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Tyler Perry's A Madea's Christmas

Title information
Tyler Perry


Directed by
  Tyler Perry
Main Actors
  Tyler Perry, Kathy Najimy, Chad Michael Murray, Anna Maria Horsford
  10-12 PG L, P
  1 h : 40 m
Release Date
 Cinema: 2013-12-13


A Madea Christmas begins with Madea accompanying her niece, Eileen, to pay a surprise visit to Eileen's daughter, Lacy, who has mysteriously informed her that she's not coming home for the holidays. Lacy lives on a farm in a small town called Buck Tussel, and she's still avoiding telling her judgemental mother that she's gotten married to Connor, a white boy she met in college, for fear of disappointing her. So when Eileen and Madea arrive at the farm, Lacy panics and claims Connor is just a farmhand, and it only gets more difficult to sustain when Connor's Southern hillbilly parents arrive for a holiday visit of their own.

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