Interpretations Film Competition: CTIFMF, Snake Nation, YOMYOMF Foundation

After nearly a year of strategic planning and development behind the scenes, the CTIFMF, in partnership with Snake Nation and the YOMYOMF Foundation is proud to announce the Interpretations inter-continental Film Competition in South Africa.

Interpretations is a short film contest, an initiative from the USA based YOMYOMF Foundation, the non-profit arm of the digital production company YOMYOMF (YouOffendMeYouOffendMyFamily), devoted to fostering and developing Asian American and other underrepresented voices in film and entertainment.

This innovative competition sees filmmakers invited to submit a short film of no more than 3 minutes, all using the same four-line script:

  • “So here is what happened”
  • “Let me see”
  • “It’s about that time”
  • “What’s my option”

Snake Nation, one of the partners of the CTIFMF in 2017, is once again working with the festival to promote young and emerging talent.  Founder and CEO Karl Carter has this to say of the competition, “The objective of this competition is to encourage aspiring South African filmmakers to develop their own original and unique voice and to encourage filmmakers to find their own take on the material and be as creative with it as they can. The script is broad and fluid enough so that one director could craft a comedy from it, another a stylish music video, another an action film, etc.”

Once the films are submitted, a distinguished panel of judges from both the studio and independent filmmaking worlds will review the submissions and narrow them down to fifteen semi-finalists. From those fifteen, three finalists/winners will be selected—two decided by the judges and one by online audience voting.

The winning filmmakers will have an opportunity to work on a full production of their project with the Snake Nation team at Georgia State University Creative Media Industries Institute under the mentorship of seasoned industry professionals.

Snake Nation, YOMYOMF Foundation and the CTIFMF will also make an effort to introduce promising filmmakers, whether they are a finalist or not, to appropriate industry mentors to help create more focused opportunities for growth and networking.

CTIFMF spokesperson Jehad Kasu explains further, “The CTIFMF is leading the way in applying existing local and national policies and partnerships to benefit and accelerate growth of the film industry. We have successfully done this by using the people-to-people exchange mechanism between China and South Africa to establish the first film industry partnership between South Africa and China, and now with Interpretations, we are successfully doing the same with the sister-cities collaboration between the City of Cape Town and the City of Atlanta committed to by their respective Mayors between October 2016 and May 2017, that seeks to strengthen cultural and economic relations between them. This is another demonstration of the CTIFMF practicing its theme to ‘Create. Collaborate. Celebrate.’”

YOMYOMF Foundation Founder/Director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious franchise, Star Trek Beyond) expressed that “It’s been amazing to experience the depth of the talent in the Asian American community here in the U.S. through the previous Interpretations initiatives and it’s exciting to see it expand to Southern Africa. I look forward to seeing what these filmmakers on the other side of the world create and have no doubt we will be as equally successful in finding unique and talented voices.”

Submissions are to be made via  and the submission deadline is Sept 2, Midnight SAST.

Interpretations competition details can be found at as well as

For more information on this contact Karl Carter at  or Jehad Kasu at

About Snake Nation

Snake Nation is a disruptive media and monetization company focused on creating value and social impact for a global community of Multicultural Millennial (M2) storytellers, content creators, brand builders, shapeshifters, executives, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, Snake Nation operates and hosts college societies, content studios, and a digital platform where creatives can build, showcase their work and culture, and communicate directly with their audience, in an uncensored voice. Snake Nation is Based in Atlanta, GA and Cape Town, SA.


The CTIFMF is a film industry platform to create, collaborate, and celebrate the exciting and often untapped potential of the eclectic film and entertainment industries. Guided by the festival’s core vision of transforming the African film industry through these the pillars of creation, collaboration, and celebration, the CTIFMF is incorporating a host of key initiatives and projects aimed at the local and Pan-African film industries, film lovers across the city, as well as emerging and new audiences from across Africa and beyond.

About YOMYOMF Foundation

The YOMYOMF Foundation, the non-profit arm of YOMYOMF (YouOffendMeYouOffendMyFamily), is devoted to fostering and developing Asian American and other underrepresented voices in entertainment and the arts.

CTIFMF: Initial Market Program Announces: Entries Open

The 2018 edition of the Cape Town International Film Market and Festival will take place from October 9th – 19th 2018 at venues across the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town.  This year’s edition will feature an expanded and content focused market, led by the recently appointed Market Director Elias Ribeiro.

The CTIFMF has reached out to various industry stakeholders in a collaborative effort in keeping with its theme, of CREATE, COLLABORATE, CELEBRATE, to develop a program with tangible outcomes and a view to the long term growth of the industry both regionally and across the continent.

A number of key programs have been finalized, all designed to maximize opportunities for emerging talent and to establish long term inclusive programs.

Elias Ribeiro explains further, “As the CTIFMF, learning from many who have paved the way, we have taken great care in crafting an offering that is complementary to current industry offerings. We hope to strengthen our bonds with partners such as the Durban Film Mart and together foster a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem that will contribute to assertive impact in film projects, our financial instruments and funders, policy designers and audiovisual makers at large. We also have prioritised an Audience Development program called Engage, with the faith we will in the long term make local films more sustainable in the domestic market.”

Marketing Director of the CTIFMF Jehad Kasu has this to say of the program, “It is the vision of the CTIFMF to reposition South Africa’s film industry offering through meaningful industry collaboration. If we harness our collective resources we can achieve an infinite amount of collective growth and success. This will of course take a reasonable amount of time and commitment to achieve. So we implore all film industry stakeholders new, established, private and state owned to support one another and become active participants in elevating the presence and contribution of the South African film industry within the global ecosystem.

WIP (Works in Progress)

As the most important element of a market is its content, the CTIFMF has developed a program that aims to elevate the bar for African content in terms of quality and innovation. A maximum of six works in progress will be selected from the African continent to show to international industry experts. High calibre decision makers and experts will be hand-picked to view the selected films and then give detailed feedback, with the goal of increasing the artistic quality and challenging the core creative teams to think about audiences beyond their own territories.

This initial viewing will be followed by a screening of a segment of the same works to a wider audience of invited industry stakeholders comprising of festival programmers, sales companies, distributors and post production financiers. The WIP program will disburse finishing awards to the most promising projects: grading, final sound mix, VFX, online editing, subtitling and DCPs, with the generous support of South African post production facilities such as Priest Post, Rhapsody, The Refinery and The Work Room Audio Post.

We have confirmed attendance from Berlinale’s European Film Market and Berlinale Africa Hub, Tribeca, TIFF, London BFI; international sales companies such as Pyramide International, Flourishing Films, Talent Agents Casarotto and Curtis Brown, Mnet, Indigenous Films, Ster Kinekor, and Post Production South Africa.

Entries are due no later than August 10th. For full details visit or email


Considering that one of the most challenging and pressing issues for local films is to earn the trust of local audiences that then translates into box office success, the CTIFMF will have a special focus on audience design and development.

A group of marketing and industry experts with an understanding of these challenges will be convened for a three-day workshop under the guidance of Valeria Richter. This outcome based workshop will equip these professionals with the most current and powerful tools designed to assist films in finding their target market and core following.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will be assigned a project from the WIP and will be expected to deliver an Audience Design Strategy, with a cash prize awarded to the most prolific two of the lot to craft an Audience Design Strategy in collaboration with the Festival Board for CTIFMF 2019.

Aimed at publicists, marketing and sales professionals, distributors and others within the field, applications are open until August 17th.  More details on the program, outcomes and prize can be found at, or email


CTIFMF’s Adapt program will bring together creatives, producers, and rights holders from the publishing and film industries to explore the possibilities of cinematic book adaptations as well as to develop an economic model and business practice around this that accounts for our African realities.

A number of toolbox sessions and workshops will be led by Selina Ukwuoma on translating from book to screen. She is no newcomer to South Africa as she has been working closely with Realness as well as Talents Durban over the past 3 years.

Selina is a freelance script consultant who began her career at literary agency Curtis Brown working on a number of adaptations including 2008 BAFTA winner BOY A. She has since gone on to advise on award-winning indie films such as 2014 Teddy winner THE WAY HE LOOKS and this year’s Goyas triumph SUMMER 1993, both Foreign Language Oscars entries from their respective countries.

The industry program of the CTIFMF will see 4 days of panel discussions, keynote speeches  and workshops with participation from experts from South Africa, the rest of Africa, and across the globe.  There will be a variety of relevant topics covered, all aimed at inclusive and constructive dialogues that foster the development of a cohesive and continually developing film industry. These topics include mentorship, financing, AR/VR, animation, blockchain and crypto currency.

For more information, submissions material list and to download application forms:

CTIFMF 2018: Create. Collaborate. Celebrate.

The Cape Town International Film Market & Festival will take place from October 9th – 19th 2018 at venues across the V & A Waterfront as well as in select sites across the city of Cape Town.

The CTIFMF 2018 is a film industry platform to create, collaborate, and celebrate the exciting and often untapped potential of this eclectic industry. Guided by the festival’s core vision of transforming the African film industry through these the pillars of creation, collaboration, and celebration, the CTIFMF will be incorporating a host of key initiatives and projects aimed at the local and Pan-African film industries, film lovers across the city, as well as emerging and new audiences from across Africa and beyond.

CTIFMF Executive Chairman Rafiq Samsodien has the following to say of this year’s festival, “We are leading the charge to re-build this industry from the bottom up. This year will see the birth of an entirely new way of collaborating and working towards a common goal for a sustainable industry.  So let’s start by building meaningful partnerships that enable and empower the spirit of filmmaking and the filmmakers.”

Rafiq Samsodien, 2017 CTIFMF


Creation within the film industry is not limited to content, but extends to relationships too. For filmmakers, the creation of both content and relationships is essential. However, with mounting business, financial, and logistical challenges faced by filmmakers, it is harder than ever for them to focus on their core creative function.

The CTIFMF is in-and-of-itself a platform created to converge the African film industry at a single point at which these stakeholders will have unfettered access to create new business, persona,l and strategic relationships and opportunities.

Core programs at the CTIFMF 2018 will focus on supporting filmmakers in specific areas including the hosting a gathering of the Emerging Talent Labs from across Africa. The aim of this is to foster the launch of an African Film Institute, a partnership between Ouaga Film Lab (West), Maisha Film Lab (East), Carthage Pro (North) and Realness & Electric South (South), that will have a sizeable footprint, real credibility, and extensive access to talent in all corners of the continent.

CTIFMF Marketing Director Jehad Kasu explains further “innovation is the cornerstone of the team’s endeavours to transform the landscape of the African film industry at the levels of ownership as well as industry stature. While some of what we are doing may have been done at other festivals before, the manner in which we are doing it within our platform is remarkably different. It is this difference in innovation that we trust will steadily build the CTIFMF to establish itself as Africa’s leading film industry platform.”


The African film industry needs collaboration. Supporting colleagues, promoting our own stories, and finding innovative solutions together in the face of adversity must be the hallmark of our industries. However, the South African film industry is largely very fractured and the emergence of a Pan-African industry is more dream than reality.

While competition is healthy, industry events and businesses that solely compete with one another, rather than complementing each other, makes for a situation that threatens the industry’s sustainability – let alone growth.

Collaboration means local collaboration with filmmakers, film schools, government, business, and other allied industry bodies such as tourism authorities, investors, and community organisations. Collaboration means a sharing of skills, an amplification of resources, and a support of people and organisations amongst the emerging filmmaker community.

To embody the spirit of collaboration, the CTIFMF is inviting the festival directors of some of Africa’s top film festivals to join together in a day of discussions, practical networking amongst filmmakers, and a sharing of award winning films.

This collaborative effort strives to enhance connectivity between South Africa and its African counterparts, to unlock co-production opportunities, identify synergies and provide traction to projects in the making.

Sharlto Copley & Jehad Kasu, CTIFMF 2017


The CTIFMF believes that celebrating our industry’s best and brightest is essential. Celebration is the best way to reward hard work and perseverance. Celebrating achievers is a way to highlight our stories and inspiring and motivating new talent.

This year the CTIFMF will celebrate local content from South Africa and Africa in public spaces through a series of public screenings that will be presented at the V&A Waterfront’s amphitheatre and beyond.  Red carpet premieres and a host of related public events will ensure that the African narrative is celebrated throughout the year, and not just during the CTIFMF. “We are excited about making a landmark announcement on this component of our programme in coming weeks” adds Kasu.

The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith has this to say of this initiative, “The City of Cape Town is proud to be associated with the CTIFMF’s plan to revive the local film industry. Off the back of our successes, let us collaborate and build on these and tell our African stories, loudly and proudly. It is time to be up there on the global stage amid the big names of the world. The City will fully support the initiatives of the industry.”

Throughout this year’s CTIFMF the film industry, those hoping to enter the industry, and those who just love the movies will all have something to celebrate.

Continue to visit for updates as the festival approaches.

CTIFMF Call For Entries – Now Open

The 2018 Cape Town International Film Market and Festival (CTIFMF) will take place from October 9th – 19th 2018. This year’s edition will build significantly on the successes of last year with an increased focus on collaboration and the celebration of the local, regional, pan-African, and international film industries.

Through various collaborations we will be supporting colleagues, promoting our own stories, and finding innovative solutions together, creating an enabling environment for growth and development for filmmakers across Africa.

The CTIFMF through a variety of programs that will be announced in the upcoming months will be the pivot on which we will endeavor to exponentially grow the distribution of African content across the world.

Having set itself the goal of leading the transformation of the film industry in Africa, the CTIFMF is excited to announce the first and most fundamental stepping stone to achieving this goal: the official opening of the call for film submissions for the CTIFMF 2018.

Filmmakers from all over the world are invited to submit their films in the following categories:  feature films, documentary, animation and short films. We especially encourage producers, directors and script writers from South Africa and Africa who are creating local/African content to submit high quality entries into competition.

This year’s CTIFMF will present an exciting and diverse array of quality films that showcase the immense talent of filmmakers from the Africa and the rest of the world.

Only films completed not more than 18 months prior to the Call for Entries of the Cape Town International Film Market & Festival will be considered for competition purposes.

Films completed before this time will be eligible for screening in the Panorama Section but not considered for the competition section. Awards in the competition section are as follows:


  • Grand Prix
  • Best Director
  • Best New Director
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Script
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Documentary Feature
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Animation Short Film
  • Best South African Feature Film
  • Best South African Short Film
  • Audience Award for Best Film at the Festival


  • May 1, 2018 Opening Date
  • July 10, 2018 Regular Deadline
  • July 31, 2018 Final Deadline
  • August 7, 2018 Notification Date
  • October 9 – 19, 2018 Event Date

Please visit the link below for the Entry Form, Rules & Regulations


For more information concerning the CTIFMF contact Festival Director & Festival Manager

CTIFM&F Announces Winners

The Cape Town International Film Market & Festival announced its winner’s at red-carpet event at the Westin Hotel hosted by Pearl Thusi and Maps Maponyana.

Over the ten days of the festival, energy of local young filmmakers combined with the enthusiasm from the many local and international experts, professionals and guest speakers, has proven that Cape Town’s film industry is thriving.

The Festival would not have been possible without the Festival’s visionary sponsors including, The host City partner, The City of Cape Town, venue partner, The One & Only Hotel, location partner, the V & A Waterfront, financial services partner, Absa Bank, and the China Africa International Film Festival. all of whom were integral to the success of the event.

Jury members from across the globe viewed all the films in competition and the following is the full list of winners.

Pitching Competition

This year the festival selected 8 projects from numerous entries who each had to hand in a comprehensive proposal to get selected. They went through workshops & pitch mentoring with the Writers’ Guild of South Africa, to get them pitch ready.

The winner of this year’s prize pworth $20 000 sponsored by the Moving Billboard Company is Nathan Theys, for the project Ronald.

The runner-up prize, also sponsored by the Moving Billboard Company, and worth $10,000 awarded to Brett Michael Innes for Callus.

South African Short Film –Honourable Mentions     

The Cape Town International Film Festival has a passion for short films, and particularly our South African Short films. There are two films that the juries acknowledged for Honourable Mentions.

Jaap by Ian Morgan

Meticulously crafted, Jaap may start off with stereotypes, but the characters turn out well-rounded in the end. Director Ian Morgan has created a quirky, funny, poignant and endearing road trip movie.

Post – Jesse Brown

Post is an immersive sensory experience. A short, hand-held camera documentary it paints a portrait of filmmaker Jesse Brown’s grandfather, showing off an intimacy between the two that is both playful and real, yet sublime.

Best Short Film

Intergalactic Samurai Hagar Ben-Asher

Well-rounded, polished, emotionally visceral and with an ending to make your hair stand on end, this story of two young Ethiopian girls in Israel will subtly teach you something you didn’t know. The story about identity is universal but will be of relevance to South Africans.

The superb performance Hagar Ben-Asher gets out of her two characters immediately grabbed us and left us gasping is Intergalactic Samurai.

Best Actor

Pankaj Tripathi as Salim in Mango Dreams

Best Actress

Antoinette Louw as Molly Fischer in An Act of Defiance

Best Script

Jean van der Velde for An Act of Defiance

Best Editing

Mustafa Presheva for Ayla: The Daughter of War

Best Cinematography 

Massimo Moschin for The Last Prosecco

Best Documentary Film

Hana by Giuseppe Carrieri

Giuseppe Carrieri ‘s Hana was selected for its real documented incidents in 4 different countries concerning a human issue, connecting through the pain and the high Film language a well-made story telling documentary

Special Mention Award

KA Bodyscapes by Jayan K. Cherian

The role of film festivals is to make visible emerging filmic voices that counter dominant cultural representations in which certain lives are frequently left out. In India homosexuality is criminalised in law, with high levels of persecution and harassment.  In this context, KA Bodyscapes is a courageous film. It is a film about working class LGBT people struggling against both homophobia and sexism. Set in Kerala, the film weaves together several narratives that highlight the vulnerabilities of economic marginalisation, violence, state harassment, and powerful queer resistance, in the daily realties of women and LGBT people.

Best LGBT Film

Heartstone by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

This is an extraordinarily crafted film, dealing with the crisis in contemporary masculinity and how a heteronormative structure damages all genders and sexualities. It is a coming of age story of young people that mirrors the harsh and isolated, yet breathtaking, Icelandic fishing village in which it is set. Heartstone is a stunning debut feature with raw, visceral performances, sensitive directing, truthful screenwriting and poetic cinematography.

Best South African Feature Film 

Catching Feelings by Kagiso Lediga

South African films are amongst the best in the world. Many of our feature films are screened and win at festivals around the globe. Tonight we honour the best in South African filmmaking. The winner for Best South African Feature Film…

The film is a refreshing film that not only showcases the talent of its writer and director but also introduces the audience to characters and conversations that they will recognize instantly from their own lives. Well executed and vibrant, it is a love letter to Johannesburg and a deserving addition to the canon of South African cinema.

The director of a film is responsible for interpreting the vision of the script. They are there to give live to the words on paper and creates them on screen. The Festival honoured both a New Director, who has produced their first feature film, as well as an established Director with the accolade of Best Director.

Best New Director 

Manouj Kadaamh for Horizon

Best Director

Visa Koiso-Kantilla- Star Boys

Grand Prix Award

Kivanç Sezer for My Father’s Wings

The highest honour for any feature filmmaker, is to be awarded the Best Feature Film Award. This year the competition was exceptionally tough but the prize was awarded to

Kivanç Sezer for My Father’s Wings.

The CTIFMF would like to thank all the experts, and special guests who have given of their time, their skills, experience and talent to make the last 10 days so very special.

We would also like to give a special thank you to the filmmakers themselves, we thank them for sharing their vision and their passion with the audiences who have attended.

It is also ultimately to the audiences that the film industry owes its existence so thank you  to everyone who made their way to enjoy the unique shared experience that is cinema.

The Festival would also like to thank the following sponsors and partners:

  • The Marriot Group
  • The Westin
  • Radisson Red
  • Cape Town Comedy Club
  • Workshop 17
  • Heart Media
  • Shape of Africa
  • Chattels
  • Media24
  • Mark Lives
  • The Call Sheet
  • Nu Metro & Ster Kinekor cinemas
  • Wesgro
  • Film Publication Board
  • Whats Good Studios
  • TimeSlice Cinematography
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Responsive Digital
  • Red Flag Content Relations
  • TeeVee
  • Ogle
  • Costume Hire

Couch Conversation Series At Cape Town Film Festival And Filmmart

The two-a-day CTIFM&F COUCH CONVERSATION SERIES (17 – 20 October 2017) will be a first of its sorts for the South African film festival and market landscape. Here we will get to chat to some of the biggest names in our industry’s different disciplines, in an intimate, no frills fashion – as if we were on the couch at each other’s homes. This series will address the backstory to “it” all. The overnight “success” that took 25 years, 10 years, might still be going… Not only will this honest conversation series shed light on the humanness that’s behind that which we call SHOW BUSINESS but remind us that with great power comes great responsibility, challenges, ups and downs, heart AND ultimately the stuff that dreams are made of.


THE TALE OF THE WORLD’S A STAGE (14h00 – 15h00) in conversation with  Antoinette Louw, Christia Visser, Elana Afrika & Lee-Ann van Rooi.

Moderated by Louw Venter.

“There’s absolutely nothing special about her acting. She’s not particularly attractive. I can’t stand her. She is over 40. She is under 30. She is fat. She is too thin….” These ladies have heard it all but still they raise the bar higher. They keep going and despite some who want to see them fail, and even when they have, they simply don’t make it their problem. So is it failure or just something that didn’t work out? So with that in mind, what else can we learn about these incredible actresses behind their proverbial closed doors and their coping mechanisms that translates and transcended through their performances and into our hearts.

THE TALE OF HOW BEHIND EVERY ACTOR IS A DIE HARD AGENT AND CASTING DIRECTOR – OR NOT (16h00 – 17h00) in conversation with Christa Schamberger Young, Adrian Galley and Suzanne Smith Boje.

Moderated by Adrian Galley (SAG).

In Hollywood the casting director is recognized as a vital ingredient in the filmmaking process and casting directors will get up front credits next to the cinematographers, editors, screenwriters and other crafts people. Finally this important group of people are getting the recognition they’ve been fighting for, for years. With this in mind, meet casting agent Christia Schamberger Young and get some insight too from the acting agent who finds the talent to send to the casting director to begin with, Suzanne Smith Boje from Stella talent. And then there’s the actor’s perspective, and who better but multi-talented Adrian Galley (Zulu & Labyrinth as well as Vice-Chair SAG) to give us just that.

THE TALE OF THE MULTI FACETED DIRECTOR (18h00 – 19h00) in conversation with Uga Carlini (Alison) & Brett Michael Innes (Sink).

Moderated by Rob van Vuuren as Twakkie from the Cornè en Twakkie Show…

At this year’s SAFTA’s we saw several examples of the same name pop up in different categories under some of South Africa’s favourite nominated films. This tells us that a new breed of director has emerged, that of which versititily, a bag of tools bigger than life itself and a spirit to match is required to make it as part of that small percentage of films that actually got made. We all have our challenges but can everyone PLEASE not be so serious…


THE TALE OF THE SOUND OF MUSIC (14h00 – 15h00) in conversation with  Loki Rothman, James Matthes, Mapumba Cilombo, Michael Broomberg.

Moderated by Donovan Copley.

Sound maestro Loki goes nowhere without his guitar and his very guitar will be doing most of the talking from the couch! Right next to him is another multi talented maestro, Mapumba; composer, instrumentalist, Afro-musicologist, vocalist and performer.  Jet setter and Foley Artist Michael Broomberg (Hancock, Spider-Man 3, War of the Worlds & Alison) choose to return to South Africa recently to bring his expertise and wealth of knowledge back to African shores while composer James Matthes (Vehicle 19 and the highly anticipated Five Fingers of Marseilles) between scoring and composing, also became a first time dad while managing to still be a husband as well. The show must go on but so does life. In the delicate and sensory world of sound design and music, what counts? What doesn’t? What shouldn’t? And why should any of it matter? What or who drives these men to make it and make it sound just right too?

THE TALE OF THE WEAVERS (18h00 – 19h00) in conversation with  colourist David Grant (Shepherd’s and Butcher’s), editor Saki Bergh (Die Antwoord & Wonderboy for President) and FX gurus Craig Parker (Mad Max Fury Road) & Jason Human (Blade Runner 2049, Skollie).

Moderated by Stuart Forest.

