Independent Film, Necrosis

If you’ve been looking for an Independent Film Company that produces Sci-Fis… You’ve found one.

DreamReal Pictures recently announced the filming of their new project “Necrosis”.

Necrosis, coming 2014!
Necrosis, coming 2014!

Necrosis is the story of Colony 10. A Colony created on a Earth-like planet to ensure the survival of mankind. A group of Scientists and Space Marines are sent to Colony 10 to investigate after the Colony hasn’t been heard from for some time. When the team arrives the Colony is abandoned. Members of the team begin to disappear leaving one scientist behind to solve the riddle.

This is an unusual Sci-Fi /Action with an ending that you will not forget written and directed by Wendy Crouse who will also star in the film.

This film will also launch the début of DreamReal Animation a Special Effects Company Wendy hopes to use for all her future Sci-Fi and Action Films.

When asked about the making of the film, Wendy replied, “This entire film will be filmed in a studio which will be a welcome change from filming outside on location and having the weather delegate your filming schedule.”

Necrosis extends the possibilities of what Independent Filmmakers can do. Wendy’s talent may just be as big as her dreams.

Look for Necrosis in 2014. You will not be disappointed.

Fast & Furious 6: Review

As the series roles on, there is one thing a new the Fast & Furious title needs to do, push the envelope on the stunts, the chases, and the cars. On this front, fans will not be disappointed.

The whole team is back, including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, with comedic relief by Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris, and the much awaited cameo by Jason Statham (stay seated for this one).

The car chases are over the top, and fast paced. They’ll certainly invoke an adrenaline rush, but don’t count on flexing your cerebral muscles here. And just when you think a chase can not be topped, we get the finale. There is the requirement for some suspension of disbelief, but fan of the series, and action junkies alike are sure not to even notice.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson fill the screen with their presence as they go a few rounds, with the ideal supporting cast.

Fast & Furious 6 is a must for action fans, but for anyone else, don’t expect much more than car chases and fights.

Texas Chainsaw 3D

After many years of squeals, reboots, and TV series appearances, we come full circle back to where it all began. No, not a shot-for-shot remake, but following on from the 1974 story, and bringing the rest into the modern world.

Alexandra Daddario plays Heather Miller, orphaned daughter to the Sawyer family list in a fire all those years ago. When her grandmother passes away, she inherits the fateful house. Heather Miller is smart, yet an average girl next door; not combat ready, but not just a female from a horror movie.

Texas Chainsaw 3D dishes out its fair share of blood and guts, with a side dish of chainsaw (in skull tingling 3D). More a slasher film than a horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat, it provides great escapism for those with a penchant for the genre. Several of the original cast make cameo appearances in the opening scenes, so fans should be on the look out.

Not for the skweemish, but slasher fans will have a blast!

A Weekend Workshop For Screenwriters In Johannesburg – Turn Fantastic Ideas Into Big Screen Spectacle

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter with a vivid imagination whose ideas are larger than life, the exciting The Write Journey weekend workshop for screenwriters takes place in Johannesburg on June 1 and 2 is guaranteed to turn words into big screen action!

Following in the tradition of 19 years of workshop throughout South Africa, including masterclasses at the Sithengi Film and TV Market’s Talent Campus, as well as the 2012 International Kunjanimation Animation Festival, community workshops at the  Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre in Kwa Mashu as part of their annual Kwa Mashu Film Festival, the workshop is presented by the Cape Town based The Writing Studio and hosted by Annie Malan Promotions.

Guest speakers writer-director Henk Pretorius (whose latest film Fanie Fourie’s Lobola has been selected to show at the 39th Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) in the US); film, theatre and television director Andrew Odendaal, whose film Lien se Lankstaan Skoene wowed local audiences in South Africa during its opening weekend; and Donovan Marsh, the writer-director of Spud 2: The Madness Continues will talk about breaking into the international market, working in film, television and theatre, and adapting a bestseller into a box office hit…

The Write Journey looks at mastering the art of plotting your story, defining and developing your premise, concept, theme and characters and taking ownership of the writing process.

The motivational and inspirational workshop explores the art of visual narrative and the fundamentals of successful storytelling.

Within ONE WEEKEND budding screenwriters will understand the principles of writing for a visual medium and what it takes to be screenwriter in South Africa.

The workshop is ideal for ANYONE with an idea for a story. If there is something or someone you want to write about this is your opportunity to turn thoughts into words.  Ideas are transformed into concepts that will be reworked into visual narrative filled with action, description and vibrant characters.

This outcome-based workshop examines the principles of writing for film or television and explores the writing process, developing characters and mastering the art of structure.

It is a basic workshop that explores the art of storytelling and the craft of writing a universal story that reflects the uniqueness, history and culture of South Africa and Africa.

It’s about writers connecting with the process of writing productively in their comfort zones and producing South African stories the world wants to experience.

The duality of the interactive workshop nurtures creativity: it allows the writer to write instinctively and take an introspective journey into story; it also stimulates writers to write stories connected to their unique cultures, communities, history and experience that reflect the universal human condition.

The workshop is ideal for novelists, journalists and writers who would like to master the art of adapting stories into a visual medium.

Following the workshop, the writers will be guided through the process of developing their screenplays through The Write Agency, and get their drafts shaped for the international film, television and publishing markets.

The trainer is local writer, playwright, movie journalist and Education, Training and Development Practitioner Daniel Dercksen. As a freelance journalist for more than 30 years, and published playwright, Dercksen is a qualified ETD Practitioner (Education, Training and Development) – accredited by SAQA (The South African Qualifications Authority) – working in accordance with the principles of the Department of Education and focusing on outcomes-based education, training and development.

Graduates of previous workshops include award-winning playwrights Neil Coppen (winner of the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Theatre, 2011, as well as the Naledi Award for Best South African Play, Abnormal Loads, 2013), filmmakers John Barker (Bunny Chow and How To Steal a Million) and Henk Pretorius (Bakgat, Fanie Fourie Se Lobola), novelists Lauren Beukes (Zoo City), Gary Hirson (The Magic That is Ours and Calm in Storm), and Consuelo Roland (Shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction Award and received an Honorary mention for the Olive Schreiner Prize for her novel The Good Cemetery Guide).

“If I had attended it some five or ten years ago, so many things would have changed in my career, as well as life in general.” Elelwani Ramaite-Mafadza, a  lecturer at the University of Venda, as well as a researcher in the Indigenous Music and Oral History Project (IMOHP) and involved in the CUPP project which is a project involved in rural development.

“The Write Journey workshop gave me a better idea on how to make a financially viable blockbuster. Daniel Dercksen has a practical approach when teaching the art of writing for film and this makes it easy to learn and follow through when I write my own stories.  For me it was 3yrs of film school jam packed into 2 days of insightful lessons, ” says production designer and art director Warren Gray (Safe House and Long Walk to Freedom)

“The illuminating workshop gave me insight into the birth of a script; especially the development of a front page, log line and tag line. I am still the producer at heart but with the couple of movies that I am nudging forward with development I know what I am looking for in the scripts,” says Producer Alan Lawson, Birdfilm (South Africa)

For the full agenda and registration, visit the website or email


Sugar-daddy’s Lady Luck

Sabine Palfi, Aidan Whytock and Bjorn Steinbach shine in this play set in the seedy underbelly of Cape Town.

Lady Luck 2 Bjorn Sabine Aidan


We follow Lisa (Sabine Palfi) as she tries to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. A love triangle soon develops between her, former fiancée Dean (Bjorn Steinbach) and his Greek boss Nic (Aidan Whytock).

The cast are exceptional, bring three varied personalities alive on-stage, and pushing the boundaries of the genre while.

One is not sure whether to applaud Lisa, or caution her against the life she’s spiralling into. Dean is one of those quiet one’s, until he explodes, and Nic wavers between smooth and controlling.

Lady Luck, and enjoyable, harsh look at the seedy life in the Mother City, with a surprising twist. A must see for locals and visitors alike!

Lady Luck plays at the Intimate Theatre 15 – 25 May.

News From Sugar-daddy
Lady Luck

Africa On A Plate – South Africa’s First Personality Driven Webseries

Africa on a Plate is South Africa’s first personality driven foodie webseries, hosted by Chef Lentswe Bhengu. Lentswe takes time out from his life as a chef to explore Cape Town’s incredible food scene. He wants to hone his skills as a chef and learn from the world around him.

Chef Lentswe Bhengu
Chef Lentswe Bhengu

Check Lentswe out as he explores cafes, markets, organic producers and fine dining restaurants. He is constantly laughing and having fun with the incredible people he meets along his journey.

Africa on a plate

Having studied at The Culinary Academy, and previously having worked at Savoy Cabbage and The Roundhouse, Lentswe brings his set of skills into the world, and hones them by learning how others do it.

See the Africa on a Plate site.

Something To Scream About!

MonsterFestivalLogoWith the highly anticipated release of Monster’s University, which enrols for release on Friday 21 June nationwide, Disney/Pixar has collected the biggest, bravest, most incredible and tyre-screeching-ly awesome titles to ever have appeared on shelves together in The Monster Disney/Pixar Festival! From 11 June to 31 July, a vast range of DVD, Blu-Ray, gaming, toys and consumer products will be available in stores nationwide at extra special prices.

Monster’s Inc 3D Blu-Ray!
What better way to prepare for Monster’s University, than to go back to where it all started…in stunning 3D? Available for the first time on eye-popping 3D, Monster’s Inc will be available from 11 June. Journey into Monstropolis and meet the city’s top scarer James P. Sullivan, better known as Sulley, and his wisecracking best friend Mike Wazowski  as they scramble to prevent catastrophe when a human enters their world.

MonsterSale 1-sheet

More than just Monsters!
That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Together with Monster’s Inc, fans will be able to add a plethora of DVD and Blu-Ray titles to their collection. From the Academy Award-winners Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, Toy Story 3 and Brave to fan favourites like Cars, Toy Story and A Bugs Life, as well as the famous Pixar Shorts Vol 1 & 2, there is no better time to complete your collection from the world’s number 1 animation studio!

Video Gamers rejoice
From Prima Interactive comes amazing Disney/Pixar video games joining the
promotion, across all platforms. From the heart-thumping The Incredibles, Toy Story Mania 3D, Brave: The Video Game, to the educational Disney Learning: Finding Nemo and the comedic romps of Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales – the holidays will never be boring.

Not-so-scary monsters
Just Fun Toys  and Prima Toys are both joining in the Monster’s and Disney/Pixar craze as they release an exclusive and exciting range of toys. Have monster-ous fun with the Monster’s University Roll and Scare figurines and playset filled with frightful surprises.  Be the next scary monster with Sulley Scare Mask… your scare will raise some brows! Interactive plushes are the name of the game as My Scare Pal Sulley and My Scare Pal Mike hit shelves, complete with triggers that activate surprise phrases and sounds that will have kids in giggles. The cold weather will be kept at bay as youngsters set their imagination free.

Appealing Apparel
After all the excitement from the movies, games and toys, there will be an
exclusive range of awesome Monster’s University consumer products,
to tuck in youngsters after a hard-day’s playing. Bed linen, curtains and more –
every kid can be cool like their favourite monster!

With these titles and much more available, Winter just got a little warmer as
the Monster Disney/Pixar Festival hits retailers nationwide from
11 June through to the end of July.

Mediatech Africa Caters To Content Creators

The countdown to Mediatech 2013 has started and anticipation for the top brands and services on offer this year in broadcast, film and production has begun to build. Professionals involved with content creation and production across various mediums through to transmission can look forward to a dynamic experience and an opportunity to engage with the latest in cutting edge technology.

Mediatech equipment

“Mediatech is the only real broadcasting event of its kind that provides a good forum to network with virtually the whole broadcast industry. It’s an opportunity to build relationships and introduce customers to product specialists who can talk in detail about topical technologies and the solutions to address their current and future needs.” says Steve Alves, MD of Concilium Technologies who is exhibiting again this year. After NAB, Alves is excited about showcasing new products from Harris, Ross, Telecast, Prodys to name a few, along with some interesting additional products from other partners. “There are just too many great products to mention”, says Alves who encourages attendees to visit their stand to view the exciting array of brands on display.

Mediatech 3D

Confirmed exhibitors in broadcast, film and production for this year include:

Touchvision, African Union Communications, Atos, Concilium Technologies, Gencom, Inala Technologies, Jaycor International, Mac Africa, Macro Video, Media Cloud, Movie Vision, Neotel, Penmac Audio Visual, Questek Advanced Technologies, Telemedia, Case Connection, Movie Mart / Media Film Services, Phoenix Fire, Etere.

Exhibitors, Inala Technologies, Telemedia and MovieVision are among a number of companies looking forward to bringing out some valuable international principles. Broadcasters, producers, cinema owners and post production professionals will be able to engage in product expertise from these highly regarded guests and speakers attending Mediatech Africa in July. Inala Technologies will also be exhibiting and demonstrating the newest products from TVLogic, Harmonic, Aviwest, Riedel and Pebble Beach and some well-known names in the industry such as Associated Press, TSL and MOG will also be present. Telemedia’s Michael Hall, international sales manager for Crystal Vision Ltd, looks after sales in many countries across the world and is excited to showcase products to visitors in broadcasting and teleports. Says Hall: “Mediatech is a busy show with good connections to the local broadcasters.”

An exciting addition to this year’s trade show will be the display of film and broadcast equipment that will take visitors on a journey through time. The Film Museum will show an interesting spread of antique gear, some of which is still in working order, dating back to the start of the South Africa film and broadcast industry. The equipment clearly highlights a rapidly transforming age of technology and aligns with Mediatech Africa’s on-going initiative to deliver the latest in cutting edge technology and trends.

When visitors aren’t being captivated by live outdoor sound demos or exploring ample opportunities to network and rub shoulders with key players in the industry, they are invited to join in on a spread of training presentations and technology workshops.

The exhibition will take place between 17 and 19 July at The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg and visitors are invited to register free at before 7 July to avoid paying R50 at the door.

Videovision Entertainment Makes Early Acquisitions In Cannes

Videovision Entertainment’s Head of Acquisition and Distribution, Sanjeev Singh announced the acquisition of the Cannes International Film Festival Official Selection films which will have their world premieres at the Festival.  The films are The Immigrant and Only God Forgives which are which are ‘in competition’ and Blood Ties which is screening ‘out of competition.’

Directed by James Gray, The Immigrant stars Joaquin Phoenix, Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Renner.   The film follows Ewa Cybulski and her sister Magda who sail to New York from their native Poland in search of a new start and the American dream. When they reach Ellis Island, doctors discover that Magda is ill, and the two women are separated. Ewa is released onto the mean streets of Manhattan while her sister is quarantined. Alone, with nowhere to turn and desperate to reunite with Magda, she quickly falls prey to Bruno, a charming but wicked man who takes her in and forces her into prostitution. And then one day, Ewa encounters Bruno’s cousin, the debonair magician Orlando. He sweeps Ewa off her feet and quickly becomes her only chance to escape the nightmare in which she finds herself.

Only God Forgives is set in Bangkok where ten years ago Julian killed a cop and went on the run. Today, he manages a Thai boxing club which is a front for a drugs operation. Although he is respected in the criminal underworld, deep inside, he feels empty.  When his brother murders a prostitute the police call on retired cop Chang – the Angel of Vengeance. Chang allows the father to kill his daughter’s murderer, then ‘restores order’ by chopping off the man’s right hand. Julian’s mother Jenna – the head of a powerful criminal organization – arrives in Bangkok to collect her son’s body. She dispatches Julian to find his brother’s killers and ‘raise hell’.  Only God Forgives stars Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas and Vithaya Pansringarm and is directed by Cannes award winning director, Nicolas Winding Refn.

Blood Ties which stars Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Marion Cotillard, Mila Kunis and James Caan, is directed by Guillaume Canet.  The film tells the story of Chris Pierzynski has just been released after years in prison for his part in a gangland murder. Waiting reluctantly outside the prison gates is his younger brother, Frank, a cop with a bright future. Chris and Frank have always been different, and their father, who raised them alone, has always favoured Chris – despite all his troubles. Frank has known this since they were kids, and it eats at him like nothing else. But blood is the tie that binds – Frank gives his brother a chance: he shares his home, finds Chris a job, helps him reconnect with his kids and ex-wife. When Chris meets Natalie, the promise of a new life beckons, but his past quickly catches up with him, and his return to a life of crime is inevitable.

In February this year, Videovision also acquired The Cannes Film Festival Closing Night film, Zulu, which was shot on location in Cape Town, stars Orlando Bloom and Forest Whittaker and directed by Jérôme Salle.  Zulu is set in Cape Town, 2010 when a mutilated corpse is found in the city’s botanical gardens.  As chief of police, Ali Neuman investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the macabre murder of the daughter of a former rugby champion. In the process, he makes a startling discovery – a new drug, the composition of which is unknown, appears to be the cause of the homicide.

Commenting on the acquisition, Sanjeev Singh said, “We are delighted to have acquired The Immigrant, Only God Forgives and Blood Ties for distribution in South Africa.  These high profile films are much sought after, especially as a result of them being chosen for the Cannes Film Festival’s Official Selection and to have concluded the deals for these films prior to the commencement of the Festival.  We are also delighted to have acquired Zulu before it was completed and prior to its selection as the Cannes Closing Film. The films will be released theatrically in South Africa by United International Pictures (South Africa) for Videovision later this year.”

Disney On Ice Presents Passport To Adventure

Disney on Ice - Passport to AdventureFeld Entertainment’s action-packed ice spectacular, Disney On Ice, returns to South Africa in an all-new captivating show, the enchanting Passport to Adventure. This year there are more shows, more family-sized enthralling entertainment with an all-new seating plan, designed to maximise the action-packed fantasy journey.

Produced by Hunta Live, the ice spectacular visits Johannesburg
from 21 June for 19 performances at The Coca-Cola Dome. This following a successful 2012 season where Disney On Ice sold out for eight shows in one weekend, a first for Africa’s largest indoor arena. The production then moves to Cape Town from 3 July for 13 performances at the Cape Town International Conference Centre. Tickets to both runs of the show go on sale Tuesday 7 May 2013 from Computicket.

Disney on Ice - Ont o Neverland

Embark on the ultimate sightseeing holiday with all your favorite Disney characters in Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure. Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy on a journey to the magical worlds of Disney’s The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Lilo & Stitch. Explore the Pride Lands with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa; voyage under the sea with Ariel and all her aquatic friends; tour London with Peter Pan and Wendy, before flying to Never Land; and travel to Hawaii to visit Lilo and Stitch.

Disney On Ice - Meet in Hawaii

Upbeat music, loveable characters and exciting destinations make Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure a holiday you’ll never forget. Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure features an international team of award-winning figure skaters, high-energy choreography and a colorful set that captures all four unique worlds. Audiences will be entranced as they experience this exciting excursion — one that will fill the arena with magic, music, and best of all, Mickey and Minnie!

The adventure runs from 21 – 30 June in Johannesburg and continues in Cape Town from 3 – 7 July with tickets starting from R195. Tickets are available exclusively from Computicket ( or 0861 915 800.  Fans can discover more about Disney On Ice by visiting or

Mondays – Fridays:                 R300, R270, R230, R195
Saturdays & Sundays:              R330, R295, R240, R195

Johannesburg, Coca-Cola Dome

Day Date Times
Friday 21 June 2013 19h00
Saturday 22 June 2013 11h00, 15h00, 19h00
Sunday 23 June 2013 11h00, 15h00, 19h00
Monday 24 June 2013 15h00
Thursday 27 June 2013 15h00, 19h00
Friday 28 June 2013 11h00, 15h00, 19h00
Saturday 29 June 2013 11h00, 15h00, 19h00
Sunday 30 June 2013 11h00, 15h00, 19h00

Cape Town, CTICC

Day Date Times
Wednesday 3 July 2013 15h00, 19h00
Thursday 4 July 2013 11h00, 15h00, 19h00
Friday 5 July 2013 15h00, 19h00
Saturday 6 July 2013 11h00, 15h00, 19h00
Sunday 7 July 2013 11h00, 15h00, 19h00
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