Channel ED: Africa’s Knowledge Portal

Education Is The Future. We Take You There CHANNEL ED is Africa‚Äôs exciting and pioneering new knowledge portal where a dazzling combination of global high-end documentary television combines with hundreds of hours of brand new local and continental content bringing to viewers young and old a unique cutting-edge edu-explosion. CHANNEL ED brings 21st Century innovations,… Continue reading Channel ED: Africa’s Knowledge Portal

Blue Jasmine: Review

A Woody Allen movie often has a characteristic in common with his films, a neurotic character stumbling about after losing love, until they find the right person. Cate Blanchett takes the reigns as the title character Jasmine, in a change from her usual elegant roles. With her life coming to pieces around her, and she… Continue reading Blue Jasmine: Review

Enders Game: Review

Following invasion of a future Earth by the alien race The Formic, we follow a young boy genius who is drafted by the International Fleet tasked with the invaders destruction. Harrison Ford plays bitter Colonel Graff, who’s purpose in this ‘almost’ utopian future is to prepare the chosen youth for the return of Earth’s enemy.… Continue reading Enders Game: Review

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