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Main Actors
  Sam Elliott, Timothy Hutton, James Cromwell
  0 h : 0 m


You can run, but he will catch you. You can hide, but he will find you. Former Special Forces war hero Cal Dexter is a secret gun for hire. Driven by the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, he makes it his mission to hunt down the thugs and war criminals governments refuse to bring to justice. But his current quest could interfere with a CIA sting, and that puts a target on Dexter's back. He is both hunter and hunted. Sam Elliott stars as Dexter in this suspense thriller based on the novel by Frederick Forsyth (The Day of the Jackal) and executive-produced by Wolfgang Petersen (Troy, Poseidon). Timothy Hutton portrays the CIA handler ordered to make Dexter disappear. And Panama, Washington DC, Bosnia-Herzgovina and South Africa provide the settings for a gripping tale of justice with a vengeance.

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