Cape Town Duo Gets New Cartoon Network Local Comedy Series

Meet Cartoon Network’s New Uproarious Family!

Cartoon Network Africa is ramping up their local original productions with ‘CN to the Rescue’

Life’s challenging and unusual times demand a little bit of laughter, well, maybe some ROFL! That’s what Cartoon Network Africa’s new original production, CN to the Rescue, is here for. Available from the 14th of November on Cartoon Network Africa’s YouTube channel, the show is set to keep audiences laughing uncontrollably with pure African humour and fresh, imaginative content relating to everyday situations in the African household with a multitude of characters representative of the true African family.

What would the world be without inja ye game, our hero and cool brother, Tapiwe Lembwa, who is fun-loving and creative – and did we mention, Cartoon Network’s greatest fan in all of Africa? With the help of his cartoon chommies, and visits to his ‘Imagination Room’ filled with archives of his favourite Cartoon Network episodes, he solves daily household mshikashika in a surprising and imaginative way. However, with a no-nonsense slay queen of a mother, intensely focused bra, Garcia, who always gets drawn into Taps’s schemes, and a quiet, but wakker Gogo, no day – or episode – is without its twists and hilarious fun!!

Wacky ‘slap-chic’ African comedian,André Lembwa, brings CN to the Rescue to life. Born in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), before moving to South Africa, Lembwa’s primarily known for his impersonations of diverse nationalities, from Congolese, Nigerian, to South African and beyond. In 2019, André met Capetonian filmmaker, Howard James Fyvie, and next thing they knew – CN to the Rescue was born!

“I am ecstatic to be part of CN to the Rescue on Cartoon Network Africa’s YouTube channel,” says Lembwa. “This collaboration is an all-new format that combines the power of Cartoon Network with the clever use of local comedy and humour. I know that young audiences and families across Africa rate Cartoon Network, and I know they will enjoy the crossover of their favourite channel with their soon to be favourite family – The Lembwas!”

And no, you are not seeing double! Lembwa plays the central character, Tapiwe (aka Taps), and all three family members, the nerdy younger brother, Garcia, their glam mom, Lyzette, and of course the happy-go-lucky Gogo. With remarkably distinct characteristics for each new character, it can be easy to forget just how many roles Lembwa takes on in the series.

This quintessentially African show, primarily targeting 8-14-year-olds, further demonstrates Cartoon Network’s commitment to scaling up and sustaining the quality of local kids’ fun and imaginative entertainment. The series will consist of seven episodes of seven to nine minutes long, launching weekly from Saturday, 14 November through to Saturday, 19 December outside of the traditional linear ecosystem, exclusively on YouTube!

Join the Lembwas and get entangled with this colourful bunch from the 14th of November on Cartoon Network Africa’s website and YouTube channel.


EPISODE 1: Training Day

Release date : 14 November

Motivated by prospects of wealth and fame, Taps takes on the challenge to transform his nerdy brother into the first African Table Tennis champion. Cartoon Network comes to the rescue for a reel of side-splitting training day montage madness, ending in an epic Table Tennis match with an ultimate camera fail at the last minute.

EPISODE 2: Breaking news

Release date : 14 November

When the ‘greatest Cartoon Network fan’, Taps, cannot resist getting his hands on his Mom’s new big screen TV, the worst happens … the brothers break the TV, by accident. Inspired by Gumball’s ‘fixing the television’, We Bare Bears ‘repairing robots’, and The Powerpuff Girls ‘professor unveiling secret invention, it’s Cartoon Network to the rescue! Taps employs his nerdy brother Garcia’s science savvy in an attempt to save the day before their mom returns from the hairdresser. Garcia invents a TV, but, as it turns out – it’s actually an invisibility ray!

EPISODE 3: What’s cooking?

Release date: 21 November

Mom’s demand for an African dinner to be cooked by her children turns into a death-defying competition when Taps and Garcia decide on contrasting menus. Inspired by Mao Mao’s cook-off, it’s Cartoon Network to the rescue to win over Gogo and Mom’s approval. Bacon Pancakes comes onto the menu as a last-minute win!

