Brand New Lillia Lessev Single, Heartless, Is A Get-up-dust-yourself-off Anthem!

Emerging singing sensation Lillia Lessev, who wowed crowds at Jacaranda Day in 2018, has just released a catchy new single and fans are crazy about it!

HEARTLESS was written and composed by the sixteen-year-old herself. The song is about how people tend to make assumptions and pass judgment without getting to know someone or understand what they are going through.

The young singer-songwriter says she was inspired to write HEARTLESS because people sometimes feel misjudged and misunderstood. “I used to get really stressed out about other people’s opinions of me, but then realised how little people actually know about me. I’ve also learnt that you can never truly judge who a person is just by how they act around you. This inspired me to write Heartless, which is about how people can be quick to aim their judgements and words at others, and how that can hurt. However, eventually you realise that the opinions of these people shouldn’t matter. You learn to ignore the false words of people who are simply projecting their own insecurities onto you.”

Lillia started vocal training with Jolanda Becker at the age of twelve. “I have come a very long way since then,” she admits. “My musicality and voice have improved incredibly!” Inspired to start writing her own songs, the young singer realised that she would need to learn how to play an instrument to achieve her goals. This is when she got a guitar, marking the start of her singer-songwriter journey. To improve her songwriting and adding to her musical skillset, Lillia recently also started taking piano and ukulele lessons.

The rising young star released her debut single, Heartbeat, in 2018. Shortly, thereafter, she got the opportunity of a lifetime. “A family friend recommended that I enter my song in a competition on Jacaranda FM. I didn’t think I stood a chance, but I entered anyway and, unbelievably, I won with my very first single! As a result, I got to perform at Jacaranda Day 2018, which was an experience I will never forget. I also had my first radio interview and I performed on Friday Live.”

Lillia subsequently released two more singles – Losing My Mind and Rusted. The latter was entered into The UK Songwriting Contest, where it reached the finals in two categories. “I also entered Rusted in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in Nashville and was named a finalist in this competition and received an honourable mentioned certificate. This was very exciting as there were 18 000 entries from around the world!”

According to Lillia, each song she writes has a special place in her heart. Heartless is especially dear to her. She says: “HEARTLESS talks about things that I still think about and deal with daily, and I’m sure many other people do, too. I like to think of it as my ‘warrior anthem’. I am very proud of how the song turned out.”

As a get-up-dust-yourself-off anthem, Lillia believes that listeners will not only enjoy the single’s upbeat, catchy tune, but will also be able to relate to the deeper message.

“I want people to connect with my songs and to feel something when they listen to them. I have songs that I love to listen to when I feel a certain way because I relate to them and I connect with them on an emotional level. I want my songs to do that for people,” she says.

Lillia is part of a family in which music has a very special place and has had the opportunity to explore the musical world from a young age.

The artist is and has always been encouraged by her parents to seek her own style and to keep the originality of her music. “They have always given me the opportunity to chase my dreams and taught me to follow my heart, no matter what others might think or say.”

As for musical influences, hers are constantly changing. “I like to listen to lot of different music, but I do have favourite artists, such as Taylor Swift, Grace VanderWaal, Troye Sivan and Birdy. At the moment, Taylor Swift is undoubtedly my biggest inspiration.” As for local artists, she would love to work with Jeremy Loops.

Her biggest challenge, she admits, is time management. “I’m still figuring out how to manage my time effectively and find a balance between my music and school, but I always find time to do the thing that I love!”

With tons of talent, passion and tenacity, Lillia’s favourite quote by Walt Disney couldn’t be more apt: “All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

HEARTLESS is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play and YouTube.

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Petronel Baard And Friends – Message Of Hope – A Virtual Experience

The next time you fight feelings of despair about the current situation in the world and you feel like a lifeless couch potato while you’re mindlessly scrolling on your phone – stop and listen to Petronel Baard’s single: Life is Good. This cabaret star with the velvety smooth soulful voice will give you the energy and hope you are seeking. This is also quite fittingly the theme of Petronel Baard and friends’ virtual concert. A message of hope.

No introduction needed when you hear the name, Petronel Baard. This Villiersdorp born and bred diamond has become an undeniable presence in the music industry over the past two decades. Her resume proudly exhibits a SAMA nomination and two Geraas music awards. Her online presence is unwavering during the nationwide lockdown and she actively continues to entertain her fans on her social media accounts with high quality music video content and teasers of future projects. Recently her latest single, Seek the Light, was shared as a special occasion on the Mokka/Mocca Facebook pageduring a live stream. Seek the Light is a collaborative effort between Petronel and Gavin Jay recorded, mixed and produced by DJ Keyz. This house/trance music gem shows the world just how talented and versatile Petronel actually is, dabbling in various genres. The music video already has thousands of views and can be found on her Facebook page or YouTube channel. Just goes to show that true talent has no boundaries.

Petronel Baard and her muso friends and colleagues dreamt up a brilliant initiative. This might be exactly what you need to cheer you up. This very diverse group of artists collectively agreed to arrange a virtual concert where you can watch their performances and listen to their awesome sounds in the comfort of your own home. According to Petronel, the idea was born out of similar occasions of Sunday evening get-togethers between Lang Vrou productions and friends via the internet. Petronel and her local artist friends hit the nail on the head with this idea. The purpose of the project – to bring hope to all of us during these troublesome times.

The lineup is astonishing and full of prestigious talent. Petronel’s friends and connections will combine their home recordings into something really special with a touch of flair to create this impressive and imaginative virtual show. She speaks very highly and with great excitement of the event and the people who will share the limelight with her on the 31st of May, igniting fires of hope in our homes. Jannie du Toit is one of the big talents and contributors during this event. This musical giant is a great musician with a fantastic voice. He used to be involved at JNS music, the record company responsible for releasing Petronel’s first two albums. Others include: McCoy Mrubata, the amazing saxophone player who performed on her first album twenty years ago and Godfrey Johnson of Evita se Perron, who she’s known since 2001, doing a live recording of her second album Déjà vu. Then there is also the angelic voice of Luna Paige, her longtime friends Riku and Jackie Lätti and the talented Jean Tunes Marais of Tunes Studio Stellenbosch who will definitely do something special. The lineup continues to impress and also include the talented writer Riana Scheepers, Philippe Kangi with his delightful French music. The brilliant pianist Ben Schoeman, the song giant Stef Kruger and her close musical friends Schalk Maas and AltanUngerer of Soetmelk will also contribute to the festivities and for those of you who were wondering, Gavin Jay will definitely make a special appearance.

Petronel shares a friendship, story or some kind of precious history with each and every one of the artists involved and she can’t help but boast about how great the show will be. If you’re interested and curious about what to expect, roam your way to her Facebook page or YouTube channel and watch the teaser or listen to the playlist she personally and carefully selected to celebrate and promote the talented lineup for this virtual experience.

We can’t help but be grateful and proud that Petronel Baard and her talented friends are bringing us hope. Like the inspirational lyrics of her single, Life is Good, tells us: “Hold on to this life with all your might, seek the light in every fight you fight”. Do yourself a favour and buy your ticket now at Quicklet South Africa or secure a booking at Pierneef Theatre, Pretoria.

Expect to be entertained, expect to see remarkable talent, but most of all – expect to feel refreshed and hopeful again. During these trying times we are all stuck in the same boat, but thankfully we’ll conquer the storms together.

How to book your ticket:

  1. Book your ticket and send your details and proof of payment with reference “Petronel & Friends” to
    Acc nr 1455764424
    Branch code 470010 (Mosselbaai)
  2. Use the Quicket link. Remember to sign up first and then choose from the various payment options.
  3. Book your ticket at Pierneef Theatre


Cordis Trust is giving away 14 tickets. All you have to do is answer the following question:

“Who sponsored the tickets for the “Petronel & Friends, a message of hope” show?

The first 8 people with the correct answer to inbox Petronel on her Facebook page, or email her on, will win the tickets!


For every ticket that is sold on social media, the publication/radio station will receive 17%!

Click on this link and scroll down to the bottom to “signup” and click on that to open your own profile for Quicket.

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Duo, Victor Bravo, Celebrates Their Heritage With New Single, Suiderkruis

“There are many South Africans who have left the country, because they believe that the grass is greener on the other side. I was one of them when I was in my early twenties. But our country and its culture are part of our DNA and, if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you miss it,” explains Weco van Basten, lead vocalist and songwriter of the group Victor Bravo, about the meaning behind their third single, which has just been released.

SUIDERKRUIS is a contemporary pop song taken from the arsenal of original music by this duo, consisting of Weco and lead guitarist – Jopie Pienaar. It was produced by Renier Henning Music and includes the musical stylings of well-known drummer Bruce Wallace and bassist Janes Blomerus.

“It doesn’t matter where in the world you find yourself. You will always be a South African. Rugby, braai, farming and Afrikaans is in your blood and will always be something you long for,” says Weco, who reveals that Heritage Day and the group’s performance at Aardklop in 2019 were the main inspirations behind the song.

“SUIDERKRUIS is very different from what we usually do. It has a catchy tune, which will lure people to the dance floor, without sacrificing its deeper meaning,” Jopie adds.

Download the single here:

Apple Music:

A music video of the song will also be available soon. It was filmed in the Johan van Rensburg Theatre at Hoërskool Drie Riviere and clever lighting was used to create a striking atmosphere that remind the viewer of the Southern Cross in the galaxy.

Their latest release follows in the successful footsteps of, Skemer, which was released in 2019 and topped Springbok Internetradio’s Top 20 chart for more than twenty weeks. It was also voted this radio platform’s Song of the Year for 2019 and was also play-listed on various other radio stations, including Groot FM.

Breakway Line, the duo’s debut single, was released in November 2018 and reaction to it was overwhelmingly positive. It not only featured on various big radio stations, but also topped the Springbok Top 20 charts for nine consecutive weeks.

The music video was filmed by Dehan Janse van Rensburg at Mediclinic Emfuleni and Duck Point Venue in the Vaal. In addition to the beautiful storyline (the song was written for Weco’s wife when he had to work away from home) and the breath-taking scenery in each scene, the video is also special because it was used as one of Troukoors magazine’s official styled photo sessions. Jopie and the love of his life, Rhoda Hartzer, also star in the lead roles of this video, which can still be seen on kykNET NOU!

A shared love and passion for meaningful music was what led to the creation of the acoustic duo, Victor Bravo, who have been performing together in the Vaal Triangle and surrounding areas since early 2018.

The group, whose name was derived from the first letters of their family surname – van Basten, has a very unique style, incorporating elements of Alternative, contemporary, Rock, Pop, Folk and Blues sounds seamlessly, to bring a fresh new approach to the South African music industry, which audiences of any age group would be able to enjoy. “The project, Victor Bravo, was conceived about two years ago from an idea I had. The idea was to create a platform, where music existed exclusively as music, without all the other sideshows,” explains Weco.

In the short time they have been performing together, the musical pair (who is also family) has enjoyed various career highlights. As part of the Local is Lekka competition and initiative; hosted by acclaimed Country artist Vernon Muso, VCR 90.6, IFM Radio 102.2, Mooivaal Media and Barnyard Vereeniging; they not only had the privilege of opening for comedy legend, Barry Hilton, but also had a their first radio interview to promote the show.

Furthermore, Victor Bravo has also had the opportunity to perform at Aardklop 2019, Boshof Skou, the On Tap Craft Beer Fest at Emerald Resort & Casino as well as various other venues in the Vaal Triangle, Pretoria and surrounding areas, including Stage at N12, Shovels Pub and Grill, Café Barcelona and various branches of Yami Rib & Burger. “Good music is supposed to speak to your heart and that is what makes us different. The songs we choose are meaningful, suits our style and sound and aims to deliver a deeper and more emotional message,” Jopie reveals about what audiences can expect from their shows.

The pair also collaborated with fellow-musician, Carla van Wijk, to create the group, Klankgolf, which toured the Garden Route in November 2019 and was very well received.

The Men Behind Victor Bravo

Lead singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist and pianist, Weco van Basten, comes from a musical family and has been frequenting the braai and camp fire scene at family get-togethers for years. Mainly growing up in Sasolburg, the artist took music lessons from a small age, sang in the school choir and participated in every competition, arts festival and concert possible. During the last two years of primary school, he was also a member of the Drakensberg Boys Choir. Because he has always been passionate about entertaining people and sharing the stories in his heart, he went to America to study Drama and English Creative Writing. At this time, he was part of the acoustic group, Victim, who performed in and around Houston. The final two years of his Language Studies, was completed at North-West University’s Vaal Triangle Campus, where he also met his wife. Although he enjoys a wide variety of music, he lists artists like R.E.M., Cat Stevens, Sarah McLachlan, Eric Clapton, Ted Hawkins, Karen Zoid, Klopjag, Eminem, Koos Kombuis, Johannes Kerkorrel, 2nd Life and Jo Black as some of the biggest influences on his own musical style. Anything can inspire him to write a song at the right moment. He is, however, also able to create less serious material and enjoyed creating the hit, Boontasties, for trap artist BOON’s first album. A second song, Sê Net Wat Jy Wil Sê, was also accepted for the album, but has a completely different and more emotional vibe. He is currently also working on songs for two other artists.

Lead guitarist, singer and songwriter, Jopie Pienaar, is a passionate musician with a knack for making the guitar one of the lead role-players in any music production. Music has always been part of his life and is something that could always make him feel good at any stage of his life or in any situation he found himself in. After attending his first rock concert (Straatligkinders) at the age of fourteen, he bought a guitar and taught himself how to play. In high school he was part of the band, Mad About You, and was also involved in several music projects at his school and church. However, it is memories of him and Weco playing music around the camp fire that will always stand out and that he regards as the official origin of Victor Bravo. When he is not performing, he is also a fitness instructor at CrossFit Razmig in Pretoria and is working on developing his own talent and self-confidence as a singer and songwriter. Apart from his great love for blues music, he believes that groups such as Blink 182, Fokofpolisiekar, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kings of Leon had the greatest influence on his own guitar style.

Victor Bravo wants their music to be whatever the listener needs it to be at that particular moment when they hear it. “It must be jet fuel for the guys who want to party and enjoy it, but it must also be a gentle source of comfort to anyone looking for a shoulder to cry on at any given moment,” adds Weco.

What started out as a New Year’s resolution to make music for the sake of leaving a legacy, turned into an instant success story that exceeded the group’s greatest expectations so far.

SUIDERKRUIS is not only going to be a hit on the dance floor and at social events, but is also the next step in the very promising music career of this versatile group.


Dozi Releases Brand New Single

When thinking of the name, Dozi, you are immediately reminded of hits like Grassade in die Wind, Ou Ryperd and Tussen Jou en My and, in your mind’s eye, you get a clear picture of this beloved gentle giant who has dominated the local music scene for over two decades.

After providing a performance platform for upcoming artists at his restaurant and entertainment venue, Dozi’sBack to the Roots for the past few years, the artist has decided to shift the focus back to his own music by surprising fans with a brand new album. VREDE, which promises to exceed their greatest expectations.

The first single, PARTYKEER SOMTYDS, will hit radio stations nationwide on 15 May and its already been identified as a major hit. The song was written by the very talented Stef Kruger and it is about the fact that we have no control over what happens in our lives and that it is all really just grace. We all make mistakes and are blown up and down by the wind and then sometimes there’s one person that comes into your life and makes everyhing right and beautiful again. “It is about seasons. Our whole lives are about seasons and it goes past so quickly and then sometimes the heavens open up and gives us rain and everything comes back to grace again”, says Dozi about this beautiful new song.

