Trackers Theme Song Is Now Available On Music Streaming Services

In the lead up to an epic season finale of Trackers, M-Net and its partners have released the hit series’ theme song, “This is War”, which is now available on major music streaming services such as Joox, Spotify and iTunes.

This is War is composed by Safta award-winner Brendan Jury, features SAMA-nominee Brenda Mtambo and popular singer-actor Israel Makoe Matseke-Zulu aka GP-MaOrange.“This is yet another milestone for Trackers,” says M-Net’s Senior Marketing Manager Georginah Machiridza. Trackers has been a culmination of world-class production and a global standard marketing campaign. When we heard the track for music for the first time, we knew it would be an integral part of our campaign. Our approach was not only to showcase the great work produced by M-Net but more equally feature and profile the cast, crew, and musicians that are the heartbeat of our African storytelling proposition.”

An accomplished composer, producer and musical director, Brendan Jury has written and recorded opening theme songs for the multi-award-winning and Emmy-nominated television series The River, the gripping TV drama The Republic, Spoorloos, Mutual Friends, Intersexions and more. Jury has also scored for films such as iNumber Number, Happiness is a Four Letter Word and I am All Girls, to name just a few. “Ungowam Forever” soulful vocalist Brenda Mtambo has headlined major jazz festivals. Her albums have been nominated for numerous awards. Mtambo is excited to be working alongside Brendan Jury. Talented singer and actor GP-MaOrange is popular for his villain roles on television and movies and has been nominated for a Mzansi Kwaito House Music Award, the event is set to take place end of November.

Trackers is the five-part television adaptation of Deon Meyer’s internationally bestselling thriller of the same name. The series has kept viewers on the edge of their seats for the past few weeks. In the season finale of the electrifying crime series, tragedy strikes Cape Town. Will Lemmer and Janina succeed in bringing down the perpetrators? Or will it end in turmoil?

Trackers final episode airs tonight Sunday, 24 November at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101. The series is also available on DStv Now and Showmax.

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Petronel Baard Celebrates The Good Things In Life With Authentic South African Single

Petronel Baard, a passionate cabaret star with a soothing storytelling voice, has managed to establish a firm place for herself in the music industry over the past twenty-one years. Her new single, LIFE IS GOOD, is now being released and will definitely conquer the hearts of music lovers from across the country.

LIFE IS GOOD, written by the artist herself, is a contemporary track that combines elements of Folk and classical Pop with a unique South African sound. It’s about how short life is and how you should make the best of each moment that you have left. This hit is the perfect match for the musician’s strong, sweet voice and will definitely appeal to audiences of all ages.

“After two months of anxiety attacks, I had a dream one night. My family (and friends) and I walked through the streets of a beautiful city. I remember the chorus, the green trees and the large glass windows of the buildings. The incredible feeling of love and certainty that we must love one another. When I woke up, I immediately wrote down the melody and words, because I just knew that the world needed this message of love,” the singer says. “Shortly after, I got engaged and two days later, a good friend suddenly passed away. I sang it at her funeral and dedicated the song to her. Little did I know that we would lose my sister-in-law almost a month after our wedding, too. The song is dedicated to both of them; Sonja Pretorius and Marion Baard. It is still hard to believe that so much positive energy was created by so much sadness.”

A music video of the song, created by Efpe Senekal Produksies’s Efpe Senekal, was recently filmed and includes the most beautiful scenery (from Kleinbrak River, Grootbrak River and Mossel Bay), as well as footage of family and friends. “The video shows me, in a wedding dress, singing the song in the most beautiful places. These scenes are complemented by inserts of various people and places from our area who sing and dance to show that life is good… despite of, for the sake of, because of. It’s an absolute celebration of life,” she explains.

Petronel grew up in Villiersdorp. The singer’s mother and uncle (who was a principal and conductor of the Drakensberg Boys Choir) inspired her love for choir music. Her exceptional solo voice was discovered at the age of twelve during a school production of Sleeping Beauty and that was also the moment that she fell in love with both acting and singing. After school she studied Drama at Stellenbosch and started acting professionally in 1998. At the end of her honours year, she won ATKV’s Crescendo competition and became involved in the entertainment industry full-time.

