Klaskamer 10: Mathematics And Science In The Comfort Of Your Home

Parents all around the world and in South Africa have suddenly become teachers with the closure of schools

Especially parents of high school learners with challenging subjects such as mathematics and physical sciences, need help! So, how can you help your kids?

Klaskamer 10 on kykNET & kie, DStv-channel 145, is your answer! This program focusses on mathematics and physical sciences for learners from grade 8 to grade 12. Martin du Plessis and Werner Cronjé, the masterminds behind Klaskamer10, tell us more:

What exactly is Klaskamer 10?

Klaskamer 10 is kykNET’s educational mathematics and physical science program that supports learners in Grade 8 to Grade 12 with important concepts in the curriculum. After every episode you also receive a free worksheet on our website which can be downloaded. Klaskamer 10 is on every weekday as 15:00 on kykNET & kie, DStv-channel 145, with a weekly omnibus on Saturdays.

How can parents use the program and website in these times?

Klaskamer 10 offers parents the opportunity to work through concepts with learners. Parents can also download worksheets for free and can follow the program to prepare in case learners need help in self-study. Klaskamer 10 is also available on DStv Catch Up so that learners can watch it repeatedly in their own time.

What important advice would you give to parents that suddenly have to be teachers as well?

It is important for parents to make sure that the resources that they provide to their kids are of the highest standard. There are quite a lot of resources available, but very few are compiled by experts in their fields with focus on what is currently being done in the curriculum and what will be asked in exam papers. In this time, it is important to focus on exam preparations and the Klaskamer 10 –tutors are teachers with years of experience. We are actively involved at a variety of schools and work closely with the different departmental heads as well as mathematics and physical science teachers to make sure that our content is relevant. Cooperation with different education departments also facilitates with accurate and reliable resources.

Are there any other websites that you can recommend?

The best thing is to make sure the websites that you are using are from a reliable source and compiled by experts in their fields. Also look at the Department of Education’s website for previous exam papers where learners can practice and learn from.

eClass Room is also an excellent source for learners:

What should matric pupils do in preparation for exams?

Matric pupils should make sure that they stay clued up on the content. It’s already difficult to handle some of these content under normal circumstances. At the moment, with the closure of schools and the uncertainty, it is now more important than ever for matriculants to continuously stay clued up and to work through the curriculum on their own. This time should NOT be seen as a holiday, but rather time for self-study at home. That is why top-quality learning material is so incredibly important! It is also important to focus on Grade 11 content because these concepts will also be assessed in the June exams.

Klaskamer 10 is also providing free worksheets and have a complete BLIKslim-series available. These packages include in-depth video lessons, workbooks, exam papers, mind maps and other resources that will assist with self-study at home. Look at Klaskamer 10’s website under the BLIKslim-link ( to equip yourself with the above. Make sure to get your package as soon as possible to start working on it.

How many hours per day should children spend on their schoolwork?

During this time, learners should devote more or else the same time on their schoolwork like they would have done on a normal school day. Five to six hours for all subjects is a good standard.

What activities would you recommend for leisure?

Since we’re not allowed to go out of our houses, we would suggest exercising. It might also be important for parents to do activities like reading a book, watching a documentary or to start a new hobby.

What is important for parents to remember in this time?

Learners should keep to their daily routine. Learners should also take a sense of responsibility in this time. The fact that schools are staying closed for a longer period doesn’t mean it’s a longer holiday. If learners keep to their routine and continue to do their schoolwork (from home) and work ahead, it won’t be a big adjustment when schools open again. It is important that learners take responsibility for their own academic achievements. Nobody is to blame for the current situation and all learners should now more than ever make use of excellent material for their preparation.

What can viewers look forward to in the next few weeks?

Klaskamer 10 will continue with the curriculum as set out by the Department of Education and will also have a series of episodes for exam revision. This will be done with a revision book that learners can download from our website.

Watch Klaskamer 10 weekdays at 15:00 on kykNET & kie, DStv-channel 145, and visit for additional resources.


Two kykNET Comedies In April

This April there will be two comedies on kykNET DStv-channel 144 that will tickle the laugh-buds and chase the winter blues away

Since the popular comedy, Hotel, is nearing the end with its final episode on Monday, 30 March 20:00, viewers can look forward for the start of the second season of Huis Lelieveld and a brand-new comedy, Cas Oppie Kassie, from 6 April.

Huis Lelieveld

The second season of Willie Esterhuizen’s comedy, Huis Lelieveld, will kick off on Monday, 6 April at 20:00. In the first season of Huis Lelieveld, viewers got a chance to meet the residents of the retirement village, Huis Lelieveld, and their matron, Molly, played by Lizz Meiring.

The residents of Huis Lelieveld includes Fleur Pot (Elma Potgieter), Gielie’s mother, Martha Goosen (Karin van der Laag), and Blaartjie Louw (Yvonne Schoeman). The Huis Lelieveld-staff includes Dominee Dou Droel (Matt Stern), whom has be placed under censorship because of his weak spot for women, Spanner Proes (Reginald Hufkie), the vibrant jack of all trades with his interesting life outside the retirement village, and Koekie de Kok (Lara Lourens), Dominee Droel’s assistant and retired pole dancer.

In the new season viewers will get to know a new character, Vis Venter, who will be portrayed by Lochner de Kock. Vis is the biggest troublemaker in the village – he gambles, drinks and sees the village as his Playboy Mansion. He enjoys every moment of his retirement and sees it as an opportunity to be a party animal.

From Dominee Droel that lands in the detention cells at the police station and Vis Venter that thinks up interesting ideas to make money to Blaartjie that ends up naked with just a guitar in her hand and flowers in her hair at the dining-hall that leads to much mampoer, the residents of Huis Lelieveld will show that they might be old, but they’re definitely young of spirit.

Cas Oppie Kassie

After a decade, Casper de Vries is back on kykNET with his comedy, Cas Oppie Kassie, which will start on Monday, 6 April at 20:30.

Viewers can look forward to the following popular actors in one of the comedic sketches, Die Laager, in Cas Oppie Kassie: Arno Greef, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Chantal Jax Venter, Alfred Adriaan, Gugu Madlabane, Mila Guy, De Klerk Oelofse and Heidi Mollentze.

In this 13-episode season, viewers can expect to be entertained by Casper’s most beloved character such as Hanno, Greetje, Giselle, Blertsie, Renier van Loggerenberg and Oom Kallie Marie, but there will also be new characters making an appearance such as Greta Komotie, a Swedish-girl that will do everything in her power to fight climate change, the TV-personality, Chappy Greyling, as well as the singer, Snotklap.

Cas oppie Kassie is also one of the first Afrikaans TV-show that will feature animation in the show similar to The Simpsons and Family Guy. Con se storie is an animated soap about a pastor, Con, and his dramatic family-life.

“It’s always wonderful to be innovate and I’m extremely proud of the end result,” says Casper.

Alongside these comedies, are also a few another new shows that viewers can look forward to in April. Here is the list of new shows:

  • Koortjies met Jonathan Rubain: from Sunday, 5 April at 18:00 on kykNET & kie
  • Megaboere: from Tuesday, 7 April at 21:00 on kykNET
  • Fynskrif 3: from Tuesday, 14 April at 20:00 on kykNET
  • Die Republiek van Zoid Afrika: from Thursday, 16 April at 20:00
  • Op Seer se Spoor: from Tuesday, 28 April at 20:30 on kykNET & kie
  • Maak My Famous: From Wednesday, 29 April at 20:00 on kykNET and 21:00 on kykNET & kie.

The kykNET-show, Fiësta, which airs on Mondays at 20:30, will be on a production break from Monday, 6 April. Viewers can look forward to when the show returns again later this year.

Komedie op sy beste dié winter op kykNET

Vanaf April gaan Maandae allesbehalwe blou wees, met twee komedies wat op kykNET DStv-kanaal 144 uitgesaai word.

Die laaste episode van die gewilde komedie, Hotel, se huidige seisoen word op Maandag, 30 Maart 20:00 uitgesaai, maar vanaf 6 April kan kykers na die tweede seisoen van Huis Lelieveld en die nuwe komedie, Cas Oppie Kassie, uitsien.

Huis Lelieveld

Die tweede seisoen van Willie Esterhuizen se komedie, Huis Lelieveld, skop af op Maandag, 6 April 20:00. In die eerste seisoen van Huis Lelieveld, het kykers die inwoners van die aftreeoord, Huis Lelieveld – waar Molly (Lizz Meiring) die matrone is – leer ken.

Die inwoners van Huis Lelieveld sluit in Fleur Pot (Elma Potgieter), Gielie se ma, Martha Goosen (Karin van der Laag) en Blaartjie Louw (Yvonne Schoeman). Die Huis Lelieveld-personeel is Dominee Dou Droel (Matt Stern), wat onder sensuur geplaas is vanweë sy swakpunt vir vrouens, Spanner Proes (Reginald Hufkie), die kleurryke faktotum wat ’n interessante lewe buite die oord het, en Koekie de Kok (Lara Lourens), Ds Droel se assistent en deeltydse paaldanseres.

In die nuwe seisoen ontmoet kykers ‘n nuwe karakter, Vis Venter, wat vertolk word deur Lochner de Kock. Vis is die grootste moeilikheidmaker in die oord – hy dobbel en drink, en beskou die oord as sy Playboy mansion. Hy geniet elke oomblik van sy aftrede en sien dit as ’n geleentheid om die heeltyd partytjie te hou.

Van ds Droel wat in die aanhoudingselle van die polisiestasie beland en Vis Venter wat allerhande interessante idees bedink om geld te maak tot Blaartjie poedelnakend met ‘n kitaar in haar hand en blommetjies in haar hare in die eetsaal loop ná te veel mampoer– die inwoners van Huis Lelieveld gaan wys dat hulle dalk oud is, maar beslis nog nie koud nie!

Cas Oppie Kassie

Casper de Vries is ná ‘n dekade terug op kykNET, met die komedie, Cas Oppie Kassie, wat vanaf Maandag, 6 April 20:30 uitgesaai word.

Kykers kan daarna uitsien om ‘n rits bekende akteurs in een van die komiese insetsels, Die Laager, in Cas Oppie Kassie te sien: Arno Greeff, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Chantal Jax Venter, Alfred Adriaan, Gugu Madlabane, Mila Guy, De Klerk Oelofse en Heidi Mollentze.

In dié 13-episode reeks gaan kykers kan lag vir van Casper se mees geliefde karakters, soos Hanno, Greetje, Giselle, Blertsie, Renier van Loggerenberg, en liewe Oom Kallie Marie, maar ook nuwe karakters leer ken, soos Greta Komotie, ‘n Sweedse meisie wat alles in haar vermoë sal doen om aardverwarming te keer, TV-persoonlikheid Chappie Greyling, en die sanger Snotklap.

Cas Oppie Kassie is ook een van die eerste Afrikaans TV-reeks wat ’n animasiereeks – soortgelyk aan The Simpsons en Family Guy as deel van die program het. Con se storie is ‘n geanimeerde sepie oor ‘n pastoor, Con, en sy familie se lewe wat konstant met drama gevul is. “Dis vir my altyd wonderlik om vernuwend te wees – ek is onsettend trots op die eindresultaat!,” sê Casper.

Saam met dié twee komedies is daar ook ‘n hele paar nuwe programme waarna kykers vanaf April kan uitsien. Hier is die volledige lys van nuwe programme:

  • Koortjies met Jonathan Rubain: vanaf Sondag, 5 April 18:00 op kykNET & kie
  • Huis Lelieveld: vanaf Maandag, 6 April 20:00
  • Cas Oppie Kassie: vanaf Maandag, 6 April 20:30
  • Megaboere: vanaf Dinsdag, 7 April 21:00
  • Fynskrif 3: vanaf Dinsdag, 14 April 20:00
  • Die Republiek van Zoid Afrika: vanaf Donderdag, 16 April 20:00
  • Op Seer se Spoor: vanaf Dinsdag, 28 April 20:30 op kykNET & kie
  • Maak My Famous: vanaf Woensdag, 29 April 20:00 op kykNET en 21:00 op kykNET & kie

Die kykNET-program, Fiësta, wat Maandae om 20:30 uitgesaai word, sal vanaf Maandag, 6 Maart ‘n breek neem. Kykers kan uitsien na die program se terugkeer later vanjaar.


kykNET Is Joining The Bok Squad In Japan

The Rugby World Cup is (literally) kicking off on 20 September.

The Rugby World Cup is (literally) kicking off on 20 September and the Bok squad is leaving soon for Japan to compete against some of the best rugby teams in the world for the title of rugby world champions. There is so much more excitement than just the Rugby World Cup that awaits viewers – kykNET is sending a team to Japan to show viewers the excitement in the country during the Rugby World Cup.

In the show, In Japan, Ja!, the two presenters, Vanes-Mari du Toit and Hamilton Wessels, follow the Bok squad to Japan in their search for a third World Cup title. For 10 weeks, these two will travel around Japan, visit some of the country’s most popular tourist attractions and experience the spirit of the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Vanes-Mari, a former Protea netball player, is known as one of Kwêla’s field presenters and will also be seen early in 2020 as the presenter of kykNET’s reality show, Hoor my, Sien my, Soen my. “In Japan, Ja! is a combination of comedy, lifestyle and travel. I look forward to showing viewers what happens in Japan during the World Cup from a fan and supporter’s view,” she says.

Hamilton Wessels, or, as his friends call him, Hammie, is singer Robbie Wessels’ brother. He is one of the Virseker Beker presenters and has played a role in movies, such as Poena is Koning, 100m Leeuloop and Durban Poison. “To watch a Bok game is special. To watch it live at a stadium is next level. To tour with the Bok squad in Japan is an experience I can’t describe in words. I’m beyond excited and will make sure that the Bok squad brings the Cup home, even if it means I must go onto the field and play myself. Japan, I hope you are ready for the guy with the moustache.”

Fun and games await these two – Hamilton is excited to taste Japanese wasabi and meet a real ninja. They have undertaken to try new dishes – who of the two will be brave enough? And Hamilton, who loves to play pranks, might have a few surprises up his sleeve…

Sumo wrestling, the Tsukiji Fish Market, Harajuku girls, real ninjas, the Bok fan zones and the excitement of the Rugby World Cup – viewers can forward to this, and so much more, in In Japan, Ja!

In Japan, Ja! consists of 10 episodes and will be broadcast Saturdays 18:30 from 14 September on kykNET (DStv 144). Proudly sponsored by Nedbank Travel Card.

Die Rugby Wêreldbeker skop af op 20 September en die Springbok-span, wat pas aangekondig is, vertrek binnekort Japan toe om teen die beste rugbyspanne vir die gesogte titel van wêreldkampioenne mee te ding. Daar wag egter veel meer opwinding as net die Rugby Wêreldbeker op kykers – kykNET stuur ‘n span saam Japan toe om vir kykers ‘n blik van die opwinding in dié land tydens die Wêreldbeker te gee.

In die program, In Japan, Ja! gaan die twee aanbieders, Vanes-Mari du Toit en Hamilton Wessels, die Bokke volg op hul soektog na ‘n derde Wêreldbekertitel. Vir tien weke gaan dié twee saam in Japan kuier, van die land se gewildste toeristebestemmings besoek en die gees van die Rugbywêreldbeker 2019 beleef.

Vanes-Mari, ‘n voormalige Protea-netbalspeler, is veral bekend as een van Kwêla se veldaanbieders en sal vroeg in 2020 gesien word as aanbieder van die kykNET realiteitsprogram, Hoor my, Sien my, Soen my. “In Japan, Ja! is ‘n lekker kombinasie van komedie, leefstyl en reis. Boonop kry kykers die geleentheid om saam met ons die Bokke beter te leer ken op hul missie om die Wêreldbeker te wen. Ek sien ook vreeslik uit daarna om vir kykers ‘n blik te gee van wat in Japan tydens die Wêreldbeker gebeur, vanuit ‘n fan en ondersteuner se oogpunt,” meen sy.

Hamilton Wessels, of soos vriende hom noem, Hammie, is die sanger Robbie Wessels se broer. Hy is een van Virseker Beker se aanbieders en het ook al sy lyf akteur gehou in flieks soos Poena is Koning, 100m Leeuloop en Durban Poison. “Om ‘n Bok-wedstryd te kyk, is spesiaal. Om dit op ‘n stadion te kyk is next level. Om saam die Bokke vir die Wêreld Beker in Japan te toer is ‘n ervaring wat ek nie in woorde kan beskryf nie. Ek is uit my vel van opgewondenheid en gaan seker maak die Bokke bring daardie Beker huis toe, al moet ek tokse aantrek en self op draf. Japan, ek hoop julle is gereed vir die ou met die snor.”

Groot pret wag op dié twee – Hamilton is opgewonde om Japannese wasabi te proe en ‘n regte ninja te ontmoet! Hulle het ook onderneem om nuwe disse te probeer – watter een van die twee gaan braaf genoeg wees? En grapjas Hamilton het dalk ook ‘n paar verrassings wat hy beplan…

Sumo-stoeigevegte, die Tsukiji-vismark, Harajuku-meisies, regte ninja’s, die Bokke fan zones en natuurlik die opwinding van die Rugby Wêreldbeker – dit alles, en nog baie meer, kan kykers van In Japan, Ja! verwag.

In Japan, Ja! bestaan uit 10 episodes en word Saterdae om 18:30 vanaf 14 September op kykNET DStv kanaal 144 uitgesaai. Met trots geborg deur Nedbank Travel Card.


Tydelik Terminaal

Tydelik Terminaal is a 13-episode light drama about 22-year-old honours student, Kittie Claasen, who must redefine her life after she is diagnosed with cancer.

It’s “the best kind of cancer you could possibly get”, Doctor Pillay assures her. In short, it will be six months of total agony, and then… life as usual. The only problem is that it’s her honours year and this speedbump, as she sees it, in her academic career will mean that all her dreams of Pulitzer Prize winning journalism will have to be postponed because of Hodgkin and his untimely disease.

The series revolves around the six months she receives chemo, during which she makes friends in unusual places, tries to finish her studies, and picks up unexpected life experience and knowledge along the way.

Kittie and her two best friends, Mandy and Fanie, find themselves in the crazy in between phase of life before stepping into adulthood. It’s a time of leaving their childhood behind, but still having fun; planning for their future, but uncertain of what this future will look like.

Tydelik Terminaal is inspired by the creator of the series, Elanie Rupping’s own battle with cancer. “I’ve learnt that life’s challenges can sometimes be its greatest gifts, because it creates a sense of empathy through which we can connect with people. The best way I can do this, is through the stories I tell. That is why I used one of the most difficult things that has happened in my life as a vehicle to, hopefully, make people feel that they aren’t alone.”

Etienne Fourie is director the series. “It was a difficult yet fulfilling experience. Tydelik Terminaal is an important and honest story with characters most of us will recognize. It looks at various serious issues, with empathy and humor.”

Carla Smith, who portrays the role of Kittie, is a well-known theatre actress, who has been part of plays, such as Die maan val bewusteloos, Sewe Deugde, nee minder and Fiela se kind. She’s also played a guest roll in the soapie, Binnelanders.

Eve Nthabiseng Rasimeni and Hendrik Nieuwoudt is seen as Kittie’s best friends, Mandy and Fanie. Eve is known for her roles in Isibaya, Rhythm City, Dwaalster and Suidooster. Hendrik’s theatre roles include Made you look, Raponsie and Hoekom is die badkamer vloer nat. He also played a role in the shortfilm, Kloof.

South African legends, Anna-Mart van der Merwe and Frank Opperman, also play a role in Tydelik Terminaal – Julie and Uncle Len. Uncle Len has prostate cancer – Julie, his busy body wife, supports him (and later Kittie) in his battle with cancer.

Almar Müller portrays the role of Joubert, an ex-love who wants to support Kittie; Arno Greef is Drikus, the handsome young law student who challenges Mandy constantly and Ruan Blum is Louis, Fanie’s boyfriend.

Also look out for appearances by Anel Alexander, Zane Meas, Stiaan Smith, Francois Jacobs, Tiffany Barbuzano, Jack Devnarain, Reginah Dube, David Reese and Henriëtta Gryffenberg.

Nouvanaand Films are the producers of Tydelik Terminaal. “We are excited to have the opportunity to once again produce a light drama for kykNET. Tydelik Terminaal takes the viewer along on Kittie’s chemo journey, with a fresh approach to student life and uncomfortable identity questions.”

Tydelik Terminaal will be broadcast on Wednesday at 20:00 from 30 October 2019 on kykNET (DStv channel 144).


Welcome To Huis Lelieveld

Molly (Lizz Meiring) from Molly en Wors and Ouboet en Wors is no longer a dentist assistant – she is now matron of a retirement village!

In Willie Esterhuizen’s latest comedy, Huis Lelieveld, Molly is appointed as matron of the retirement villiage, Huis Lelieveld. Viewers can ook forward to old favourites, as well as a few new actors.

In the last episode of Ouboet en Wors, Molly was informed that Dr Proctor is emigrating, and her services are no longer needed. However, she didn’t let this setback have her down in the dumps and so, she ended up at Huis Lelieveld. Molly’s husband, Wors (Willie Esterhuizen), come to visit regularly to visit his wife and to find out who of the personnel or residents are giving her grief.

Gielie (Wynand van Vollenstee), who viewers have gotten to know in Ouboet en Wors as Wors’ handyman and driver, also got a job at the retirement village – after all, he has a very soft heart, especially for the elderly.

Viewers can look forward to seeing Hélène Truter returning as Tannie Poppie, one of the residents of Huis Lelieveld. “Poppie knows everything. And she shares it directly with the viewer. She likes spreading gossip, without feeling bad about it. I love this character, because she isn’t afraid to voice her opinion,” says Hélène.

Huis Lelieveld’s residents include Fleur Pot (Elma Potgieter), Gielie’s mom, Martha Goosen (Karin van der Laagt), Brand Louw (Cobus Visser) and Blaartjie Louw (Yvonne Schoeman). From a hip retired lady and a snob without money to someone who equally loves baking and moaning – these residents still have plenty of life in them.

Viewers will also get to know the Huis Lelieveld personell very well. Pastor Dou Droel (Matt Stern), who has a weakness for women, Spanner Proes (Reginald Hufkie), the factotum with an interesting life away from the retirement village, and Koekie de Kok (Lara Lourens), Pastor Droel’s assistant and part time exotic dancer, are characters viewers will enjoy a lot.

Willie Esterhuizen is the writer and producer of the series. “Viewers will see that elderly people are young people in aged bodies, who still know how to have fun. The production team really enjoys working with the experienced actors. What a privilege!

Huis Lelieveld will be broadcast on Wednesdays at 20:30 from 30 October 2019 on kykNET (DStv channel 144).

Molly (Lizz Meiring) van Molly en Wors en Ouboet en Wors het haar werk as tandartsassistent verruil vir dié van matrone! In Willie Esterhuizen se nuutste komedie, Huis Lelieveld, kry Molly werk as matrone van die aftreeoord Huis Lelieveld, en kan kykers uitsien om ‘n paar ou gunstelinge, sowel as nuwe gesigte te sien.

In die laaste episode van Ouboet en Wors, is Molly ingelig dat Dr Proctor emigreer en is sy werkloos gelaat. Sy het egter nie in sak en as gaan sit nie en só eindig sy op by Huis Lelieveld as matrone. “Molly is soos onkruid – orals, ongelooflik sterk en ‘n kanniedood,” meen Lizz Meiring oor dié geliefde karakter wat sy vertolk. Molly se man, Wors (Willie Esterhuizen), kom loer gereeld in om te hoor hoe dit met sy dierbare vrou gaan en watter van die personeel of inwoners haar lewe moeilik maak.

Gielie (Wynand van Vollenstee), wie kykers in Ouboet en Wors as Wors se goedgelowige nutsman en drywer leer ken het, kry ook werk by die aftreeoord, want hy het ‘n baie sagte hart – veral as dit by die oumensies kom.

‘n Groot bederf wat vir kykers voorlê, is Hélène Truter wat terugkeer as Tannie Poppie, een van die inwoners van Huis Lelieveld. “Poppie weet álles. En sy deel dit direk met die kyker. Eintlik skinder sy net. Skaamteloos. Ek’s mal oor haar want sy’s nie bang om haar opinie te lug nie,” sê Hélène.

Die inwoners van Huis Lelieveld sluit in Fleur Pot (Elma Potgieter), Gielie se ma, Martha Goosen (Karin van der Laagt), Brand Louw (Cobus Visser) en Blaartjie Louw (Yvonne Schoeman). Van ‘n hupse afgetredene en ‘n snob sonder geld tot ‘n bakster en klaagster – dié spul inwoners is die spreekwoordelike ‘oud, maar nog nie koud’.

Daarmee saam gaan kykers ook die Huis Lelieveld-personeel goed leer ken. Dominee Dou Droel (Matt Stern), wat onder sensuur geplaas vanweë sy swakpunt vir vrouens is, Spanner Proes (Reginald Hufkie), die kleurryke faktotum wat ‘n interessante lewe buite die oord het, en Koekie de Kok (Lara Lourens), Ds Droel se assistent en deeltydse paaldanseres, gaan sorg vir hope pret.

Willie Esterhuizen is weer die skrywer en vervaardiger van die reeks. “In die reeks sal julle sien dat oumense is maar net jongmense, in ouer lywe, en nog net so vol streke en dinge. Vir ons almal in die produksie is dit ‘n fees om saam met akteurs met soveel ondervinding te werk. Wat ‘n voorreg!”

Huis Lelieveld word vanaf Woensdag 30 Oktober om 20:30 op kykNET DStv kanaal 144 uitgesaai.