In God's Country (2005)

Director: Dirk Fourie
Writer(s): Dirk Fourie and Dirk Fourie (adapted screenplay), Daniel Dercksen (adapted screenplay)
Producer(s): Dirk Fourie, The Writing Studio
Main Cast: Luandre Volschenk, Adri Troski-Viviers, Mortimer Lee
Genre: Drama

When a seashell is uncovered on a farm it leads a young man to redemption and acceptance and forces him to reconcile with his fragmented family. When Patrick (Luandre Volschenk) digs up a broken seashell on the farm he shares with his father Nick (Mortimer Lee), it unearths deep-rooted emotions that forces him to redeem his past and reconcile with his future. In coming to terms with the reality surrounding his life he escapes into past events that led to the destruction of his family and afflicted the relationship between him and his father. The story deals with family, loss and suffering due to tragedy and newfound understanding when the truth emerges. It depicts how easy it is to live in acceptance and not to take anything for granted. It is a poignant examination of who we are and where we belong in God's country.

Crew Credits

Headshot for Tracy KristineTracy Kristine (as Tracy Kitching)Make-Up Artist, Wardrobe Stylist