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Musiek Vir Die Agtergrond

Title information
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Main Actors
  John-Henry Opperman, Lizelle de Klerk, Ian Roberts, Brumilda van Rensburg, Terence Bridgett and Neil Sandilands
  2 h : 4 m
Release Date
 Cinema: 2013-10-11


Paul is a charismatic and talented musician who plays good, original music in a pub owned by his friend and mentor, Chris. Impressed by his artistic talent, Lucy, a successful music executive, offers him a music management contract. She, however, wants him to perform cheap, commercial type music and initially he declines.

Things get tough when Sera, his girlfriend and the love of his life, unexpectedly falls pregnant and he is forced to re-evaluate their hand-to-mouth lifestyle. Paul, who is still struggling to forgive his late musician father for becoming a drunk after his mother died, decides that he will not end up like him. He promises himself to take care of his child. Paul signs the contract with Lucy and tells a disappointed Sera and Chris that it is only a temporary stepping stone to launch Paul's career and after the term of the contract is finished, he will return to performing the music he loves. The money he will make will also enable him to give Sera and the baby a better life.

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