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A Lucky Man

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Main Actors
  Levi Du Plooy, Jarrid Geduld, Keenan Arrison, Ernie 'Lastig' Solomon
  0 h : 0 m


"A Lucky Man" is based upon the real life story of Ernie „Lastig‟ Solomon, a legendary gangster from the violent and crime-ridden area known as the Cape Flats, a depressed peri-urban sprawl abutting the world-acclaimed city of Cape Town.

Ernie Solomon is a man in search of his identity. Is he the product of his circumstances, a victim of fate, or a violent criminal destined to live on the periphery of society? Or is he a "lucky man", one who discovers that he has to become a self-directed agent, a master of his own destiny?

"A Lucky Man" explores the question of identity and morality in a society circumscribed by social engineering and by fate. A complex, powerful life story told through the eyes of a "lucky man" who spent most of it watching his back and who now faces the future in the knowledge of his hard fought-for and found sense of self.

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