EPISODE 4: Clean this house up

Release date: 28 November

Faced with the fury of Mom’s agitation at the messy state of the home, Taps and his nerdy brother, Garcia get ‘creative’ with an alternative to cleaning. It’s Cartoon Network to the rescue as Taps gets empowered by his friends in his Imagination Room – in particular Rigby and Mordecai from Regular Show’s ‘Wall buddy’ (Season 2, episode 2) to save the day by hiding all their dirt in various appliances in the kitchen. Mom comes home and discovers the mess, grounding them all instantly!

EPISODE 5: Genius Hair

Release date: 5 December

When Garcia is convinced a new hairstyle will help his chances of approval for the African University of Science in Africa for Africans, Taps’ fears for his brother’s life and reputation by having a nerdy hairstyle. Inspired by Craig of the Creek Season 2, Episode 2 where Craig has a self-cut hair disaster, and Robin’s ‘spike hair gel’ from Teen Titans Go!, Cartoon Network comes to the rescue once again! Taps teams up with his groom-wise Mom to give his brother a new look.

EPISODE 6: Load shedding P1

Release date: 12 December

When a day-long power cut hits the Lembwa household, Taps is faced with the disastrous impossibility of watching Cartoon Network. Cheered up by the Imagination Room visits featuring a slumber party in Teen Titans Go!, Grizz and his bro hanging in We Bare Bears, the “bromise” in Gumball and bros singing to each other, reaching out from behind a glass cage of emotion in Teen Titans Go!, as well as their tickling game and Apple and Onion’s ‘the floor is lava’ game, he plays with the colourful entertainment to make his afternoon fun. As a result, a breakthrough in making his brother laugh occurs!

EPISODE 7: Load shedding P2

Release date: 19 December

Faced with a scary walk in the dark to buy candles at the spaza shop, Taps must convince his brother to join him. Encouraged by Mao Mao’s ‘Don’t be afraid of the dark’, Cartoon Network comes to the rescue as they learn the power of their bond. Finally, Garcia opens his mind to the imagination of Cartoon Network, and it ends with the two brothers uniting together into the Imagination Room!


Coming Up On Carte Blanche – 29 November 2020

Gone in 60 Seconds: Watch Carte Blanche, this Sunday 29 November 2020 at 19:00, only on M-Net

I N V E S T I G A T I O N S  

Gone in 60 Seconds: The Latest High-tech Car Con

No threats, no guns, no violence – but your car is gone in the blink of an eye. It’s the 2020 incarnation of a sophisticated con that gets you to part with the keys to your high-end luxury vehicle – with a smile. A scam so slick that it’s left victims baffled after they willingly parted with their cars to complete strangers. Carte Blanche investigates.  

Producer: Nicky Troll | Presenter: Claire Mawisa

Vultures: Killings in the Kruger

Known as the “clean-up crew”, vultures are some of the most important animals in the wild. But across the Kruger National Park, hundreds of these scavengers have been found dead and the weapon of choice is poison. Already endangered, some experts believe that these birds of prey may be targeted for their body parts to be sold in muthi markets. But poison is indiscriminate and along with vultures, some lions and leopards have also been killed. Carte Blanche seeks answers.

Producer: Sasha Schwendenwein | Presenter: Derek Watts

The Illegal Trade of Human Organs

It’s said that there’s almost nothing you can’t buy on the black market. In the streets of Cairo in Egypt, where poverty is rife, there’s another more terrifying industry – the sale of human body parts. Around the world, there’s a serious shortage of transplant organs. But here in this ancient city, hundreds of African migrants and refugees who pass through Egypt on the way to Europe, become fodder in this dangerous underworld where organs are harvested from the poor. Desperate patients with deep pockets – often in need of a kidney – line up and pay big bucks for an illegal organ. In this special investigation, a team of journalists go into the heart of the human organ trade.

Producer: BBC Panaroma


Rugby Legend Frik du Preez – Happy 85th Birthday!

