DStv Highlights: 30 October – 5 November 2020

There’s no shortage of gripping TV this week as we go on a journey with celebrities in preparation for a memorable homecoming in Terugkeer. There’s a treat for the whole family as we join a bougie pupper as he learns to live without the finer things in life in Trouble and laugh out loud as teams compete by sharing their most embarrassing moments on Misery Index. And for those who enjoy the darker side of life, there’s the tale of Mississippi strippers in P-Valley. 21 Bridges and Draft Day are two divine movies that are not-to-be-missed and showcase the incredible talent of recently departed Chadwick Boseman of Marvel’s Black Panther.

Here’s just a taste of what’s in store for the week of 30 October to 5 November – only on DStv.


Get ready for a show with a meaningful difference. You’ll get to see two sides to an event as celebrities are given the opportunity to go back to their hometown to celebrate a special day. Emotions run high as the now-famous person prepares to see friends and family again. On the other side, we’ll hear from the restaurateur preparing this amazing event. Get ready to walk down memory lane with some famous faces and hear stories from an important time in their lives. With stars like former Springbok De Wet Barry, comedian Shimmy Isaacs and actress Rolanda Marais, this is a must-watch show.

Monday, 2 November on VIA (DStv Channel 147) at 19:30

Trouble (Animation)

What happens when a pampered pooch has his life of luxury taken away from him? In this hilarious family film, we meet Trouble, the beloved fur-baby of an elderly woman of means. He is given the best of everything, including a butler and private lessons with famous animal trainer Cesar Milan. When his owner dies, her greedy niece and nephew swoop in to claim her millions. They quickly remove Trouble from his life of leisure – only to find out that their inheritance has a clause that requires them to treat the terrier mix as a treasured possession in order to get any payout. With a stellar voice cast that includes Big Sean, Lucy Hale, Joel McHale, Damon Wayons Jr, Jason Mraz, Snoop Dog and Betty White, this movie is certain to be a hit with parents and kids alike.

Saturday, 31 October on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 15:30


Gaining a magnificent 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics and viewers are in awe of the richly crafted characters and heartfelt storytelling in this neon noir series. A tiny strip club situated in the Mississippi Delta, The Pynk is an oasis for some and a prison for others. From the owner struggling to keep the club open to dancers in various stages of their career, their stories are hauntingly beautiful. Using only female directors for the first season, you’ll be drawn in by the connection of this pseudo-family. Available as a box-set, this is as captivating as it is binge-worthy.

Tuesday, 3 November on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103) at 21:30

Misery Index

If you have ever accidentally texted a comment to the wrong person, worn the wrong outfit to a family event or laughed at the most inappropriate moment then this show is for you! Hosted by Jameela Jamil (The Good Place), this comedy game show sets two teams up against each other while a panel of judges rank real-life cringeworthy events on a scale of 1 to 100. Stories are judged on three categories: Physical pain, emotional trauma and long-term psychological impact. This is feel-good fun that will make you see the bright side of your own blunders.

Weekdays from Thursday, 5 November on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 16:30

Remembering Chadwick Boseman

Rising to prominence after his incredible performance as Black Panther in 2016, Chadwick Boseman’s struggle with cancer was kept from the public eye. After his untimely death earlier this year, some of his previous work have become sleeper hits. His co-star in 21 Bridges, Sienna Miller, has revealed that Boseman took a pay cut so she could be equally compensated.

21 Bridges (Action)

In one of his final roles, Chadwick Boseman stars as Andre Davis, an NYPD detective with a reputation for tracking down ‘cop killers’ and bringing them to justice. Assigned to a hot new case, he is given until 5am the next day to find two criminals who killed officers in a burglary-gone-wrong. The countdown calls for drastic action – and Davis convinces his captain to block all the exits leaving Manhattan. With all 21 bridges closed off, the manhunt begins. But as Davis narrows in on the suspects, the ugly face of corruption steps in. Expect powerful performances from the entire cast, which includes Sienna Miller, J.K Simmons and Keith David.