Over the past few years, she has done numerous performances and plays and has had the opportunity to work with a few highly respected artists, such as Stef Kruger and Riku Lätti. She also recently had the opportunity of recording her sixth album, Die Heelal Draai, and credits it as one of her biggest career highlights so far. The album was produced by Soetmelk’s Schalk Maas and David Cruickshank and is described by Vrouekeur as “one of the most beautiful creations in Afrikaans”. Her debut album, Lank Al, was nominated for a SAMA and two Geraas Music Awards.

Petronel enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, but shares that Annie Lennox and Diana Krall has always been her greatest inspiration. She also reveals that she is very excited about the fact that meaningful music is becoming more evident in the industry, because she believes that melodies and lyrics should speak to the heart.

When asked about what else she keeps herself busy with, she explains: “Developing structures for local arts is my second career and passion. I therefore serve on the Western Cape Cultural Commission and chair our local cultural forum in Mossel Bay. I have been doing rural development through the arts for years. At the time, we had TISK Theatre Cafes in the Southern Cape which then became TEO (Theater Cafe Development). Among these, I serve with the work of our cultural forum, Mocca and Oer Moer Kultuur where we hold special functions with artists who perform by the age-old principle of ‘the hat’.”

The music industry has taught Petronel Baard that it is important to stay true to your own style and that you should never be afraid to live your passion. LIFE IS GOOD is the perfect combination of inspirational lyrics and a feel-good tune that not only showcases her voice at its best, but also invites listeners to sing along and celebrate life to the fullest.

The song is available here:


Valeska Muller Releases Heartfelt Love Song

True love is the inspiration behind South Africa’s favourite pop star and songwriter, Valeska Muller’s, brand new single, NABY MY NABY JOU, which has just been released and is already a firm favourite with music lovers across the country.

“This song is for my soulmate. When I wrote it, I was envisioning what my true love would be like. By singing it, I wanted to invite him into my life.” the singer explains about the meaning behind this soulful single. “I imagine I know how it feels to touch his hand for the first time and to look into his loving eyes. After all of my failed relationships and horrible Tinder dates, I have not given up and still believe in that once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. I hope that he hears this single and knows that he is the one I am waiting for. Whoever he is, I hope he gets here soon, because I am tired of waiting,” she adds with a smile.

NABY MY NABY JOU is a beautiful modern ballad, which manages to capture that euphoric feeling of being in love. It’s a team effort by Valeska and her producer, BIGG-T, and combines three genres, Pop, Reggae and Deep House Music, to create a remarkable end-result. The catchy and relatable tune will remind listeners of a special summer romance, and make them look forward to lazy days around the pool.

The song is the latest release off her first electronic pop dance album, My Simfonie, which is available now and follows in the footsteps of previous hits such as Verlange Van Jou, Skyn Jou Liggie Vir My and Verdwaal Saam Met Jou, which can all still be heard on the radio. Saint Nic Media’s Nic Billington is the creative brain behind her beautiful music videos that can be seen on TV and have already raked in thousands of views on YouTube.

Valeska, who owns her own music school – Valeska Muller Vocal Academy (VMVA), has been working in the music for the past nineteen years and credits being part of the Top 7 contestants on the reality program, Zing, as one of the biggest highlights of her career.

Since then she has had lead roles in various stage productions and made appearances in several television shows, including Generations, Roer Jou Voete, One Way and Binnelanders. One of her songs were also used as the theme song for the Via TV program, ’n Ster Vir My Bed. Over the years, she has performed at different functions and at some of the country’s biggest festivals, including a performance for King Swandile at the Royal Swazi Sun, Aardklop, Innibos, The Mulberry Festival, KKNK and more.

Valeska Muller has never been afraid to share her heart or shift boundaries with her music; qualities that definitely make her (as an artist) and her latest single unforgettable. NABY MY NABY JOU is not only the perfect song to take along on your holiday road trip, but also a fun way to get any party going.

