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Uptown Theatres

Occupying a landmark cinema building, Uptown Theatres revives the glamour and experience of the movie and live enterainment industry with an exciting variety of quality entertainment, from the latest box-office blockbuster, art films, to a live cabaret, music or comedy production.

Uptown boasts three spacious, comfortable and uncompressed theatres, namely The Silver Screen, The Playhouse and The Chaplin Cocktail Theatre.

A stylish coffee and cocktail bar flaunts the ultimate liquid creation to complement your experience.
Top it off with something sweet from our candy bar, providing freshly popped popcorn, premium brand chocolates and icy beverages - Your ultimate sweet haven.

You can experience your next movie or live entertainment in traditional theatre seats or in our cocktail deck area in The Chaplin Cocktail Theatre, where a choice of couches or cocktail seats await you. Sip your cocktail throughout the night and simply relax.

We like the finer things in life and demand excellence in every experience.

Uptown also specialises in corporate events.
Fully equipped with dolby digital sound, high definition digital projectors with large, curved cinema screens and spaces for after parties.

Uptown truly offers the greater experience. Welcome to the red carpet!



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