Joshua Na Die Reën Releases Second Single From Someraarde Album

he accomplished and respected singer / songwriter musician, Joshua na die Reën released his first single, SOOS IN NOU, from his third studio album, SOMERAARDE, earlier this year and fans and radio nationwide just couldn’t get enough. This incredible song hit the No.1 position on radio stations nationwide shortly after release. The album was released […]

New Valeska Muller Single Introduces A New Genre Into The Afrikaans Music Arena

Over the years, Valeska Muller has mastered the art of conquering the hearts of listeners with her soothing voice, upbeat songs and honest lyrics. With the release of her latest single, she continues this successful trend and shares a very personal message that will resonate with audiences of all ages. This striking original, created by […]

Sixth Vibrancy Single Invites Listeners To Experience Peace In God’s Presence

“My wish is that TOT STILSTAND will open people’s hearts to the wonder of God — the God who blesses us with rest, stillness and focus in the crazy of our fast-paced lives. I also hope that this song can contribute, in a sincere and authentic way, to the Afrikaans-speaking community, who remains in need […]

Deon Groot Releases New Album And Single

Deon Groot just released his brand new album and second single, EK SWEER and fans are loving it! His first single, Wyn, which was released during March 2019, hit the No. 1 position on radio charts nationwide and EK SWEER will definately not dissapoint! According to Deon, the album, which took six months to write […]

Len Muller’s New Single Is Raw, Emotional And Honest

Len Muller is a versatile and talented musician who is best-known for his grippingly beautiful music that has already won the hearts of music lovers from all over the country. OORGENOEG, the superstar’s latest single, is a striking Afrikaans Acoustic song, which not only showcases his skills as songwriter and singer, but will also satisfy […]

True Love The Inspiration Behind Jauni M’s New Single

Each and every person on earth wants to be loved by someone. Some people search a lifetime for true love and others are lucky enough to find it. Jauni M’s brand new single, LIEFDE SOOS DAGBREEK, deals with the kind of love that only comes by once in a lifetime and should be treasured. “It […]

Rise In Red Signs With National PR Agency

The Bloemfontein based alternative rock band, RISE IN RED, has just signed with the prestigious national PR Agency, Starburst Promotions. They join a long list of successful local talent, such as ADAM, Jo Black, Early B, Joshua na die Reën and more, who are also part of this sought-after musical family. “We as a band […]

New Jo Black Music Video Released

The music video for the new Jo Black single, BITTER, has just been released and it definitely exceeds expectations! The music video, produced by Daniel Rademeyer and Jannes Erasmus, was filmed at Jo’s restaurant, The Bearded Butcher, which will be opening soon, and highlights the contrast between men and women. This emotional rock ballad will […]

Samantha Leonard Releases Third Single And Music Video

The popular singer, Samantha Leonard, just released her latest single and music video, Vat ‘n Kans. Following hit singles such as ‘n Duisend Keuses and Jou Hart Sal Heel Raak that still proves to be fan favourites and still dominates radio charts countrywide. “Vat ‘n Kans is written by me and comes from my heart. […]

Liani Reynolds Shares Stories From Her Life In Debut Album

Liani Reynolds is one of those artists who makes an impression when you hear her performing for the first time… an even more so when you are privileged enough to read through her soulful storytelling lyrics. There is a heart-warming sincerity and melodic tone to her voice that demands your attention and stays with you […]

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