This song is available on Valeska Muller’s album, MY SIMFONIE which is on all digital platforms:


American Artist, Julian Moon, Introduces First Single To South Africa

Talented American singer and songwriter, Julian Moon (29), will release her first single, Honour Among Thieves, to South African radio stations during the week of 25 September 2019. This single is taken off her brand new second album, Pomegranate Seeds which is also available on all digital platforms now.

Moon was just 23-yrs-old when she signed a record deal with Warner Brothers Records, United States. She quickly amassed record breaking downloads from her first album, Good Girl (2015), selling up to one million copies on Spotify and has grown in popularity over other platforms like iTunes and YouTube.

The young star credits her life experiences as the source of inspiration for hit songs like Cup of Coffee and One Penny from her first album, saying that Pomegranate Seeds (2006) was “different”, because it was an evolution of her style and where she is at in her life.

“It’s amazing how well Pomegranate Seeds was received, because it’s so different from Good Girl. I got inspired with it after some traveling and it just came to me. I think the first album was more the teenage version of me, because I was focused on being sweet, clever and witty. This second album feels more authentic. There is also the fact that this was an independent album and I felt like I could play more creatively with it, which is really nice,” said Moon.

She added that she and John Gilbertson, Brian Adam’s former sound engineer wrote many of the tracks together, including the single Honour Among Thieves, which they co-wrote in a day. Gilbertson also produced the album and inspired Moon to be different. The new EP (extended play) album is about the Greek myth of Persephone (daughter of Zeus), which Moon feels is a metaphorical representation of her life. The now 29-year-old is currently producing and directing a music video for her single, Siren Song as well.

“I am very lucky to have worked with John who is just so talented in what he does and very experienced. I am also very grateful to filmmaker and fashion designer, Angie Piccirillo from Neon Soap Box, Los Angeles for her art direction, visuals and photography lead on my album. I don’t think I would have been as creativity as she was with everything,” laughed Moon.

Moon attended Loyola Marymount University for her undergraduate degree in screenwriting and is currently studying psychology. She has never studied music officially, but feels as though she has studied it unofficially all the time.

Thinking back to her childhood and her journey with music, Moon describes herself as having been “an awkward kid in high school and very shy”.

“One day I picked up my father’s guitar and started to teach myself songs from my favourite singer Jason Mraz. After learning a few of his songs, I started writing my own. Writing songs really helped me to express what I was thinking and feeling,” she said.


Bronze Releases Long-awaited New Single

It’s been more than two years since the release of her last single, but Bronz is back and she is better than ever!

The artist’s latest single, LOVING YOU COMES EASY, was written for her baby boy who, incidentally, is also the reason she hasn’t released new music recently. “Because I wrote this song for my son, I wanted it to be special and relatable, so it took a little longer than usual to complete,” explains the singer.

According to Bronz, LOVING YOU COMES EASY is meant to spark happiness and make people think of someone special in their lives, whether a child, partner or family member. “I love lyrics that tell a story and that is what I tried to do with this song. Having a baby truly is life-changing, and it inspired me to create something special. I hope one day my son will listen to this song and be proud.”

The song, with its modern country feel, was written by Bronz – with a little help from her producer, Mark Beling. The two have been working together for years and the singer credits him for helping her achieve success. “I can honestly say that my music would not have been what it is without Mark. He is professional, talented, and we speak the same musical language.”

The timing of the single’s release, says Bronz, was inspired by a decision that her music should be like a passion project that never ends. “When I initially went into the studio, I decided to do a song that I loved, even if no one else liked it,” she says. “That said, LOVING YOU COMES EASY is an easy listening song that should appeal to wide audience and I hope listeners will enjoy it.”

Born in Pietermaritzburg and raised in Cape Town, Bronz currently lives in Johannesburg. Her talent was discovered and nurtured from a very young age, and she decided early on that she wanted to share this incredible gift with all. She released her debut single, I Gotta, in 2012. To date, she has independently released six songs.