VREDE combines a collection of music that will not only make you feel nostalgic about the past, but will inspire hope for the future and make you appreciate the present. This acoustic recording will build on the winning recipe for which he is known, but will also showcase a brand new side of his music to the public and will be released on all digital platforms on 29 May 2020.

Pre-order the album now:

This nineteenth studio album of Dozi boasts twelve original tracks, of which three were written by the artist himself. Stef Kruger was responsible for the rest of the content and, according to the artist, he enjoyed working with this talented songwriter again. The content can mainly be described as a modern mixture of meaningful music, with a few upbeat tracks to lighten the mood.

“The reason I write music is to make the world a better place. Musicians are disciples of the world, and it is their job to make people’s souls happy. If you are unhappy and you listen to the right music, then you feel better,” he shares.

The release of VREDE will also be celebrated with a special online concert on 27 June. More information about this concert will be released soon. Keep an eye on, the media and Dozi’s social media pages.

VREDE is going to be a must-have addition to any Dozi fan’s music collection. It is a compilation of feel-good, heartfelt music with which no playlist should be without.


Posduif Celebrates Friends And Family In New Single

“It is important to remember what really matters in life and to be grateful. This song is about the people (family and friends) in your life and appreciating what you have every day,” explains the popular multicultural music group, POSDUIF, about the meaning behind their latest single, which is set to capture the hearts of audiences around the country.

HERINNER MY was a team effort by James Boland, Nick Jordaan, Sheldon Sham and Leeroy Sauls and was produced by Brendan Campbell and mixed by Hugo Ludik, of Muse Studios. “We wrote it right after my sister passed away. It was the original inspiration for the song, but it was written for all of us and is especially applicable to everyone in these uncertain times,” says guitarist and lead singer James Boland. “’Remind me to appreciate each new day’ is something we sometimes forget to do when we are overwhelmed by hardship and difficult times. The idea is to remind listeners to be grateful for those people who are still with them, as well as to remember those who passed away and to be grateful for the time that you got to spend with them.”

Although this pop song follows the style of its inspirational predecessors, it is aimed at touching hearts and bringing hope and comfort in sad times. “When you listen to HERINNER MY, it becomes your song, your story and your loved ones and we hope that it will have special meaning to everyone who listens to it. It’s about gratitude and love, which is something that all of us need,” they share.

A music video of the single will also be available soon.

HERINNER MY is the group’s fourth single and follows the release of their hit, Laat Val Die Water, which was not only well received, but also featured on the charts of various radio stations. The music video has also had thousands of hits on YouTube.

Formed in 2018, POSDUIF made its debut earlier this year with the single Brandy Special, which has racked up more than 300 000 views on social media, followed closely by their second single, Een Vir My. The band has already been nominated as Band of the Year by Bok Radio.

The group consists of members of the popular band RUBBER DUC – Jordaan, Amiel Gopal (bassist), Kabeey Sax (saxophone player), Leeroy Sauls (drummer) and Brendan Campbell (producer and lead guitarist) – with the addition of Boland as lead vocalist.

Boland explains what makes the six-piece band unique: “We all have different influences, ranging from Gospel and pop to Jazz, and we have different tastes, ideas and come from different cultures. However, we share a passion for music and a desire to showcase the positive side of life, particularly in South Africa. We are truly a multicultural music collaboration.”

Although the Covid-19 situation has been tough on the band, they have managed to complete a few new songs during lock down and still plan on releasing their debut album later this year. “We are all as busy as we can be under the circumstances and between writing, planning, marketing and other work, we are also spending time with our loved ones,” says James. “We are also working hard on projects and plans for the next few months during which live performances will not be possible.”

HERINNER MY contains all the necessary ingredients of a bona fide radio hit. It is a heart-warming track, with an enjoyable tune and meaningful lyrics that will stay with listeners long after hearing it for the first time.

The single is available on all digital platforms here: