The Grandmaster: Review

Set in the 1930s, and chronicling the martial arts grandmaster of Wing Chun, Ip Man (Ton7 Leung Chiu-Wai), starting with him in Foshan, and his later years in Hong Kong. A martial arts master, Gong Yutian, declaring his retirement, seeks to champions to represent the North and South. Ip Man is selected to challange Gong… Continue reading The Grandmaster: Review

The Nut Job: Review

The Nut Job, its a fun ride with a bunch of furry creatures, yet tells a story akin to the great bank ¬†heists of days gone by. The story begins in a city park, where Surly the squirrel has just caused the loss of the local animals food supply, meaning they will no longer have… Continue reading The Nut Job: Review

Saving Mr Banks: Review

The story of P. L. Travers, creator of the children’s story Mary Poppins and the 20 years she was pursued by Walt Disney himself in a bid to obtain the movie rights. Saving Mr. Banks¬†is a wonderful tale of the drama of holding on to ones creation, interspersed with some musical numbers, as is the… Continue reading Saving Mr Banks: Review

Ride Along: Review

Ride Along, pairing Ben (Kevin Hart) and James (Ice Cube) in a buddy cop movie with a difference. Ben, a high school security guard, wants to marry Jame’s sister. James is a cop. Ben has yet to win James’s respect, so they strike a deal. Ben will ride with James for one day on patrol… Continue reading Ride Along: Review

Jobs (DVD): Review

The Film Jobs, a glimpse into the life of visionary Steve Jobs, who with the other great names of the tech world, helped shape the world into what we know today. One can not compress such a story into the time it takes to watch a film, and therefore some events are summarised, while others… Continue reading Jobs (DVD): Review

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