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Blitz Patrollie

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  16 D, L, P
  1 h : 42 m
Release Date
 Disc: 2013-12-05


In a little known police depot in the belly of the JHB CBD, officer Rummeck “Rummy” Augustine is stationed, a married man whose life has been taken over by the brutal beatings he receives from his physically abusive, evil mother-in-law and the ranting of his delinquent pot-smoking brother–in–law; both of whom have invaded his household. His partner on the contrary is the most upbeat guy in the world. The overzealous Ace Dikolobe can think of nothing better to do in the morning than to put on his “lucky” bulletproof vest and head out to kick some bad guy ass. The precinct is populated by the constantly stressed out Captain Lapies Botha, the loud and cantankerous constable Lucas Ledwaba, the overworked forensic guy, Sam Huckle; and the only members of the station’s ambitious Sniper Development Program, Braam Moerdyk and Jack Makweru, who could possibly get around to shooting some bad guys if they were not always at each other’s throats.

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