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Written by
  Stefan Enslin, Etienne Fourie
Directed by
  Stefan Nieuwoudt
Produced by
  Stefan Enslin, Philo Pieterse
Main Actors
  Kaz McFadden, Leandie du Randt, Albert Maritz, Susanne Beyers, Gys de Villiers, Elsabe Daneel
  1 h : 30 m
Release Date
 Cinema: 2015-04-03


One night, Vossie and his new buddies in the Stellenbosch Liberation Front decide to break into the university’s laboratory to free the rats kept for research. Their plans for the evening go awry and Vossie escapes clutching just one rat in his hands. In his attempt to escape the security guards, he hides in a bush. When Vossie hears the sound of someone sobbing, he turns to find Willemien, the most beautiful girl he has ever set eyes on.

How will Vossie convince Willemien – and the De La Harpe family – that he is the right man for her?

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