Dragon Ball Super To Battle It Out For The First Time On Cartoon Network Africa

Obsessed with the Dragon Ball series? Well, Son Goku’s adventure from the blockbusting classic anime continues in the follow up, Dragon Ball Super, on the #1 kids channel on the continent, Cartoon Network, from Tuesday, 16 March 2020.

The Dragon Ball series, based on the shonen manga created in 1984, initially aired in Japan in 1986 and crash-landed on Cartoon Network in the US in the late 1990s. With a total of 675 episodes, 20 movies, and more than 250 million manga sold across the globe, Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise remains one of the most popular anime of all time, and the mega fandom all over the world can attest to the popularity of this show.

Ever since defeating the evil Buu, Goku and his friends have been living peaceful lives. However, their happiness is short-lived when Beerus, the God of Destruction, comes to challenge Goku. With all of humanity hanging in the balance, Goku must get his friends’ help to become the legendary Super Saiyan God and meet this new threat. Their battle is just the beginning in this sprawling adventure. Dragon Ball Super reconnects fans with their favourite characters while introducing new storylines beyond imagination – including the reveal of 12 universes … each with their own God of Destruction!

The Dragon Ball saga hooked in an entire generation like no other anime at the time. Many young adults will have very fond memories of Dragon Ball, and now, another new generation of fans will be rushing home from school and straight to their TV screens in the hope that they are just in time to catch the next episode of Dragon Ball Super where Goku will lead the battles against much stronger opponents than they ever faced before.

“Cartoon Network goes to great lengths to carefully select the best programming for its fans, thereby emerging as the leading kids PayTV channel across Africa. The global popularity of Dragon Ball Super is the perfect match to reach our African households and anime fans,” says Ariane Suveg, Director of Kids Content Dragon Ball Super is the dawn of a whole new Dragon Ball era and we know that a whole new group of kids will now be attempting to go Super Saiyan with their friends!”

Catch the exciting sneak peek of Dragon Ball Super on Saturday, 7 March 2020, at 08:40 CAT when Cartoon Network Africa brings you four brand new episodes, back to back. Tune in from Tuesday, 16 March @ 16:45 CAT to watch the God of Destruction and Golden Frieza Sagas on DStv, channel 301 and GOtv, channel 67 (Ghana 158 and Uganda 356).


Girl Power Reigns Supreme In Cartoon Network, Save The Children Partnership

If the number of entries already received for the Powerpuff Girls Awards are anything to go by, then many young girls are quietly playing their roles in society through innovation, creativity and technology.

The PPG Awards were launched in August with the aim to celebrate and empower young African girls between the ages of 9 and 14, who are looking for a platform to showcase their super-powers. These girls are ordinary little girls, with superhero skills, who have done extraordinary things to change their world. The three categories represent each of The Powerpuff Girls’ characters, and projects are being submitted in the fields of Technological Innovation (The Buttercup Award), Social Responsibility and Bravery (The Blossom Award); and finally Art and Creativity (The Bubbles Award).

As a vibrant continent, abundant in rich culture and decades of tradition, there is much anticipation around what superpowers young African girls are using to help their communities. International NGO, Save the Children, is at the forefront of saving children’s lives and creating lasting change for children and their families through long-term development programs. CEO of Save the Children South Africa, Gugu Ndebele, believes that the Cartoon Network PPG Awards partnership has made it possible to harness resources, energy, knowledge and expertise to empower and celebrate the young girls of Africa. “The PPG Awards will help young girls to embrace their unique power and use whatever ‘superpower’ they have to make a positive impact on the world around them. Each and every one of them is able to make a change in the world in their own very special way, no matter how big or small!” says Ndebele.

Equally bursting with excitement, and pride, are teachers such as Dipuo Swelenkomo and Princess Dube, from Gordon Primary School in Alexandra, who are looking forward to seeing young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds being afforded the opportunity to showcase their skills, abilities, personalities and knowledge.

The PPG Awards selection panel is having fun going through the entries received and thrilled to see that there’s immense potential on the continent. Judging by the inspirational ideas from creative young girls in South Africa and Kenya, the future of Africa is bright, and in the right hands!

Entries close on 15 October 2018; Specific guidelines for each category, and the terms and conditions for entry, can be found on Winners will be announced at the end of October and will receive their award at a Gala Dinner held in Johannesburg in November. Each winner, from each of the three categories, will receive $1 500 to help bring their award-winning entry to life with the help of a dedicated mentor, including Toya Delazy as the artistic mentor.


