Len Muller Releases New Music Video – Heildronk!

The very talented Len Muller has just released his brand-new music video of his latest single, HEILDRONK.

“The song makes me happy and serves as a reminder that I am not alone. That it is worth it to spend time with friends and family and not to isolate yourself, like I have done in the past,” explains the artist about this single that was created with the help of Jattie de Beer and Kaleidoskoop’s Anique Jordaan.

According to Len, his in-laws’ annual family tradition of getting together for the Rugby Currie Cup final, was the inspiration behind his latest release. “The entire family shows up for this rugby weekend. It is so special to me,” he shares. “Although it was quite a culture shock at the beginning of our relationship, it is now something I look forward to and HEILDRONK was born from the fact that I was able to see and experience the value of family time first-hand.”

Len’s wife – Chanél – also features in the video. “My wife has always wanted to dance in the ocean, wearing her wedding dress. We wanted to share some of the adventures that we have had together in the video, as well as some of our favourite places,” he says. Chanél and Nico Welgemoed were also the creative team behind the beautiful footage that was filmed in and around the Cape Peninsula and False Bay.

This track follows in the footsteps of Oorgenoeg, the artist’s previous single and music video in which he expresses his frustration about the poverty in our country. It was produced by Theo Crous of Bellville Studios and is the first single that was play-listed by all of the radio stations that it was submitted to. It is also the first song that he recorded with his sister, Miemie Blaauw, and their voices complement each other perfectly.

Both songs will feature on his upcoming album, which will be released later this year.

The artist recently moved to Cape Town and enjoys spending time on his surfboard every day. He also started his own agency that manages artists, such as Danie du Toit (Reënwolf), and is also busy writing songs for Caroline Grace and Kurt Darren’s new albums. Len is also a member of Musiek Soos Grond, withJoshua na die Reën, Kaleidoskoop, Leon Gropp, Lizandra Winter andLiani Reynolds, which was founded in 2019.

HEILDRONK is an inspiring hit that offers the same unique Afrikaans Acoustic Folk sound that the singer has become known for. It not only showcases Len Muller’s skills as a songwriter and musician, but also invites you to sing along and reminds you to appreciate the people in your life. “I think the song will appeal to audiences of all ages and will remind them not to take their relationships for granted,” he concludes.

Heildronk is available on all digital platforms here:


Over 50 Performing Artists Sound The Call For South Africa To Come Together – #AnthemChallengeRSA

Some of the country’s most talented performing artists have come together under lockdown to perform Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika to illustrate that while alone in self-isolation, we remain united as a country.

Stars from ProVerb to Corlea, Danny K to Zolani Mahola, Busiswa to Kurt Darren and Moonchild to Yvonne Chaka Chaka have lent their talents to the cause with a much bigger vision in mind – 1 000 South Africans performing the largest-ever virtual rendition of the national anthem for the #AnthemChallengeRSA – as the country faces the unprecedented challenge of tackling and defeating COVID-19.

Any South African can submit a video of themselves singing our national anthem in a performance that showcases the powerful spirit of our country, reflecting together on the anthem as a source of inspiration in this very complicated time. To submit a video, simply click on the link and follow the instructions for performance and uploading by midnight on Monday 6th April 2020.

Once the virtual choir is assembled, we hope that other countries will be challenged to follow suit in creating their own virtual national anthem choirs in a bid to unite the planet.

Submit your rendition of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika now and help demonstrate that the unity which has uplifted our country from darkness before – can, again, in the face of a global threat.

List of contributing artists, in alphabetical order:

  1. Afrikanswiss
  2. Andre Schwartz
  3. Anslin Gysman
  4. Bianca Le Grange
  5. Brian Temba
  6. Busiswa
  7. Caroline Grace
  8. Chad Saaiman
  9. Chris Forrest
  10. Corlea
  11. Craig Lucas
  12. Daniel Baron
  13. Danny K
  14. David Johnson
  15. Donald
  16. Dumza Maswana
  17. Glen Hodgson
  18. Gloria Bosman
  19. Graeme Watkins
  20. Jason Greer
  21. Joe Nina
  22. Jules (GoodLuck)
  23. Katlego Maboe
  24. KB
  25. Khaya Dladla
  26. Kurt Darren
  27. Leah
  28. Lee Scott
  29. Liesl Penniken
  30. Likhey Booi
  31. Mma Ausi
  32. Moonchild Sanelly
  33. Mpho Osei-Tutu
  34. Nathan Ro
  35. Phinda Matlala
  36. Phindile Morgets
  37. Pierre Greeff (Die Heuwels Fantasties)
  38. Proverb
  39. Relebogile Mabotja
  40. Sam Peo
  41. Sandile Kamle
  42. Sibongile Mngoma
  43. Siziwe Ngema
  44. Tamara Dey
  45. The Muses
  46. Timothy Moloi
  47. Tracey-Lee Oliver
  48. Tumi Morake
  49. Willem Botha
  50. Yvonne Chaka Chaka
  51. Zoë Modiga
  52. Zolani Mahola

Rumors Leaked! Mysterious “Gift” From Wizkid Will Be Given Away During TECNO CAMON 15’s Online Launch

The People’s Republic of China, March 30, 2020/ — It is getting closer and closer to the TECNO CAMON 15 series ( online launch day, and more information has been leaked. Many subscribers have even received a phone invitation from Wizkid himself! We heard that Wizkid will attend the unprecedented online launch, and there will be surprise gifts offered by Wizkid. Sound exciting? There are numerous reasons that you should check out the CAMON 15 online launch–here are four of the most compelling ones!

It’s the first-ever smartphone online launch in Africa

History is being made! The online launch of a smartphone is unprecedented in Africa, and TECNO proudly presents its new smartphone CAMON 15 as a pioneer in the industry. It’s not only an excellent opportunity for TECNO to communicate with the audience directly, but it also means that the Internet in Africa is coming to a new phase. It is a great pleasure and honor to see the latest technology progress in the 2020s.

Music fans– Wizkid will be there waiting for you

One of the most popular idols from Nigeria, whose music has accumulated over 128 million views on YouTube, the talented singer and songwriter Wizkid is also a fan of TECNO smartphones!

Wizkid will apparently be present at the online launch and will be giving away gifts to some lucky viewers. Are you wondering about the collaboration between Wizkid and the TECNO CAMON 15? We will learn more soon!

During the launch event, TECNO will introduce the new technology featured on its phone

As a high-tech company, TECNO strives to constantly lead the frontier of the smartphone industry. Featured the top-quality camera on the market in CAMON 15, the company utilized the latest technology innovations such as a SONY chip 64 megapixels, and TAIVOS™ (TECNO AI Vision Optimization) in their product to increase the camera’s performance. The CAMON 15 specializes in night-time photography; the strong computational support reduces the noise in the image in low light environments, increasing the photo quality significantly. The SONY camera is also able to detect minute details from 30 meters away, it enhances the image definition and keeps a refined vision even after zooming in for 8 times. No matter whether you are a technology geek or have a casual interest in smartphone technology, you will learn a lot from the online launch because TECNO will give you a full presentation on their newest and most cutting-edge technology.

You will have access to all the information you need before you buy your next smartphone

Think about buying a new smartphone but are overwhelmed by the many choices on the market? Find it hard to decide? We understand your struggle. In order to make good purchasing decisions, you need to make informed purchasing decisions, and that’s part of why watching the online launch will be so interesting for you! Simply stay at home and watch it on Channels Television and Startimes Zone, it is so easy to make it! The more information you get, the more you understand the product and what to expect from it. You will also get to understand the CAMON 15 in every regard. Don’t miss the chance to make a smart choice!

TECNO has made a truly big move this time. Don’t miss the great show, — see you April 2nd on Channels Television and Startimes Zone!


MePlayList: 100% African Start-up For Music Streaming And Promotion Attracts Investment From Mathew Knowles And Other Global Investors

MePlaylistTM ( a 100% African solution to music consumption and promotion has earned the attention of global investors and partners like Mr Mathew Knowles, father of artists Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. Mr Knowles believes MePlaylistTM offers music consumers in Africa a unique experience that is much more simplified for a continent where internet penetration and the use of smartphones is projected to experience significant growth.

Investors Mathew Knowles and Michael Kiladejo

“MePlaylistTM is Africa’s own answer to the popular music streaming platforms, but it takes streaming a step further by personalizing the experience for each consumer based on their consumption patterns and the technology available to them. This and the population of Africans both on the continent and in the diaspora is why I am proud to have invested in MePlaylistTM”, he said in a statement.

With increasing mobile phone usage in Africa and the global prominence of African acts like Diamond Platinumz, Davido, Tiwa, Wizkid, Yemi Alade and Burna Boy, convenient and reliable platforms with expansive catalogues of streamable are far from the norm on the continent. Many streaming platforms prioritize commercialization efforts in high-income countries and pay less attention to low and middle-income countries. This has created a gap between Africa’s rich musical contents and the need to reach fans through channels that make monetization and exchange of value easier and convenient.

Founder Olakunle Oladehin

It is solving this challenge that birthed MePlaylistTM; a music streaming platform that presents music content to users in an intuitive and data-friendly fashion, projecting African acts to the world and vice versa. The platform comes with a unique administrative royalty distribution, multiple plan types and subscription currencies, high-quality audio, plus DDEX standards for ingesting and reporting usage. These amongst others have attracted global music stakeholders to the platform, hence making it possible to partner with music distributors globally.

According to a year-end report ( from the RIAA, revenues from streaming services grew nearly 20% in 2019 to $8.8 billion, accounting for 79.5% of all recorded music revenues, which means the streaming music services’ share of total music revenues is bigger than ever. With the global music industry now worth about $19.1 billion, the African market is still largely untapped with its 1 billion-plus mostly young population and still accounts for a mere 2% of the global recorded-music sector and less than 1% of the royalties collected.

Unfortunately for music consumers in Africa, many of whom fall between the ages of 17 and 22, streaming services though ubiquitous, are not without their challenges. Consumers have over time complained about the high cost of subscribing to some platforms, the unresponsive and unexciting user interfaces and catalogues not as exhaustive as consumers would love. This has presented a challenge for content creators in Africa to earn suitable revenue from their work.

MePlaylistTM is a 100% African solution to music consumption and promotion. The company which was founded by Olakunle Oladehin, a seasoned entertainment industry insider, is poised to revitalize the streaming market by providing a music consumption and promotion service that will make music consumers enjoy their listening experience on an optimized app without breaking the bank or running out of options. MePlaylistTM users will also be able to curate their own playlists and get followers to enjoy new music from all over the world.

According to Olakunle, “our focus is to put our users and their music consumption habits first; our platform has been designed with the understanding that people are mobile and constantly in need of new content, so from our interface to our catalogue options, we are making the MePlaylistTM experience the best in the market”. Olakunle further emphasised the increasing importance of user-generated content (UGC) to give more visibility to music that matters. In his words “MePlaylistTM has been designed to be an intelligent music App that applies artificial intelligence to give each user a unique experience.”

His words are echoed by Ayodeji Oyenekan the Head of Technical Innovation at MePlaylistTM who says the MePlaylistTM app has been built to make expanding the catalogue on offer and other features as seamless as possible. “Because of the innovative app we have built, MePlaylistTM will offer artists, aggregators and other content owners the opportunity to better monetize their content and reach a wider audience.”

Mr Knowles’ Music World Entertainment Corporation is joining other global industry majors who have invested in Nigeria’s rapidly growing music industry. Mr Michael Kay Kiladejo, Managing Partner of Music World International, and CEO of Track Record Entertainment LTD, UK, expressed optimism in the African music landscape and cited reasons for investing in MePlaylistTM. In his words “We are very confident in the technical capabilities and expansion strategies for MePlaylistTM to deliver world-class service to music lovers in Africa and beyond. To this end, it is a timely move to be able to facilitate the availability of the iconic Music World catalogue on the MePlaylist platform, and simultaneously take advantage of access to the dynamic new market it offers to artists on the Track Record Entertainment label.”

MePlaylistTM Founder Olakunle Oladehin believes that everyone will find their favourite kind of music on the app and anticipates that pre-launch subscription figures will shoot up significantly in the coming days as more Nigerians experience the seamless features of the MePlaylistTM app. “Whether you are looking for the next Wizkid, Burna Boy or Tiwa Savage song or your taste is more Obesere and King Sunny Ade, we have something for you on an app that makes the music more interesting for you”.

Legal and Transaction advisory services for the MePlaylistTM project was provided by leading Entertainment Law Firm in Nigeria, RBMM Solicitors. According to Demilade Olaosun, the Lead Solicitor at the Firm, it was a privilege working with the MePlaylistTM Management Team to iron out critical equity acquisition terms between the Company and Mr Mathew Knowles and his team. Olaosun strongly believes the African Entertainment industry stands to gain a lot from this strategic collaboration and he is excited about the prospects of MePlaylistTM in shaping music consumption in Africa and across the world.


Reggie Peace Spreads A Positive Message With His New Music Video

Reggie Peace, A.K.A. Reginald Hufkie, the popular South African actor, musician, scriptwriter and songwriter shot to fame in 2019 after landing roles in productions such as the Silver Screen Award-winning short film, Cowboy Dan (2018), Generations: The Legacy (Luke), Die Spreeus and Huis Lelieveld (Spanner). It was also the year in which he launched his solo music career.

But, just the year before he lived through one of the darkest years of his life. He began to doubt whether he had a future in the entertainment industry and that was when he wrote MOVE. To motivate himself and others, not to give up on dreams.

The song, which combines modern Pop with interesting Funk elements, was produced by Calvin Botha (DJ Darkness) and is the artist’s seventh original single release. His previous releases, Frequency, Do It – Peacemaker, Hoekom?, Kos Op Die Tafel (KODT), All That Matters and Better, were all very well received.

And now the time has come to release the music video of this hit song! “DJ Darkness, the producer of the song, is blind. He creates the beat, when producing the song, and in the music video we see him sharing it with other people. The music brings everyone together, but everyone dances to their own beat,” the musician explains.

JT Ferreira, who recently produced the band Jan, Jan, Jan’s popular music video, headed up this production which was filmed in Melville, Johannesburg. “Our home – the Echo Youth Ministry House – was asked to make a music video, as a community, that includes everyone. DJ Darkness follows his rhythm by producing the music and then we distribute the music to the rest of the people. It is very focused on community and how we could be living together as South Africans.”

Reggie Peace and Lizz Meiring’s play, Die Atleet, was also schedule to feature at the KKNK this year, but unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Reginald grew up in Schauderville, Port Elizabeth. After losing both his parents to Tuberculosis as a teenager, he and his brothers were placed in an orphanage. He currently resides in the Echo Youth Ministry home in Melville, Johannesburg, where he aims to make a difference in the lives of the people in his community.

Music has always been part of who he is and the artist is looking forward to sharing more of himself with the country. With MOVE, he not only surpasses this goal, but manages to bring hope to everyone who is battling to find their rightful place in society.

The single is available on digital platforms here: