Cosi (2010)

Director: Scott Sparrow

Set in a burnt out theatre, a manic depressive, a drug addict, a compulsive liar, a pyromaniac, an obsessive compulsive, a comatose pianist, a person suffering from adjustment disorder and one lost director, attempt to perform Mozart’s master piece, the Opera Cosi fan tutte.

The opera itself was first performed in Vienna in 1790 and is regarded as a master piece, a slice of genius, or as the person suffering from manic depression puts it “the music of this opera keeps the world in harmony”.

Cosi fan tutte translated means, thus do all women or…all women are like that and it challenges the notion of fidelity and love from all perspectives. The message of the opera is reflected in the play as Cosi is a human story about the boundaries of love and how the music and the journey of rehearsing this opera brings a dysfunctional group of people together in an extremely wacky but heartfelt way.

It is a comedy with a warm human story and although it is an adventure about the antics of a group of people suffering from mental illness trying to perform Mozart’s opera, it brings home many truths about the dynamics of love which so happen to be explored in the opera itself. “It is a comedy, charming, so true to nature and capitally acted!” (Don Alfonso from the opera Cosi fan tutte).