Cartoon Network Launches The Powerpuff Girls Awards To Empower And Celebrate Young Girls In Africa

As part of the Powerpuff Girls’ 20th Anniversary, Cartoon Network Africa places focus on recognising and celebrating young girls, from all walks of life, who want to shape the future with their creativity and innovation.

Once again, Cartoon Network is proving that it is a multi-dimensional channel that not only offers appealing viewing opportunities for children, but also unexpected, smart and creative real-life opportunities for its viewers. The PPG Awards, launching in August 2018, have been created to celebrate and empower young girls in Africa, between the ages of 9 and 14, who are looking for a platform to showcase their super-powers. These girls are ordinary little girls with superhero skills who have great ideas to change their world. Split into three categories, each representing The Powerpuff Girls’ characters, entrants will be able to submit projects in the Science and Tech Inventor, Social Helper and Artistic Creator categories.

Cartoon Network is teaming up with the African arm of the international NGO, Save the Children, pioneers for children’s rights, as well as Africa’s very own Powerpuff Girl, Toya Delazy, in their quest to find some of Africa’s young, amazing, girl heroes. They will be creating awareness about The PPG Awards by visiting schools across South Africa and Kenya, disrupting the superhero myth and showing them that young girls can save the world!

Each award category has been built on the inner power and special ability of each of the three super-cute, super-fierce Powerpuff Girls. The Buttercup Award targets little girls who celebrate excellence in science and technology by developing an invention that has raised the bar, turning her vision into a reality. The Bubbles Award will go to a little girl who is always using her imagination to create artistic pieces, in any form, that is original and represents girl’s empowerment. And finally, The Blossom Award will be awarded to the entrant that is smart, positive and has a strong moral compass, someone who makes a remarkable difference for the greater good, teaches awe-inspiring lessons and wishes to take their idea further.

“The PPG Awards celebrates young African girls and their achievements. It aims to empower young girls to express themselves and never give up on their dreams,” says Toya Delazy, South African singer and songwriter. “We hope that the PPG Awards provides a platform to bring out the strength that every young African girl carries within her and allows her to become the amazing little superhero that she really is!”

Entries for the awards open from 15 August to 15 October 2018. Specific guidelines for each category, and the terms and conditions for entry, can be found on from Wednesday, 15 August 2018 when the competition goes live. Winners will be announced at the end of October and will receive their award at an awards ceremony held in Johannesburg in the beginning of November. Each winner, from each of the three categories, will receive $1 500 to help bring their award-winning entry to life with the help of a dedicated mentor, including Toya Delazy as the Artistic Creator mentor.

“Save the Children is a Child Rights Organisation which aims to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats its children. As the African arm of this organisation, we are proud and honoured to partner with Cartoon Network on this event,” says Gugu Ndebele, CEO Save the Children South Africa. “We cannot think of a better way to inspire change, than to partner with an organisation that celebrates young girls and their achievements. We look forward to engaging with the young girls who rock for Africa!”

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We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.

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Cartoon Network Is Looking For New Animation Talent In Africa

The leader in children’s animation in South Africa, Cartoon Network, invites African creators to submit their short-form comedy project in the first ever Cartoon Network creative venture run in Africa.

If there’s one thing Africans do really well, it is the ability to laugh at themselves! Taking advantage of Africans’ humorous streak, and incredible storytelling abilities, Cartoon Network Africa is proud to announce the launch of their brand new initiative, Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab, an African venture designed to bring innovative, local short form content to the channel, and its digital platforms, while reinforcing the local relevance of the brand.

In this ground-breaking move, the leading network in the kids’ entertainment industry, Cartoon Network is taking another bold step in addressing the gap in locally relevant content which offers a viewing experience that resonates with its African audience. The initiative will encourage African talents: creators, writers, graphic artists, animation students … in fact anyone who loves kids’ content, to explore their creative, animation and production talents and have the chance to produce a short-form animated comedy to make Cartoon Network viewers across Africa laugh out loud!

“As sponsors of the DISCOP 2016 Animation Pitching Programme, we were exposed to some really inspiring local animation projects,” says Ariane Suveg, Head of Programming and Acquisition Turner Kids Africa. “We were so impressed by Cape Town-based Punch Monkey Studio’s amazing creative energy in the winning entry, Cloud Life, that the project has been traveling through the Turner group and is now in a development process with the Turner Asia Pacific production team! This just reinforces our need to invest in local content and our commitment to further mentoring talent in the African animation industry.”

