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Drive Hard

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Main Actors
  John Cusack, Thomas Jane
  16 LV
  1 h : 36 m
Release Date
 Cinema: 2014-09-12


American thief, SIMON KELLER arrives in Australia in need of a getaway driver. Rather than recruit one from the underworld, he takes a driving lesson from ex F-1 champion, Peter Roberts, now working as a driving instructor. After Keller robs a bank during his first driving lesson, Roberts has no choice but to use his driving talent to get away from pursuing police and mobsters as the two are chased across Australia. At 40, Roberts knows his life is in a rut - It started when his successful lawyer wife TESSA talked him out of his career as an F-1 driver. With two kids in the family she pulled out the "responsibility" card. They have two kids and "Race car driving is dangerous!" Simon Keller, a handsome and charming, turns up as Peter's next lesson. A short driving lesson that isextended when Keller insists they stop at a large office building. Peter waits in the car while Keller goes inside. A few minutes later Keller jumps back into the Driving School car breathless, carrying two large suitcases and being chased by two armed security guards. Keller has clearly just committed a robbery. The security guard starts shooting forcing Roberts to drive the getaway car!

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