3rd place is Beyond My Steps by Kama Lara, 2nd place Mother to Mother by Sara de Gouveia and the winner is Finding Sally by Tamara Mariam Dewit. This film is a touching exploration of personal and collective history. The filmmaker questions notions of family, identity, belonging, personal conviction, idealism and political engagement. This film is not only about family history, it’s not only personal. It’s about a country’s history.”

The personal and political Ethiopian film sees Tamara Dawit draw together the pieces of mysterious life of her aunt Sally forty years after her disappearance. She revisits the Ethiopian Revolution and the terrible massacre that followed, which resulted in nearly every Ethiopian family losing a loved one. Her quest leads her to question notions of belonging, personal convictions and political ideals at a time when Ethiopia is going through important political changes once again.

The Adiaha Award was initiated at the Zanzibar International Film Festival in 2017 and has previously been awarded to Samantha Biffot (2017), The African Who Wanted to Fly, and Phillipa Ndisi-Herrmann (2018), New Moon.

The Adiaha Award includes $2000 towards the winner’s next film, and also an invitation to screen the film and attend The Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Festival 2021 edition.

Adiaha means first daughter in the Ibibio language of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria and the award is meant to both celebrate the achievements of African women directors, as well as encourage African women directors to submit their films to film festivals.

The Ladima Foundation is a Pan-African non-profit organisation founded with the aim of contributing to correcting the major gender imbalances within the film, TV and content industries.

The Ladima Foundation supports and recognises African women in Film, TV and Content. Through training and networking programmes, we uplift, connect and include. Ladima operates in the spirit of positivity, excellence and integrity.

For more information: