Canada In The Spotlight As Guest Country At DISCOP Johannesburg 2018

DISCOP, the leading content, adaptation right and project market dedicated to Africa and the Middle East, today announces that Canada will the Guest Country of its Johannesburg edition slated from 14 to 16 November.

This announcement was made possible thanks to the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), an agency of the the Department of Arts and Culture of the Republic of South Africa, who have launched a dedicated incentive for the co-development of audiovisual projects between Canadian producers and South African producers.

The total amount of funding available through the Incentive is approximately CAD $120,000 or ZAR 1,200,000 with each funding organization contributing half of the funds.

“In the past 20 years, we’ve seen content produced between Canadian and South African creators hit international markets with great commercial success and critical acclaim. Producers in both countries have partnered to tell stories that are culturally-relevant to audiences in both countries and around the world,” said Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, CMF. “Through our matching fund with the National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa, we have further enabled the development of strong partnerships between producers in both countries. As we aim to create yet more partnerships between Canadian and South African producers, we look forward to participating in DISCOP Johannesburg 2018 where Canada will be Guest Country.”

NFVF Acting CEO, Shadrack Bokaba has this to say of the partnership, “The relationship between South Africa and Canada is very special, it was the first audio-visual co-production treaty to be signed, stemming from shared values of equality, democracy, peace, security and prosperity. The treaty has allowed the union between South Africa and Canada to continue to grow and forge new partnerships while cementing and enhancing old ones. The recently renewed Canada Media Fund partnerships is one such partnership aimed at fostering the development of content that is able to travel and find audiences across the globe.

It is therefore encouraging to witness South African content markets like DISCOP honour the relationship in this manner. We look forward to creating more opportunities for collaboration.”

The tribute to Canada will be marked by the presence of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation who will be in Johannesburg to present PANORA.TV its new B2B online platform facilitating transactions, from searching and shopping, to contract generation, payment processing and content delivery.

Canadian producers and government representatives attending DISCOP Johannesburg 2018, including André Ferreira, Communication Manager of the CMF, will be hosted at the “MADE IN CANADA PAVILION”, a networking and communications hub that will provide visibility and market exposure to Canadian delegates.

Two important sessions scheduled in the context of DISCOP’s sidebar NEXT GEN development and knowledge-transfer program will also examine coproduction and distribution opportunities between Canada and South Africa.

1500+ delegates are expected to take part in DISCOP Johannsburg 2018 including 400+ acquisition and development executives representing broadcasters, premium cable channels, mobile operators and streaming platforms operating in Sub-Saharan Africa and 200+ global and regional distributors will also be at the market to showcase their latest offerings and seek new representation deals.

In a move to accelerate the development of a sustainable production and distribution ecosystem across Africa and the Middle East, DISCOP content, adaptation right and project markets are held several times a year in strategic regional industry hubs.

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DISCOP Joburg: Focus On Animation

Organizers of the next Johannesburg edition of the DISCOP film, television, digital and video gaming content market and coproduction forum announced a parallel NEXT GEN development and pitching program with a special focus on animation.

Slated from 14 to 16 November, DISCOP Johannesburg 2018 is expecting 1,500+ delegates from 90 countries representing 1,000+ companies – including 200 global and regional distributors, 500 independent producers and 350 acquisition and coproduction executives representing broadcasters, pay-tv networks, mobile operators, telecoms and streaming platforms.

Designed to help independent production companies achieve their full potential, NEXT GEN is specifically tailored to meet the demand of a rapidly changing audiovisual landscape under the influence of a marked preference for home-grown content, the emergence of local talents, viewers’ migration to on-demand streaming and mobile screens, increased mobility and faster internet.

Developed in partnership with the AFRICAN ANIMATION NETWORK this year’s NEXT GEN agenda will place a special focus on Africa’s thriving animation industry. The program will ensure animators have access to prime information and capture the attention of key players who could set them on a rapid upward trajectory.

Dubbed DISCOMICS a pilot festival designed for animators will feature works in progress to be pitched in front of broadcasters, content distribution platforms, producers, distributors and advertisers seeking fresh talent.

“The factors which influence the emergence of a booming animation sector in Africa are numerous and the most obvious is talent.” Says Nick WILSON, President of the AFRICAN ANIMATION NETWORK, who adds, “However, the pressing challenge for these talents is how to accelerate their development and help them be ready for progression more quickly.”