“It is an expensive exercise, but because music is my passion, I have always worked really hard to be able to release my songs. I am encouraged by the opportunities it presents, by reaching the number one spot on local stations, and by the support of my fans.”

Getting to this stage of her music career hasn’t been easy. “In this industry the biggest challenge, by far, is rejection. Especially when you are younger, it is soul destroying when someone doesn’t like a project you have put your heart and soul into. It took many years for me to gain confidence and be comfortable with the fact that it is okay if not everyone likes you or your music,” says the artist.

“I also battled with finding my style. While other musicians my age just seemed to know and understand their style and the direction they wanted to take, it took me a little longer. However, as I got older, I figured out what spoke to my soul.”

Bronz draws inspiration from a range of genres – from country music to golden oldies, easy listening rock and pop – and quickly lists Freshly Ground, Jimmy Nevis, Jesse Clegg and Rubber Duc as local artists she would be honoured to collaborate with.

This incredible and influential young singer’s aim is to reach as many people through her music as possible. “Music is, after all, the international language,” she says. “While there are many talented musicians in the world, my music is all about the lyrics and telling my personal stories through song. It is a piece of me that I send out into the world.”

LOVING YOU COMES EASY is available on all digital platforms here:




It’s A Hat-Trick For Afrikaans Band Posduif

The modern multicultural music collaboration with the rather odd moniker, POSDUIF, has just released their highly anticipated new single, making it a hat-trick for the band this year!

LAAT VAL DIE WATER, which the band describes as “just having such a cool vibe”, boasts what is already becoming POSDUIF’s trademark positivity and distinct sound.

According to the band, the song is about hope and getting through hardships by believing in the future of South Africa as opposed to spreading negativity. “There is so much talk surrounding the brain drain and the mass exodus of people fleeing the country,” says guitarist and vocalist Nick Jordaan. “LAAT VAL DIE WATER is a song about being the light and setting the example for those around us. We live in a beautiful country and we need to stand together no matter our race, culture or religion. We are all facing the same hardships and we will reap the rewards when they are resolved.”

Written by Jordaan and bandmate James Boland and produced by Brendan Campbell, with the help of Hugo Ludik and Vaughan Gardiner (Muse Productions) on the final mix, LAAT VAL DIE WATER is about inspiring positivity and encouraging hope. “The song really hits home for me,” explains Jordaan. “People have this assumption that the grass is so much greener elsewhere and are willing to leave behind something incredibly special that they may never find abroad.”

Formed in 2018, POSDUIF made its debut earlier this year with the single Brandy Special, which has racked up more than 300 000 views on social media, followed closely by their second single, Een Vir My which just received a Bokkie nomination for Song of the Year by Bok Radio. The band has also been nominated as Band of the Year by Bok Radio. The Bok Radio “Bokkie Awards” will take place at Grand West Casino on 6 October 2019.

The group consists of members of the popular band RUBBER DUC – Jordaan, Amiel Gopal (bassist), Sheldon Sham (saxophone player), Leeroy Sauls (drummer) and Brendan Campbell (producer and lead guitarist) – with the addition of Boland as lead vocalist.

Boland explains what makes the six-piece band unique: “We all have different influences, ranging from Gospel and pop to Jazz, and we have different tastes, ideas and come from different cultures. However, we share a passion for music and a desire to showcase the positive side of life, particularly in South Africa. We are truly a multicultural music collaboration.”

The band is currently working on their first album. “We are spending a lot of time in studio, writing and recording and preparing our album. We are very excited about the sound and direction it’s taking,” says Boland.

As with Brandy Special and Een Vir My, LAAT VAL DIE WATER is sure to have a wide appeal. This feel-good track will not only put listeners in a good mood, but will also inspire them to sing and dance along to its unique South African beat.

The single will be available on all digital platforms from 30 September 2019 and the music video will also be released soon.

POSDUIF will also be performing at Weiveld in Pretoria on 12 October 2019 and promises to bring an energetic performance to the stage like only they can! An experience that any music lover must definately not miss! Tickets are R70 per person and can be purchased from Ticketpro. There will also be tickets available at the door. Doors will open at 19h00 and the show will start at 20h30.


Rise In Red Releases New Inspirational Single

“VOICES is about allowing yourself to dream and to live the life you were meant to. It is about renewing and opening your mind to the possibilities that the world has to offer,” explains rock group RISE IN RED’s lead guitarist, Jayson Reynolds, about the meaning behind their new single that has just been released.

With its universal message of hope, the band’s latest offering remains true to their signature alternative rock sound and is meant to inspire fans to shrug off their personal doubts and fears and to combat negative culture with light.

“Jayson came up with the original composition. It was one of those instant goose bump moments when the rest of the band heard it. We then got together to brainstorm about the lyrics, which were completed soon thereafter,” adds lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Dustin McCrindle. “We fully acknowledge that everyone has struggles, we just don’t believe that it is healthy to stay in a dark state of mind or put too much focus on the bad. See the bad stuff and deal with it. Yes! But do not allow it to consume your thoughts.”

According to the group, which also consists of Jaco Novella (drummer) and Pierre du Toit (bassist), VOICES was the first song they recorded in studio and apparently it is also a big hit with the ladies at their shows. “For some reason they really seem to like it! The verses boast a catchy modern tune and the chorus has a big anthem vibe. It is a belter that people enjoy singing along to,” says McCrindle.

The new single follows in the successful footsteps of their previous release, In Between The Lines, which is also the title track of their album. This song not only got play-listed on various national and Australian radio stations, but also topped the charts of Kovsie FM (97.0FM) and Die Strandloper, Australia (94.7FM) and featured on the hit parades of various other stations, including PUK FM (93.6FM). The music video, filmed and produced by Reblex Photography’s Llewellyn Lloyd, was also very well received.

Both singles are available on their debut album that contains eleven original tracks. While presenting a good variety of sounds, the songs work well together to form a whole and offers a broad spectrum of the group’s musical abilities instead of a one-dimensional experience. It not only showcases their modern take on rock music, but also offers a variety of sounds and emotions, which is sure to be good for the soul.

RISE IN RED is a versatile Bloemfontein-based alternative rock band, which has made a name for themselves with their inspiring lyrics and captivating stage presence. It was founded by Reynolds, McCrindle, drummer Jaco Novella and bassist Kyle Bath in 2010 as a project primarily focused on song writing and production.

Their name came from Reynolds. “We are all Christians and our inspiration for writing songs is always centred on our beliefs. That’s why we focus on bringing a message of hope. Our name appeals to listeners to stand up (rise) for what they believe in,” he says.

The band developed and established its unique sound and vision and moved towards live performances at the beginning 2015; the most notable of which was performing with Prime Circle during their ‘Let the Night In’ album tour. They have also played alongside aKing, Dan Patlansky, Francois Van Coke and other notable acts. In 2018, Pierre du Toit joined RISE IN RED as the bassist for the band.

In addition to finalising their tour schedule for the coming year and planning their new music video, RISE IN RED has also been busy creating some awesome content for their YouTube channel with the help of band mentor Damian Keyes. Fans and guitar enthusiasts can look forward to very informative how-to-videos by Jayson, behind-the-scenes footage and lots more. Follow them on social media to stay posted!

The single is available on their album here:



Nicholis Louw Releases Striking Rendition Of “World In Union” Featuring Liezel Pieters

Nothing brings a country together more like sports and good music. With the Rugby World Cup vastly approaching, it is only fitting to support this historic event with a song that has become synonymous with victory and reconciliation.

Acclaimed and versatile super star, Nicholis Louw, and the highly gifted and talented singer, Liezel Pieters, have joined forces to release a heartfelt cover of the 1995 PJ Powers and Lady Smith Black Mambazo hit, WORLD IN UNION (previously recorded by Kiri Te Kanawa), which will not only satisfy the most critical ear, but will also transport listeners back to a time when this trophy brought hope to our nation.

“WORLD IN UNION is one of those big, epic songs that I have always wanted to cover. This year’s Rugby World Cup tournament provided the perfect opportunity to do so and I hope that our version will blow audiences away,” Louw explains about his decision to record this single. “Liezel Pieters is one of the few female vocalists who can really sing this song. I think she is one of the best upcoming artists in the country and that she has a very bright future in the local music industry. ”

According to the singer, WORLD IN UNION; with lyrics written by Charlie Skarbek and melody taken from the middle section of Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, a movement from Gustav Holst’s The Planets; is such a popular song throughout the world. Therefore, he believes that their version will also be very well received.

More than sixteen years in the music industry, various music awards and nominations, numerous number one hits on the radio and various albums with multi-platinum sales, have secured Nicholis Louw a permanent place in the South African entertainment industry.

The artist, best-known for his vibrant stage personality and highly entertaining performances, made his debut in the music industry in 2003 with his first album, My Hart Is Aan Die Brand, which was exceptionally well received. This was followed by eight very successful releases – Rock Daai Lyfie (2005), Hier Naby Jou (2007), Vergeet en Vergewe (2008), Elvis On My Mind (2008), Energie (2009), Ek Is Daar Vir Jou (2011), Gebed Van ’n Sondaar (2012) and So Rock Ons Die Wêreld Reg (2014) – which achieved gold, platinum, double-platinum, and triple-platinum sales. Some of his biggest hits include Ek wil my baby hê vanaand, Rock Daai Lyfie, Generaal, and many more.

Performing eighty to ninety shows per year, this versatile musician is constantly adding new elements to his repertoire, which already includes rock, pop, country and big ballads, and always manages to seamlessly incorporate classical elements into his shows, placing him in a league of his own.

Liezel Pieters is described as the Laura Branigan of Afrikaans music and has performed in numerous Barnyard productions over the years. Her strong voice won her a place in the Krone 2 music show in 2014, which opened many doors for her in the industry. Sing My Hart Uit, her debut album, was released in 2017 and delivered several successful singles, including Asemloos and Droë Riviere. The music video of her song, Droë Riviere, did incredibly well and has had more than a million views on YouTube. In Ons Bloed, her latest single was released in March 2019.

Nicholis Louw and Liezel Pieters’s voices are the perfect match in their gripping rendition of WORLD IN UNION. The song is a remarkable tribute to a sport with a rich culture and tradition and will also remind listeners to stand together when all seems hopeless. It’s definitely the perfect way to kick-start the 2019 Rugby World festivities and a must-have single for every rugby fan’s playlist.

The song will be released on all digital platforms soon.


RedOne Pays Tribute To Africa With The New Hit “We Love Africa”

This new record was chosen to be the official song of the 12th edition of Pan-African Games 2019 in Rabat

RABAT, Morocco, September 2, 2019/ — RedOne, an international producer, singer and songwriter, has five of its best hits on more than 6.1 billion YouTube views and more than 2300 billion Streams on Spotify. Aminux, a 27-year-old R’n’B hit-maker, has more than 2.8 million fans and more than 111 million streams worldwide. Finally, Inna Modja, the “Bad Malian Girl of French Pop” held 3 singles in the charts Canadian Billboards Top 100 and French Top 10 Billboards, her song ‘French Can Can’ held the first place for three weeks.

“This song has the ambition to become a hymn for the entire African continent,” says RedOne. “My wish is that all Africans will find themselves in this song which represents my modest contribution to this continent that I love and which I am proud to belong to”.

The last title of RedOne “We love Africa” was chosen to be the official song that will accompany the 12th edition of Pan-African Games 2019 in Rabat.

The launch of the song was shared on stage with the audience during the opening night of this 12th edition.

The performance was a culmination of the modern rhythm, African choir and African color, interpreted by RedOne, Aminux and Inna Modja.

The song reached 17M views in less than a week.


Valeska Muller’s Debut Album Is Now Available

Over the years, Valeska Muller has mastered the art of conquering the hearts of listeners with her soothing voice, upbeat songs and honest lyrics.

