21 Conniving Castaways To Create Fireworks On M-Net’s Survivor SA: Island Of Secrets

One of them happens to be Mrs Cape Town 2018! Once South Africa’s first Bachelor has found “the one” on M-Net channel 101, the much-awaited new season of Survivor South Africa will roll into the channel’s popular Thursday night local productions slot at 19:00. Set in the beautiful Samoa, and spiced with all kinds of […]

ITV Choice Highlights – 22 To 28 April

CheatMonday, 15 April at 20:00ITV CHOICE (DStv 123) At the heart of this new drama is the dangerous relationship between university professor Leah (Katherine Kelly) and her student Rose (Molly Windsor) when, what begins as a seemingly open and shut case of academic deception, quickly spirals out of control, ending in fatal consequences and triggering […]

DStv Content Discovery: 12 To 18 April 2019

Game of Thrones S8 Starts on Monday 15 April on M-Net 101 at 03:00 and 22:00 Express from the USLonger durations expectedSame time with Showmax It’s been a long wait, but winter is here at last! The hugely anticipated final season has caused a frenzy worldwide – you’ll have to hide under a rock to […]

E! Launches Love E! Live E! Brand Campaign

E! launches Love E! Live E! Brand Campaign to celebrate 15 years in Africa, in partnership with DStv E! – NBCUniversal International Networks’ global, multi-platform brand dedicated to all things pop culture – today announced its new brand campaign “Love E! Live E!” in Africa. The campaign was unveiled this evening at E!’s special celebration […]

Q&A With Matthew Parkhill – Co-Creator, Writer, Showrunner, Director Of Fox’s ‘Deep State’ Eps 1, 2, 7, 8

Can you talk about how you juggle all your responsibilities on DEEP STATE season two? In terms of the showrunner side of things, the showrunner is someone who ultimately has the creative responsibility for the show. So, it’s his or her vision, ultimately, and that covers everything from re-writing scripts to approving costume, hair, make-up, […]

Q&A With Karima McAdams (Leyla Toumi) Of Fox’s ‘Deep State’

Could you please summarise where we left Leyla at the end last season? Season 1 is about a covert team from the CIA and MI6 who are on a mission looking for six Iranian nuclear scientists. When we leave Harry and Leyla at the very end of Season 1, they are feeling very disillusioned and […]

Q&A With Walton Goggins (Nathan Miller) Of Fox’s ‘Deep State’

Tell us about Nathan Miller and Season Two? Nathan Miller is a very interesting guy. He’s a ‘fixer’ for the deep state. He comes from a CIA background and has spent his entire career in counterintelligence. Those skills are very useful to people who are trying to manipulate, or move the chess pieces around the […]

Q&A With Joe Dempsie (Harry Clarke) Of Fox’s ‘Deep State’

Can you tell us what it is about Leyla and Harry that keeps drawing them back together? I think for Harry what it is that draws him back to Leyla is the crux of Season 2, for him. When we see him at the start of Season 2, he’s living in Bamako, in Mali. He’s […]

Season Two Of Fox’s Espionage Thriller ‘Deep State’ To Debut Globally In 2019

FOX reveals trailer and first look photos for anticipated second season, which stars Walton Goggins, Joe Dempsie, Karima McAdams, Anastasia Griffith, Alistair Petrie, Victoria Hamilton, Alexander Siddig, Lily Banda and Zainab Jah Showrunner, Writer and Director Matthew Parkhill helms new action-driven political drama. Co-created by Matthew Parkhill and Simon Maxwell, with Joss Agnew also directing. […]

A Night Of Pun And Games

ONCE A PUN A TIME a hotel chain manager, a digital marketer, a quirky art teacher and a rugby enthusiast all stepped into an epic culinary battle to see who would walk away with ten thousand bucks… If you have some THYME on your hands be sure to watch the pun-a-minute sixth episode of Come […]

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