Sunday’s Are President’s Night On History

HISTORY Africa (DStv 186) takes viewers behind the scenes of US presidential history, secrets and rivalries in the build-up to what will be one of the most polarized US elections to date. HISTORY showcases the legacies of these iconic commanders-in-chief, Sundays from 19:25, starting on 4 October and ending on 15 November.

Featuring exclusive premieres including Presidents at War, The Trump Dynasty and America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump leading up to the epic mini- series Grant which premieres on 1 November.

Biography: The Trump Dynasty is a must-see and kicks off on 4 October at 19h25. This documentary examines the life and heritage of the 45th President of the United States. From the origins of a New York real-estate empire to an all-encompassing view of the Trump family that has rarely been seen. The series delves into Donald Trump’s childhood in Queens, his risky move into the world of Manhattan real estate, his notoriety as a best-selling author and reality television star, and the lead up to his 2016 presidential campaign.

Following this at 20h15 is America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump which exposes the bitter and often acrimonious divide of two very different leaders and their impact on the American political landscape. This four-part documentary reveals new interviews with key political and cultural figures, as well as an unparalleled archive of in-depth reporting across two presidential administrations. Did Barack Obama’s promise of unity collapse and an increase in racial, cultural and political divisions lay the groundwork for the rise of Donald Trump and his campaign’s exploitation of the country’s divisions?

Secrets and disclosures will also come under scrutiny when the two-hundred-year history of the White House is revealed in The Secret History Of The White House on 4 October at 21h10, together with The Secret History of Air Force One on 11 October at 21h20 – which exposes the incredible history of America’s most famous plane, its passengers and the many presidential flights it bore witness to.

Presidents At War from 18 October – 25 October at 21h20 features eight historic presidents,-(namely: Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush) who all served in World War II and went on to become Commanders-in-Chief.

The month of iconic PRESIDENTS culminates with the epic three-part mini-series Grant, premiering on 1 November at 20h15. The legacy of the unlikely hero, Ulysses S. Grant, who at the time of his death, was the most famous man in the world and stood alongside men like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as an American hero. However, today Ulysses S. Grant is largely forgotten, his rightful legacy tarnished by a fog of myth, rumour and falsehood. Grant takes the viewer inside the moments that defined him: his battles against the KKK and as a champion of civil rights and equality for all Americans, that helped change the landscape of the US.

Riveting, revealing and explosive- HISTORY has it all with a month of PRESIDENTS, only on DStv channel 186.


IMAX Launches New “Filmed In IMAX” Program With World’s Leading Digital Camera Brands

New Partnership with ARRI, Panavision, RED and Sony to Certify Best-In-Class Cameras, Meet Growing Filmmaker Demand for The IMAX Experience®

IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX) unveiled today the “Filmed In IMAX” program, a new partnership with the world’s leading camera manufacturers to meet filmmaker demand for The IMAX Experience®. Through the program, IMAX will certify high-end, best-in-class digital cameras with leading brands including ARRI, Panavision, RED Digital Cinema and Sony to work in the IMAX® format when paired with its proprietary post-production process. “Top Gun: Maverick,” shot with Sony’s VENICE, and “Dune,” shot with the ARRI ALEXA LF, will be among the first releases certified as “Filmed in IMAX” through the new program.

“When content is ‘Filmed in IMAX’ the result is pure magic because it brings filmmakers’ visions to audiences exactly as they intended, all within the world’s most immersive theatrical experience,” said Megan Colligan, President of IMAX Entertainment. “This program will help IMAX work with a broader and more diverse group of top filmmakers, sparking new and exciting collaborations that can take advantage of our proprietary technology and global theatrical platform.”

The new program certifies the ARRI ALEXA LF and MINI LF, Panavision Millennium DXL2®, RED RANGER MONSTRO, and Sony’s VENICE cameras along with the ARRI ALEXA 65 IMAX camera previously announced with ARRI Rental. As part of the program, IMAX will also certify independent camera rental houses who can supply certified cameras worldwide, starting with Panavision, ARRI and Keslow Camera. IMAX will select only a limited number of films to participate in the program each year. The company will implement best practice guidelines for each production to take advantage of each cameras’ highest possible capture qualities and settings in order to maximize The IMAX Experience® – including IMAX’s exclusive expanded aspect ratio, which delivers audiences at least 26% more picture than standard theatres.

In addition, IMAX will utilize its expertise to work with each partner across R&D, production testing and post-production to achieve the highest level of digital image capture for optimized playback on IMAX’s proprietary projection systems.

IMAX has seen an increase in demand among filmmakers to work with its technology, with several current and upcoming releases specially filmed with high-end digital cameras certified with the “Filmed in IMAX” program. For example, the recently released “The Eight Hundred” – which opened to 550 sell-out IMAX shows in the first two days of exclusive preview screenings alone – and the forthcoming “Chinatown Detective 3” were filmed using the ARRI ALEXA 65 IMAX camera.

IMAX has become the camera of choice for some of today’s most ambitious filmmakers. The ARRI ALEXA 65 IMAX cameras were used to film the entirety of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the latter of which nearly doubled IMAX’s worldwide opening weekend box office records and now stands among IMAX’s highest-grossing films ever.


Durban International Film Festival Celebrates Success And Online Platform Stays Accessible

The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts (CCA), is hosted the Durban International Festival (DIFF) from 10 to 20 September 2020. This year, for its 41st edition, the festival successfully presented a programme of close to 60 feature films, documentaries and short films alongside exciting industry programme: isiPhethu.

The DIFF accomplishments have gone beyond the organiser’s expectations. The festival hosted around 3,500 film lovers and the 58 films were streamed close to 7,000 times.

