Petronel Baard Celebrates The Good Things In Life With Authentic South African Single

Petronel Baard, a passionate cabaret star with a soothing storytelling voice, has managed to establish a firm place for herself in the music industry over the past twenty-one years. Her new single, LIFE IS GOOD, is now being released and will definitely conquer the hearts of music lovers from across the country. LIFE IS GOOD, […]

Valeska Muller Releases Heartfelt Love Song

True love is the inspiration behind South Africa’s favourite pop star and songwriter, Valeska Muller’s, brand new single, NABY MY NABY JOU, which has just been released and is already a firm favourite with music lovers across the country. “This song is for my soulmate. When I wrote it, I was envisioning what my true […]

American Artist, Julian Moon, Introduces First Single To South Africa

Talented American singer and songwriter, Julian Moon (29), will release her first single, Honour Among Thieves, to South African radio stations during the week of 25 September 2019. This single is taken off her brand new second album, Pomegranate Seeds which is also available on all digital platforms now. Moon was just 23-yrs-old when she […]

Bronze Releases Long-awaited New Single

It’s been more than two years since the release of her last single, but Bronz is back and she is better than ever! The artist’s latest single, LOVING YOU COMES EASY, was written for her baby boy who, incidentally, is also the reason she hasn’t released new music recently. “Because I wrote this song for […]

It’s A Hat-Trick For Afrikaans Band Posduif

The modern multicultural music collaboration with the rather odd moniker, POSDUIF, has just released their highly anticipated new single, making it a hat-trick for the band this year! LAAT VAL DIE WATER, which the band describes as “just having such a cool vibe”, boasts what is already becoming POSDUIF’s trademark positivity and distinct sound. According […]

Rise In Red Releases New Inspirational Single

“VOICES is about allowing yourself to dream and to live the life you were meant to. It is about renewing and opening your mind to the possibilities that the world has to offer,” explains rock group RISE IN RED’s lead guitarist, Jayson Reynolds, about the meaning behind their new single that has just been released. […]

Nicholis Louw Releases Striking Rendition Of “World In Union” Featuring Liezel Pieters

Nothing brings a country together more like sports and good music. With the Rugby World Cup vastly approaching, it is only fitting to support this historic event with a song that has become synonymous with victory and reconciliation. Acclaimed and versatile super star, Nicholis Louw, and the highly gifted and talented singer, Liezel Pieters, have […]

RedOne Pays Tribute To Africa With The New Hit “We Love Africa”

This new record was chosen to be the official song of the 12th edition of Pan-African Games 2019 in Rabat RABAT, Morocco, September 2, 2019/ — RedOne, an international producer, singer and songwriter, has five of its best hits on more than 6.1 billion YouTube views and more than 2300 billion Streams on Spotify. Aminux, […]

Valeska Muller’s Debut Album Is Now Available

Over the years, Valeska Muller has mastered the art of conquering the hearts of listeners with her soothing voice, upbeat songs and honest lyrics. It therefore comes as no surprise that fans are super-excited about the release of her long-awaited debut album, MY SIMFONIE, which not only showcases her talent, but also offers a collection […]

Louis Geldenhuys Sings About Forgiveness In New Pop Single

“I believe in my heart that everyone makes mistakes and has, at one point in time, asked for a second or third chance – even when they did not think that they deserved it. We have also all been in a situation where we were required to do the same for someone else to salvage […]

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