In addition, the NEXT GEN agenda will put under the spotlight new mobile distribution models, the vital relationship between content and music, the disrupting effect of the blockchain technology, licensing and merchandising opportunities, Nigeria’s fast-rising entertainment and media sector, and the rapid emergence of the video-gaming sector. Producers will also be able to explore partnership opportunities with Egypt, Canada, France and Morocco.

Producers will also benefit from strategic networking opportunities with key players representing the South African media ecosystem who will plug them into relationships and information sources that will help them move forward.

“This year’s NEXT GEN agenda is a ‘must attend’ event that will once again create value and opportunities for independent producers attending DISCOP Johannesburg.” Says Tim Mangwedi, DISCOP’s Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, who adds, “As a platform focused on content business, our mandate is to help future generations of creators weigh their options, measure the challenges that lie ahead of them, and assess the risk landscape.”

A 50% ‘Early Bird’ discount is available until 17 September for non-exhibiting delegates registering online via using EBDJ17SEPT as a promo code.

The NEXT GEN program will be finalized by Monday 17 September. Requests for animation submission forms must be forwarded to


DISCOP Zanzibar | Mission Accomplished

The first DISCOP Zanzibar wrapped up last week after 3 days of intense meetings, networking, and focused interaction that reflected the health and continued growth of the East African TV, film, digital and video gaming content sector.

With over 500 attendees made up over just under 400 industry professionals, DISCOP Zanzibar proved to be a powerful meeting place for the most influential industry players from the region, and beyond.

Content was in strong demand from the 75 content buyers in attendance that represented 58 public and commercial broadcasters, cable / satellite operators, online and in-flight content aggregators, streaming platforms, and global and regional distributors from 17 African countries.

DISCOP Zanzibar’s continued focus on independent producers, as well as its partnership with the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) could be seen by the immense interest from producers, with 141 independent content producers from 16 countries including 11 African countries attending the event.

Additionally the event hosted 39 sales executives representing 24 global vendors of finished content and adaptation rights (19) amongst a host of other professionals and experts from related media fields.

The 3 day NEXT GEN program that took place was also well attended throughout, with key panels such as The History and Future of Ethiopian Media; moderated by Salim Amin, Chairman of Camerapix, and The Africa Channel’s It’s Time for Africa – Creating & Producing for a Global Market. Moderated by Brendan Gabriel, VP Production & Creative Development, The Africa Channel being some of the highlights.

DISCOP Zanzibar was opened by the Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage who had this to say, “According to a PWC report last year, The Kenyan entertainment and media market was worth US$2.1 billion in 2016, up 13.6% on 2015 and will hit the US$3.0 billion mark in 2020, and totalling US$3.2 billion in 2021. The same report predicts that in Tanzania Pay-TV subscription revenue will nearly double before 2021. The Tanzanian TV market will total US$271 million in 2021, growing at a 11.8%.

The numbers from the industry speak for themselves, and there are a few organisations, such as DISCOP, who can see the potential and the value in this market, and who understand just how important the growth and development of this sector can be for the growth of the entire region.”

Registration and attendance for the first ever DISCOP Zanzibar exceeded many expectations and DISCOP Markets’s director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Tim Mangwedi, had this to say of the event and its potential for the future: “After a long absence, DISCOP is back in Eastern Africa, in a move to strengthen its position as Africa’s and the Middle East’s #1 destination for content trade and co-production business with five markets a year by end of 2020: Abidjan, Sharm El Sheikh, Lagos, Zanzibar and Johannesburg.”


DISCOP Zanzibar: It’s Time For Africa

Organizers of the DISCOP markets have announced some of the highlights of their upcoming Zanzibar event slated to take place from 11 to 13 July, at the brand new and 100% green VERDE HOTEL, champion of sustainable development and located 2 kilometers from Stone Town.

With two weeks left before the opening, 235+ delegates are already pre-rgistered for this new ‘micro-market’ including 75+ acquisition and programming executives representing 63 new and upcoming broadcasters and pay-tv operators servicing Eastern Africa like the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (Rwanda), Zanzibar Broadcaster Corporation (Tanzania), NTA (Nigeria), GBC, NET2 TELEVISION and IFN TV (Ghana), Swazi TV (Swaziland), STV SPECTRUM (Cameroon), MUVI TELEVISION (Zambia), DEEN TV (South Africa), LUNTHA TV (Malawi), DRTV (Congo Brazzaville) as well as more established companies from the region such as AZAM TV, ITV, CITIZEN TV, FAMILY TV, KTN, NBS TV.

Streaming platforms with a strong focus on the African marketplace such as IFLIX, SHOWMAX, IROKO and ARCADIA MOBILE will also be attending the 3-day market.

120+ independent film, television, digital and video gaming content producers and distributors will also be present at DISCOP Zanzibar to run parallel to the well established Zanzibar International Film Market.

These young creators and entrepreneurs will be invited to take part in the ‘Next Gen’ knowledge-transfer, development and pitching program. This sidebar program running alongside the market and open to all participants, will address strategic issues regarding the development of a sustainable audivoisual ecosystem meeting the demands and means of Africa, the world’s fastest growing entertainment and media marketplace.

As part of this program, The Africa Channel (TAC), will present ‘It’s Time For Africa | Creating & Producing for a Global Market’, a discussion to be moderated by Brendan GABRIEL, VP Production & Creative Development (TAC) with a special focus on practical tips tailored for producers who want to sell their content globally.

The ‘Next Gen’ program will feature three distinct program tracks respectively focusing on regional coproduction opportunites, the growing importance of video gaming content and the strategic value of original music to better accompany video entertainment content across the world.

Additionally, DISCOP Zanzibar will put the spotlight on Ethiopia with a special panel on The History and Future of Ethiopian Media; a journey through the last 30 years of broadcast media in Ethiopia. Experts look at state monopoly on broadcasting and the birth of new radio and TV stations, censorship of the media space, how the internet has changed access to information, the rise of new radio and TV stations and the type of content they are focusing on.  The discussion will be moderated by Salim Amin, Chairman of Camerapix with panellists including;

  • Zeresenay Berhane, Producer/Director & Co-founder, Kana TV
  • Begna Simesso, Director of Partnerships, Girl Effect Ethiopia
  • Tamara Dawit, Producer, Girl Effect Ethiopia

DISCOP Zanzibar has put a special focus on programs aimed at independent producers, and as part of this focus, the Africa Channel will present a not-to-be-missed panel; It’s Time for Africa – Creating & Producing for a Global Market. Moderated by Brendan Gabriel, VP Production & Creative Development, The Africa Channel, the discussion will focus on advice for producers who want to sell their content into a global market. Sharing their insihts will be experts including:

  • Narendra Reddy, EVP & GM, The Africa Channel
  • Biola Alaibi, CEO, Biola Alaibi Media
  • Katie Cates, Talent Agent, ICM

Women of Influence will also be in the spotlight at DISCOP Zanzibar with a panel discussion in partnership with the Ladima Foundation. The discussion will be an inspiring session on how to achieve influence and share it with the next generation. Panelists will include Nigeria’s Biola Alaibi and Bikiya Graham Douglas, Theresa Smith from STEPS in South Africa, Zanzibar filmmaker Farida Nyamachumbe, and others.

Other important panel discussions and workshops will feature topics such as *The African eSports and Animation Explosion *The Growing Global Recognition of African Music and its Impact on Film, Television, Gaming and Advertising *How to pitch your content as well as *Scriptwriting and Marketing your Script in East Africa just to name a few.


Zanzibar TV Series: Official Competition Announced


The Africa Channel, proud sponsors of the inaugural ZANZIBAR TV SERIES FESTIVAL and The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), are excited to announce the 20 official titles entered into competition for the award for Best TV Series at ZIFF 2018.

The new categories of best TV and best Web Series were announced last year by ZIFF as part of its partnership with Africa’s largest content markets, DISCOP that will see some of Africa and the world’s best known content producers and distributors on hand for DISCOP Zanzibar, from the 11th – 13th during ZIFF which is taking place from July 7th – 15th.

Within ZIFF, the three days of TV Series screenings, presented by The Africa Channel, will be the official showcase for TV shows selected in competition for ZIFF. The selection team at ZIFF was overwhelmed with the response in this the first year of the competition, with dozens of TV shows being submitted from across Africa.

ZIFF Festival Director, Fabrizio Colombo elaborates, “We are proud at ZIFF to have formally opened up competition to TV and WEB SERIES and we would like to thank The Africa Channel for allowing us to start in this  great way in 2018. More and more in the film industry, and not only in Africa, it is said the television is the future of cinema. We want to acknowledge this dynamic space and its role in the development in the African entertainment landscape.  Moreover, the quality of the storytelling and production in many of these TV series is an example of just how much cinema has influenced TV production. From this synergy, the African film industry has the possibility to grow, develop, and travel outside the boundaries of the continent. ZIFF will aim  to be at the center of this development and for TV and film producers.”

Two days of competition screenings selected by the ZIFF Festival will screen from the 12th and 13th of July, and will be followed by a showcase day of screenings on the 14th where platforms such as The Africa Channel will premier some of their most exciting  African-influenced content developed for the global marketplace. These include projects THE BANK, developed with Emmy nominated producers Rebecca and Doug Henning and Matt Luetwyler; WORLD WIDE NATE, an extreme  adventure show; and MINJIBA ENTERTAINS, a food and lifestyle show.

Open to the public as well as industry guests, The ZANZIBAR TV SERIES FESTIVAL presented by The Africa Channel will celebrate excellence. The event strives to create a stage on which the foremost creators in the world of TV series come together, where tomorrow’s talents are showcased and a prestigious international competition for a wide range of genres and for series of all shapes and forms is presented.

To further support this exciting event, The Africa Channel will also be presenting a panel discussion at DISCOP Zanzibar targeted specifically at independent TV / content producers looking to sell their material internationally. The panel will cover topics including: creating for international markets, co-productions for independents, thinking beyond Pan African, and connecting Africa to the world. More details of the panel will be available at

The Africa Channel’s Narendra Reddy, Ececutive Vice President & General Manager, explains,

“Through our TAC Studions production arm, we have seen first-hand the tremendous pipeline of talent from across Africa. The Zanzibar International Film Festival is a fabulous showcase for this talent, and we are proud to be the official sponsor of ZIFF’s inaugural Zanzibar TV Series Festival. We look forward to hosting TV series screenings and a lively panel discussion for independent producers.  It’s going to be a very exciting event for all attendees.”

The full schedule of TV series screenings will be available on the ZIFF website,

  • Tales Of Eve | The Present Past
    Imoh Umoren – Nigeria
    SANCTUS MTSIMBE – Tanzania
  • Umlilo
    Denny Miller – South Africa
    Dolapo Adeleke – Nigeria
  • Career Talk
    Saitabao Kaiyare – Kenya
  • Crazy, Lovely, Cool –
    Obi Emelonye – Nigeria
  • Before 30
    Bodunrin ‘BB’ Sasore- Nigeria
  • Hard Copy
    South Africa – Harriet Gavshon and Tim Greene (Producers)
  • iNumber Number
    South Africa – Siphiwe Hlabangane (producer)
  • Talaaka
    Nilesh Bhatt – Tanzania
    Enah Johnscott- Cameroon
  • Ball’n Africa
    Silalei Owuor – Kenya
  • Tumaini Senta
    Kangethe – Mungai Kenya
  • Jab
    Lucilla Blankenberg, Laddie Bosch – South Africa
  • Giving Nature a Voice
    Andrew Tkach (Executive Producer) – Kenya
  • KERU
    Victor Gatonye – Kenya
  • # Family
    Kwezi kaganda Ruhinda – Uganda
  • La Msingi
    Morrison Mwadulo – Kenya
  • Fihi Season
    Carol Odongo Boy – Kenya
  • America Heard: Refuge of Hope
    United States – Yasmin Mistry
  • Chronicles of a Paranoiac
    Russian Federation – Nikita Tamarov
  • Connection House
    Italy – Vincenzo Cavallo
  • Festival Politicos
    South Africa- Tshego “Red” Mosiane, Misa Makwakwa Masokameng
    Germany – Dorothee Wenner
  • LOOP
    Mexico – Fernando Perezgil, Gerardo LS, Emmanuel Basurto
  • Nadya
    Tanzania – Shams Bhanji
  • Nekros Pizza
    United States – Sean Manos
  • Ngalangala
    Tanzania –  Tom Johns
  • Our Best Friend’s Wedding
    Nigeria – Jerry Ossai
  • Prime Donne
    Italy – Giacomo Spaconi
    Italy  – Michele Bevilacqua, Arcangelo Iannace , Francesco Spaziani
  • Seburikoko
    Rwanda – Kennedy Mazimpaka
    Kenya – Reuben Odanga
  • SUBS
    South Africa – Tshego ‘Red’ Mosiane, Tseliso Monaheng
  • Tales of Shaa Umi and Nandis Adventure
    Zimbabwe – Rodney Tapfuma Masanga
  • The Yard
    Kenya – Busaka Jackton
  • Thesha
    South Africa – Lungelo Mdlalose
  • Two sides of a coin
    Kenya – Morris Simwa, Calvin Ombogo
    Richard Magumba – Tanzania

Content Made In Africa Shines At DISCOP Abidjan 2018

Basic Lead, the organizers of the DISCOP film, television, digital and video gaming content market, announced today quality participation for their recent Abidjan edition which wrapped last week and was opened by Bruno Nabagné Koné, Ivory Coast Minister of Communication, Digital Economy and Post and Government Spokesperson.

605 delegates representing 305 companies from 35 countries attended the 3-day industry gathering centered on distribution and coproduction opportunities with and across francophone Africa – including 129 acquisition and programming executives representing 74 public and private broadcasters, pay-tv operators, and streaming and online platforms.

As DISCOP Markets Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Tim MANGWEDI explains, “The market felt stronger than last year with more attention given to regional cooperation”. He added, “Francophone Africa is on its way to establish itself as a dynamic entertainment and media marketplace, one that is bound by a common language, the same currency and similar cultural backgrounds”.

Despite flat year-over-year growth in overall attendance, 84 independent production companies from 18 African countries were also in attendance – twice as many as last year –  ostensibly feeding a need for homegrown content that resonates better with local audiences and advertisers.

The exhibiting floor featured a total of 50 global and regional content distribution companies, as well as suppliers of production services and broadcasting technologies.

The market was also marked by the successful launch of the “DISCOP WOMEN IN MEDIA SUMMIT”. Designed to bring together the voices and insights of a diverse range of women from the entertainment industry, this stand-alone, one-day program is set to become a permanent fixture of DISCOP Abidjan from now on in a move to discuss initiatives to empower women around Africa and help them reach new heights.

Running parallel to the market, and specifically aimed at a fast-rising breed of talented, multicultural, Africa-trotting independent producers, a knowledge-transfer and development program featuring industry experts delivered valuable, actionable information and tools, along with unparalleled connections.

The next edition of DISCOP Abidjan is set to take place from Wednesday 29 to Friday 31 May 2019 while the DISCOP WOMEN IN MEDIA SUMMIT will be staged the day before on Tuesday 28 May.


In a move to accelerate the development of a sustainable production and distribution ecosystem across Africa and the Middle East, DISCOP markets bring together buyers, sellers and independent producers of film, television, digital and video gaming content.

Africa and the Middle East are reasserting themselves as the world’s most coveted entertainment and media marketplace, one that encompasses 70 countries with a combined population of 1.5 billion. By 2030, thanks to a young population and growing middle classes, all indicators point to positive future development – especially in the entertainment and media sectors.

Held in strategic regional industry hubs several times a year, DISCOP markets help better engage an environment driven primarily by low acquisition budgets and a marked preference for homegrown stories and show concepts.

2,500+ delegates from 100+ countries representing 2,000+ global, regional and local entertainment and media companies will attend DISCOP markets in 2018.


DISCOP Abidjan: Celebrating Woman As Part Of The NextGen

Basic Lead, organizers of the DISCOP content market and coproduction forum, announced record pre-registration numbers for their upcoming Abidjan edition to take place from 28 to 39 May.

400+ buyers, sellers and producer of film, television, online, and gaming content from 40 countries have already signed up for a bustling 3-day program dedicated to the building of a sustainable entertainment and media industry in Francophone Africa.

For the first time, DISCOP Abidjan will recognize women across the entertainment industry and the success they’ve achieved. The opening day key note conversation will bring together the voices and insights of a diverse range of women form the entertainment and media industry to discuss initiatives to empower women around Africa, helping them to realize their potential and reach new heights.

The panel will be moderated by Séverine Laurent (Afrikakom & Francophone Commission of the Observatory of Audiovisual Transformation) and will feature industry leading women such as Jemima Catraye (ORTB – Benin), Dorine Gueye (A+ – France), Miriam Selly Diop Kane (Radiodiffusion Television Senegalaise – Senegal), Evelyne Owona Essomba (CRTV – Cameroon), Ana Ballo (RTI Distribution – Cote D’Ivoire), Sandra Basset (TV5 Monde – France) and Laura Dave Biassi Fekeu (Roots Hills – Cameroon).

Running parallel to the market, and specifically aimed at a fast-rising breed of talented, multicultural, Africa-trotting independent producers, the Next Gen knowledge-transfer and development program will deliver valuable and actionable information and tools, along with access to unparalleled connections.

Digital processing channels and the media landscape will be the focus of this year’s ‘Africa Rising’ panel discussion presented by Cote Ouest. Advertising financing mechanisms in the sector are also high on the agenda and the discussion will see René Saal (AdWeKnow), Korede Odjo-Bella (Vibe Radio and Elle.CI), Aziz Barry (McCann Abidjan), Hélène Calas (Blue Lions Abidjan), Jean Marc Léoni (CSE) and Bernard Azria (Cote Ouest) on the panel of experts.

The ‘TNT Networks and Implementation for Africa’ workshop presented by African Union Communications will look at a powerful ecosystem for the implementation of TNT networks in Africa and experts will share their experiences on different TNT achievements, as well as technological issues and business models of TNT followed by an open discussion on success factors and the economic environment.

Collaborations between North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa will end off the DISCOPRO track with expert panelists Fabrice Faux (Canal+), Francois Chignac (Africanews), Jean Lié Massala (RTG – Radiodiffusion Television Gabonaise), Emmanuel Mbede (CRTV), Mohamed Chermat (Canal Algérie) and Hicham Mekouar (Groupe le Matin)

In the DISCOMICS program, African experts such as Nick Wilson (African Animation Network), Abel Kouame (Ivorian Animation Association – AIFA), Ayodele Elegba (Lagos Comic Con), Thomas Imboywa (Nairobi Comic Con), Wilfrid Pare (Administrateur Culturel Conseiller en Communication – ABCA) Les Allen (ICON Comics & Gaming Convention) and Sidick Bakayoko (Paradise Game)  will presenton an array of topics including eSports, animation, comics in Africa, broadcasting animation, and how to pitch your animation content.

Animation producers will have the opportunity to pitch in front of audience and expert judges once again as Annecy International Animated Film Festival and its market, MIFA – the world’s top reference for animation films and industry, returns to Africa to scout for the best talents for Animation du Monde 2019.

Two screening sessions will take place at DISCOP Abidjan, Cote Ouest is pleased to invite all DISCOP attendees to the Abidjan Screenings which will take place on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 from 9:00 to 11:00. During this screening attendees will discover in preview the new productions distributed by Cote Ouest. The Africa Animation Network will host the Fupitoons Animation Shorts Festival on the evening of 29 May in the screening room at Radison Blu.

DISCORE, taking place on 30 May, will focus on the growing global recognition of African music and its impact on film, television, gaming, and advertising. A special session will feature global top class panelists such as Yvette Metoyer (SuperMusicVision & Guild of Music Supervisors Los Angeles), Mike Strano (ONGEA! Africa), Karabo Motijoane (Sheer Publishing Africa), David Monsoh (BBlack TV) and Sandrine Roland (AOS Africa). Sheer Publishing Africa and ONGEA! Africa will host a master-class on how to pitch your content to music supervisors and producers and composers will have the opportunity to pitch and network with industry experts and discuss their content in the SynchConnect Pitch & Matchmaking session.

SES presents on myths and reality of satellite for Africa highlighting and discussing the difficulties for broadcasters across Africa and how SES is enabling & supporting the Africa video industry in the market. Presented by Eric Lecocq, Director of Sales: SES Video – Africa

  • DISCOP Abidjan | 28-30 May 2018
  • DISCOP Zanzibar | 11-13 July 2018
  • DISCOP Johannesburg | 14-16 Nov 2018
  • DISCOP Sharm El Sheikh | 26-28 Feb 2019

DISCOP Johannesburg: The Premiere Destination For Content Produced In Africa

The organizers of the Johannesburg edition of the DISCOP market have unveiled plans to welcome – all under one roof – the largest  ever contingent of independent producers who are driving Africa’s dynamic entertainment and media industries.

500+ film, television, digital and video gaming content producers from all over Africa will converge in Johannesburg for a vibrant 3-day market and co-production forum expected to welcome 1,500+ delegates from 70 countries.

A bespoke program, combining personalized attention with online technology will help entrepreneurial, Africa-trotting producers access funding and distribution opportunities for their finished content, for works in progress, and for projects in development.

“DISCOP is increasingly driven by a marked preference for homegrown stories that resonate better with local audiences. Most of these shows are produced by independents for whom it is still very difficult to access business opportunities outside of their home countries.” says Patrick ZUCHOWICKI JUCAUD, DISCOP Markets founder and General Manager, who adds, “After careful consideration, we have decided to reconfigure our markets to better welcome these up-and-coming producers and creators and make their market experience more knowledgeable, more comfortable, more economical – and more rewarding”.

For the first time, DISCOP Johannesburg will host an online platform for buyers to screen before, during and after the market, over 1,000+ hours of original content produced in Africa and available for immediate delivery. A special area will be set-up on the exhibiting floor, with ‘On-Demand’ viewing stations open to qualified buyers only. Detailed reporting will then help independent producers in their follow-up efforts.

Screening fees will be built into the cost of each producers’ market badge priced at $250 per delegate. The cost of the badge also includes personalized matchmaking assistance, full use of the ‘Meetings on Demand’ lounge, access to the ‘Next Gen’ knowledge transfer, development and pitching program, and invitations to all social events.

150+ exhibitors representing leading international and regional television and online brands are also expected to take part in DISCOP Johannesburg 2018, alongside Africa’s key broadcasters, pay-tv operators, streaming and mobile platforms.

Online registration for DISCOP Johannesburg will start on Monday 29 May with an ‘Early Bird’ offer to register before Friday 14 September with a 50% discount.


DISCORE: African Music In Focus At Abidjan


The Growing Global Recognition of African Music and its Impact on Film, Television, Gaming and Advertising

In November 2017 DISCOP, in partnership with ONGEA! Africa, announced the launch of a new sidebar programme that will commence in DISCOP Abidjan May 28th – 30th.  DISCORE is a program that will specifically target the music industry across Africa with a focus on music production and supervision for content, licensing, synch deals and all the related implications.

DISCORE will provide a unique opportunity to learn from the pros and build relationships with international music supervisors as well as with film, television,and  digital content producers seeking original songs and scores that can accompany entertainment content destined for global audiences.

The full day program on May 30th will include a panel discussion featuring a host of experts in this field, followed by an informative workshop; How to Pitch your content to Music Supervisors that will be presented by Karabo Motijoane of Sheer Publishing Africa and Mike Strano, Founding Director of ONGEA! Africa.

The day will wrap up with Synch Connect, where producers have the opportunity to meet up with expert Music Supervisor to network and share their content for upcoming productions and get feedback and advice.

The highlight  of the day will be the panel discussion, The Growing Global Recognition of African Music and its Impact on Film, Television, Gaming and Advertising, that will be moderated by Mike Strano, the Founding Director of PHAT! Music & Entertainment in Nairobi, Kenya. Mike has been in the music industry for 18 years and is also the founder of the ONGEA! Africa East African Music Conference. ONGEA! Africa is PHAT!’s social enterprise, helping to further develop the music industry in the motherland.

The panelists will include:

  • Yvette Metoyer, Music Supervisor, SuperMusicVision
  • Karabo Motijoane, General Manager, Sheer Publishing Africa
  • Thembekile Mpungose, Legal & Sync Coordinator, Universal Music Africa

Yvette Metoyer: SuperMusicVision (Los Angeles)

Yvette Metoyer grew up in sunny Southern California and enjoyed spending her time outdoors. As the sun would set, she often spent hours in her brother’s room watching him spin UTFO and Run DMC on his Technics turntables. It was around this time that her love for music was born.

Inspired by her love of music and TV at an early age, she pursued a career in television production after having graduated from Cal State Long Beach.

After having worked on several successful shows, including the HBO series, Big Love, a lengthy WGA writers’ strike shut down all LA productions, and Yvette decided to take a music supervision extension course at UCLA, where she met one of the top music supervisors in the game, Thomas Golubic´.

A one-year apprenticeship with Thomas’ company SuperMusicVision blossomed into a nearly ten year working relationship with exciting collaborations on multiple film & TV projects, including the Emmy-award winning AMC series Breaking Bad, the zombie apocalypse ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead, the delightfully smart & charming Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, and the exciting new Amazon series, Sneaky Pete. Yvette has recently wrapped up the final season as co-music supervisor on the critically acclaimed AMC series Halt and Catch Fire and looks forward to starting season 3 of Sneaky Pete.

Thembekile Mpungose – Universal Music Africa (South Africa)

Thembekile Mpungose is a legal and sync with the focus on intellectual property licensing and copyright compliance. Among my notable achievements while at Universal I have managed to license music and negotiate the terms of agreement for the movies Black Panther and the Avengers amongst others. Sync music licensing  has become Universal’s alternate income stream priority and I am tasked with sourcing potential partners and clients and give them a music solution for any campaigns they might have and all the income generated in the last and current financial year are at an all time high and this is a result of relationships formed with client and my collaboration with stakeholders I believed would assist in making sync big in Africa and the world at large.

Karabo Motijoane, Sheer Publishing (South Africa)

Karabo has been in the industry for over 21 years and has served as Copyright Manager and later General manager at Sheer Publishing (Pty) Ltd is instrumental on signing most amazing talented south African songwriters like DJ Cleo, Skwatta Kamp, DJ Ganyani, H2O, Mapaputsi and TS Records, Zahara, The Late Robby Malinga, Mjakes Thebe, Kelly Khumalo, Cassper Nyovest, Dj Tira, Dj Sox, Nhlanhla Nciza of Mafikizolo, Tshidi Mholo of Malaika , 999 Music to name few, taking care of international clients such as Kobalt Music, Mushroom Music, Ole Music , Atal Music, to name few.

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DISCOP Znzibar Announces Next Gen Program

The organizers of DISCOP Zanzibar (11-13 July) announced today the preliminary backbone of their NEXT GEN knowledge-transfer and development program to run parallel to the 3-day market.

DISCOP Zanzibar will take place at the brand new and 100% green VERDE HOTEL, champion of sustainable development and located 2KM from Stone Town (the main city). Zanzibar is one of the greatest cultural crossroads, where Africa meets Arabia meets the Indian ocean.

The NEXT GEN program will feature a potent trio of tracks aimed at delegates attending both the Zanzibar International Film Festival, Africa’s largest and most respected film festival, and DISCOP Zanzibar as both events will take place at the same time.

DISCOPRO | Organized in partnership with Screen Africa, this track will focus on international distribution opportunities for entertainment content produced in Africa. Some of the industry’s biggest buyers of content produced in Africa, from broadcasters and VOD platforms to aggregators and theatrical distributors will share their insight

DISCORE | Organized in partnership with ONGEA Africa, East Africa’s largest music conference, this track will focus on the production of original music to accompany film, television, and online entertainment content in a world under the influence of multiple cultural backgrounds. This track will also see international experts including music supervisors, publishers, content producers and others sharing their insights specifically for the East African market.

DISCOMICS | Organized in partnership with the African Animation Network, this track will focus on the ubiquity of animated content, the staying power of comic books, the evolution of video games, and the surging popularity of eSports across all platforms and screens.

Driven by the tastes, expectations and usage patterns of an extremely young demographic, Eastern Africa is booming and has not just become a desired location for international productions, but is also now the hub of a booming film, television and online content production, adaptation and distribution industry.

500+ delegates from 50 countries representing 300+ companies will attend DISCOP Zanzibar, including 150+ film, television, online content and adaptation right buyers representing 100+ broadcasters, satellite, cable, online pay-tv platforms, mobile operators, airlines and territorial sub-distributors operating in Eastern Africa. The 3-day market will primarily facilitate business, with and across, Eastern Africa’s eight major countries Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda.

The inaugural edition of DISCOP Zanzibar will also feature two special additions to its program:

  • Open to the public, the ZANZIBAR TV SERIES FESTIVAL presented by The Africa Channel will screen for three days some of the best TV Series from across Africa and beyond.
  • Sponsored by the pan-Africa LADIMA Foundation who works to create and promote opportunities for women in the industry, the WOMEN OF INFLUENCE EVENING CONVERSATION will bring together the most creative, iconic and culturally relevant women in Africa’s entertainment and media industry.

Celebrating the sustained and growing presence of Ethiopian companies on the international scene, Ethiopia will be named as DISCOP Zanzibar 2018 Guest Country. This nomination will help the nascent Ethiopian film, television, digital content production and distribution sectors build stronger connections with key industry executives driving Africa’s multiplatform entertainment content production and distribution industries.

To attend DISCOP Zanzibar 2018, you can choose to participate as:

  • A non-exhibiting delegate and register online as a SELLER | BUYER | PRODUCER | INFLUENCER with a 50% discount until 11 May – and use EB11MAY as promo code
  • An exhibiting delegate and book a MEETING TABLE priced at $1,000. This cost includes one SELLERS Market Badge

All delegates will be provided with the following benefits:

  • Access to our online and personalized « Meetings on Demand » services before and during the market;
  • Access to our « Online Content Catalogue » to list and source programs presented at the market;
  • Invitations to all social events;
  • Access to discounted hotel accommodations.