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Bakgat 3

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Directed by
  Stefan Nieuwoudt
Main Actors
  Ivan Botha, Cherie van der Merwe-Coetzee, Altus Theart, Danie Putter, Neil Sharim
  16 DSV
  1 h : 41 m
Release Date
 Cinema: 2013-09-06


Our favourite rugby hero, Wimpie Koekemoer, and his crazy friends are back on screen for the third instalment of the Bakgat!-trilogy. The newly engaged Wimpie and Katrien move to England with stars in their eyes after a British club gives Wimpie a contract to play rugby, but fame and riches hardly falls in one's lap. Their apartment is hardly a mansion and Wimpie's teammates give him a hard time from day one.

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