Entries for the Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab will be open from 7th June until 31st August 2018 across the continent. African residents, aged 18 and over, or any African-based company, can submit their one-minute to three-minute creative short project which must fall in the comedy genre and fit with Cartoon Network’s values of random, irreverent, smart and contemporary humour. Editorial guidelines can be found on

Ten projects will be short-listed in September, and the local creators will get the opportunity to pitch their work to Cartoon Network Africa’s content programming team. The winner and two runners-up will then be revealed at DISCOP Johannesburg at the end of the year.

The winner and runners-up will be given the opportunity to get their project produced as a pilot with Cartoon Network Africa which will then premiere on Cartoon Network Africa and its digital platforms in 2019.

“We are honoured to be supporting local African animation talent through the Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab. We look forward to seeing the entries and hope to see the winners flourish in their career as content creators, following the footsteps of some of Cartoon Network’s greatest talents.” concludes Ariane Suveg.


Cartoon Network Drawing Competition Winners Announced

Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios to Unwrap Local Animated Shorts Ahead of the Festive Season


Television screens across Cartoon Network Africa’s radar will never be the same again. On Monday, 11th December, the number one kids channel in South Africa will reveal the first ever, wholly produced in Africa, animated shorts. In the weeks to follow, local audiences will be able to take delight in three more locally produced animated shorts to be broadcast every Monday until January 1st, 2018.

The television premiere of the four Cartoon Network Imagination Studios’ locally produced animated shorts comes hot off the heels of the recent FupiToons Film Festival hosted in conjunction with African Animation Network (AAN) and Ster-Kinekor. Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios, a drawing contest run in April 2017, was created to inspire, motivate and celebrate the wild imaginations of children between the ages of six and 12-years-old, allowing them to conceptualise and create their very own Cartoon Network friendly character duo, similar to the ones found on Cartoon Network. The groundbreaking shorts are a first in Cartoon Network’s aim to collaborate with local African talent to bring to life authentically African stories and characters.

The four winning drawings have come to life through the infusion of style, motion and sound from local animation experts and will hit the screen just in time for the festive season. Dida Bafor from Nigeria (eight), Katlego Khambule (10), Maia Janse (11) and nine-year-old Zoё-Jane Mans from South Africa, all had an exciting peek into the world of animation and a rare opportunity to add their personal touch to Cartoon Network Africa’s animated duos.

“I am so happy knowing that my drawing has been turned into a cartoon on Cartoon Network,” says eight-year-old Dida Bafor from Nigeria whose tale Adventures of the Talking Pizza – The Great Escape, is a story of siblings John and Lizzy who happen to be pizza slices.

“Seeing my creation coming to life is a dream come true!” says Katlego Khambule creator of The Doodling Duo – Attack of the Slug Monster a short animated film about a giant slug monster that moves into Dash and Diana’s city.

Llama Drama creator 11-year-old Maia Janse says, “This year was actually the third time that I have won the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios competition, but the first time that I have won the actual animation of my drawings – I am very proud and excited!”

If you’ve ever wondered whether banana peels are really that slippery, watch Robo and Tekna journey to the source code to find the truth and settle their bet before Dad finds out in Smarter Phones- Appside Town. “I am so happy and in awe of the way that my creation has been taken to a whole other level,” explains Zoë–Jane Mans.

Creative Director at Mind’s Eye Creative, Ryan van Eyk got to see the excited looks on the children’s faces. “The really cool thing about this initiative is getting kids involved in understanding animation production and the whole process of animating their drawings locally has shown them that their imaginations can come to life”, he says.

“We’re excited about showing the winning four animated shorts across Africa on Cartoon Network. We have been extremely impressed by the creativity and collaborative efforts from all our partners in making this possible. It has been amazing to walk this journey with the Imagination Studios winners and see their imaginative entries coming alive right before their eyes,” says Jaime Ondarza, Senior Vice President for Turner Southern Europe & Africa.

Don’t miss the winners’ animated duos on Cartoon Network across Africa from 11th December 2017.

Turner’s Cartoon Network is a universally appealing boy focused, girl inclusive channel driven by its exciting slate of surprising comedy and adventure. The programming line-up explores the relatable themes of humour, friendship, imagination, action and adventure. Cartoon Network targets boys and girls aged 6-12 and aims to champion kids being themselves through its rich mix of entertaining and globally successful content. The programming slate includes leading comedy animations The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Clarence, Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa and action-adventure shows, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and Teen Titans Go!

Since launching as a pan-European channel in 1993, Cartoon Network has localised services across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where it is available in 19 languages in over 142 million households in 70 countries. Cartoon Network can also be experienced through its award-winning website, as well as via games, video on demand, mobile and an array of licensing and merchandising. Cartoon Network is a brand owned by Turner, a Time Warner company.