He dropped, he placed, he scored! Legendary rugby player Frik du Preez could break open a game and score out of nowhere. Few, it’s been said, would ever match his all-round prowess as a forward and a back rolled into one. As COVID-19’s social distancing rules ruined any chances of a big party, Carte Blanche got in on the surprise – a special celebration, with warm tributes as fellow sport legends shared well wishes and the stories that turned him into a rugby giant.

Producers: Stenette Grosskopf, Hendrik Hancke & Niel van Deventer | Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli

Above the Clouds

When Tim Slab took on the highest highline in South Africa, it was quite literally a mountain to climb. Nestled between two peaks in the Drakensberg and at 3200 metres above sea level, the adrenaline enthusiast leapt at the opportunity to accomplish a feat very few will ever even attempt – to walk above the clouds. It was an adventure he simply couldn’t pass up. But when the rain, mist and 65 km/h winds set in, he almost had to abandon his mission. 

Producer: Tarryn Crossman | Presenter: Claire Mawisa

Line-ups are subject to change. Stories can be viewed at

Facebook: Carte Blanche #CarteBlanche
Twitter: @carteblanchetv #CarteBlanche
Instagram: @carteblanchetv #CarteBlanche


The Walking Dead’s Extended 10th Season Of Six New Episodes Premieres 1 March 2021 On Fox

Robert Patrick, Hilarie Burton Morgan and
Okea Eme-Akwari Among New Cast

FOX has announced that The Walking Dead’s extended 10th season of six new episodes will premiere on 1 March at 03:00 CAT, simulcast with the U.S., and then again at 20:45 CAT that night (Monday 1 March) on FOX (Dstv 125, Startsat 132).

Leading up to this, this festive season, FOX will be celebrating a decade of the popular show with a marathon of every single episode. From 2 December 2020 at 21:30, every weeknight, viewers can enjoy double bills of the post apocalypse horror series starting from the very beginning of the first season.

New guest stars to be featured in the extended third season episodes include Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Perry Mason, Scorpion) as “Mays,” Hilarie Burton Morgan (One Tree Hill, White Collar, Friday Night In with the Morgans) as “Lucille” along with new co-star Okea Eme-Akwari (Greenland, Cobra Kai) as “Elijah,” among others.

Last on The Walking Dead, we witnessed the fall of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the end of the Whisperers War. The Kingdom had fallen, Hilltop was virtually destroyed and Alexandria abandoned to prepare for final battle. The survivors were trapped and separated from one another. Yet, when faced with almost certain death, they rallied together to fight, killing Beta (Ryan Hurst) and eliminating the threat of the horde.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

In these six new episodes, we’ll see our survivors trying to pick themselves up by their bootstraps following the destruction the Whisperers left in their wake. The years of struggle weigh upon them as past traumas surface, exposing their more vulnerable sides. As they question the state of humanity, the state of their collective community, and the states of their minds, will they find the inner strength to persevere with their lives, friendships, and group intact?

“The Walking Dead has captured the imagination of horror viewers since its inception ten years ago, and continues to deliver nail-biting storylines, grit and action in every single episode, leaving viewers wanting for more. We are thrilled to be celebrating the show with fans across the continent this festive season, as we gear up for brand new content from the franchise in the new year.” said Evert van der Veer, Vice President, Media Networks, The Walt Disney Company Africa.

Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, The Walking Dead is produced by AMC Studios and executive produced by Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple, Showrunner Angela Kang, Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Joseph Incaprera and Denise Huth.

Ryan Hurst as Beta – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Synopsis For The Walking Dead New Episodes

EPISODE 1017 – “Home Sweet Home”

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has returned with a story she is not ready to share, even when her past catches up to her. Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan,) safety is at stake again. Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie fight an unseen and unknown threat.

Director: David Boyd
Writers:  Kevin Deiboldt & Corey Reed

EPISODE 1018 – “Find Me”

An adventure for Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride) turns sideways when they come across an old cabin. It takes Daryl back to the years when he left the group after Rick disappeared as he relives a time that only the apocalypse could manifest.

Director: David Boyd
Writer: Nicole Mirante-Matthews

EPISODE 1019 – “One More”

Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) search for food and supplies to bring back to Alexandria. Small tragedies lead to bigger tragedies as faith is broken and optimism is fragmented when they are put to the ultimate test.

Director: Laura Belsey
Writers: Erik Mountain & Jim Barnes

EPISODE 1020 – “Splinter”

Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), and Princess (Paola Lázaro) are captured and separated. Princess struggles with memories of her traumatic past and tries to escape one way or another with the help of Ezekiel.

Director: Laura Belsey
Writers: Julia Ruchman & Vivian Tse

EPISODE 1021 – “Diverged”

Daryl and Carol come to a fork in the road and head their separate ways. Each going into their own type of survival mode, the easiest of challenges become much harder. Will their individual journeys be the tipping point needed to mend their friendship or is the distance between them permanent?

Director: David Boyd
Writer: Heather Bellson 

EPISODE 1022 – “Here’s Negan”

Carol takes Negan on a journey, hoping to minimize the increasing tension.  Negan reflects on the events that led him to this point and comes to a conclusion about his future. 

Director: Laura Belsey
Writer: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick 

Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, The Walking Dead is produced by AMC Studios and executive produced by Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple, Showrunner Angela Kang, Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Joseph Incaprera and Denise Huth.

Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, The Walking Dead is produced by AMC Studios and executive produced by Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple, Showrunner Angela Kang, Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Joseph Incaprera and Denise Huth.

How to tune in:

DSTV: 1265
Starsat: 132 on DTH, 71 on DTT (215 on DTT in Uganda)


M-Net Channels Highlights – December 2020

Sunday Night Blockbusters

Sunday 06 December 2020

20:05 Knives Out Thriller, Mystery

This book-inspired murder mystery boasts an all-star cast led by Daniel Craig. When a famous crime writer is found dead, a seasoned detective is enlisted to solve the mystery.

Sunday 13 December 2020

20:05 Midway Action, War

Woody Harrelson, Patrick Wilson and Luke Evans star in this real-event-based WWII drama about the Battle of Midway, which was a clash between U.S. and Japanese militaries.

Sunday 20 December 2020

20:05 Last Christmas Romance, Comedy

Along with Emma Thompson, Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are the drivers of this holiday rom-com. A spiraling young woman meets a “too good to be true” man who changes her life.

Sunday 27 December 2020

20:05 Dolittle Comedy, Animated

Robert Downey Jr. leads an all-star cast in this amazing film. A physician who can talk to animals embarks on an adventure to find a legendary island.

World Cinema Movies

Sunday 06 December 2020

22:15 Traumfabrik

A touching love story set in the Berlin crisis of 1961. A young studio extra has a crazy plan to reunite with a French girl after the building of the Berlin Wall separates them.

Sunday 13 December 2020

22:20 Innocence                             

A very powerful drama. A coming-of-age story about a group of Rwandan schoolgirls at a Belgian-run Catholic boarding school.

Sunday 20 December 2020

21:45 Arab Blues

A lovely Fench language film set in Tunisia. After years abroad in Paris, Selma returns to Tunis with the dream of opening up her own psychotherapy practice. 

Brand New Shows

Wednesday 02 December 2020

22:25 Gold Digger 01 0001 *Series Starts*                   

The intriguing season premiere of this British mini-series. When Julia (60) is stood up on her birthday by all her children, she randomly encounters Benjamin (33) at the British Museum, and they begin a romance.

Thursday 03 December 2020

19:30 Titan Games 02 0001 “Titan Games Premiere” *Series Starts*               

Dwayne Johnson motivates global audiences to reach their potential in this inspiring athletic competition series that invites everyday people to strive for greatness.

Monday 07 December 2020

22:30 Third Day, The 01 0001 “Friday – The Father” *Series Starts*      

The season premiere of this Jude Law, HBO limited-series. After Sam – a London family man in crisis – rescues a troubled young girl in the woods, he brings her home to the ominous Osea Island.

Tuesday 08 December 2020

20:30 68 Whiskey 01 0001 “Buckley’s Goat” *Series Starts*      

Executive producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard deliver an exciting military dramedy. Follow the outrageous behaviour and camaraderie of a group of Army medics base in the warzone of Afghanistan.

Tuesday 15 December 2020

19:30 NCIS: New Orleans 07 0001 *Series Starts*      

In this spin-off of the popular NCIS series, a dedicated team of agents fight crime in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

Tuesday 22 December 2020

21:30 Manhunt: Deadly Games 02 0001 “Centbomb” *Series Starts*      

A crime drama based on real events. Security guard Richard Jewell saves hundreds of lives when he discovers a bomb at the 96 Atlanta Olympics. But he soon becomes the focus of FBI investigation.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

21:30 Blacklist, The 07 0001 “Louis T. Steinhil (No. 27)” *Series Starts*            

The season seven premiere. After being abducted by Katarina Rostova, Raymond “Red” Reddington finds himself alone in hostile territory unsure of who, if anyone, he can trust.

Season and Series Finales

Tuesday 01 December 2020

20:30 S.W.A.T. (Sony) 03 0021 “Diablo” *Series Ends*  

The team searches for a group of drug smugglers who crash a plane and scatter after a joint mission with the DEA to stop the shipment goes awry. A fast-paced crime drama.

Tuesday 08 December 2020

19:30 NCIS: Los Angeles 11 0022 “Code Of Conduct” *Series Ends*  

Sam, Callen and Rountree travel to Afghanistan when Marine Lieutenant Colonel Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) asks NCIS to help with a sensitive case after two SEALs claim their chief murdered an unarmed prisoner.

Friday 11 December 2020

21:00 Party Of Five (2020) 01 0010 “Diaspora” *Series Ends*   

In the season finale of this powerful, pertinent drama about family, Val makes a surprising request with lasting repercussions. Ella surprises Beto in Mexico.

Monday 14 December 2020

20:30 Rookie, The 02 0020 “The Hunt” *Series Ends*   

The season finale. Harper agrees to help Nolan after he shows her the body camera footage. They lead Armstrong to an abandoned house to pick up his burner phone’s signal to tap its records.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

21:30 FBI: Most Wanted 01 0014 “Getaway” *Series Ends*   

When a father and son bank-robbing duo escape from a prison transport van on their way to trial and pick up where they left off, the team must hunt them down. A riveting crime drama.

Saturday 19 December 2020

22:35 Sanctuary 01 0008 “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” *Series Ends*         

Hel finally has someone who is on the side of the angels who believes in her. Margot/Jane meets Fisher in his office and tells him that she is convinced that Hel is telling the truth.

M-Net City Movies

Friday 04 December 2020

20:50 All About The Benjamins | Action, Comedy

Ice Cube and Mike Epps chase the money in this comedy. When a bail-jumper discovers $20 million in stolen diamonds, he and the bounty hunter chasing him team up to steal them.

Friday 11 December 2020

21:00 Smokin’ Aces | Action, Thriller

Drawing on Quentin Tarantino’s style, this ultra-violent action flick stars Jeremy Piven (Entourage) as a former Vegas performer turned snitch who quickly becomes a target.

Friday 18 December 2020

21:00 300: Rise Of An Empire | Action, Drama

A thrilling sequel to the hit film 300. Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) leads his men into battle against the Persians after the inspiring acts of the fallen Spartans.

Friday 25 December 2020

20:50 Oblivion | Sci-Fi, Action

A futuristic sci-fi epic helmed by Tom Cruise. A veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources discovers a crashed spacecraft that will change everything he knew.

New to M-Net City

Tuesday 15 December 2020   

19:10 NCIS: Los Angeles 11 0001 “Let Fate Decide” *Series Double Bill Starts*  

In this season premiere of the popular Emmy-nominated crime drama, Callen and Sam work with Navy Capt. Harmon Rabb Jr. to apprehend spies aboard the USS Allegiance.

20:50 Good Fight, The 04 0001 “The Gang Deals With Alternate Reality” *Series Starts*

In this season premiere, Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, is president. While Diane is overjoyed, she soon realizes that this outcome might have unexpected consequences.

Friday 18 December 2020

19:10 Katy Keene 01 0001 Chapter One: “Pilot” *Series Starts*       

A joyful, gripping series that follows aspiring designer Katy Keene and a group of artists trying to make their dreams come true in New York City. From the creators of Riverdale.

Monday 21 December 2020

20:00 FBI 02 0001 “Little Egypt” *Series Starts*       

A riveting season premiere. After a bomb detonates at a restaurant in Queens, the case becomes personal for OA, who grew up eating there. But what initially seems like a terrorist attack is more complex.

Thursday 31 December 2020

20:50 Homeland 08 0001 “Deception Indicated” *Series Starts*       

The gripping premiere of the eighth and final season of the multi-award-winning espionage thriller. Carrie recovers in Germany. Saul negotiates. Max has a new mission.

Saturday Binge of Procedural Drama With Fire Departments (City Heat)

Saturday 12 December 2020

17:30 Station 19 03 0001 “I Know This Bar” *City Heat Starts* *Double Bill*   

In this season premiere of this fast-paced drama, a car crashes into Joe’s Bar. The team fight to rescue their fellow crewmates and others before it’s too late. Executive produced by Shonda Rhimes.

19:10 9-1-1 03 0001 “Kids Today” *Double Bill*   

Athena enlists the 118’s help when a teenager speeds out of control on the freeway. Meanwhile, a routine traffic stop uncovers a shocking kidnapping. A fast-paced first responder drama.

20:50 9-1-1: Lone Star 01 0001 “Pilot” *Double Bill*   

Rob Lowe drives this pulsating spin-off to the hit first responder drama series. A New York cop relocates to Texas with his son where he works to save people’s lives.

Local Midweek Binge

Wednesday 16 December 2020

20:50 Girl From St. Agnes, The 01 0001 *Local Midweek Binge Starts*    

The mysterious death of a schoolgirl at an elite boarding school sets off a desperate hunt for the truth. It seems everyone has something to hide in this gripping South African drama filmed in the Midlands.

One Day Binge

Sunday 20 December 2020

15:00 His Dark Materials 01 0001 “Lyra’s Jordan” * One Day Binge Starts*    

An acclaimed fantasy series based on the best-selling novels. A girl embarks on a quest to liberate her world from the Magisterium which represses people’s ties to magic and their animal spirits.

Season & Series Finales

Wednesday 02 December 2020

21:40 Wentworth 07 0010 “Under Siege Part 2” *Series Ends*    

The thrilling season seven finale. With nothing more to lose, Marie is determined to see her plan to escape succeed and finds herself in a race against time.

Saturday 05 December 2020

19:10 Stargirl 01 0013 “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two” *Series Ends*  

A thrilling season finale to this pulsating superhero drama. As the ISA come one step closer to accomplishing their mission, Courtney and the JSA face off against Icicle and the villains.                                               

20:50 Swamp Thing 01 0010 “Loose Ends” *Series Ends*  

A thrilling season finale to this pulsating superhero drama. As the ISA come one step closer to accomplishing their mission, Courtney and the JSA face off against Icicle and the villains.                                                

Tuesday 08 December 2020

20:00 American Dynasties: The Bush Years – Family, Duty And Power 01 0006 “The End Of A Dynasty?” *Series Ends*                

An in-depth look at the lives and presidencies of George HW Bush and his son George W. Bush.

20:50 L.A.’S Finest 01 0013 “Bad Girls” *Series Ends*                

Syd (Gabrielle Union) and McKenna (Jessica Alba) close in on Carlene in an effort to free Izzy (Sophie Reynolds) and Justice Baines.

Wednesday 09 December 2020

20:50 All American 02 0016 “Decisions” *Series Ends*          

When Spencer hears that South Crenshaw may turn into a magnet school, he and his friends decide to do something about it. Jordan makes a Hail Mary in his personal life.

Friday 11 December 2020

19:10 Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 07 0013 “What We’re Fighting For” *Series Ends*          

The electrifying season finale of this pulsating comic book drama. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most important fight will take the help of friends and teammates, past and present.     

Saturday 12 December 2020

22:30 Pennyworth 01 0010 “Marianne Faithful” *Series Ends*          

A gripping season finale to this action-packed drama. A royal family member is abducted, forcing Alfred to choose his loyalties but Lord Harwood uses those closest to Alfred to manipulate him.     