Sunday, 1 November on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 20:05

Draft Day (Sports drama)

Consider this the Rudy for the modern age. Starring alongside Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner in this NFL-themed drama, Chadwick Boseman gives yet another phenomenal performance as Vontae Mack, a low-ranked linebacker with average performance and big dreams. A twist of fate gives Cleveland Browns General Manager Sonny Weaver (Costner) an opportunity to forgo Vontae for a celebrated quarterback with talent and ego to spare. With factors such as his father’s legacy, his family and his job hanging in the balance, which way will Sonny go on the life-changing day for NFL prospects? More than just a sports movie, this personal drama will have you smiling and crying at the same time.

Watch from Saturday, 31 October on Showmax


La Vuelta a España

Stage 10 Castro Urdiales – Suances (187.4 km)

Friday, 30 October on SS Grandstand (DStv 201) at 16:00

La Vuelta a España

Stage 11: Villaviciosa – Alto de La Farrapona (170.2 km)

Saturday, 31 October on SS Grandstand (DStv 201) at 16:00

Six Nations Rugby: Round 5

Wales vs Scotland at 16:05

Italy vs England at 18:35

France vs Ireland at 21:50

Saturday, 31 October on SS Rugby (DStv 211)

Day to Day

Friday, 30 October

Queen Of The Damned

In this live action film based on the third of author Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles novels, late singer Aaliyah plays Akasha, the vampire queen of the title, who becomes fascinated by the rule-breaking rockstar vampire, Lestat. Both Lestat’s high profile and Akasha’s obsession alarm the elder vampires, who search for a way to get rid of them.

Watch on M-Net Movies 4 (DStv 108) on Friday, 30 October at 01:35

Night of the Wild (Thriller)

Watch on KIX (DStv 114) on Friday, 30 October at 21:00

Saturday, 31 October

It’s the spookiest day of the year! For those who don’t want to venture outside, there’s plenty of great shows to keep you entertained.

For the kids

The Scare-A-Thon (Spongebob Squarepants, The Loud House, The Thundermans and more!)

Watch on Nickelodeon (DStv 305) on Saturday, 31 October from 11:05


Watch on Boomerang (DStv 302) on Saturday, 31 October from 15:10

Power Rangers Halloween

Watch on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) on Saturday, 31 October from 17:15


Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween

Watch on M-Net Movies 1 (DStv 104) on Saturday, 31 October at 19:00

Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

Watch on M-Net Movies 1 (DStv 104) on Saturday, 31 October at 20:45

Science Max

Watch on Da Vinci (DStv 318) on Saturday, 31 October from 19:10

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch (Halloween)

Watch on Da Vinci (DStv 318) on Saturday, 31 October at 19:10

Xploration DIY SCI

Watch on Da Vinci (DStv 318) on Saturday, 31 October at 17:40

Make Me A Super

Watch on Da Vinci (DStv 318) on Saturday, 31 October from 18:10

Siesta Z

Watch on Da Vinci (DStv 318) on Saturday, 31 October from 17:10

Slightly Spooky

Ghost Stories

Watch on M-Net Movies 4 (DStv 108) on Saturday, 31 October at 20:52

Don’t Kill It

Watch on KIX (DStv 114) on Saturday, 31 October at 20:30


Watch on KIX (DStv 114) on Saturday, 31 October at 19:00

Don’t watch alone

Pinky, Pinky

Watch on M-Net Movies 2 (DStv 106) on Saturday, 31 October at 20:00

Sunday, 1 November

Wild Love Movies with Ayanda MVP

November’s Lifetime (DStv 131) movies are all about that Wild Love – a love that’s sometimes deadly, sometimes delightful, but always surprising and overpowering. Movie fans can join Ayanda MVP for special watch-along movies throughout the month. New movies double bills are airing every Saturday and Sunday at 19:30 and 20:50.


Based on the bestselling biography by Ron Chernow, this miniseries chronicles the life of the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant. From humble beginnings in Ohio to being called to presidency after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, his commitment to service has given him the title of ‘saviour of America’. An indepth and interesting reveal into some of the most difficult times in America.

Sunday, 1 November on History Channel (DStv 186) at 20:15

Monday, 2 November

Have Faith S2

The Have Faith team meet with SA’s favourite social media stars, their families and their production teams to look at how they’re making their own success – and what it takes to keep up a constant presence on the socials without landing up cancelled.

Starts on Monday, 2 November on MTV (DStv 130) at 21:30

Gloria’s House

Gloria’s house is the messiest house along a street full of perfect homes. However, it’s a lot more fun than any of the squeaky clean places in Chillsville.

Weekdays from Monday, 2 November on ZooMoo (DStv 314) at 11:30

Real Health S11

Holistic health experts and professionals join Real Health host, Michael Porter, to discuss every-day health conditions. They explore causes, symptoms and holistic ways of treating these issues and how these solutions, when practiced correctly, can lead to a healthier mind, body and soul. In each episode, our experts delve deep into the root of what happens at biological, physiological and psychological levels when healthy living is practiced holistically. They inform the viewer of the roles played by diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices on their overall well-being, and the viewer in turn learns about the diverse approaches to health that suit different lifestyles, personalities and beliefs.

Whether it’s conventional Western medical solutions or Eastern disciplines that have been practiced for thousands of years, modern nutritional viewpoints or age-old remedies, each episode of Real Health aims to inspire, transform and enlighten.

Starts on Monday, 2 November on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 18:00

Tuesday, 3 November

The Graham Norton Show S28

Enigmatic host Graham Norton returns for a 28th season of this award-winning talk show. A-list celebrities like Dolly Parton, Ewan McGregor, Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Smith join him for some witty banter and hilarious conversations. The famous Red Chair game, live music and typical malarkey are always par for the course.

Starts on Tuesday, 3 November on BBC Brit (DStv 120) at 20:00

Mr. Mercedes S3

Stephen King’s 2015 crime novel, Finders Keepers (the second in the Mr. Mercedes series), provides the backbone for this season of Detective Bill Hodges’ (Brendan Gleeson) investigations into a new villain, Morris Bellamy (Gabriel Ebert), who has murdered Bill’s favourite author, John Rothstein (Bruce Dern), and stolen his manuscripts (we love Stephen King’s take on crazed fans!). Director and executive producer Jack Bender is intent on looking at how evil deeds and people continue to affect the communities around them, even after they’re out of the picture.

Starts on Tuesday, 3 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 22:30

Help! I Wrecked My House S1

Home reno expert Jasmine Roth (Hidden Potential and Rock The Block) steps in to help homeowners whose DIY projects have gone horribly wrong, mangling their bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. Jasmine brings in an expert work team to help her turn disasters into dream designs. Even plumbing disasters can’t shake Jasmine!

Starts on Tuesday, 3 November on HGTV (DStv 177) at 20:35

Thursday, 5 November

Top Gear S29

This season’s preview was one of the highlights at BBC’s upfronts. Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness are getting into some outrageous Top Gear shenanigans, like converting a Mr. Whippy ice-cream van into a monster truck and pitting it against a tank. The guys will take rubbish cars up a “wall of death”, put their holiday rental cars on skis and hit the slopes, and spend a full 24 hours in their cars, which requires some major acrobatics at refuelling time, let alone when nature calls.

Starts on Thursday, 5 November on BBC Brit (DStv 120) at 20:00

Chaos In Court S1

Courtroom cameras capture moments in trials when emotions spilled over. It’s not all brawls and screaming, either – we’ll see a moment when one prisoner meets his baby for the first time. The series features interviews with everyone in court, from the witnesses and family members, to criminal psychologists and prosecutors who talk about what it’s like working in a field where emotions run high, but courtroom rules demand that everyone stay in control.

Starts on Thursday, 5 November on Investigation Discovery (DStv 171) at 21:00

By Andrew Germishuys

Founder of SAMDB, Andrew has worked full time in the film industry since the early 2000's. He has trained as an actor, completing his LAMDA Gold Medal, and attending many courses in Cape Town acting studios, with masterclasses with some of the international industries top directors, producers and filmmakers. Working as an actor and armourer in the film and television industry have given Andrew a great balance of skills across the board when it comes to the entertainment industry. Catch him on Twitter: twitter.com/andrewgerm_za Instagram: instagram.com/andrewgerm_za IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm5390453/