“We did not know what to expect when we had to move our festival to a virtual platform, but attendance and feedback have been wonderful. It has certainly given us quite a lot to think about and work with as we revision the future of the festival.”

says Chipo Zhou, the festival’s Head of Programming.

To celebrate its success and by popular demand, the festival is keeping a selection of 17 films on the platform accessible until 30 September. These films include seven documentaries: The Art of Fallism, Janitou, 143 Sahara Street, Days of Cannibalism, How to Steal a Country, The Letter and In your Eyes, I see my Country. Also, five shorts will be still available: EsCape Town, Grey Matter, Henet Ward, Sandpaper, Sadla and the DIFF2020 award-winning Exam. Lastly, the following four features are still available: Just Like That, Shaft 6, Our Lady of the Nile and Burkinabe.

The films can be watched for free until 30 September on


Military Wives To Be Released Exclusively On DStv BoxOffice

If films like Calendar Girls and The Full Monty top your list of all time favourites, you are definitely going to love director Peter Cattaneo’s latest masterpiece, MILITARY WIVES!

He has once again worked his magic to turn the true story of ordinary women who gained unlikely fame into a heart-warming and inspiring film.

The film will be released exclusively on DSTV Box Office by Filmfinity (Pty) Ltd. on 2 October 2020.

MILITARY WIVES tells the story of a group of women who turned what was meant to be a therapeutic hobby into a chart-topping success. Written by Rosanne Flynn and Rachel Tunnard as an ode to female unity, the film centres around the attempts of military wives to raise their spirits while their husbands are deployed.

“You see hundreds of war films, but you never see what happens to the families left behind,” explains Cattaneo. “This film pays homage to the wives and girlfriends left behind. Sometimes, the tougher life gets, the more people need to make each other laugh just to survive. This is an honest story about people who like to make each other laugh. It is a film about humanity, and humanity is full of comedy.”

MILITARY WIVES is based on the story of choirmaster Gareth Malone who, in 2011, took a group of military wives under his wing when he was working on the BBC show The Choir. His aim was to help the wives and girlfriends of soldiers deployed on military service to express their feelings through song.

Starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan, MILITARY WIVES shines a light on how women whose partners are deployed fall into a familiar routine while either waiting for their return, or for news they hope will never arrive.

While Kate (Scott Thomas) is all pearls and protocol, Lisa (Horgan) is laid back and unconventional. The two form an unlikely partnership that results in the very first military wives choir, which not only helps the women through some of life’s most difficult moments, but which also results in them becoming a media sensation, setting in motion a global movement in the process.

“It was exciting to bring life on a contemporary military base to the screen through this story of ordinary women in unbelievably testing circumstances, finding courage in the cathartic power of singing together,” says Cattaneo.

Starring alongside Scott Thomas and Horgan are Greg Wise, Jason Flemyng, Emma Lowndes, Gaby French, Lara Rossi, Amy James-Kelly and India Ria Amarteifio.

MILITARY WIVES is a feel-good and inspirational story of friendship, love, and support on the home front. “I hope viewers will come away from watching this film having laughed and cried with the characters, feeling inspired by the courage of the women and uplifted by hearing them belt out some classic songs,” concludes Cattaneo.

Festival online

Comic Con Africa Launches Online

On Thursday this week Comic Con Africa’s Online Con hits the internet. Almost 6,000 registered fans will head over to for the largest online pop culture festival on the continent!

Comic Con Africa has created a unique hub that will be the epicentre of all things Pop Culture from this Heritage Day public holiday, Thursday 24 September, until Sunday 27 September 2020. And this Con is entirely free to access!

The website URL for the Online Con is

Visitors who have already registered will be able to enter their log in details, which Comic Con Africa will send by email the evening before – giving registered fans an advance sneak peek. If anyone has not registered, they will be able to register once the Con opens at 10h00 on Thursday morning.

Once signed in, the hub will open and visitors will find themselves in the Pop Culture galaxy especially created by Comic Con Africa. Much like the various halls at a physical convention, different planets will lead fans to different fandoms.

The Main Stage, hosted on YouTube, features 14 film, series and entertainment celebrities such as Tom Hopper from the Umbrella Academy, Jason David Frank AKA Tommy from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Chandler Riggs who plays Carl in The Walking Dead, and Bret “The Hitman” Hart of WWE Fame, along with voice artists, Animetubers, and esports shoutcasters.

The Comics and Art planet plays home to 36 international and local comic artists, illustrators and writers. Battle Sketches, live draws, panels and Q&As will give insight into what it takes to be part of the industry. Fans will be familiar with locals like Sean Izaakse and Team Kwezi, and internationals like Will Sliney, Kevin Eastman – a co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,

The Tabletop Gaming planet boasts tournaments, online games, panels and free-to-play games. The amazing folks at Easy Gaming Group have hustled the largest prize pool for any Magic: The Gathering tournament in Africa to date and Dum Dum Die is hosting midnight Dungeons & Dragons games for After Dark, along with awesome prizes from Unplug Yourself.

The Cosplay Connect planet will feature the Virtual Masters competition in partnership with long term partner GES and incredible prizes sponsored by Brother. To win these prizes or be featured on our sites, Comic Con Africa is daring you to Cosplay and share your Cosplays on social media with the tags #ComicConAfricaOnline, #WeDareYouToCosplay and #BrotherAtYourSide

The Exhibition Hall is packed with almost 60 epic exhibitors offering amazing weekend deal.

Comic Con Africa’s interactive Quiz Nights became a feature of lockdown, and over the Con there will be six quizzes from Pokémon to Comedy Central and DC. There are hot prizes up for grabs so get in on a quiz in your favourite fandom and take home the coveted top prizes.

We can’t cover everything you’re going to see at Comic Con Africa’s Online Con in one article. Best you get to and experience it for yourself!