For the post team there is a lot to be done as all the arts are being practiced. They work with light, color, music, words, shapes, and movement to tell the story. They choreograph, compose and conduct. Multi award winning editor Saki Bergh, the weaver behind most of Die Antwoord’s music videos and Left Post production’s Loerie collection; colourist David Grant from Searle Street; FX Wizard, owner of Motif Craig Parker and freelance FX artist, illustrator, designer, fresh from Blade Runner 2049 and multi award winning Skollie,  speak to edit veteran, Mama Edit Ronelle Loots about that which makes them tick, copy, paste where, what and how and why we should care that their favourite colour might just be rainbow. We will also discover that despite the rainbow, how at the end of each of their rainbows, is a pot filled with demons and challenges of their own and how sometimes there’s a reason they prefer the darkness of their post rooms and their world to escape into.


THE TALE OF THE FILM CRITICS (14h00 – 15h00) in conversation with  Laetitia Pople, Katie Reynolds, Theresa Smith, Alin Tasciyan (President of FRIPRECI).

Moderated by Ilza Roggeband.

The movie critic wants the same as anyone else, to be entertained, emotionally engaged and have their perceptions challenged. They want a well crafted movie, and as with all audiences – they want something that in some way surprises them or is fresh and new. Anyhow, it’s the same story for filmmakers really. They need objectivity/impartiality, good judgement and an understanding of how various audiences appreciate movies. This is all good and well but what rally makes them tick. Which movies on the local and international scene struck a chord with them personally, changed them even, even if only a little and how? And what can we do to make more of THOSE kind of movies from THIS perspective.

THE TALE OF TWO BROTHERS (18h00 – 19h00) in conversation with Sharlto and Donovan Copley.

Moderated by Uga Carlini.

Even though Sharlto and Donavon operate in different spheres of the same umbrella, each has had their unique journey but with an invisible thread of “Copleyness”. But what is this magic ingredient that birthed the rise of these two brothers in their own right? Was their childhood any different to ours?  What inspired them then and what inspires and keeps them going now? What’s the recipe here for that magic ingredient? Is there a recipe? Did they dream that they could do it and then they did?


THE TALE OF THE THE FILM FESTIVAL SECRETS (14h00 – 15h00) in conversation with  Leon van der Merwe, Trevor Taylor, Azza El Hosseiny (Luxor Film Festival).

Moderated by Giam Pietro Balia (Programmer @ Berlinale & Black Night of Estonia). 

Every year thousands of filmmakers unleash their true loves upon the film festival circuits of the world. It also usually costs an arm and a leg and a hell of  lot more if pride, ego and blood, sweat and tears are taken into account too. So with that in mind, let’s hear some dead-on, thoughtful advice and experiences from those in the know, and why any of this should matter or should it?

THE COUCH POTATO LUCKY PACKET (18h00 – 19h00) in conversation with…. Josie Borain (SA’s first supermodel), Schalk Burger (famous Springbok, winemaker and director of arts festival KKNK), Izelle Venter (former Huisgenoot / Drum / You editor-in-chief and now VIA channel head) and SURPRISEEEEEEEEE.

Moderated by Sharlto Copley.

The elements of filmmaking and the arts, as well as their patriots, supporters and participators, come in all shapes, sizes and chapters. Our couch potatoes have all had their stories and run-ins with the rich and famous through their very own adventures. So with that in mind, let us now once and for all say what we want to say, shout what we want to shout and call a spade a spade or a spoon if you’d like. Prepare to be entertained, shocked, and maybe even a little appalled for all the right reasons in our couch series finale. Sharlto will be asking all the wrong (and right) questions and lead where angels fear to tread and the audience gets to join in.

official couch partner CASAMENTO


Cape Town International Film Market & Festival Is Underway

The Cape Town International Film Market and Festival got underway last night at a red carpet event at the Nu Metro V & A Waterfront. Over 400 guests attended the South African premiere of An Act of Defiance: The Bram Fischer Story.

The film’s director Jean van de Velde was joined by producers Richard Claus, Michael Auret, Lwazi Manzi  and Pat Van Heerden, as well as cast members Antoinette Louw, Morne Visser,

Izel Bezuidenhout, Jose Domingos, Conrad Kemp and Leroux Van Diemen.

Van de Velde explained to the media on hand as well as to guests before the screening how important and relevant the film is today. He also talked about the importance of authenticity in the filmmaking process that included Bram Fischer’s daughters and one of the only remaining Rivonia trialists Andrew Mlangeni, all of whom were in attendance at the event. The cast of the film is also almost entirely South African and the film was produced in South Africa.

The film will screen to the public on October 21st at 5:30pm at Ster Kinekor Cinema Nouveau at the V & A Waterfront, tickets can be purchased here:

Also at the event was the official Face of the Festival Pearl Thusi who was joined by other celebrities and dignitaries including Jeannie D, Angel Campey, Jason Cope, the City of Cape Town’s Alderman JP Smith, Phil Molefe of the NFVF, Brandon Baatjies, and Brandon Auret amongst others.

The film festival sees films screening at Nu Metro and Ster Kinekor Cinema Nouveau at the V & A Waterfront. The film schedule and all other information can be found on and day and festival passes can also be bought here. Tickets for individual screenings can be bought via the relevant cinema websites.

The full program of industry events kicks off this Sunday and all the information and tickets can also be found on the website

Cape Town Film Market Expo And Industry Events

The Cape Town International Film Market & Festival, taking place from October 12th – 21st 2017 at the V & A Waterfront, includes a full series of industry events such Master Classes, workshops,  panel discussions and pitching sessions, starting on the 15th of October.

Additionally, there will be a Market Expo, taking place from October 18th – 21st with FREE ADMISSION, at the Cruise Terminal at the V & A Waterfront.

A unique business focused event, The Cape Town Film Market Expo will see over 2 dozen stands featuring local and international industry support services.

Exhibitors include Feenix Aviation, Diversity Culture Time, The Film &  Publication  Board,  The Beijing International Film Academy, The Gauteng  Film Commission, Photo Hire, Value Truck Rental, Spartan Truck Hire, The Dar Journalism Academy, The Namibia Film Commission, and The City of Cape Town amongst others.

ALL film industry and related service providers are invited to visit and make use of this valuable networking opportunity with FREE ENTRY daily from 10am – 6pm.

From the 15th of October through the 21st of October, the CTIFM&F will also be presenting industry focused events at various venues at the V & A Waterfront. These sessions include top local industry professionals including: well respected producer and director Maynard Kraak, comedian and director, Kagiso Lediga, Glen Giles of Sea Monster Entertainment, editor of The Call Sheet Katie Reynolds Da-Silva, editor Sakkie Berg of Die Antwoord and Wonderboy for President, Mike Auret from Spier Films, musician Majozi,  and many more.

The CTIFM&F has also been honoured to have secured the attendance of some international experts from around the world who will be in Cape Town to share their expertise and best practice. Some of these experts in attendance will be: Oscar winning producer from Shrek, Aron Warner, Switzerland’s Toni Caradona, an innovative filmmaker and expert in new technologies such as blockchain, and XYC Film’s Todd Brown,  and Karl Carter, the Atlanta based founder of Snake Nation.

A highlight of these events is below while a full schedule and line up can be found on .

To attend these events DAY PASSES can be purchased enabling attendance at all industry events on that day:

15th October, 10am – 12:50pm
Workshop Topic: Blockchain Finance
Venue: Workshop 17, Seminar Room A, The Watershed, V&A Waterfront
Moderated by: Toni Caradona
Session 1: The impact of blockchains on societies
A short general introduction into Blockchain and it’s implications to society.
Session 2:  A hands on workshop for filmmakers. (Limited to 40 delegates)
This workshop is a working session where people will work in groups, will get guided tasks and debriefing in a collaborative setting. The work will be documented and will be publicly available on the net.
*Requirement: Delegates need to have attended the first session and they need to bring a laptop or tablet or phone with internet access.

Date: 16 October, 10am – 10:50am
Session: Meet the Animator
Venue: The One&Only Hotel, Marina Ball Room
Moderated by: Aron Warner
Aron will present a discussion class on his life, how he ascended from desk jockey to big screen success. Delegates will have an opportunity to gain insight into the latest best practices in the animation space, while having the rare chance to pick the mind of an industry leader.

Date: 16 October, 11:-12:50pm
Workshop: Immersive Storytelling – From the origins of digital storytelling &
filmmaking, to why AR and VR could change everything.
Venue: The One&Only Hotel, Marina Ball Room
Moderated by: Glen Gilles, with panelsts Stanley Edwards, Hilton Treves
Join us for this wide ranging, highly participative session where local and international panelists will share insights and lessons from the front lines of digital storytelling.

Date: 16 October, 2pm – 6pm
Venue: Cape Town Comedy Club, V&A Waterfront
Workshop: Snake Nation
Moderated by: Karl Carter
A Creative Workshop for Young Rebels with the following elements:
• Panel – The Global Creative Economy: Collaboration for Growth
• Training: Production 101
• Pitch 101- Pitch session- Feedback & Guidance

Date: 17 October 10 – 11:50am
Venue: The One&Only Cape Town, Marina Ballroom, V&A Waterfront
Session: China-Africa Film Cooperation Seminar
Presented by: China Radio International and the Beijing Film Academy
The forum will feature distinguished guest speakers from both China and Africa who will present on topics related to the opportunities for co-productions, cultural exchange and business development within the film industries. Speakers will include the Dean of Management School, Beijing Film Academy, Ms Wu Man Fang, Chinese Director Qin Chuan, Beijing Film Academy Professor Qiao Liang, and Chinese Film Personality, Ms Tao Hong.

Date: 18 October 2017, 12:00 – 12:50
Session Topic: The Arts as a Business
Presented by: Colin Daries
Colin is the owner of Nu Era Group is a financial services group of companies that specializes in the Administration of funeral funds as well as short term personal and commercial lines insurance and Arts Capital.

Date: 19 October 2017, 12 – 12:50pm
Venue: The One&Only Hotel, Ballroom
Session Topic: The Benefits of Co-Production
Presented by: The NFVF’s Joy Mawela, Head of Production and development, and supported by Mike Auret, Spier Films + Todd Brown, XYZ Films, Monica Rorvic, WESGRO

Venue: The One&Only Hotel, Ballroom
Session Topic: Creating Content for Mobile/Digital Platforms
Presented by: Tilo Ponder, Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst/CEO of What’s Good Studios
Tilo has spent her career of over 25 years as a catalyst for dynamic and integrated media across all platforms, working with a range of corporate and entertainment clients such as; BET, Sony, Warner Bros, Disney, Universal Studios and Fox Studios as well as top production companies such as Los Angeles based Digital Domain. Tilo is passionate about supporting rising filmmakers, forming strategic partnerships with Slum Film Festival and Lake International Pan African Film Festival .

Date: 20 October, 11- 11:50am
Venue: The One&Only Cape Town, Ballroom
Session: Growing Global Film Economies
Presented by: Justin Gray, Washington DC, USA
Mr. Gray’s previous experience includes executing messaging and outreach strategies for leading media and telecommunication companies on video franchising, network neutrality, must carriage agreements, and artist performance royalties.

All exhibition and registration information can be found on the website:

Red Carpet Premieres With Pearl Thusi & SA Stars

With just one week until the VIP Red Carpet Opening Night of the Cape Town International Film Market and Festival, the excitement is heating up. The event promises to be a feast of film, with dozens of films from all over the world screening in competition. As the Face of the Festival, Pearl Thusi will be in attendance at the opening night along with a host of other South African celebrities and industry professionals.

Additionally a host of South African films will have their World or South African Premieres in red carpet events attended by filmmakers, actors, VIPs and celebs. Guests can take part in these events and be part of the excitement and glamour that makes up a movie premiere.

Tickets for these and a host of other events can be purchased via the respective cinemas websites. Day and festival passes can be purchased here: and the full screening schedule is available here:

October 15th 17:00 Nu Metro V & A Waterfront: World Premiere District Six: Rising from the Dust
The memory of District Six is an iconic to Cape Town as Table Mountain,  and each story is unique. Filmmaker Weaam Williams’ mother Nazley Hartley was on of the 60 000 t0 80 000 people were forcibly removed form District Six. The documentary is a deeply personal story, that examines the microcosm within the macrocosm and the legacy of intergenerational pain and dispossession of wealth.

October 16th 20:00 Ster Kinekor V & A Waterfront: World Premiere Woodwind 
The extraordinary work by Fin Manjoo, Woodwind, is a deep journey of a doubter, a composer who would rather believe in his own madness than the existence of the extraordinary. The feature film, made in India and South Africa, and was shot by Swiss cinematographer Nicolas Joray (The Yellow Star, Bye Bye Berlusconi and Baltic Storm), who’s three decades of experience was invaluable during the most challenging conditions in India. Durban born director Manjoo is now based in Cape Town where the film was partly shot.

October 18th 20:00 Ster Kinekor Cinema Nouveau V & A Waterfront:  South African Premiere Matwetwe 
Kagiso Lediga’s crime-comedy film fuses local oral storytelling traditions to the American indie ethos and tells the story of Lefa, whose life is on the cusp of major change. Accepted into university to study botany, he’s about to leave the ghetto township that has been his home behind if only his deadbeat father will come through with his school fees.

Disrupting The Industry For Multicultural Mellennials

Snake Nation At CTIFM&F

In an exciting announcement, Snake Nation, The City of Atlanta, The City of Cape Town & The Cape Town International Film Festival are partnering to bring together Millennial filmmakers from Atlanta and South Africa.  Snake Nation will present a 2-day screening and workshop at the CTIFM&F with the aims of bringing awareness to their work, share knowledge, and create collaborative productions.

Snake Nation is a disruptive media and monetisation company for M2 (Multicultural Millennial) creators. Based in ATL and Cape Town, Snake Nation believes in creative and economic freedom. Creatives build their audience, showcase their work, their culture, and communicate directly with their own audience, in their own uncensored voice.

To that end, on October 16th as part of the official CTIFM&F programme, the Snake Nation team will present a Millennial Filmmaker showcase that will feature Short films from Snake Nation Atlanta, Los Angeles and SA based members will be screened, including:

  • House of June: This independent art film house that produces original cinematography and narratives for film and web and is based in Atlanta.
  • Brandon Broussard: Brandon is an LA based producer and director, best known for #REALITYHIGH and The Perfect Match.
  • Visual Content Gang: Johannesburg based Batandwa Alperstein and his gang of producers & creatives create branded content campaigns for visionary brands, agencies & artists looking to make an impact on popular culture.

Day two of this event, on October 18th, will see a Creative Workshop for Young Rebels with the following elements:

  • Panel – The Global Creative Economy: Collaboration for Growth
  • Training: Production 101
  • Pitch 101- Pitch session- Feedback & Guidance
  • Screening: Snake Nation Young Rebel showcase


  • Karl Carter , CEO Snake Nation, Moderator
  • Amber Walker, Ebony Blanding, Amber Bournett (House of June)
  • Brandon Broussard, CEO Purple Stuff TV
  • Batandwa Alperstien CEO, Visual Content Gang
  • Lady Skollie, Visual Artist

To take part of this event filmmakers can buy day passes for the CTIFM&F here:  For more info on Snake Nation