Sunday 20 December 2020

22:13 His Dark Materials 01 0008 “Betrayal” * One Day Binge Ends*    

Strangeness and wonder mark this fantasy drama based on the cult novel series of the same name by Philip Pullman.

Monday 21 December 2020

19:10 Grey’s Anatomy 16 0021 “Put On A Happy Face” *Series Ends*       

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning medical drama continues to break new ground by exploring the intricate lives of a group of medical professionals in Seattle.

Thursday 24 December 2020

21:40 Nancy Drew (2019) 01 0018 “The Clue In The Captain’s Painting” *Series Ends*       

A dynamic reboot of the iconic teenage detective Nancy Drew. Nancy is making plans to leave her hometown for college but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder mystery.

Friday 25 December 2020

15:00 Emmerdale (2020) 01 0060 *Series Ends*       

A long-standing British soap opera set in a fictional village in the Yorkshire Dales.

15:25 Coronation Street (2020) 01 0060 *Series Ends*       

The U.K.’s longest-running television soap, Coronation Street focuses on the everyday lives of working class people in Manchester, England.

Tuesday 29 December 2020

21:40 Castle Rock 02 0010 “Clean” *Series Ends*       

The characters and stories of horror author Stephen King are explored in this chilling anthology of his beloved works. Backed by Emmy-winner JJ Abrams, an ensemble cast stars.


MultiChoice Introduces A Brand New Channel “Honey”

Africa’s most-loved storyteller is proud to announce a brand new Pan-African lifestyle channel, HONEY, on DStv channel 173

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance our customers’ viewing experience and delight them with additional content, DStv is thrilled to bring this latest venture in African storytelling. HONEY launches on Friday, 12 February, 2021 and will be available for Compact, Compact Plus and Premium customers.

HONEY is a bold, unscripted lifestyle TV channel for curious and connected Africans. The channel is about celebrating and exploring African lives and loves, and the content is focused on lifestyle, fashion, food, weddings, dating, as well as reality.

Honey (DStv channel 173) will celebrate and explore African lives and loves

MultiChoice CEO of General Entertainment, Yolisa Phahle, says the move follows consistent, upward lifestyle-viewership trends on the continent. “DStv is thrilled to launch HONEY. The channel is part of our commitment to keep bringing fresh, authentic and local content to our African subscribers. For many years, we’ve seen lifestyle is a popular genre on the continent; and now our subscribers will see their own talent, food, celebrations, and their families as the well-deserved hero.”

The channel will be broadcast in all key African regions including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, DRC, Cameroon and South Africa. Keeping with the continent’s effervescent energy and vibrancy, the channel will be a tapestry of African producers with exciting storylines and cross-continental casting, making HONEY, a go-to channel for authentic African storytelling.

Head of Content at MultiChoice, Aletta Alberts says: “Africa’s dynamism and way of life is the perfect ingredient for this exciting channel. HONEY is going to add sweet and sticky flavour to our subscriber offering. Lifestyle content is the ideal vehicle to reflect the continent’s diversity and sameness. Everyone curious about food, style, and weddings is in for a treat.”

The new channel will be a tapestry of African producers with exciting storylines

The MultiChoice channel is packaged by Media24’s television unit which is also responsible for Afrikaans lifestyle channel, VIA.

Izelle Venter, HONEY’s Channel Head says: “Media24 is delighted to collaborate with MultiChoice on this new adventure. The goal is to combine both companies’ best qualities, experiences, and knowledge to serve DStv subscribers with a new channel that is familiar, unique and entertaining.”

The key ingredient to HONEY is the channel’s focus on authentic African storytelling. In a ground-breaking content creation model, the channel has partnered with producers from all corners of the continent to create hundreds of fresh hours of exciting African shows, ensuring that HONEY is indeed the place where all Africans feel at home.

“We are working with producers across the continent to ensure the lifestyle stories we tell are real and relevant,” says Zinzi Velelo, HONEY’s Head of Content. “Our goal is to showcase the characters, talent and dynamics of everyday African life as never before.”

Manage your subscription via the MyDStv app and enjoy this channel and more on the go, anywhere and anytime using the DStv app and Showmax.