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Die Windpomp

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Main Actors
  Armand Greyling, Leandie du Randt, Marga Van Rooy, Marko Van Der Colff


The Windmill is a beautiful, humorous and quirky love story that revolves around 17 year Henri who arrives on the doorstep of an oddly familiar retirement village. Henri's world is soon infested by garden ornaments, bingo nights and weird and wonderful behavior. Henri is taken under the wing of a kind, elderly neighbor, who, for some odd reason, forces him to take regular baths at her house after purposely damaging Henri’s plumbing!

During a sneaky late night cigarette, Henri follows five silhouetted figures into a forest and finds more than he expected – elderly folks diving into a vast expanse of water, a windmill rising from its moonlit center. A beautiful young girl appears from amongst the darkness and introduces herself as Margot – Henri is immediately smitten by his mysterious new friend.

South African cast and crew
Headshot - Leandie du RandtLeandie du RandtMargot
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