It therefore comes as no surprise that fans are super-excited about the release of her long-awaited debut album, MY SIMFONIE, which not only showcases her talent, but also offers a collection of music that everyone will enjoy.

“This album is literally ‘MY SYMPHONY’. An extensive musical composition of my life and, of course, my love for music,” she explains. “With this release, I wanted to introduce myself, add something new to the industry and share my work with those who have supported me for so long.”

She describes the genre of her first CD as electro pop-dance with a hint of progressive house music. It consists of fifteen original Afrikaans and three English tracks, created primarily by Valeska and her producer, BIGG-T. Two of the songs were written with Sean Butler and the singer feels that a lot of quality time was spent to ensure a unique and perfect end-product.

“It was important to me that the emotion of each song is represented by the music. Many topics are addressed throughout the album, such as sadness, trauma, disappointment, frustration, love, acceptance and hope. Each track was approached like a movie – some have action, others will make you laugh or dance and then there are some that will make you cry,” Valeska shares. “I think that the album is unique and progressive. We experimented with different sounds and melodies and created something that not many Afrikaans listeners are used to. It’s very fresh and exciting.”

According to the artist, Jy Vat Alles has a very special place in her heart: “It is a letter that I wrote to someone and I often listen to it myself, because it awakens something deep within my soul.” She also feels that Hou Jou Mond En Dans and Naby My Naby Jou have the potential to become popular with the crowd.

The release of the album follows closely in the footsteps of her latest single, Verlange Van Jou, which was inspired by events from her own life and resonates with audiences of all ages. This striking original, created by Valeska and producer BIGG-T, can be described as progressive house music and created quit a buzz in the industry. It will also be available in English soon.

The music video, filmed by Saint Nic Media’s Nic Billington, sparked a lot of interest because of its unique concept of using colour (blue and red) to reflect her contrasting emotions. It can currently be seen on television.

Her previous singles, Skyn Jou Liggie Vir My and Verdwaal Saam Met Jou, were both very well received by the public and can still be heard on the radio. The music videos of both songs, which were produced by the same director, have also had thousands of views on YouTube.

Valeska, who owns her own music school – Valeska Muller Vocal Academy (VMVA), has been working in the music for the past nineteen years and credits being part of the Top 7 contestants on the reality program, Zing, as one of the biggest highlights of her career.

Since then she has had lead roles in various stage productions and made appearances in several television shows, including Generations, Roer Jou Voete, One Way and Binnelanders. One of her songs were also used as the theme song for the Via TV program, ’n Ster Vir My Bed. Over the years, she has performed at different functions and at some of the country’s biggest festivals, including a performance for King Swandile at the Royal Swazi Sun, Aardklop, Innibos, The Mulberry Festival, KKNK and more.

The singer is currently training for the Two Oceans Marathon, busy learning Spanish and working on the finishing touches of her debut album, which is scheduled for release later this year. “Having the opportunity to record my first album in my mother tongue is a very big deal to me. It is hard work, but also a very rewarding experience,” she says.

Aside from her goal to change the face of Afrikaans music and touch people’s hearts with MY SIMFONIE, Valeska Muller also has some other big dreams that include a world tour, starring in a movie, writing a book and starting her own music label. Because there were too many songs to include on her current album, listeners can also look forward to some exciting new releases in the future.

iTunes –
Deezer –
Spotify –


  • My Simfonie
  • Verlange Van Jou
  • Jy Vat Alles
  • Verdwaal Saam Met Jou
  • Skyn Jou Liggie Vir My
  • Naby My Naby Jou
  • Daar Waar Ons Staan
  • Vergeet Van Als
  • Hou Jou Mond En Dans
  • Hallo Hallo
  • Wat’s Jou Storie?!
  • Dis Net Wie Jy Is
  • Woestyn Van Herhaal
  • ’n Traan Voor Jy Gaan Slaap
  • More Than Ever
  • Keep Up
  • Be Myself
  • Roekeloos