Brooklyn (DVD): Review

Film Brooklyn, a story about an Irish immigrant, Eilis (played by the very talented Saoirse Ronan in the first role where she is able to use her native Irish accent), in 1950’s New York. Soon romance blossoms. Soon her past catches up to her, and she now faces a dilemma. She must choose between the… Continue reading Brooklyn (DVD): Review

No Escape (DVD): Review

Film Jack Dwyer (Owne Wilson) has just packed up his wife and two young daughers, and moved to another country for his company. A large corporation that is seen as feathering its own corporate structure, rather than benifitting the local econemy. Not long after their arrival, there is a coup, and they are not only caught… Continue reading No Escape (DVD): Review

Maggie (DVD): Review

Film Yes, Maggie is another zombie film, but no it is not our usual run and gun film, killing anything not human and trying to avoid becomig one of the horde. Maggie Vogel, a teenage girl infected by a disease that slowely turns its victims into canabalistic zombies. Played with deep emotion, and subtle nuances… Continue reading Maggie (DVD): Review

The Good Dinosaur (BluRay): Review

Film What if the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs was a near-miss? And what if instead of having nearly all life on Earth obliterating, the dinosaurs lived on, and took on activities more akin to humans (farming, ranching, speaking)? The Good Dinosaur looks at this “what-if” in a stunning animation from Disney and Pixar.… Continue reading The Good Dinosaur (BluRay): Review

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